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What is really behind the Chamber of Commerce hate for the “Tea Party” people, Really?

January 11, 2014

Conservatives question US Chamber’s plan to spend millions to defeat Tea Party style candidates in 2014 | Fox News:

The article says that it’s their reaction to the so-called “tea party” shutdown of government over Obamacare last year (2013).

Really? Or is it –just maybe– because the “Tea Party” identifying Congressmen are hanging out shingles on their doors that say “No Sale”?

Sure, a few really big corporations lost some government money during that shutdown. Mr. Unofficial Fabian Socialist of the left-fascist faction made sure of that, as anyone who paid attention to the details knows.

But then they kept on going.

Maybe it’s the tea-party’s major issue that has them scared: That fedgov has gotten way too big, and handles way too much money.

To me, it was a fascinating turn of events. I never thought the Chamber of Commerce, that claims to be the voice of business and –so we thought– free enterprise, would be so blatant and public about advocating against freedom of enterprise and relief for the “Taxed Enough Already”. But there they go, they are.

I thought they might grumble silently, because the businesses that have survived the Fed, the income tax, regulation, the New Deal, the War on Poverty, the wars in Europe, the welfare-warfare state, and the lead-up to the rollout of the Unaffordable Sick Act (aka Obamacare; or )

Of course it’s the small businesses that cannot afford the deep-pocket lobbyists who really are sick and tired of fedgov burdens and chains on their economic freedoms. The last thing they want to do is to kill their business by endangering their customers. But government-protected businesses have to be big, for the kind of results demanded and for the influence they get.

So, there you go. America’s biggest corporations have declared themselves full supporters of left-fascist government. I warned conservatives in the Bush years that the totalitarian surveillance state would be turned on them with a changing to the Hustler-in-Chief. I warned the “liberals” and the “Democrats” that there was no difference.

Sure, Obama would accelerate Bush’s push to expand the welfare state, but then he would also continue and expand the warfare state. This is a big-business unspoken understanding, but know this: the biggest among them would rather lose the medical industry to Obama’s”care” than to give up their now full-blown partnership with fedgov’s force-enforced domination of the economy.

Obama’s cabinet picks, and especially his “czars” (short for little Caesars) demonstrated this clearly. He had people from Wall Street, Big Bankers including Goldman Sachs, Big Industry, leftists from Academia, including open Communists, the environmentally religious, all thrown into the same mix and working together.

Really big business marries Big Brother, a trade made in hell. Big Business sells its wares to fedgov, and fedgov operatives sell favors to Big Business.

Yep. Congress has about a 9% approval rate and a general 90-95 percent re-election rate, where it jumped to after passage of the McCain Feingold Incumbent Protection-Racket Campaign Finance Reform. Before that act it was already hard enough to unseat one of this most despised political club in the country at an 80 percent re-election rate.

GALATIANS 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

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Putin and Obama: One hypocrite does not purify the other

September 15, 2013
DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN10 - George Soros, Cha...

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN10 – George Soros, Chairman, plutocrat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Putin lectured the US from his Kremlin. There are plenty of massacres on his hands too, so the neo-cons and the neo-libs handed him a deal he could not refuse, to look to be the peacemaker and the reasonable one in this whole Syria.

The neo-cons are trying to take the conversation back from the libertarians, eyes-open Christians, and the Tea Party, and save it for the Republican-Democrat plutocrat cartel. Beware. Lots of the talking stupid heads on Fox (and for sure many of the rest of them) are singing just like George Soros wants them to. Soros wants very badly for the USA to attack everybody around the world? I smell his stink on a lot of money going around, talking points in hushed emails on secret journalist chat rooms (this was exposed a few years ago, remember?)

Why is he doing that? Remember he’s the guy who says the USA is the most dangerous country in the world. He hates what the country used to be, he hates that so many of us still think for ourselves, that so many of us love Jesus Christ. Remember he knows we’re bankrupt, and all these wars are making us more broke. So therefore the US has a “duty to protect” everybody in the world.

Except the innocent, of course, he does not say, but his actions speak louder than words. He is only one of a group in the shadows, there is no doubt, how could all this stupidity happen so big so fast otherwise?

So forget about these voices from the past, who say the problem is that Obama should have thrown the missiles anyway, consequences be damned.

All over a false flag operation that killed a lot of innocent lives. This thing is going to blow back in their faces.

The Obama-Kerry duet have spoken their own judgment. They are responsible for chemical attacks with weapons banned by treaty on peaceful civilians in a community near Waco, and apparently for the same thing with worse substances in a land that used to be far away.

Like the devil, they are showing us their own crimes and blaming it on the victims. The Pharisees did this to the true Messiah, now this fake poser wants to do it to them.

Christians in the US are not blameless. Our fathers were complicit in letting the Devil get the run of the house, and backed off when they were told not to mess with their tax deduction –as if it were a gift of the ungodly. We won’t steal a piece of your tithe if you just do as you’re told…

CPA-USA is all giddy over Obama’s plans –same as their plans

December 2, 2012
Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But get this, the Communist Party USA is having multiple orgasms over Obama getting (putatively) elected again:

And the word “war” appears nowhere at all on this glowing basking in the fact that their platform got elected on –so they say– the issues they advocate.

Of course they ignore the elephant in the room, the fact that the genuine lovers of liberty abandoned the Republican Party in great numbers, after their brutal suppression of Ron Paul delegates both in the local and state levels and at the national convention itself in Tampa, and that many Tea Party types also decided not to vote for a fraud that would do the same things as the worse of the two evils.

And get this jewel of tortured lack of logic:

The Republicans were quick to say that no sweeping mandate emerges out of this election — people voted for the status quo. Look at the results in the House, they say.

But apart from the House, where Republicans retained their majority (in part because of gerrymandering), there is no evidence to support their claim.

By golly is that all? Republicans kept the House? And gerrymandering is all you got? So votes for Republicans don’t count? Phht, such hypocrisy.

Not that I believe in the “majority vote” as some bequeathing of divine wisdom, after all, Obama was re-elected. And Scott Walker got re-elected even after winning the first recall vote of a sitting governor in the history of the United States.

So the secret is out, and no longer secret. The Communist Party USA agenda and policy is the same as the Obama administration‘s. Sorry Newsweek, that still does NOT mean that we area “all socialists now”. That stupidity was knocked down in 2010, wasn’t it. All? By force?

Millions of us still appreciate it when our natural individual rights are respected. And some of that number are preparing to defend it.

Watch for a campaign against dissident Americans who dare to defend themselves against attacks by federal authorities or even local authorities. Already the police forces across the country get lists of bad guys where Ron Paul bumper stickers share a place on the same list with Aryan Nation.

When they do that, while they still let us run around with those stickers, it is a psychological preparation for more to come later.

How the Kelly Thomas Killing Sparked a Citizen Revolt –

May 12, 2012

Fullerton California:

Given the nation’s deep fiscal problems, many Americans of the right and left are so frustrated about the political process that they are jumping on Tea Party buses and occupying city parks. But efforts to reform Washington, D.C., or Sacramento are hopeless, despite those “change” slogans advanced by a president committed mainly to the status quo. If you want to change the world, you need to start in your city.

A great example of what agitated citizens can accomplish is taking place in the Southern California city of Fullerton. Three council members are the targets of a recall election on June 5. The effort has gained steam after the Orange County district attorney recently released a horrific 33-minute video of the city’s police officers beating a frail homeless man named Kelly Thomas last July. Thomas later died in a hospital.

Given the nation’s deep fiscal problems, many Americans of the right and left are so frustrated about the political process that they are jumping on Tea Party buses and occupying city parks. But efforts to reform Washington, D.C., or Sacramento are hopeless, despite those “change” slogans advanced by a president committed mainly to the status quo. If you want to change the world, you need to start in your city.

A great example of what agitated citizens can accomplish is taking place in the Southern California city of Fullerton. Three council members are the targets of a recall election on June 5. The effort has gained steam after the Orange County district attorney recently released a horrific 33-minute video of the city’s police officers beating a frail homeless man named Kelly Thomas last July. Thomas later died in a hospital.

Fullerton is a long-time Republican bastion. It’s hardly lefty Oakland, where protests against police brutality are expected. But the Thomas beating death and the craven response from police and the council majority were so disturbing that it sparked a city-wide revolt led by a local businessman named Tony Bushala whose blog was a lightning rod for debate. He is leading the recall election.

The brouhaha is remarkably nonpartisan. The three targeted council members—Dick Jones, Don Bankhead and Pat McKinley—are establishment Republicans. The two council members who escaped its wrath come from opposite ends of the political spectrum, conservative Republican Bruce Whitaker and liberal Democrat Sharon Quirk. Those two called for openness and accountability, but were overruled by the majority, which chose to run and hide instead. But it’s hard to hide from the incident now that the video has gone viral.

Bring It On…

September 19, 2011

Heard in another forum:

 …Andrew Breitbart appearing here wild-eyed and unshaven. Is this the new face of the Teabaggers? If so, they’re nuttier than I thought.

Looks like the putdowns of truth continue to be based on personal appearance and shoot the messenger, more worried about somebody’s appearance than the destruction of the entire United States economy and all the looting of the treasury by Wall Street bankers and Communist czars

Here you go. A bunch of nuttier nuts than you thought to the tune of “Volunteers of America”:


‘Nuff to inspire hope. Along about 2:18 into the video there’s a few cameos of some more dangerous “nuts”. Get a load of a picture of what the DNC warned us about in August 2009: “Republicans are inciting angry mobs”. No, it’s not a picture of Jimmy Hoffa Jr. making his Daddy proud, words cannot do justice to the scary mobs you get about 2:10 into the recording. And you might want to avert your eyes from the little 11-year old girl monster holding a sign that says “STop robbing my piggy-bank!”

Watch out Wayne, it’s not just one wild-eyed bugger! There’s MILLIONS of us! That’s right MILLIONS! TENS of millions! Even our Granny’s have canines! And our scabs are mad as hell!

Listen to Breitbart expose lies about him

May 2, 2011

Bill Maher even brought him on.

The question about Obama’s records comes up not because he’s black but because he is so incompetent a president and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. So how the heck did he get into Harvard.

Maybe Bill Maher can himself walk through Harlem without security.

Maher is indeed outrageous accusing tea party of racism, and Breitbart got the knockout when he proposed a Breitbart-Maher poll of Americans, especially tea partiers, to find out what they think of a Herman Cain-Alan West ticket. Breitbart is absolutely right, the Tea Party folks would go absolutely wild over that!


Tea Party: Stop welfare for the Rich!

January 23, 2011

> It seems sort of funny that the Tea Party seems interested only in dismantling wasteful government spending /on the poor/ and completely disinclined to abolish government programs that benefit them. Go figure.
That is absolutely NOT TRUE. And the rest of it was backwards in the real world of the United States today. The Tea Party movement was born during the Bush bailouts, a total waste of our money and collective credit as taxpayers, in the high billions. That was free money for BIG CORPORATE moguls, and they were totally supported by DEMOCRATS, including the most leftist guy in the Senate at the time, candidate Obama.

Then under Obama the Dems continued this shameless giveaway of money to favorite companies and big corporations under the so-called “Stimulus” bills, one after another! That’s why the populace was outraged.

Never mind even that I STAYED OUT because the housing market was so crazy. But even there, why should you take my money by force to pay the mortgage of guys like the one that bought one I was renting, and defaulted in less than five months. Why should my money pay his mortgage?

What the Tea Party uprising was protesting in 2009 was the FREE MONEY that the BIG RICH MONEYBAGS were getting! They were mad!

And it’s real funny that DemonRats in the media always conveniently leave that out and keeping talking like they’re just against the poor, when they themselves have defended welfare for the richest band of thieves on the planet, starting with Goldman Sachs!

They got even more mad with the outrageous lies being told about the Health Care thing. Lying in our faces saying if you like it you can keep it (companies are dropping health coverage or lowering coverage), costs will go down (they went up), and supposedly surrendering the “public option” (caught on tape earlier admitting they woudn’t get it right away but it will eventually be the only one), denying the “death panels” (now its supporters are admitting to it).

They’re angry at the lack of transparency, secret money –stolen from us (without representation or direct oversight)– going to secret rich fat cats.

This is what gave Tea Party grassroots such ire.

False-flag Dems that so hypocritically hide their blatant corruption and free money for their rich moneybags patrons behind the skirts of the poor give special fits to some of us who know that the best thing you can do for the poor is to let them have incentive to fly free.

That’s compassion. If you help a butterfly struggle out the cocoon by snipping it open, you doomed the poor thing to a quick floundering death because it somehow has to have that toning to be able to fly.

A mother eagle doesn’t leave the eaglets in the nest bringing the poor things good because they can’t fly. When it comes of age, the mother eagle starts making the nest uncomfortable and finally even maybe some thorns come in, then it starts pushing that little one into the air.

You don’t really help anybody if you give him a fish for one meal, you’ve heard the story. You teach him how to fish.

Obama was spouting total nonsense when he said he didn’t know anybody that would prefer an unemployment check over a job. He’s from what area in Chicago?

If he does not know anybody like that, it’s because all his friends are RICH and socialists who even deny such a person exists to your face.

Compassion for the poor is giving your own life for them, your own money, out of your own pockets. Joining the ganging up on people you think have more than you to take somebody else’s money and giving that to the poor is a selfish conscience salve.