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Jersey City police brass identify a pro-militia clique in the department and say they’ve been stopped |

April 30, 2013
English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of...

English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of the United States Polski: Fragment preambuły Konstytucji Stanów Zjednoczonych (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jersey City police brass identify a pro-militia clique in the department and say they’ve been stopped |

The Southern Poverty Law Center is itself a hate group and should have been stopped a long time ago. After helping overturn some hate laws, it now advocates them against groups that do not mindlessly obey anything that someone in government with power thinks up. At least not mindlessly.

It is a cruel twist of logic that has the Southern Poverty Law Center saying it fights bigotry, since apparently it does not worry about fascist or socialist tyranny and the hate it brings along. They pretend it is not a worry.

So authorities think that a group that swears to uphold the Constitution of the United States is dangerous. What is more dangerous? Swearing to uphold the law of the land or suppressing a group that swears allegiance to it?


Ron Paul: Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston

April 30, 2013

Yell it from the rooftops: It was NOT the FBI that fingered who, it was NOT government cameras, it was PRIVATE cameras that caught the bad guys faces.

It was NOT the 16-hour martial law door-to-door harassment of the citizens that found the bad guy, it only took FIFTEEN MINUTES –*after* the martial law curfew was lifted– for a PRIVATE citizen to spot the bad guy.

And the blather-mouths in Congress and in media say we need more GOVERNMENT cameras and more POLICE state law?

Watch out…

Forced lockdown of a city. Militarized police riding tanks in the streets. Door-to-door armed searches without warrant. Families thrown out of their homes at gunpoint to be searched without probable cause. Businesses forced to close. Transport shut down.

These were not the scenes from a military coup in a far off banana republic, but rather the scenes just over a week ago in Boston as the United States got a taste of martial law. The ostensible reason for the military-style takeover of parts of Boston was that the accused perpetrator of a horrific crime was on the loose. The Boston bombing provided the opportunity for the government to turn what should have been a police investigation into a military-style occupation of an American city. This unprecedented move should frighten us as much or more than the attack itself.

What has been sadly forgotten in all the celebration of the capture of one suspect and the killing of his older brother is that the police state tactics in Boston did absolutely nothing to catch them. While the media crowed that the apprehension of the suspects was a triumph of the new surveillance state – and, predictably, many talking heads and Members of Congress called for even more government cameras pointed at the rest of us – the fact is none of this caught the suspect. Actually, it very nearly gave the suspect a chance to make a getaway.

The “shelter in place” command imposed by the governor of Massachusetts was lifted before the suspect was caught. Only after this police state move was ended did the owner of the boat go outside to check on his property, and in so doing discover the suspect.

No, the suspect was not discovered by the paramilitary troops terrorizing the public. He was discovered by a private citizen, who then placed a call to the police. And he was identified not by government surveillance cameras, but by private citizens who willingly shared their photographs with the police.

Michelle Shocked – Yes God is Real – – YouTube

April 28, 2013
Cover of the Communist Manifesto’s initial pub...

Cover of the Communist Manifesto’s initial publication in February 1848 in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


..just sharing…


But in an interview later, she backed off earlier comments because she was inundated by accusations of hate when she shared that members of her church were afraid for the country because of the lifting up of homosexual marriage in the nation. She was subjected to so much hate speech that she sort of recanted.


But take note. I heard the video (or audio) of the first comment that caused the firestorm. They were mild and did not carry the weight of conviction or authority.


The flood of hate that awaits anyone who has anything positive about the natural nuclear family as even an ideal, means that anyone who is going to make such a statement should know what he is talking about, know his subject, and have the firm conviction of being right.


Christians need to remember we are sinners and it’s not even just the soul of our nation that concerns us, but the harm that homosexual behaviors invite by the behavior, a vector for unwelcome effects. And the children of the next generation. Every child has a father and a mother who have a responsibility and obligation to the child. And every relevant study shows that by almost any measure, a child is best protected and cultivated if he has the benefit of a father and a mother who raise him together.


The attack on the institution of marriage got full steam ahead with Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto. The promotion of homosexual practices, with the demands for official same-sex marriage, abortion, these things were politicized in the 19th and 20th century by secularist leaders who of a truth are fighting marriage itself. This is something they are starting to feel safe now in saying out loud for an audience.


Karl Marx’ intent was to dissolve it. He called it a “bourgeouis” thing, although in fact it is a universal thing. Karl Marx had his own (neglected) wife and his children came to sorry ends, in fact. The real purpose is to make future generations safe for tyranny. They do this by having the state claim ownership of the children.

(By the way, the Kremlin has a bunch of writings by Karl Marx that are still kept hidden away in secret. What kind of dark stuff is it, you ask? We do too.)


Jesus loves the little children. God is love, and Jesus is his love manifest to us. If anybody “owns” the children, it’s God, regardless who has the blessings of raising them.






Systematic House-to-House Raids in Locked-Down Watertown, Massachusetts – YouTube

April 28, 2013

CRW_2588 (Photo credit: StArHaCkT)

The brutally overdone caricature of “peacemaking” in Boston and the non-stop news coverage also covered up a 20-year anniversary of another scene of mad police state overplay, the atrocity in Waco, Texas, when the FBI pumped the buildings full of “poisonous, flammable” CS gas –that’s NOT a “form of tear gas” like the Liars Media reported it–
it’s a chemical warfare weapon that was used in Vietnam to knock out the enemy in tunnels without them knowing what hit them, and then to light it all up with a match.

And after they pumped it full they used tank-mounted blowtorches to set it off in the windiest day of the year, the day they chose to mount the attack. Nobody was allowed to escape.

And Janet Reno —Bill Clinton too– said they were using the poisonous gas attacks on the children hoping the mothers’ maternal instincts would take over and they would run out with their children. Murderous, demonic monsters. “Operation Showtime“, really?

How were they going to do that, with the (filmed) bullets flying at this home? (Survivors reported that there were bullets that kept them from fleeing. The attackers’ own video shows the infrared signatures of firearms bursting rounds from the tanks into the building.

Fort Hood is a “compound”. Surrounding the the Davidian property was a military style “compound” laying siege to the people inside. The Branch Davidian property was a collection of homes.

Rules of Engagement (2 hours 15 minutes and worth it):

The Crusades, Terrorism and the Middle East

April 28, 2013

The Crusades were an effort to take BACK by force that which had been taken by FORCE by Islamic conquest.
Wars are brutal and what’s missed in that is (1) the Crusades were opposed by many Christians of the day, including (2) St. Francis of Assisi, who brokered a peace between the two sides on one occasion.

The Inquisition was run by a *political* hierarchy that used the name of Christ for cover, just as today in the West the most vile of corrupt rulers use “democracy” as a cover, and a tyrannical Hugo Chavez used “majority vote” –and even God– as a cover (never mind the fraud).

How can anybody call the Inquisition period a “Christian” thing when a central issue was to BAN THE BIBLE AND BURN ITS ADVOCATES as witches? An identity thief can call himself anything. Kris Kringle or Santa Clause by any other lying name, no matter how much you paint lipstick on that pig.

Recently one Anders Behring Breivik shot 77 peaceful –and unarmed– campers dead in Norway (the first one was the only one armed security man) had advocated “Christian” culture on his web site. As soon as they saw the word “Christian”, CNN ran a feed at the bottom of the screen for hours on end, days, that said “Christian fundamentalist” — a criminally negligent and slanderous accusation against a great number of peaceful Christian fundamentalists. Because on the same web site where they got the word “Christian”, the shooter said that he did NOT believe the Bible and he did NOT believe in Jesus. CNN shows itself again to be “fundamentally” bigoted against the name of Jesus Christ.

It is also a sign of truncated thinking and anti-Christ bigotry to equate Christian and Islamic holy books or actions. Even militant Islamists –as they are painted in the Western media image of them–are no doubt offended at this irrational equivalency-by-monotonous-repetition equivalency meme. Atheists who do not have the need to invent such contortions, are appalled by this too. The worst horrors of history were done by officially and enforced atheist regimes that banned all religious faiths from any public expression.

In one of them, both the central figure (Christ) laid down his life to the death for unbelievers at the beginning, and millions of his followers have done the same since. In the other, the founding figure laid down the lives of unbelievers at the beginning, and 100s of thousands, maybe millions, of his followers have done the same thing since.

Most Muslims want to live in peace, and support their families. I have cultivated close friendship with Muslim co-workers, and we have talked about the principles of our faiths without even raising our voices. Many Muslims risk beheading for accepting Jesus Christ as risen Savior and many Christians risk beheading in many parts of the world for being Christians.

“Terrorism” is a very broad category of tactics used by small groups to leverage such tactics where the proponent is otherwise weak in power.We see the “blowback principle” take effect when the people targeted by such actions become enraged.

The unconstitutional undeclared “war against terrorism” was a Newspeak tactic to propel the U.S.A. and the world into a permanent state of war. All the easier to take away the “freedoms” that “they” supposedly hate us for. It all too easily expands into asking the subjects of the rulers to tell authorities about anybody who “hates the government”. We have seen this movie before.

Michael Scherer said it well, something like, They’re not over here because we’re free to enjoy a few beers at night, they don’t like us bombing and invading them. Nobody can accuse Mr. Scherer of gullibility. He was the head of the team that sought Osama bin Laden all those years and set it up for the next team to find him. I doubt he is portrayed in the Hollywood movie about the search.

He has explained many times in media interviews the established principle of “blowback”, a term often used within the CIA for such a phenomenon, where your actions have reactions. This is *NOT* a “blaming America” thing.

Who decided to bomb and invade over there? Was there ever any debate in Congress, as constitutionally required in the U.S., about a declaration of war? Was it “America”, or was it America’s rulers?

Was there ever a debate in Congress over whether to declare war on Libya? Or did America’s *rulers” decide to send in military force (Special Forces) on the ground while denying it? When the “rebels” began losing, who decided to bomb the crap out of Libyan government forces?

There were lots of talking heads that declared Gaddafi was murdering civilians. But the best evidence of massacre of civilians are the pictures of the town that is no more, obliterated, its inhabitants wiped out and “cleansed”, that the entire town of Tawarga.

It’s not that the murderers who perpetrated this racist atrocity hid anything. They bragged about it, they bragged that they were not going to let it rebuild, they bragged about wiping out the 10,000 black-skinned Africans who built it up. Towarga burning:


Frightened Towarga refugee:

A Review of The Great Deformation by John Butler

April 27, 2013

A review about David Stockman’s book, “The Great Deformation”. It ” demolishes the conventional economic and political wisdom prevailing both prior to and in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis.”, says this book review, and I am not surprised.

In fact, a friend that went to school with him told me about his genius and watched his career take him to the Reagan White House as budget director. He had a universe of numbers and statistics at memory’s beck and call, and rattled them off rat-tat-tat fashion in Congressional hearings.

I’m glad to see he is applying this to educate the interested with more common sense perspective.

Boston area “shelter in place’ order, Dunkin Donuts exception

April 26, 2013
Dunkin Donuts logo

Cops in Boston told Dunkin Donuts: There won’t be any shooting (logo, Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people are bent out of shape over the accolades GW Bush is getting now that he’s gone. Some are bonkers at the news that he was a lot smarter than most of his critics. Sun Tzu indeed. Feigning slowness of mind.

GW took the last barrier that slowed the exponential growth in Medicare cost. Making unlimited pharmaceuticals available on demand to seniors removed the barrier on seniors providing their own money for it, and instead taking it from the rest of us. Santorum the “conservative” justified his vote in favor by saying he is a “team player”, showing he is NOT on our side, with the people he helped rule.

GW insisted on war based on circle-jerk intelligence sources where the powers that be hide behind “it’s a secret” to tell us why they know this or that. For example, MI-6 and the CIA (or their bosses) made an agreement for Echelon. You spy on ours, we spy on ours, and we tell each other everything.

But don’t worry, we won’t use it on good guys, we won’t use it on you, just “Trust us”.

GW signed into law the worst rights violations up to the day of his time with the Patriot Act. Self-written warrants, leapfrog linked warrantless searches, and worse. I told you guys at the time not to trust this subterfuge of your rights because it will be used against you, just imagine a Hillary using it. Oh, so now Obama simply expanded what GW did. Lefties are silent because he’s “one of them”, as if. But they will be among the first to go down.

That’s right, Aaron Swartz, who was the guy that started the roar that stopped SOPA and PIPA, thank God, but he was a “progressive”. The Justice Department hounded and harassed him into suicide. Presumably it’s suicide, could be, because as far back as the Clintons, Janet Renal was already implementing military tactics into her purview (psy-ops included). Aaron’s Dad said he was sure it was suicide, okay.

But now the House of Representatives has passed CISPA, a bill that’s a lot like the two evil twins of before, with an overwhelming majority.

And get this phenomenal development: The entire town of Watertown, Mass, in the Boston area, was put under martial law under the euphemism of “shelter in place”, with strict curfew for SIXTEEN HOURS. Anybody outside their homes was definitely harassed (there is video) and punished. For 16 hours they searched for the fugitive.

But almost at the instant they lifted their “shelter in place” orders, a PRIVATE CITIZEN was finally able to do what the ENTIRE BOSTON MILITARIZED POLICE FORCE COULD NOT do: find the bad guy. Almost at once.

Feinstein, when she was asked whether she thought somebody should be able to shoot him if he broke into their home, she said she’d rather trust the massive Boston police presence and surveillance than an “assault weapon”.

Oh, yeah, the martial law “shelter in place” order? The police apparently ordered Dunkin’ Donuts to stay open. One cop told them not to worry, “Nobody’s going to get shot”.

Feel safer now?

Another blow against the Empire

April 25, 2013

Michigan House Unanimously Passes NDAA Nullification Bill – Liberty Crier:

Even in Michigan…



Who bans importation of self-defense tools? Dictators! That’s who!

April 25, 2013

After Senate setback, Obama quietly moving forward with gun regulation – National gun rights |

Hollywood movies always show you a bad-guy arms dealer, never a good-guy arms dealer.

Well, ask yourself this. When the United States Army was sent by the expansionists in Washington, D.C., to subdue the native Indian populations, what do you call the guys who were selling guns to the Indians?

Remember, the United Nations Treaty did not put restrictions on arms dealings by the governments themselves, especially between governments. This is one of the first United Nations monopoly. International arms dealings by governments only.

We think maybe the only ban on arms dealing should be against governments. But the UN is a club of dictators and softer “democracies” (heh heh) that want to be dictatorships.

Eric Holder‘s Fast and Furious gun brokering for smugglers is now a UN mandate.

Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

He that liveth by the sword, shall die by the sword.

And he (the Antichrist) shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

Liberal Society Hidden in the Dark Ages by Jonathan Goodwin

April 25, 2013

I thought these factoids buried in revisionist history were fascinating, especially the parts relating to women:

I think it was Einstein said: “Question everything”. So question your history…

I would question the reputation for the level of Einstein’s genius, for example. Another factoid you may or may not know: Einstein was so “bad” at math (relativistically speaking, that is) that his wife had to help him with his math for his big relativity breakthrough..