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Honduras report

January 20, 2018

Wikileaks is offering a reward of US$1 million for access to the FISA abuse memo to the public, as reported by news concerns like Gateway Pundit, Fox News, and others.

In what increasingly looks like an international effort to resuscitate leftist neo-Marxism, there is apparently an increasing pattern of violence from the left’s rent-a-thug operations.

I’ve been following the events in Honduras for the past few months, as 2017 was an election year. The leftist demagogue Manuel Zelaya threw in with Salvador Nasralla as the front candidate for what they called, without even trying to hide the irony, The Alliance of Opposition Against the Dictatorship.

Nasralla seems to be just a gullible sports announcer who is glad for a chance to be president, and follows Zelaya’s pronouncements as if they were truth and not just shouts leading the charge of the gullible to the barricades and looting.

The two leaders, look like they are competing for the roles of Dumb and Dumber with the things they say. The TSE (the Honduras elections commission, agency officially independent of all parties and branches of government charged with running fair elections) did what looks like every effort to accommodate all the demands of the Opposition in the election process.

The Opposition was ahead by five percent at first in the count. Then they announced that one of the members of the TSE commission said the trend was “irreversible”, in a very strange comment, out of place, and against all policy, and throwing a bone to the leftist narrative in case the count was NOT irreversible.

Just because a person is a member of a “non-partisan” panel does not mean that person is really “non-partisan”.

So when the gap first started to narrow in the count, they immediately sent their followers to the streets to “protest”: in effect this meant blocking major roads, thereby interfering with the delivery of basic necessities to stores around the country, and rioters burning stores after looting them bare.

Authorities have already made a number of arrests of many of those looters, and protestors blocking roads, although they let many of them walk free after catching them en flagrante.

Meantime, those “peaceful” protestors did their own attacks on police, while blocking roads, looting stores and burning them, andsending twenty policemen to the hospital.

One of those policemen has suffered permanent lost of one eye launched by projectiles.

Now people calling in to talk shows are demanding the police and the Army put a stop to all this disruption and violence. The closing of stores has put a great number of poor families out of a job and into a lack of basic needs. They are blaming mostly Manuel Zelaya, the same president who wanted to bring Honduras into the Chavez orbit.

He got arrested before he could realize his plan to become president for life. Zelaya admitted to Jorge Ramos in an interview aired on Univision that he had cheated in 2005 elections. So now he protests cheating.

That sounds like what happened in U. S. elections in 2016. The party in power, in this case, a reversal of roles being played out in Honduras, blamed the other party for colluding with Russian intelligence in the campaign. The accuser turns out is the guilty party, trying to fabricate a case against the usurper candidate.

In Honduras, the usurper candidate is the one who is opposed to the NWO globalist plutocrats trying to build toward the one-world dictatorship and the power they want so bad.

It’s obviously not an isolated phenomenon in Honduras. The major international news agencies and networks are ignoring the events there. When they say something, they report as if the protestors have the moral high ground.

It’s the old attitude the Left always had, with the possible exception of John F. Kennedy. They always thought that Latin America was a collection of banana republic basket cases beset by rightist dictatorships, and that Fidel Castro was a hero, whose country was only poor because, well, Yanquis, as always. (Never mind the U. S. was the only country restricting trade with Cuba, and there are about 175 other sovereign countries that had no such restriction.)

But then in 2005, it was not the “rightist coup” as they called it in Honduras that was supported by the U. S., but it was the Zelaya auto-coup that he was preparing. He wanted to make himself president-for-life with a new constitution.

Hondurans in 2005 poured into the streets against his crimes and machinations. The day after his arrest, by my estimates half the entire adult population of Honduras, in every city and town, marched to the plaza to thank the authorities for arresting him. They wanted to show support for the “interim” president Roberto Micheletti and show the world that the scurrilous reports about events in the international press were lies.

Honduras was a pivotal point in Latin America then. It showed the tide had turned against the socialists in the region, and that it had nothing to do with CIA interference. For those who paid attention and love the truth, it shows who are the real dangers to human rights in the region.

Now in 2018 the leftists there are trying to rewrite events in their own favor. The TSE pleaded with the leftist “Alliance” to bring evidence, meeting all of their demands for a recount of a thousand, then five thousand (which gave more advantage to Juan Hernandez in the count), then reviewed the contested ballots the “Alliance” presented together with all parties. So tired of losing, the Opposition simply demands recognition of their presumption of victory.

These events, for me, throw doubt on all the denunciations from the left. The observers officially sent from the European Union, saw no issue with the final declaration of Juan Orlando Hernandez as winner of the elections. The silence of the commissioner, whoever he was, who apparently anonymously told the Opposition they were going to win, is now speaking with his silence. So the members of the EU have been sending congratulations to Juan Orlando along with many others around the world.

But the OAS delegation made no protest, and seemed to have no issue generally either, presented their report to the Secretary General, who in a surprising move to those who, again, were paying attention, said Honduras should hold another election.

Pay attention around the world. The things you read in the international press are not trustworthy.



January 10, 2018

“There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.”…

― Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi

Koreans Agree To Talk To Koreans…Nikki Haley Furious!

January 3, 2018 Go go go South Korea! Make peace not war!

SJW’s in tech: Eric Raymond speaks up

January 1, 2018

Eric Raymond is one of the original “hackers” at MIT that spawned the Free Software Foundation (Richard Stallman, the GPL, LGPL, etc.) and the whole Open Source Software (Eric Raymond, OSS licenses, “The Cathedral and the Bazaar”) movements.

He once wrote “How to Be a Hacker”.

In this article, he blasts the hell out of people trying to mess up OSS with the SJW political purge culture:

Remember that Eric Raymond has cerebral palsy. So if anybody fits the stereotypical person to be able to claim SJW special status victimhood, it would be him. But no, the guy blasts the hell out of it and wants it purged from hackerdom.

Privacy – How to Live Without Google

January 1, 2018

It’s a start:

“How to Live Without Google”:

Google trackers have been found on 75% of the top million websites. This means they are not only tracking what you search for, they’re also tracking which websites you visit, and using all your data for ads that follow you around the internet. Your personal data can also be subpoenaed by lawyers, including for civil cases like divorce. Google answered over 100,000 such data requests in 2016 alone!

More and more people are also realizing the risk of relying on one company for so many personal services. If you’re joining the ranks of people who’ve decided Google’s data collection has become too invasive, here are some suggestions for replacements with minimal switching cost. Most are free, though even those that are paid are worth it — the cost of not switching is a cost to your personal privacy, and the good news is we have a choice!

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