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Bible believers, followers of Christ, bane of tyrants, have laid down their own lives spreading the gospel of love and freedom

August 30, 2014

This is my reply to a vicious slur against Christ and against the Bible found here and all to common even among liberty-minded writers sometimes. Keep in mind that even self-described atheist Rothbard recognized that many religiously inclined believers were often better defenders of freedom than fellow atheists. Ron Paul is a good example.

This article is worse than a cruel slur. The biggest victims of the abuses of the Roman persecutions, the Inquisitions, Roman Catholic armies. Papal decrees, Muslim fatwas, and holy wars have been  BIBLE-BELIEVING CHRISTIANS who have been the ones who paid with their own blood not only in their efforts to share eternal life and love and freedom found in Christ from guilt, sin, death and hell.

And you forgot to mention that the Popes put the BIBLE as the number one BANNED BOOK. Libraries should be pushing the BIBLE as history’s number one book banned by religious tyrants. John Knox is one who was a priest who first found out there was such a book when he saw it in their banned list.

From St. Patrick’s “crusade” against Irish and British slavery (“Is it our fault we are born Irish?”), to David Livingston’s and William WIlberforce’s campaigns against slavery, through the Christian abolitionists’ attacks on slavery, Christians have taken the beatings for people like the ones who taught the writer of this historical ignorance.

I too was deceived by the lies they taught me in the anti-Christian “secular” godless government indoctrination centers K-12 and then Ivy League professors who promoted the ideology of the biggest regimes on the earth of history that said the same things and tried to “cure” their societies and bring freedom FROM religion. 

Beware because when the voracious anti-Christian propagandists take control, the ones in clear and present danger will be the ones closest to their power and ideology. Stalin first had all his Politburo friends murdered, then he went after the fellow socialist Mensheviks and other socialists, and then of course the Christians. 

Like Christ said, what is whispered in secret will be shouted from the rooftops, and nothing and no one can stop the truth, shared with the love of Jesus Christ. 

Look at this great breach of logic. And they say this is “reason”, “enlightenment”??!

How can anybody say it’s all the same?

Jesus Christ laid down his OWN life for unbelievers to spread the message of the God of love, Muhammad laid down the life of unbelievers to spread his message of Allah.

The earliest Christians laid down THEIR OWN lives to spread the gospel of the God of love, while the early followers of Islam laid down the lives of resistors in North Africa and Arabia and Turkey and southern Europe to spread their message. 

Impostors and tyrants and rulers use any excuse they can use to justify power: atheism, the Pharisees with the laws of Moses, the money changers in the Temple, the evil kings of Israel, the wicked priests Ezekiel exposed in Ezekiel 8 that worshipped the sun in secret and kept idols to devils within.

With Christians came opposition to such tyrants. The Amish and the Puritans simply refused to cooperate with the Anglican mandates. The threat to appoint Anglican bishops over the colonies, known for “drawing-and-quartering” punishments, added fuel to the fire of the American Revolutionary War. Oh yeah, and the greatest scientists of history, including the greatest one, Isaac Newton, a young-Earth creationist. 90 percent of the founding members of the first society founded for the study of science, the Royal Society, were Puritans. 

Around the world, Christians shamed the world into ending child sacrifices, cannibalism, gladiator spectacles, slavery, and all manner of evils. They began the institutions of universities, orphanages, charities, clinics then hospitals, reflected to this day in names like Red Cross. 

Even Charles Darwin, of  “The Origin of Species and… the Preservation of Favoured Races”, once wrote a scathing rebuke to critics of missionaries, defending them and their influence. He told how world travelers like himself on the high seas, when they came to the shore of a South Pacific island, breathed a great sigh of relief when they saw the cross atop a steeple, knowing that the missionaries were here and instead of becoming somebody’s dinner they would be dining in peace with new friends. 

And today’s strongest and loudest anti-slavery crusaders are Christians, and it is Christians who are setting fire to spread the strongest message of freedom today, the anarcho-capitalist message, because THAT is what the Bible teaches, starting from Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself, and Thou Shalt Not Steal, and Neither Do I Condemn Thee.

And the biggest call against tyranny of all is coming, and Bible-believers have been leading the charge for almost 2,000 years. The Mark of the Beast looks more than ever to be the embedded chip, that will be required by a new tyranny and one-world government. They might not even declare themselves as a government, but it will be required to buy or sell, and “really bad” penalties will apply to the freedom-minded. Many resisters will not be Christians. 

But there is a reason the present world rulers hate Christianity. They will be one strong element in those who stand firm in their faith, like in North Korea right now (see and in Muslim nations.

Some of them who are prepared will feed and clothe you when you realize what’s happening. But that’s okay.

I once believed the lies myself. Welcome to the love of the truth. “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”. 



We’ve heard this song before and we don’t want it!

August 30, 2014

Let’s hear from one of the Syrian Christians themselves who hate both the Assad government AND all the rebels, even before we found out they were alQ clones:

She’s from one of the oldest Christian groups anywhere. McCain’s smirk ought to make us all mad.

Michael Savage: “..Israel! What about MY country!?”

August 30, 2014

Michael Savage:
“I’m sick and tired of hearing about Israel! What about MY country!?”
“It’s now the lib-cons, the neo-cons are gone!”
“We have no business in Syria. We have no interest in Syria”.
“If there was a real reason for us to go to war, Americans would be behind it!”

He might feel different about the Muzzies if they 
were lining up on the border to his state.

Not just him, but me too, maybe, if they were lining up on the border.

But they are not yet lining up on the border to his state or mine. Well, Savage does talk loud about borders and he’s probably mentioned the possibilities of bad guys coming across.

But that’s also the point. Ron Paul said it pretty good. Order the troops home to protect the borders already! We cannot afford any more of these foreign interventions that turn into decades-long drains on the economy.

Why isn’t Saudi Arabia doing something besides a part of their royal family financing ISIS affliates in Syria? Let them take care of the problem.

The US created this ISIS problem in the first place, anyway. Stop picking American’s pockets for war machine profits already!

If they or you cared about “the Muzzies” you’d be supporting the Christians and you’d stop giving them an excuse to behead Christians.

Remember, our biggest enemy right now is not some gang in the Middle East, it’s the gang that’s in Washington, D.C. that wants to power to round up all the conservatives and Christians and libertarians and send them in trains to special camps where they teach rebellious subjects how to love Big Brother.

THEY are the BIGGEST enemies. And the bankers at the Fed who are running the dollar as fast as they can where they can push Granny (formerly known as Miss Liberty) off the cliff.

Michael Savage: “..Israel! What about MY country!?”

August 30, 2014

Michael Savage: “I’m sick and tired of hearing about Israel! What about MY country!?” “It’s now the lib-cons, the neo-cons are gone!”
“We have no business in Syria. We have no interest in Syria”. “If there was a real reason for us to go to war, Americans would be behind it!”

Jessica Lynch, the true story

August 30, 2014

I missed this story back then, and just came across it, so I’m sharing it in case somebody missed it.

It’s relevant for people who believe every Pentagon or White House bulletin, or some story cloned in Old Media that looks like it’s cut from the same talking points or confidential press release.

In 2003 the news was broadcast throughout The States that US Special Forces had rescued Jessica Lynch after shooting it up with her captors. For the kind of irony of the real world that would merit a roll of the eyes in fiction, this “rescue” by the soldiers, fed on video captured by embedded cameramen, happened on April 1, which we know as “April Fools Day”:

Turns out that days before this, her captors had already fled. The day before the “rescue”, the doctors had tried to take her to the Americans but a barrage of bullets sent them scurrying back to the hospital.

In an interview later, Lynch said:

“It hurt in a way that people would make up stories that they had no truth about,” she said. “Only I would have been able to know that, because the other four people on my vehicle aren’t here to tell that story. So I would have been the only one able to say … I went down shooting. But I didn’t.”

Why was James Foley left to die?

August 30, 2014

Obama “negotiated with terrorists” for Muslim sympathizer Bowe Burghdal but his state department “does not negotiate with terrorists” for James Foley, devout and praying Christian?

Doug Wead

Gretchen Carlson is one of the best of the Fox News anchors and she just nailed it with her comment about the gruesome  murder of James Foley by ISIS thugs.  She quoted a State Department spokesman, who explained why we had not negotiated for the release of the journalist. “The United States does not negotiate with terrorists.”

“But isn’t that exactly what we did for Bowe Burgdahl?”  Carlson asked.  Burgdahl was the Islamic sympathizer whose parents were feted at the White House by President Barack Obama when his release was announced.

An article in The Hill says the Pentagon clearly broke the law in the Burgdahl case.  The Associated Press just ran a story on the hypocrisy of the difference between the two hostages.

What many will miss is the deep faith of James Foley and how that factored into this story and American policy.

Keep in mind, ISIS is…

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Questioning authority over Boston

August 30, 2014

Among other things, the girlfriend of the guy the FBI agent murdered in Florida during “questioning”, although she was legal, was grabbed at a CIS interview and deported.

In one instructive example, a blogger named Alexandria Goddard used evidence collected from social media to help expose the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl last summer in Steubenville, Ohio.

“The authorities” view this as meddling by amateurs. But online gatecrashing by “grassy knoll types” is certain to increase as law enforcement agencies like the FBI, once viewed as virtually infallible, have grown increasingly furtive, under cover of the surveillance state.

We asked Martin Garbus, one of the country’s premier constitutional attorneys, about the issue of public trust for law enforcers. He suggested that Americans have been taught a lesson by recent revelations of wholesale spying on citizens by the National Security Agency.

“There is no more reason to think that the FBI will do the right thing,” Garbus told us, “than there is to think that the NSA will do the right thing.”

– See more at:

Insead of answering to Congressman Keating, who was demanding answers about the way the FBI was hiding things about the Boston bombing, in a letter he wrote to FBI director James Comey, they replied via a “report” in the NYT the next day concluding the FBI was above reproach.

Not one jot or tittle will get lost

August 30, 2014

WND recently published a short article (maybe paid placement) with the nonsensical claim that God would let men destroy the meaning of his word in translation.


You should publish something from the good people at:

It is heretical in my opinion to think that God’s word is “lost to translation”. The only people who claim this, surprise, surprise, have their own claim on what that “lost” meaning is!

Give me a break! Is this Sid Roth greater than God? Does he think he cares more than God about preserving his word to all generations, with the meaning he wants us to communicate?

How to learn any language?

August 24, 2014

I haven’t used either one, but either one can work, because the most important factor is you bringing your determination to learn the language.

I taught with about three methods for teaching English when I was in Santo Domingo; one was a textbook in a normal classroom setting but for typical private school kids (I didn’t last long there). Another was “Ms. Clarice’s English School”, which was similar.

But by far the best was a Dominican guy who had family ties in Holland but spoke perfect American English. He had researched the best way to teach.

Optimum class size 6. A few dozen stick figures for some common nouns and pronouns, with the word below the figures. Memorize and review. Then a few dozen action verbs in the present tense with stick figures to illustrate and the words below. Then verbs in other tenses, and on from there. Didn’t last long because I think he expected faster returns.

Mr. Berlitz himself said he didn’t study a language more than 15 minutes at a sitting, come back later.

I read Barry Farber’s book, “How to Learn Any Language”, for me fascinating. He goes over the various methods and analyzes them. Then he says pick the one you like the best because any of them will work if you are motivated. He’s fluent in several dozen languages. Other people go to the beach for the weekend, or opera, he’s told people he’s going to learn another language this week. Love the book. Hardest language to learn: Finnish. Easiest: Indonesian.

Here’s a short “clip with quips” from one talk he gave on the subject:

As an aside, he was helping Hungarian refugees escape after the Freedom FIghters that pushed out the Russians in 1954 were stomped on by the heavy Stalinist boot.

How did USG know in January 2014 how many minors would flood the border in the summer?

August 24, 2014

Almost everybody knows by now that unprecedented massive numbers of minor-age persons have been arriving without adults accompanying them at the southern border of the United States. I say “minor-age persons” because almost all of them are 15, 16, and 17 years old.

People who have paid attention and receive each government news bulletin with healthy skepticism are also aware that the federal government posted at FedBizOpps.Gov calls for “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children”, many, many, months before the flood of “children” began arriving at the border.

But just today I noticed a certain sentence in the reproduced ad that startled even me:

….Transport will be required for either category of UAC or individual juveniles, to include both male and female juveniles. There will be approximately 65,000 UAC in total.. [UAC = Unaccompanied Alien Children]

If this wave of arrivals was so surprising and caught them supposedly so unexpected, How in the world did the Obama administration predict the numbers?