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What is fascism?

January 18, 2021

Lew Rockwell takes the comprehensive list of attributes of fascism, and makes them relevant:

Conservatives (not neo-) and especially libertarians are the real anti-fascists.

A good sign in Ireland

January 17, 2021

Bill Gates and medical science

January 17, 2021


Down with the White Supremacists! Hear me out..

January 12, 2021

What white privilege?

Soros, Rockefellers, Bill Gates, Jim Comey, those guys have “white privilege” but they don’t share it with us plebes. Clueless. A billionaire president can’t say what he thinks in the government-front social media forums, what kind of privilege is that?

Who are the white supremacists anyway?

Maybe it’s somebody who said blacks were simply inferior and it is unfair to expect them to compete against white people. And that’s why they should live separately from white people. And that’s why they should be resettled to Africa. And said so to a group of blacks that visited him once upon a time.

Yes, somebody who says whites are superior, and supported segregation and an ethnic cleansing of the country as a “humane” solution to the inferiority of dark-skinned folks.

That somebody was Abraham Lincoln, and today’s zombie “woke” SJW’s, antifa, BLM, and their comrades in power agree. The policy is the same. It’s not fair to make them compete or become doctors on merit.

Was this a Deep State operation?

January 10, 2021

A retired FBI guy says he saw busloads of antifa come into the capital. Some videos of the crowd outside the building before the breach looks like most of he Trump supporters were trying to stop the breaking in, yelling “Stop it” and “Stop antifa!”, “That’s antifa!”. One guy in a MAGA hat threw one of the window-breakers down to the ground.

How much you wanna bet the antifa boys were never arrested, or charged? An YES IT’S WHAT A DEEP STATE OPERATION WOULD LOOK LIKE, and with Congress poised for it too.

They did not want the evidence to get broadcast in the debates to object to it. The vote was a given, but this was their way to censor it and to demoralize the congressmen who were set to object. When they got back to the floor, Matt Geitz laid it all out. I can guarantee you they were all under threat. Hawley is one of the loudest, whence the big scare party in front of his DC house. DC not Missouri, where he was, to make the threat to family all the more strong.

And it was a psy-op meant also to scare any reluctant congressmen into compliance. I was surprised Rand Paul went along with it, but remember Paul’s cracked ribs. I do not think that was just a random neighbor thing. I think he got something for his troubles. I think he expressed remorse, but I don’t know that for sure.

The Capitol police basically ushered them in, removing barriers for them. One video shows one of them chasing a cop who is (obvious to me) pretending to threaten them with a baton while leading his pursuer up the stairs. The Capitol Police were not properly prepared. The top cop has resigned, so now nobody in Mockingbird Operation Media is going to be asking hm why he thought they should be so unprepared. But nobody is going to ask Mayor Bowser either, why, since she must agree that Trump is a dictator who wants to cling to power, and his radical violent supporters are systemic racists, why would she not want to swarm the entire Capital with armed security? The Dems gamed that scenario all along remember.

So why didn’t all the Dem shills who’ve been yelling Trump will try to stay in power, why didn’t they warn Bowser of what they knew? As soon as the polls made obvious that all the riots were hurting Biden’s campaign, why did the riots stop right then?

And why did the breakin happen right when they were about to start debate? With a dozen objectors left to make the case ON NETWORK TV?

such a time as this

January 10, 2021

So everything is different now.

It is time to accelerate all efforts to spread the Gospel, now more than ever. Get educated in all the Christian issues.

That applies even if you are in one the churches that preaches complete obedience to the state.

But for those who do not put their trust in man, whose breath is in his nostrils, but in God, it is even more important to teach others who can teach others and lead them to service in Christ.

Brother Andrew wrote of his visits to the churches in Czechoslovakia during the short time that Dubcek was head of the state, the Prague Spring I think it was called. Then the Soviet tanks invaded. He quickly returned, and called them to account for not using the time of the flaw to spread the Gospel and win souls.

He lit a fire in their bellies and they went out to the Soviet army soldiers and started sharing food and desserts with them and share salvation with them, bringing them blankets and other gifts.

The effect was electric. The love they shared with those soldiers had so much impact that the generals rotated the entire occupation force, replaced all of them, and issued orders of a strict ban on fraternizing with the citizens.

Say not ye there are yet four months to harvest (John 4:35), because there is coming, not only the “Dark Winter” that Joe Biden “promised” for us (as in “Please beat me again”), but a dark year and a dark decade.

God is in control, and “they that do know their God shall do exploits” in the near future now, but it will be much more difficult and much more dangerous to witness. Look at all votes in the Congress. This should let us know that it is time to drop out of the “system” and spread the truth and power of the Word of God.

And learn prophecy, but divide rightly the word of God. Dispense with dispensationalism!

Ashli Babbitt is her name.

January 7, 2021

Ashli Babbitt is her name. And she was NOT climbing through a window, and there is a video where it does NOT look like she was pounding on a window either. Four dead not in Ohio, but in the imperial capital of D. C.

Now threats and live bullets to prevent election forensics

January 4, 2021

Jovan Pulitzer has 100s of patents dealing with pattern recognition like the QR codes, and says they are on all smart phone devices. He said he could inspect 2 million Georgia “absentee ballots” in one day and determine which ones are false. Georgia Senate Judicial Committee authorized him to inspect them. (I saw the video of his testimony).

He says his team members are being attacked. One team member’s home was shot at with 5 bullets in a drive-by yesterday (Sunday Jan. 3).

But DC mayor mobilizing Nat. Guard to neutralize Proud Boys? How much gaslighting insults will people put up with?


Election pranks

January 3, 2021

I’ve been following Bev Harris’ work ever since I first heard about it, because she was sounding the same alarm I was to anybody who cared to listen about the “solution” for the “spectacle” of the butterfly ballots in Palm Beach County, Florida, and the “hanging chads” in South Florida ballots, during the 2000 presidential election.

She wrote a book about it, “Black Box Voting”, available free for download from the web site of the organization she founded:

The use of computers used for voting and for counting, both, in elections, is nothing new, and there have been many politicians in BOTH major parties who have apparently benefited from it.

The most obvious and widespread instance of this happened in the 2020 presidential election, with the blatant election law violations, and evident vote switching proven by the foremost statisticians using time-stamped count tallies published on web sites like the New York Times. And while one major party demands investigations and audits, the other demands you believe the counts in spite of the facts publicly known and available.

Corrections in past elections have affected both major parties. And those are just the ones that were caught.

Read the book for a very long parade of examples.

Abominable masks

January 2, 2021

My bedroom has one window and one door. When both are closed at night, and I forget to make sure the window is opened even a little, like an inch, I get headaches. They wake me up in the middle of the night, the air feels “stuffy” and I now know to open the window.

Wearing a mask is like that. Puts your expired CO2 right back into your lungs, and reduces the oxygen coming in.

I used to watch a series called “The Good Doctor”, about a high-functioning doctor interning who is has high-function autism. The new season’s first show, in the very first seconds, showed a completely black background and a thick big message that said “Mask up, people!”. Then it went into a brief clip of somebody sent home who had flu symptoms, only to return to the hospital and almost dying from of course coronavirus.

I am done forever with that show. Another one, Bull, about a “trial scientist”, did better, not so in-your-face, and at least stuck in a quick quote from one of the characters that they had “heard” that masks don’t do anything, but there they go, often wearing their masks. Done with that one too.

Some medical writers are wondering where the flu season went. OF course they went into the SARS-COV-2 numbers!

How about if you HAVE to wear a mask, one that says “I WANT TO SEE YOUR SMILE”. A fast food chain used that in commercials once.