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L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise: Idiots Three | Citizens Journal

August 27, 2018

Watch Out, California! – LewRockwell

August 27, 2018

Zero Hedge drops another Bombshell ! (to those spies listening without a warrant: not a real one, just a figurative one)

August 19, 2018

Okay we all know by now the FBI snakes at the top levels of the Agency in 2016 (and too many continuing in 2017), eagerly used the unverified infamous fake “dossier” on Trump.

We also know that Mueller’s team of 17 plus Democrat Party contributors and partisans after more than a year of continuing the FBI and DOJ Russia frame job that was engineered by Brennan has done no better but exposes itself more each day as acting above the law, because they know they have Republican Party allies in Congress that would go for impeachment the minute Trump fires anybody.

But after all that that and tens of millions of dollars, they got nothing. After Rush Limbaugh and others had the nation laughing about a Russia collusion investigation with “no Russians in sight”, he quickly indicted twelve Russians and three companies that live in Russia, just to have some Russians.

We all laughed at that too, because we all know that these are characters he thought he would never have to actually prove anything about in court. SURPRISE! One of them showed up in court. Mueller’s boys protested that these bad Russians had not been properly served.

Moot, said the judge. They’re here pleading Not Guilty and demanding discovery. Muellerites: But your Honor we’re not ready!
Your Honor: What have you been doing all this time, and didn’t you get an indictment? Discovery1

We know what comes next. 90 percent redacted pages.

But now we find out, and Zero Hedge digs it up, that two privately funded multi-million operations have tried to prove the Fake Dossier have also come up empty.


CNN Accused of Intimidating Paul Manafort Jury

August 19, 2018

Why would CNN want all the names and home addresses of all the people on the Manafort jury? What would they want with it if not to publish them so the violent left can harass?

The judge rebuffed the request to turn over the data, good for him!

But since they have previously done this barely-legal trick before, when they doxxed somebody who disagreed with them, and knowing the judge would most likely refuse such a bald-faced thing, we can understand why somebody would call this an intimidation tactic to try to scare them into voting according to Thought Police Deep State and Secret Government commands. It looks like CNN has joined Antifa. Operation Mockingbird in plain view.

Roger Stone: The Witch Hunt Continues | The Daily Caller

August 19, 2018

Mueller continues fishing aggressively. Poking at every one who had anything to do with Trump to try to get one of them to invent something against Trump, maybe even seeing if he can force-fit anything he can against Trump himself.

The real victims are every member who voted in the election. They are getting exposed as thinking they are above the law. They are exposed as hypocrites when they say the word “democracy”.

The social media giants tilted their content in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump. Facebook bragged that their tweaks to their news-handling algorithms resulted in a higher turnout of two or three million more than would have otherwise gone to vote.

And a former employee there blew the whistle on them that the moderators were downlisting news feeds from conservative sources. Zuckerberg invited a group of conservative heavies to a discussion about it. Too bad Glenn Beck got really sycophantic about the guy, and of course after that conference we heard about the banning of Diamond and Silk.

But now, with midterms coming up in 2018, they have pulled all stops and stripped off their sheep masks and are full-blown obviously blocking a great many conservatives and Christians from posting anything, with the boiler plate excuse of ‘terms and conditions”, while refusing to specify what was the trigger. That’s all those usual “Ministry of Truth” social media companies.

Time to abandon the forums that comply with the Thought Police and seek other alternatives or abandon all of it. I have a friend, a coder and SQL database whiz, who never signed on to any social media and he’s doing okay. They gather enough information on non-users already….

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August 19, 2018

Another alternative social media, with crypto and written in Open Source, and even micropayments;

Bionic mosquito: Contractual Community

August 19, 2018

Freedom increased with the decline of the pagan Roman Imperium. “Christian” Dark Ages had less authoritarian centers and they were more local then.

While the leaders in the Church kept some semblance of the founding cultural milieu of the earliest churches, they were more respectful of individuals and property no doubt. It lasted some generations with some deviance.

But then one cannot blame the Reformation for the breakdown of such restraints on the state. Martin Luther only demanded that the Church, and ITS STATE ALLIES, return to those principles that gave it authority.

For example, Rome’s leaders were intellectual authors or spiritual facilitators of statist crimes like the Gunpowder Plot, the attack by the Spanish Armada against England and King James. They blessed the actions of lords of the manor who conquered surrounding serfdoms and united them into their own growing kingdoms, even imposing the local dialect upon the others.

The entire “competing duality” of authorities that broke down long before Luther or even his predecessors. This also gave rise to many truth tellers who were variously persecuted, hounded, looted, slain, and burned at the stake like like John Hiss.

Remember the winners write the histories, and you cannot even necessarily trust Church authorities or their court historians on matters concerning these “cults” any more than you can trust the lying secular authorities of today against Ron Paul, Bionic, Walter Block, or even the history of the Church.

Lies about Waco and other groups are a case in point.

Good point about there being a generational breakdown in matters of contracts and constitutions.

So Bionic, I would like to note that you do not allow yourself to give enough due credit to Protestant movements. “We have no king but Jesus”is a perfectly valid motto.

Structural Papists k(clergy et. al.) have outed themselves today as mostly impediments to freedom, but it’s just as they were before and during the Reformation years.

Governments and authorities come and go. God setteth up one, and putteth down another.

Riot Breaks Out In Portland As Antifa Activists Clash With Conservative Marchers | Zero Hedge

August 19, 2018

And the “Right” has the legal permit. The “Left-fascists” don’t. The Left-fascists come with tools of violence. The Brownshirt Left-fascists initiate the violence.

Legally permitted rally shut down by Brownshirts. Authorities declare a riot and shut it all down, send everybody home. Where is the freedom of assembly if the government does not enforce it against fascist antifa?

Where the Gospel has gone, slavery faded

August 5, 2018

#1. If you read thru the Bible, you’ll quickly come to the laws of Moses as they’re called, and if you pay attention, you’ll notice where the taking of free men and forcing them into servitude is one hundred percent forbidden in plain language. I don’t know why all these Christian luminaries haven’t used that passage. (I have lost track of the exact reference but it struck me as a wow moment.

#2. Almost everywhere you look in the modern translations where they inserted the word “slave”, if you review the context for the verse, they are NOT talking about slaves in the sense of chattel slavery, or “property” per se, but it is really talking about various forms of servitude. Like to pay a debt one could work for the lender for a time. And for that time he’s called a “servant” of course, same as today.

Not like today’s “public servant” though, for a laughable oxymoron. Today’s public servants are Gentiles who seek to be the greatest among you and lord it over you. God’s followers seek to serve you.

#3. It is ironic that pointing a finger at the Bible on slavery, reflects three fingers pointing back at the accuser. The only effective driving force for abolishing slavery where it penetrates, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Saint Patrick shamed the Irish and the Brits into abandoning slavery, and eventually the rest of Europe where Christianity went.

Almost everywhere outside of Christian influence, slavery was the norm. The Greeks considered women as having less worth as people than males, and slaves less than women. The Romans enslaved anybody they wanted to, even enjoying them kill each other in gladiator battles.

It took until over a millennium later with the imperial expansion of European powers that slavery again appeared.

The song Amazing Grace is an eternal testimony to the effect of the Gospel on slavery. John Newton was a slave trader that brought enslaved free Africans across the Atlantic to the Americas. After his conversion to Christ he became a repentant crusader against it. He was instrumental in William Wilberforce’s lifetime mission to totally wipe out slavery throughout England and in its far-flung lands.

California power grid urges consumers to conserve energy in heat wave

August 4, 2018–finance.html?bcmt=1

Search Eugene Mallove, & the New Energy Foundation. Clean non-explosive energy, with mega-massive potential. Technology proven in the home of one of the pair that did it. Cheap, cleaner than clean energy, every house can afford it’s own energy, all this potential.

Mallove wrote all the congressmen at the time, open letter to the president (Bill Clinton) at the time, and endorsed by Arthur C. Clarke. Ignored.

They told environmentalists about it. Silence. have rejected talking about it. They said the “environmentalist” organizations are worse about it than oil companies.