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Blood on the hands of Obama’s phony propaganda

July 29, 2013
Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The title line of this note uses a good turn of phrase by Walid Shoebat in the article linked below:

Alinsky smiling up at Obama over “Phony Scandals” line | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat:

He refers to Obama’s phony “phony scandals” remark, where he said all of the scandals of his administration’s doing are “phony scandals”.

He means:
1.The long list of lies and dirty tricks used for the Unaffordable Act and its PHONY purpose 2.Fast and Furious and its PHONY cover story
2a.The PROMOTION of the managers of the Fast and Furious operation instead of demotion 3.Eric Holder in contempt of court for Fast and Furious stonewalling 4.Obama covering Holder with PHONY “executive privilege” cover 5.Benghazi-gate
6.Benghazi-gate whistleblower suppression
7.The IRS targeting tea party, patriot, and other conservative and libertarian tax status applications for denial by endless questionnaires 8.IRS investigation stalling and stonewalling
9.Suspension WITH PAY for the most visible IRS official in charge of deep-sixing conservative applications
10.The coverup by secret classifications of murders of civilians in Iraq including reporters, part of the files we have seen thanks to whistleblower Bradley Manning
11.The universal Orwellian Big Brother surveillance state, the gathering of data on EVERYBODY in the country, in gross and blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment, expanded by the Patriot Act and expanded by the Obama administration
12.The demotion, harassment, and the prosecution of whistleblowers and the journalists that publish their data, to scare other potential whistleblowers
13.Janet Napolitano’s DHS enemies watch list for federal, state and local law enforcement, listing veterans, conservatives, libertarians like Ron Paul supporters, grouped along with other bad guys as dangerous (We saw in the 2012 presidential campaign who were the more dangerous ones with the blatant illegal, fraudulent and abusive treatment of Ron Paul delegates)
14.The blatant abuse of authority by the president to order a stop to drilling permits in the Gulf, and then the blatant disobedience by the Obama administration to more than one order by a federal judge to open up the drilling permits
15.The use of the DOJ to provoke racial animosity in a highly publicized case, and the blatant disregard for many racists attacks across the country against lighter skinned Americans whose only sin is the color of their skin

And now we have a new scandal uncovered by Walid Shoebat, the attempt by the Obama administration to provoke some big attack by someone of the groups they hate and they want to suppress, to provide a cover for the much bigger attack on what’s left of respect for individual rights in America, and to finish crippling the American economy with a fascist/socialist central-planning regime.

They are also distractions from the way this dictatorship is getting built. The Federal Reserve is the focal point of both economic disruption and money creation, with funds going first to the best connected and the most favored, and that’s not the poor. The poor are pacified with “safety net” promises and demagoguery. They remind me of the cartoon I saw once of the rich man with the beggar, where the rich man is telling the beggar, “I’m sorry I can’t find anything to give you”, with the rich man’s hand searching around inside the beggar’s jacket. Except in this case, the rich man fascist is buying the poor man’s votes, and by the way, the rich man’s votes too, with government subsidies and “tax breaks”. Tax breaks are where they let you keep some of the money they’re stealing.


Behind AP story: Is flap a concerted PR blitz to save AP’s damaged reputation?

June 5, 2013

Hey, got another “rest of the story” kind of thing here.

A commenter self-identified as “raoulleraoulle” posted this on a story about the Department of Justice charging AP a million dollars for the information it requested with a FOIA, meaning what emails and records it took from AP:

Hmm this plus the phone tapping story are adding up to look like a concerted effort to make us regain trust in the Associated Press as being a defender of freedom and on the publics side.
Don’t believe it, this is propaganda at it’s most obvious.

Come on BLN you’re better than this.


Where does the Constitution say religious freedom does not apply in daily life?!

March 16, 2013
English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten ame...

The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dominos Pizza Founder Wins Court Order Stopping HHS Abortion Mandate |

From the article:

Mersino said Judge Zatkoff’s decision protects our freedoms granted under the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The Obama administration argued against the preliminary injunction by claiming that once a business owner chooses to enter into the marketplace, he surrenders his right to exercise his religious beliefs.

I find it incredible that an argument like this was even offered seriously in a courtroom. It’s getting crazier by the minute in America, and it shows how irrational the thinking can get when they blindly go along with whatever the Thought Police tell them to think. It’s like they subscribe to a Thought of the Month Club, and the mind benders are pushing it to see how crazy they can make it.

And since when does religious liberty only apply to groups of pastors and priests? Where is that in the First Amendment?! It. Is. Not. There. NOT!

CPA-USA is all giddy over Obama’s plans –same as their plans

December 2, 2012
Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But get this, the Communist Party USA is having multiple orgasms over Obama getting (putatively) elected again:

And the word “war” appears nowhere at all on this glowing basking in the fact that their platform got elected on –so they say– the issues they advocate.

Of course they ignore the elephant in the room, the fact that the genuine lovers of liberty abandoned the Republican Party in great numbers, after their brutal suppression of Ron Paul delegates both in the local and state levels and at the national convention itself in Tampa, and that many Tea Party types also decided not to vote for a fraud that would do the same things as the worse of the two evils.

And get this jewel of tortured lack of logic:

The Republicans were quick to say that no sweeping mandate emerges out of this election — people voted for the status quo. Look at the results in the House, they say.

But apart from the House, where Republicans retained their majority (in part because of gerrymandering), there is no evidence to support their claim.

By golly is that all? Republicans kept the House? And gerrymandering is all you got? So votes for Republicans don’t count? Phht, such hypocrisy.

Not that I believe in the “majority vote” as some bequeathing of divine wisdom, after all, Obama was re-elected. And Scott Walker got re-elected even after winning the first recall vote of a sitting governor in the history of the United States.

So the secret is out, and no longer secret. The Communist Party USA agenda and policy is the same as the Obama administration‘s. Sorry Newsweek, that still does NOT mean that we area “all socialists now”. That stupidity was knocked down in 2010, wasn’t it. All? By force?

Millions of us still appreciate it when our natural individual rights are respected. And some of that number are preparing to defend it.

Watch for a campaign against dissident Americans who dare to defend themselves against attacks by federal authorities or even local authorities. Already the police forces across the country get lists of bad guys where Ron Paul bumper stickers share a place on the same list with Aryan Nation.

When they do that, while they still let us run around with those stickers, it is a psychological preparation for more to come later.

Contraception rule is attack on freedom, distracts from hated nationalized medicine

February 22, 2012
English: A map of the 12 districts of the Unit...

Federal Reserve System districts

How Would a Patriot Act?

Image via Wikipedia

And it is a brilliant attempt to divide the clergy from the parishioners too.

I had to answer this backwards, upside-down view of the forced-contraception-coverage rule:

In my doctrine as a Christian the woman herself with her man should use or not contraception “according to her faith”, although every conception is a gift.

That said, a person has no natural right to forcibly take the goods of another or the fruits of their labor. The cost for providing contraception will not be free no matter how they word some stupid rule, but the semantic acrobatics in the “compromise” fully expose the semantic bankruptcy of the whole thing. If you want the truth, you can see it. The insurance companies will charge the cost to its customers, even if it’s hidden inside all the rest of its overhead of doing business. Everybody knows this. Everyone.

My right to the free exercise of religion does not give me the “right” to take your money to support my pastor, or my religion, or for any other of my own purposes, no matter how sacred a right it is. Especially if it’s against your own religious doctrine, whatever it is, whether you’re a Catholic, Presbyterian, Jew, Moslem, or atheist, even if your doctrine says women should have a “right” to contraception.


The whole ridiculous forced contraception coverage rule is a scam anyway.

It’s meant to distract from the most outrageous violations of liberty since the Congress ceded a currency monopoly to a cartel of private bankers, the Federal Reserve, ruled by the kings of Wall Street.

The people of America HATED and still HATE the TARP bailouts that continued from the Bush era to the Obama administration, they HATE the secrecy of who got what money, they HATE the coverup on who got what, they HATE the “stimulus” that only stimulated more DEBT, they HATE the deficits that BOTH parties have pushed upwards for decades even though most of them don’t realize the national debt is a theft from the poor and middle class. They HATE the Patriot Act and the NDAA and SOPA and PIPA and ACTA and they HATE the fact the president wants the power to finger anybody he wants to in the whole world for indefinite detention, secretly, and for assassination. And they HATED this nationalization of centralized control over the best medical care system known to the entire world, bar none, despite the warts caused mostly by government meddling itself.

Nationalizing the medical industry and private care is an intrusive assault on privacy, the right recognized, not “given”, in the 4th Amendment, to “BE secure in” our private affairs from intrusive monitoring by government:

4th Amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

That’s besides the fact that the whole thing violates the 10th amendment that forbids the federal government from any authority that is not expressly given in the Constitution.

Defining state markets as interstate markets for the purpose of micro-managing our lives, as was one of the excuses in a recent debate on CSPAN on the subject, has no boundaries. Every intra-state market in any good or service, under that ridiculously expansive justification, might affect the market in another state, and –hello?– that is good, that is the whole idea!

States and nations should compete with each other, they should not have to follow the same centralized economic planning dictates, a practice which has proven time after time and time again to totally brutalize the poorest of the poor that is cynically used to justify their economic and political oppression!


Say it loud, repeat it often, say it clear: Religious freedom belongs to INDIVIDUALS NOT RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS

February 17, 2012

Catholic Charities Denies Endorsement Of Obama Administration’s Contraceptive Coverage Policy | Fox News

In the years before President Nixon ended the draft in the United States, when the draft was in full force at the height of the Vietnam War, an individual could opt out of mandatory military service by claiming a religious objection, or even a conscientious objection.

But now, you can’t even get out of a measly little charge for contraceptive coverage in insurance policies, because insurance companies are going to pass on the charge for the coverage as part of their own cost to provide the policy, because the Commander-in-Chief has issued a mandate! And that’s an order! Or else!

And the rights of not only clergy but all lay persons are being assaulted with this. Some may think it a little thing, but there has to be line drawn in the sand somewhere. The Obama administration is talking like they only have to respect the religious freedom of religious organizations (for awhile longer) but the truth of the matter is the Catholic Church has no inherent right to religious freedom at all, it only “inherits” it from the individuals who are members or their faithful, whether clergy or not!

And don’t believe the spin that it’s just the Catholic bishops fighting this. It’s just another round in the attacks on religious freedom.

And add another idiotic outrage: The anti-faith crowd is yelling it the wrong way around, saying that it is Catholic bishops pushing for recognition for an organization as a person! A top-down mandate, an order from your Ruler-In-Chief, to insurance companies to include the cost of providing contraceptives –including some abortifacients– as one of their base costs of doing business, and passing that cost to all buyers including those who have a religious or conscientious objection to it.

This shot across the bow was meant to look like a little thing, and take advantage of the confusion that some of the electorate is in about the abortifacients they call “contraceptives”.

But most of all, in my opinion, the purpose was a sneaky attempt to drive a wedge between Catholic laypersons and Catholic clergy. Witness the often-repeated droning chant that supposedly 98% of Catholic lay women use contraceptives.

That figure may or may not be right, but it is irrelevant. For one thing, even if it right, the 2% have much more of a right as individuals to religious freedom as the 98% has to our money.

Never mind the bigger issue that even though our political rulers have been accelerating their assault on respect for the Constitution and for the rights therein for over 100 years, this entire nationalization of the medical industry is one of the most flagrant.

Republicans have to share the blame too. They also have been flaunting the Constitution themselves with undeclared wars and their own unconstitutional expansions of redistribution programs –robbing wealth from one subject of the realm to give to the other subject of the realm.

If you “love thy neighbor as thyself”, you won’t want to rob him to help the homeless. You might ask him to help please, but a tax is where you bring the entire body of police to force it out of him. Makes the extortion look good when the gang can claim that most of the neighborhood is doing the robbing (eh, “taxing”).


Internet Censorship: SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet « Censorship in America:

November 1, 2011

Internet Censorship: SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet « Censorship in America:

One of the Framers of the US Constitution –was it Thomas Jefferson?– said the tendency of government is to grow. People with a little bit of power tend to use all the power they got, and even the ones with good intentions see more good things they can do so they push for more power to that.

But it’s a death of a thousand cuts to freedom, because every time any government gets a little more power over the lives of its citizens, the citizens become more like its subjects instead of its sovereign as it should be. No matter the illusion of the slow incremental changes either; by the time most of the people realize what’s going on, it’s too late.

Besides some people prefer political and technical “experts” to do their thinking for them. That’s why they –we– don’t act up enough when attacks on liberty are underway.

The new battleground is the Internet. Before this new two-way medium came available, the top-down control over media by the military-industrial government-media complex was a pretty heavy grip, with talk radio of all stripes providing a spot of relief from the monotony of listening to the one-voice big-government political fodder we were supposed to buy into.

But when private industry got hold of the Internet and it came widely available, individuals that thought they were alone in their thinking began to find each other.

One result is that all of a sudden, many of us found that there were some voices all along that spoke the things we were already thinking and sometimes telling our friends and neighbors. Some of those things were spoken among groups with ugly ideas, but some were refreshing views on the world.

Ron Paul said he was genuinely surprised by the upswelling of great numbers of supporters that made him a credible candidate in 2008, despite the attempts by Big Corporate Media to ignore him.

And by 2011, they can no longer ignore him. They still try to ignore him all they can, they try to crimp his message, but it’s looking like in this case they cannot find one piece of dirt on him, because they would have uncovered it a long time ago. They’re in a bit of a quandary, I think, with him, because they’re running out of ways to stop him. Their only chance is to convince people that that he might not beat Obama, and Americans are so repulsed by the idea of more Obama that they may go with Herman Cain as the best hope for stopping the Obama administration‘s ongoing attack on America’s freedoms, who will only continue the failures of the same checkered-pants Republicans that are entrenched as the party bosses already.

October 16, 2011

George Soros was the keynote speaker at the Caribbean and Central America presidents’ summit in 2008, telling the presidents of the region what to do, and set Chavez and Zelaya off on their attempted coup to overthrow their Honduran constitutional republic, which they defended against the entire world.

He supported the underground organizing efforts to kick off the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt, and supported including the Muslim Brotherhood in the government. As we speak, Muslims are slaughtering Christians in Egypt and the Coptic population has already fled the country to the tune of more than 100,000 so far.

He made millions trashing the Malaysian currency, made millions almost destroying the British pound, and bragged about making millions from the hardships of the real estate bubble in the United States.

Obama banned offshore drilling in the Gulf –with absolutely no legislative authority at all– to support George Soros investments in offshore drilling in Brazil.

He supports censorship in the United States through his supported non-profits like

He is one of the criminals that made dirty money in the scandals of Wall Street and yet supports the rioters in New York protesting Wall Street. Wall Street owns a big part of the Obama administration and yet Obama blasts them and blames his own sponsors for making us poor, knowing it’s his own policies that suppress the economy —because those same Wall Street operators in his own administration are not stupid.

Soros-sponsored operatives orchestrated the intervention in Uganda by Obama, because there is a lot of recently discovered oil there.

Soros supports attacks against the solutions that would set Americans free around the world to prosper and protect political and economic freedom.