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December 26, 2018


Dean Baker, in a reply to a Mr. Hickel’s rebuttal to a previous article from Baker:

So now I have some reactions. Point two is the most revealing.

(1) Climate alarmism has been a political issue for a long time. It was always framed as if it had basis in science. Generally, the special interest pressure groups that had carried the banner for a clean environment morphed into a globalist and alarmist screech about mankind screwing up the climate. It began with some of the chemicals used in commercial products, like fluorocarbons, as “greenhouse gases”, but when most of these were banned or limited by law, and the public now accustomed to thinking in terms of “greenhouse gases” and laws to control them, they have finally settled on carbon dioxide as the thing that is going to kill us all if “we” don’t stop depending on “fossil fuels” and hydrocarbons. At least make drastic cuts in energy that burns.

Of course, climate is something that happens to the entire planet over time, so it’s an issue that they say requires actions globally. As in requiring global law. Binding treaties forcing the biggest sinning nations to cut fuel burning drastically.

Of course all politics eventually manifests in policies enacted by the real ruling groups and cliques (classes) and their cronies and paid operatives in power. The fruits manifest. Quo bono-who benefits?

France’s recent malaise helps paint a clear picture of who benefits. Macron’s administration raised the taxes on transportation fuel (gasoline and diesel) by about 25 cents, say the news reports. He clearly stated that the purpose of the tax was to comply with the standards required by the recent Paris “climate accord”. The people who have to commute to work, and the people who drive trucks and cars for a living and have limited incomes, the poor and middle classes, reacted by gathering in the capital and in other cities in massive protests.

In a twist of irony, in the statist impulse to control the life of the subjects of the kingdom, every driver and commuter covered by that punishing tax hike, the straw that broke the camel’s back, had been required to carry a yellow vest in the car in case of a mishap on the road.

Those yellow vests became a symbol of the people oppressed by the laws passed by their “moral superiors”. Those “superiors” are generally not hurt by those laws that hurt others. They are the privileged political class, that make sure of that.

It’s often repeated but in this case it’s because it’s true. We observe the actions of the loudest mouths pushing to cripple what is left of a free market in the energy sector, moralizing about saving the planet, are the ones who have had the most benefit from the multi-pronged attack energy-themed attack on the economies of the world.

These loudest mouths on the subject are among the most powerful of the richest, reviled one-percent. They do not do as they say. As Jesus said about the Pharisees, they lay grievous burdens on their lessers that they themselves will not lift with one finger.

My sister once pointed out that what you do says more about what you believe than what you say. The most prominent wealthy spokesmen for drastically cutting “our” carbon footprint in the earth, “wander to and fro” in their private jets. One news team did a survey recently of some of the richest Hollywood and corporate voices on the subject, asking if they would support a total ban on all private air travel. None but two replied, and those two said they would not.

(2) Remember LENR: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.

Renewables are renewables. Laws are laws. ALL the political and “environmentalist” voices calling for drastic cuts in “carbon” energy are ignoring the biggest thing that could not only bring growth, but exponential growth, in economic indicators, or better said, quality of life, while at the same time cutting carbon fuel usage to near zero.

In fact, they have been informed of this new scientific breakthrough and have ignored it as if it never was explained to them.

Eugene Mallove summed up his reporting on the scientific phenomena in his book “Fire From Ice”. In it he recaps the press conference held at University of Utah facilities where they presented their findings after several years of experiments with heavy water, diodes, and getting more energy output than input at low levels. In my memory they never called it precisely “cold fusion”, but it was widely reported as a claim for cold fusion.

Their experiments were repeated worldwide with mixed results. But you could be forgiven for thinking the “mixed” results are really “suspicious” results where they purportedly “disproved” the “claims”. Fleischmann and Pons have since been mostly vindicated.

But in the aftermath of the announcement, the MIT physics department announced their results as having no suggestion of any previously unknown process at all.

Eugene Mallove cried “FOUL!” in a very loud voice, told whoever would listen that the official MIT story was a LIE. “Buy the truth and sell it not” says the Bible. In this case the truth might cost the career of hot fusion research centers like those at MIT who get billions of dollars for their hot fusion research from government and quasi-government funds.

Mallove quit as a science journalist for an MIT publication and created the “New Energy Foundation” to raise funds and publish a periodical about the ongoing underfunded research into the discoveries and alternative energy research that big academic institutions were ignoring.

Mallove published an open letter to then-President Clinton and to every sitting Congressman at the time, pleading for investment into this technology, which promised to bring energy costs down to almost zero and making possible much cheaper space travel and everything else. With ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CLEAN ENERGY. With ZERO carbon output.

Now, the people at Infinite Energy Magazine have said that they have contacted every major environmental group and they all have replied with nothing at all. They make clear that they have had to know. Somebody, at least at some of these places, opens the mail and reads it and sends it up the report-to totem pole. Presumably some notch in that totem pole nixes it by chanting “discredited”.

Mallove got support from Arthur Clarke, who also wrote the leaders pleading for investment, and even wrote about some of the technologies being researched with support in part by the New Energy Foundation.

So the people invested in these new energy sources say the environmentalists are not interested, but also that the energy companies are NOT the ones who are opposing them. Their most powerful opposition comes from the entrenched science departments in universities around the world. Remember also that many of these academic institutions have cozy deals with funding sources. The lion’s share of funding sources is governments, and governments are politically controlled.

You would expect an “environmentalist and people’s party” to demand more research into this.

Who is anti-science after all? Who put a lid on Tesla’s inheritance?


Huval Noah Harari and His Arrogant Philosophy

December 16, 2018

Huval Noah Harari and His Failed Philosophy

His headline brand is a bit provocative, doubtless on purpose. Going to his own website, you get a big banner introduction cover panel that says: “History began when man invented God. Human history will end when men become gods”.

There’s a lot wrong with that statement by itself, starting with the fact that it uses the historically modern trick of mixing up different meanings of words, and using the context of the wider societal conversation to trigger certain ideas. Put another way, the sentence only works in the context of the arrogant branch of the intellectual class, academia. By “arrogant branch” I mean those who hold the amalgam of ideas held by those who rule almost all of academia and intellectual media. That includes academic journals, science journals, public political discussion, the political structures deciding on textbooks, science associations, government-approved NGOs, and NGOs supported by members of the Arrogant Class.

By Arrogant Class I mean the de facto “rulers of this world”, rich and powerful, but not just the rich and powerful. I also include others who are apologists for the Arrogant Class but are not rich and powerful. I also do not include in this group all people who are rich and powerful. Certainly not all the rich.

Put in terms of effect, it reinforces the philosophy that runs across almost all of the modern intellectual and popular “consumption media”. That means everything that comes across a person’s eyes and ears by which he learns how to deal with his world.

To put it another way, there is a group of persons who act in a way that keeps them from being identified as a group. There is a generally nebulous nexus that informally connects secret societies, alliances both open and secretive, and common interests, that now dominate the highest echelons of power and influence in governments, movements, almost all industries and commercial enterprises, cultural and academic groups, religious groups, and the major news and media corporations –aka Big Media.

This man Yuval appears to be one an apologist for the philosophies of this loose-knit group.

There are forces driving this group.

Yuval adds a line to the original one from the Garden of Eden, where the serpent said, “Hath God said?” To which Yuval adds, “And is there such a God?”

Satan couldn’t say that to Eve, because Adam and Eve “walked with God” in the Garden daily.

So with a starting point of a complete contradiction of the origin of man, flipping it to frame it as the origin of God (imagine a laugh track here), and presuming this axiomatically, the rest of his conversation in the interview I read, is warped by that idea.

So he has to invent. Because of the power of story telling, he assumes that the ancient stories, especially in the Bible itself, are myths.

How can he possibly know this for sure?

He cannot know this. The Bible is the ancient text that is the most corroborated and confirmed by archaeology. Skeptics and unbelievers in the early 19th century were saying that the Assyrian Empire in the historical books of the Bible were a myth invented to prop up faith. Until they uncovered the capital of that empire with names and geographical references that matched up consistently with the Biblical version.

Then another vowed he would show the book of Acts to be a myth because there were so many names and places in the book, that he could go to those locations and showing they were just stories. Instead, he found that the book of Acts was accurate in so much detail that he became a Christian.

As usual there are a great many facts that interfere with this narrative. Consider his predictions about the marriage of super-computing and the algorithms of biology, and describing this as “men becoming gods”. This is just another example of the historical error of the arrogance of hubris.

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

-Ecclesiastes 1:9

There is an explosion of knowledge, even understanding, available today to mankind, with not only the computing revolution, but with the explosion of knowledge, in part from the sheer volume of huge, massive, body of facts and numbers available in the Internet.

In fact, the possibilities in the explosion of knowledge is held back by the foolishness of men. Censorship of any thought that does not fit the official word from on high by the high priests of statism –a trust in government laws for protection and material security, instead of God. Replacing God with the slippery slope of trust in rule by humans.

There is perspective others have expressed of the “artificial intelligence” that Mr. Yuval predicts will be the fulfillment for men of Satan’s temptation of Eve: “Ye shall be as gods”. One alternative view is that trust in this artificial intelligence will backfire against humanity. Autonomous systems already break down all the time.

The area of computing occupations called artificial intelligence is a very good tool for sure. Trusting it to turn us into gods requires some sophisticated intellectual gymnastics. Men shortchange themselves by trusting in themselves to invent something that will turn them into the kind of gods they like: gods they can control with incantations and commands.

They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them.”

-Psalm 115

Who can beat out beat God’s biology, more than algorithms, just starting with the general plans for anatomy, down to the DNA? Plus the extent dominating influence of epigenetics in biologists only discovered in the 21st century? (*-One biologist saying, “ is depressing.. having to scratch biology and start all over again..”) Both of which God told us about thousands of years ago, in terms we understand better today than the psalmist that put those words on paper? Members are written “in thy [God’s] book, and epigenetics, working with both genetics and the environment, continues fashioning the organs and the organization of them:

Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.”

Psalm 139:16

If you think dominance of the psyche of the “body politic” is a measure of success, the rebels of God look like they are winning today around the world.

1. Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

2. The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,

3. Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

–Psalm 2

But God gets the last laugh:

5. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

6. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

Psalm 2

And in the end of the current stages of man’s history, even the Beast, aka Antichrist, will be shown to the world as subject to God’s rulership:

And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

–Daniel 11:45

Tommy Robinson: “Hidden global network”??! Really, Guardian

December 8, 2018

The Guardian has published a scurrilous article trying to cover for the atrocious treatment by the English government of Tommy Robinson.

They say there is this “hidden global network” that works “behind Tommy Robinson”.

This illustrates why nobody believes the Media part of the Establishment. Reading down into the article, it turns out the only “network” they were talking about is a band of disparate type folks around the world that believe in fighting for the right of free speech without government censorship.

In other words, it is a network that blasts away at censorship. Who is it dangerous to? Who does the Guardian answer to? Why are they not afraid of the same censorship regime they are defending turning against them?

The problem for them is the same as it is for all the news media outlets controlled by the Parasite Class. THEY act exactly the same as any part of the real “hidden global network” that works behind the scenes in unspoken agreement, that speaks the same thing, hates the same people, hates the same trigger words added to the Elite Parasites’ Unspeakable List.

We can expect at some point they’re going to put the Bible and Bible quotes on their list of Unspeakable Words and Verboten Books. After all the worst tyrants of history, including the Inquisition and 20th century socialists all put the Bible on the list of banned books.

Every year the libraries “celebrate” a banned books week. They exhibit the “most banned” books of history in a small display near the entrance. Do not expect the Bible to show up on their table though, even though it qualifies.

Nowadays they have to be more subtle. In the 1950s, the courts banned Bible teaching, prayer, and Ten Commandments displays from government classrooms, and at some point after World War governments began pushing it out of textbooks.

We need governments to have roads?

December 8, 2018

We need governments to have roads?