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Ulf Erlingsson: Resistencia and democracy in Honduras

April 26, 2010

Ulf Erlingsson has written another enlightening article about Honduras:

Resistencia and democracy in Honduras

As usual, Mr. Erlingsson provides intelligent insight into recent events in Honduras, a trait that has merited him the privilege of getting wind of unpublicized factoids, like Lobo’s stint as student in Moscow courtesy of the Communist Party.

–I find that perfectly credible. My wife is from Honduras and we know one person intimately who was very clearly offered the same deal. This person was very young and starting out, and was enticed by a fellow poll watcher with meetings and parties, a guaranteed goodly income, a list of benefits, if she joined them. The Communist operatives are NOT “proletariat”, neither are their sponsors. A “deal with Satan” as the story goes.

–But as to the method offered by you (Ulf) to avoid the backdoor coup, it might be more productive to just blow the whistle loud and clear.

–The secret meetings that it is said are working on a new constitution are working on far more than just that, of course. They told us they would have their constitution no matter what, but this new cover fraud constitution is getting developed as part of the whole strategy matrix, whose purpose is to overthrow the current government completely and any vestiges of same, and take complete power.

The most obvious component, the one they can’t argue against, is that they want to get rid of those pesky “articulos petreos”, the ones that cannot be changed under the current constitution.

A new constitution provides cover for throwing out the entire government top to bottom and populating the new one with the people they want at the top, at lower levels with pliant operatives who will “get with the program” and do what they’re told. Best of all, they get to have all three branches of government.

Most of all, if they have to execute a fraud to pull off a majority cover, they would only have to do that once. We saw that Zelaya and his cohorts were already set up to do this on June 28, 2009, as the computers were found with the numbers loaded and ready to go. They knew how the vote would go before there was a vote.

We saw this game played out in Venezuela already. The poor are much worse off following Chavez’s “Cuba model” (his words), the electorate has less power than ever, the unions have been gelded, independent media obliterated, and businesses confiscated to give to friends of the new socialist order. So the poor be damned, they just want their dictatorship. Their consciences are salved with lies about the “poor” and the “elite”.

In the words of one diputado in the Congressional session of June 28, “The poor are not a toy!” to be play around with.

–BUT–If the more freedom-friendly members in the Honduras Congress start promoting major constitutional changes, instead of heading off back-room deals to trash the current constitution, you’re opening the door to Pandora’s box and giving them the opening they needed, and they don’t even have to take the blame!

–ARTICLE 3 of the Honduras Constitution says roughly:

Article 3: “No one is owes obeisance to obey a usurper government, nor to anyone who assumes public function by force of arms or through procedures that violate or do not recognize THIS constitution and the laws pursuant thereto. Measures enacted by such authorities are null and void, and the people have the right to insurrection in defense of the constitutional order.”

–Hondurans do not want Communism, they do not want socialism, they do not want dictatorship. Hondurans would smell a rat in any major push for constitutional change anyway, and it would invite more turbulence to push it.

–As much as most Hondurans might be tempted by the prospect of getting Micheletti for president again, they will NOT want it at the cost of such a “constitutional assembly” or at the risk of having another Zelaya.

–Nobody had to tell them, they KNEW that Zelaya’s “cuarta urna” would be a FRAUD, and they were certainly proven right. “It takes on to know one”, and a Honduran knows a Honduran. Even this “resistance” group knows it was a fraud, they just don’t care. They admitted so much when they gave up before the November elections, Juan Barahona said they didn’t have popular support. If they had achieved the constitutional assembly in the negotiated agreement, even if it were fairly counted, I’m sure they had plans to declare it a fraud and try to just take over anyway. They had their clandestine arms factories and hidden stockpiles ready, as we saw, and they are on a hunt for reporters now.

–The reporters are the heroes in Honduras right now.

–It’s a lesson for everybody around the world now. Beware of calls for constitutional assemblies.



Respect Honduras! America needs a new attitude!

April 25, 2010

Mary O’Grady has penned another article full of news and insights about Honduras for the Wall Street Journal:

<a href="”>Congress vs. Honduran Democrats: American liberals are still sore about the ‘coup’ that ousted Manuel Zelaya.”

There’s also a Facebook group started by ex-pats who want Hugo Llorens to be shipped out as ambassador to Honduras. His continuing in that post is an insult to freedom-loving Hondurans and red-faced embarrassed American ex-pats.

<a href="”>Ex Pats in Honduras who would prefer Hugo Llorens would leave Honduras

Thanks for posting that. I joined, but it’s more of a thing to keep the word going. After all, they’re still going..

I had said last year they would not stop pressuring Honduras after the election, that the biggest trouble would still come from castro-chavistas. That continues apace, and their fingerprints are all over the agitation of the gullible who still don’t realize socialism is worst thing for the poor, and the hand that offers the socialist opiate of the masses is a trap.

But it looks like the strongest push is still from up north. No overthrow by the “masses” ever succeeded without being born, led, and bred by the rich “class”, the one they are supposed to overthrow, wink, wink. Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Mao (peasant ha!), Pol Pot, Chavez, Insulza, Zelaya, they ALL come from the richest layers of the rich. A

I figured Llorens would continue with this vendetta, but thought he would be a little more discrete. Once you play with mafia goons you are stuck forever. Like a pig. And one wrong word away from getting roasted.

Insulza, meantime, FYI, cut his career teeth helping blatantly open Marxist-Leninist Salvador Allende dismantle the Chile economy in the early 1970s and help turn it into ruins as the Political Advisor to the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Director of the Diplomatic Academy of Chile.

Insulza’s and Allende’s socialist Chile of 1973 offers a look at what socialism does to poor and rich alike. American companies were kicked out and left and took their copper smarts with them, the Chilean technicians fled to better pastures elsewhere, smart money fled and stayed out while Allende confiscated every sector of the economy as fast as he could absorb them into his government, to cut off all middle class or other funding base for any opposition, took over the unions with their own bosses, and ran a de-facto coup.

In a shadow of things to come later in Honduras, the Chamber of Deputies, fed up with this renegade criminal government, finally demanded that the Armed Forces do something to restore order to the situation and stop this auto-coup. When they finally moved, they discovered that the Socialists –that’s Insulza’s own party– had stored thousands of weapons in preparation for a breakout of guerrilla violence for one week following.

His own party in Chile, it is said, now consider him a “pest”, but he apparently still wants to be president there. Poor Chile. It seems the Socialists post-Pinochet have continued Pinochet’s economic policies, as they rather like prosperity.

And now Insulza is the main Latin American defender of democracy. NOT.


ell the Truth About Honduras: CIDH’s Devil is in the Details

April 24, 2010

Ulf has followed the situation in Honduras with balance, some good analysis, and this one refers to the report from CIDH, which purportedly defends human rights.

Apparently their copious but careful use of words and details convinced him this was a reasoned opinion that the removal of Zelaya by Congress was unconstitutional, was a military coup, while admitting the Supreme Court had authority and grounds enough to remove him. (Apparently after a good long court case).

But I have read the Honduran Constitution, and no multitude of words can deny that it provides legality, in context, to the auto-golpista ex-president’s removal, at least as much as the convoluted route supposedly preferred by this pretentious analysis.

In any case the renegade criminal ex-president had already forced an extra-constitutional situation not envisioned within that document, with loss of the executive branch of constitutional government, and the constitutional authorization of every Honduran citizen to restore such order.

Zelaya had already established disrupted constitutional order completely, making perfection in details for its restoration an impossibility. Especially institutions that have trouble finding fault with Hugo Chavez!!

The interventionist Hugo Llorens and the Allende-era Communist Insulza made sure of that by trying to restrain the Hondurans, and the massive quiet infiltration of foreign agents and operatives created a volatile situation that required a lightning-fast response.

And the “word on the street” I’ve had from friends in Honduras was that Hillary Clinton herself was personally pleading with officials in Honduras to “wait and see what happens on June 28”, but they ALL KNEW that this meant letting the DE-FACTO DICTATOR ZELAYA have his way and his fraudulent “survey” results. Not only that, they had the pieces in place for a storming on Congress of mobs to make sure they couldn’t meet, and as a minimum to force a bloodbath and making a human sacrifice of his gullible few for propaganda points.

Honduras finally realized that the international “friendly powers” were not helping, but instead trying to establish a new socialist dictatorship to follow the Castro-Chavez model. How’s that working out for you?

So Honduras RESTORED constitutional order by recognizing the usurper golpista Zelaya’s abandonment of his office, whether they made it explicit or not, and the Supreme Court later validated the succession. Meantime, 85 percent of Hondurans didn’t care about these nuances anyway, they just wanted Zelaya’s coup stopped right now. (Fraudulent “surveys” don’t count, as even the “Resistencia” recognized before elections).

And immediately the entire world power structure became better overnight experts on Honduran law than the Honduran attorney-general, or the entire body of Congress, the Supreme Court, the human rights obundsman, the Catholic Church, the Protestant churches, and dozens of commercial and union organizations.

Oh, and they knew better than Hondurans what happened in Honduras, all because they saw Zelaya on television in pajamas. Right. —After he changed into them at the San Jose airport.

Congress had authority to

recognize Zelaya’s own de-facto abandonment of the constitutional office of president by virtue of his auto-coup. That’s what they did in on June 28, 2009, in the longest Congressional session I’ve ever watched, because CNN-E put it on live from Honduras all that day. —It was maybe the only time CNN-E got it right.

Just because they spent a lot of words down in the details doing it and happened to find some new complaints doesn’t mean they got it right. “Extensive analysis”, indeed!

It just looks like the CIDH is merely making the best of the situation on the ground and found one of those deceitful “middle grounds”, making it look like a reasoned opinion, when it was merely an attempt to condemn the constitutional halt to the auto-coup by Zelaya and proven coup engineer Hugo Chavez.

Maybe they’re trying to provide cover for their sponsors, their benefactors.

The Honduras Constitution explicitly gives the right of its interpretation to the Honduran Congress, and they agreed by their 124-4 vote on June 28, 2009 that Manuel Zelaya had more than met the conditions for ending his presidency.

Sure, everybody could have waited for a court case, but there was also the urgency of protecting constitutional order, so they took the quick route.

As to exile, the military is the constitutional body charged with protecting the constitutional order. In the court case involving the charges against the military ensuing from the “exile”, the evidence was also offered of intelligence in their hand to the effect that the arrest and imprisonment of the ex-president figured into plans for massive disruptions of civil order.

But besides that, if you knew that 80 percent of the population hated your guts including the people in your own party that you had betrayed, and you knew you were guilty of treason, and you were offered a choice between (1)_prison, trial, and a long sentence, or (2)_a trip out of the country where you could wail and wine and dine on the dime of your country’s outspoken enemies…. Which choice would YOU make?

I’m convinced that’s exactly what happened, meaning, he was not forcibly exiled. BUT the parties involved who so decided, I’m sure, also do not want such a dirty deal made public either.

No difference, the dictators clubs around the world were going to condemn them either way.

Another point. Never you saw such total instant coordination from ALL the governments of the world and ALL the established international news sources of the world.

Doing the math on that last one is your homework, boys and girls.


Government Insanity List

April 22, 2010

There are so many, here’s another one.

State authorities in Wisconsin have found another drug to control: Raw Milk.

Nice to know they’re using our money to watch out for Big Dairy.

What Big Dairy doesn’t realize is that these guys have bosses that will one day come after THEIR stuff.

Pope Pius XII and Historical Revisionism

April 17, 2010

I have read yet another diatribe against Pope Pius XII, repeating the official line of shadowy plutocrats who soon after WWII wanted to stop the influence of all Christianity in general, both Catholic and Biblical, against their own dictatorial takeover of the world’s culture and political reality.

So says Rabbi David G. Dalin wrote in the Weekly Standard of February 26, said all this criticism of Pius XII “…have less to do with the truth and history than “an intra-Catholic argument about the direction of the Church today, with the Holocaust simply the biggest club
available for liberal Catholics to use against traditionalists….”

He also says “…it has less to do with truth and history than “an intra-Catholic argument
about the direction of the Church today, with the Holocaust simply the biggest club
available for liberal Catholics to use against traditionalists….”

What he left out is that it is also a club used against all followers of Christ, who have traditionally been the ones who stood during these 2,000 years against human brutality against fellow humans, slavery, against the apostasy of the rulers of the Catholic Inquisitions, against the slaughter of innocent babies, on and on goes the list.

The Roman Catholic Church has plenty of historical atrocities to lay at its doorstep without making up total fabrications like this one is, including behind-the-scenes work before, during, and since WWII to bring Protestants back into their hegemony.

Injustices are many, like those perpetrated on Protestants, the Jesuits’ attempt to destroy King James and stop the work on the King James Bible in the Gunpowder Plot, and the historical Inquisition so prominent in textbooks but whose main target was Bible-preaching Christians. Now THAT’S something they didn’t make so prominent in those books.

But the only logical purpose for such disinformation on recent history about the then Pope is to game the current body politic for some purpose, and to do it they have to tell lies.

None other than Albert Einstein actually LIVED in Germany during the ascendancy of the Nazi Party, and left in protest and self-preservation in 1933 when Hitler came to power.

Consider these historical facts laid out by someone who is an actual professional historian, as opposed to some opinionated writer, here:

“…In 1940, Albert Einstein defended the Roman Catholic Church as the only institution in Nazi Germany that “stood squarely across the path of Hitler’s campaign for suppressing truth.” Rome’s chief rabbi, Israel Zolli, converted to Catholicism at the end of the war. Pius received delegations of death camp survivors who came to thank him for saving lives. The founders of Israel, including Chaim Weizmann, praised him repeatedly, and when he died, Israel’s foreign minister, Golda Meir, saluted him for having spoken out when “fearful martyrdom came to our people.” Among those who have described Pius XII as a “righteous Christian” is distinguished historian Sir Martin Gilbert, probably the world’s greatest authority on the Holocaust and the official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill. …”

Einstein cannot be called stupid, nor can he be slandered as gullible, nor as some kind of shill for Catholics. Yet that is the consequence of this revisionist effort reminescent of pages from George Orwell’s 1984. Rather Vladimir Lenin would be proud of the way they have manipulated his “useful idiots”.

Nor the CHIEF RABBI of Israel during those dark days, who CONVERTED TO CATHOLICISM after witnessing what that Pope had done for the Jews. Golda Meir is another, who praised the Pope after hearing from thousands of Holocaust survivors and rabbis who witnessed events inside German-occupied lands, doubtless including some of the 7,000 Jews that were protected inside the VATICAN ITSELF.

The main detractors emphasize the “sins of omission”, meaning that the Pope did not get on a platform and send all his priests into the streets with signs, which certainly would have destroyed everything they could have done for both Jews, Gypsies, and ahem–priests who DID publicly denounce the monsters. This is why Oskar Schindler publicly and loudly proclaimed his loyalty and membership in the Nazi Party.

Oh yeah, wait a minute, he and his supposed anti-semitic aide DID denounce the Nazis, who called him a “Jew-lover”.

Contrast this record with Oskar Schindler’s. Mr. Schindler, properly noted as a “righteous Gentile” in Israel with all the honors, kept his mouth shut tight about his true intentions, much more so than any Catholic. And yet these same historical revisionists do not go after him for his manufacture of munitions for the Nazi war machine, because he used them to work against that machine, just as many Roman Catholic operatives smuggled Jews to safety in defiance of German authorities.

We get a glimpse of the true perspective of this author with his postiive reference to Liberation Theology, which was a trick used to get Catholics on the socialist bandwagon, and to get the poor to smoke Karl Marx’s opiate of the people. Like Ernesto Cardenal in Nicaragua, brought into the Sandinista cabinet but kept powerless by the Communist dictator Daniel Ortega. And don’t forget that biggest of Sandinista heros, Comandante Zero, Eden Pastora, who quit the government in disgust after the true masters had to expose themselves to start his own movement against them.

And the poor in Nicaragua are worse off than ever, and would rather live in Honduras today.

(axerator to lies)

More reference:

We Do NOT want Death Care!

April 17, 2010

Look at it, the psychological warfare begins right after they forced the Death Care bill upon us, trying to change the subject and keeping their subjects on the Marxist Useful Idiot Gullible Plantation.

“Inflammatory language” to try to divert our attention from the fact they are burning our house down. There they go, next thing is to try to finally muzzle us. That’s their plan.

Psalms 120:7  I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.


Tax Cuts? We aren’t that stupid Mr. Puppet President

April 17, 2010

Obama says we should be grateful for all those “tax cuts” last year.

I cannot believe he is telling the American people he thinks we are just stupid, adding insult to injury. So next he’s going to tell us that he increased the net production of goods and services in the country just by adding a bunch of big numbers of fake Fed money to a bunch of files in government computers, and offered to add computer money to ours.

Forget the dollars, we are still waiting for a little bit of jingle jangle pocket change…


Is the constitution unconstitutional?!

April 17, 2010

A judge in Michigan says she understands the constitution better than the original body that designed the American Constitution, and has declared the National Day of Prayer to be unconstitutional!

These are people raised in history classes where they deliver indoctrination instead of history!

The Constitutional Convention at one point was stuck in a stalemate, and it looked like we were going to be thirteen independent little states on their own. But Benjamin Franklin suggested that they all just do a serious prayer meeting to ask for God’s help. Once upon a time the Smithsonian featured a public showing of a painting of this prayer meeting, showing all those representatives on their knees seeking God for guidance. That would be before they started purging such tokens of America’s Christian beginnings.

Better for us, to free the National Day of Prayer from interference or compromise from the overbearing involvement of government.

But idiot rulings like this are insane, another contortion of logic that requires either limited thinking abilities or a malicious disregard for the letter AND spirit of the Constitution.

What religion does a National Day of Prayer establish, in view of the fact that the most diverse religions possible participate?

What atheist is prevented from practicing their own atheism however they like? After all, this is their claim when it comes to banning homage to God within public service.

And government money? They should complain, hey! Billions of dollars goes to research by scientists that continue to try to disprove the Bible from the first chapter.


Passport Money Missing from Consulates Run by Ex-dictator Zelaya’s Administration

April 11, 2010

That’s socialism for you. Raises corruption to a whole new level. They should have a new word for it, like criminal impunity…

What do you know, Hondurans who paid good dollars at Honduran consulates run by the ex-dictator Manuel Zelaya in the United States last year (2009) are still waiting for their passports, and the new administration can’t find the receipts for them, and they can’t find the money.

Hondurans are still waiting for the resolution to a lot of Zelaya’s and his cronies’ crimes. For many of them it will probably be at the Great White Throne Judgment of God.


CNN in Decline, Latin Americans Want an Alternative

April 11, 2010

CNN’s decline comes as no surprise to those of us who got sick of their smarter-than-thou arrogance, which they could not hide with their pretense of a neutral delivery of news. The contempt they have for the American audience sends a stink floating through the air out of the tube.

FOX is not much better for telling the truth, but at least they don’t insult their audience so blatantly. Their purpose to help fool the half-awake into thinking they have a good news source.

But even they are showing some of their true colors with their insults to Ron Paul supporters, and insulting the people that are asking the same questions Jesse Ventura is asking.

CNN INTERNATIONAL IS SUPPOSEDLY STILL DOING OKAY –BUT!–Latins at least would be overjoyed to find an alternative. This is somebody’s fortune waiting to happen. Are you listening, venture capitalists?? They would flock to a Fox News in Spanish overnight, one that does not preach the Cuban-Communist-Chavez talking points.

—Take Honduras 2009. CNN reported Chavez fantasies instead of real news, with the ONLY exception of their programming on the very date of June 28, 2009, because they simply broadcast the Honduras Congressional proceedings LIVE.

The Spanish-speaking world watching saw the ELECTED Honduran Congress officially remove the coup-runner dictator ex-president Manuel Zelaya in a vote-count by name of 124-4. They duly reported later that the Supreme Court (15-0) validated the vote, the Human Rights Obundsman declared that everybody’s rights were respected at times and the military forces particularly had respected civilian authority, and the Attorney-General of the self-same government declared it a constitutional and legal succession.

In an amazing moment of honesty, one reporter divulged on air that CNN got thousands of emails during that Sunday from Hondurans supporting the removal of Zelaya and the succession by Micheletti to the presidency, and this reporter begged for even ONE in opposing.

From the 30th of June on, they declared their bias they hid it not.

Case in point. At the first meeting of negotiators from both sides, they transmitted the entire insulting monologue of socialist OAS secretary-general Insulza against Hondurans, then when the more balanced Canadian representative started to speak, they cut out claiming “technical difficulties”.

CNN-Spanish in other words does not care that they insult the intelligence of their audience. They are playing to their “useful idiots”.

The put Chavez talking points on, manipulating the air time for video feeds to hide the overwhelming support in Honduras for Micheletti. The Brazilian congressmen who visited were schocked by the unanimous sentiment among Brazilian residents in Honduras in favor of the constitutional government of Micheletti.

CNN digs its own ideological grave, and the only thing that will pull it through is the same dictatorial tactics that Hugo Chavez is using in Venezuela. Where is CNN on that one? People just don’t like to be insulted, that’s all.