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The Internet killed Peer Review bottlenecks

January 31, 2016

“Peer reviewed research” is an argument from authority again. “And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness” –1 John 5:19.

Let’s let Michael Crichton chime in, quoted on James Watt’s web site:

Rather, I want to discuss the history of several widely-publicized beliefs and to point to what I consider an emerging crisis in the whole enterprise of science-namely the increasingly uneasy relationship between hard science and public policy.

Read what he said about consensus. The cheap data communications revolution of the Internet has made Peer Review DEAD.

Let it sink in. So-called “PEER REVIEW” IS DEAD as a bottleneck now. DEAD.

The good part of Peer Review is accomplished on the Internet, for as long as the authorities keep their grimy nasty oppressive hands OFF.

Scholars keep going, but the smartest people in the audience are listening to their peers. Arguments from authority and system “Establishment” credentialing is a naked emperor.

Forrest, the most prominent amateur scientist put NASA to shame with a $300 interferometer.

Dr. Russel Humphreys put NASA to shame with his spot-on bulls’ eye prediction of the magnetic field strength of the outer planets based on specifics in Genesis One.

Crichton bested Al Gore on “global warming” with science.

Climategate exposed “peer review”.

Royal fellowship recipient denounced his own experience with “peer review” most scathingly, though they had to publish it finally, after two rounds more than anybody else with his variable speed of light theory. (He also did not hide the fact that he used the research of a certain creation scientist in Australia.)

Somebody posted a “proof of P versus NP” on the Internet, and it was peer-reviewed by thousands and refuted within 24 hours.

The same authoritarian arguments from authority are used against KJBO. It is their strongest argument too.

“Have any of the rulers believed [in this]”?


Westcott and Hort: “A corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.” – Matt 7:17

January 28, 2016

Bart D. Ehrman believes that some of the most known verses of the New Testament were not part of the original text. “These scribal additions are often found in late medieval manuscripts of the New Testament, but not in the manuscripts of the earlier centuries,” he adds. “And because the King James Bible is based on later manuscripts, such verses became part of the Bible tradition in English-speaking lands.”[2] This same sentiment is expressed by Brooke Foss Westcott and Fenton John Anthony Hort.

These three wikipedia articles are meant to be mildly adulatory, but to me it’s like they “declare their sin, they hide it not”. They are the deadly duo, guilty of taking away and adding to the Word of God by the subterfuge of man’s wisdom. They still have “Accuracy Disputed” warnings, with good reason.

Besides the below points, they failed to mention the observation about “older” and “newer” manuscripts that the “older” ones only lasted from non-use. The one article does point out that Westcott and Hort claimed that the Sinaiticus and Vaticanus documents were their favorite, that they called them “neutral”. The article does not mention that they are at or near the top of readings contradictory to each other and to the others, and the scriptures they leave out.

They fail to mention the “Shepherd of Hermas”, found with the Sinaiticus, a blatantly dubious screed.

Note two things about those articles about Westcott and Hort. One, they left out their “Ghostly Guild” association, that’s the seance circle they founded. Two, they left out the specific historical denunciations of their Greek NT by their contemporaries, except for a brief half-sentence generalization immediately followed by the “half-lie” that it was generally accepted at the time.

Oh yes, there’s Three: they left out the inside story, shared by Hort’s son later, that:

1. The two did not believe in Creation but praised Darwin for his origins theory.
2. They did not believe the Flood story.
3. They said the expiatory sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross was a brutal barbaric horror.
4. They said the Resurrection was a myth.
5. They said the miracles done by Jesus as told in the NT did not happen.



The Earth and the Universe

January 25, 2016

The curvature of the earth was known to the ancients.

The “flat earth” was an invention, it seems, of one of the biographers of Columbus who exaggerated this, just like the shrills for Darwin who play up the lady’s retort with the infinite stack of giant turtles upon which the earth sits.

Then there is DNA. The “Authorized Version” is the only one that makes clear that Psalm 139:16 was, as we can see now, a clear specific reference to the way DNA works.

That shows the fruits of doubt of the translators of the modern versions who cannot believe it. So they translated it to God knowing “all our days” instead of what it says, “members”.

There is Job 26:7 also.

Astronomers and astrophysicists have found that the “neighborhood” of the Milky Way galaxy, and indeed the universe extended out from it, when viewed in a 3-dimensional model, have an apparent orientation around the Milky Way galaxy. This is not a Creationist discovery. This is the Darwinian long-ages guys saying this. Wired Magazine even printed an article on this (I read it with my own eyes). The writer visited one of those “natural history” museums or maybe a planetarium and they had a giant physical three-dimensional model on the floor. He said he was struck by that.

English Royalty rights to the King James Bible??

January 24, 2016

This from a critic of the King James Bible:

Distributed under a Letters Patent, and as such to print, copy, circulate, or otherwise distribute, is illegal, unless one has permission of the holder of the Letters Patent, in their office as Authorized Agent to act for and on behalf of Her Majesty, the Queen of England.
Now I realize that the United States of America prides itself of piracy, and breaking the laws of the land. That, however, does not mean that that is acceptable behaviour. jonathon


Who gave the English monarchy the rights to control the Word of God?

I don’t have any “social contract” (by which the philosopher meant “political contract”) with any government. Nobody asked me. Nobody said pretty please or tried to make such a deal. Null and void then, thrown out of the court of truth.

God forbid that this legalese be used to try to collect royalties from anybody who prints a copy of the Holy Bible. I’d bet that in a fair and just court hearing on the issue even in British courts, they would laugh it out of court in the first fifteen minutes. That’s how long it would probably take for the judges or jury to understand that (1) they didn’t really mean something else and (2) they were serious.

Satan HATES the KJB above all “translations”. When a “gay man” filed suit in Texas court against the publishers of Bibles, they made clear they were suing against the King James Bible; meaning, not publishers of other versions.

Wycliffe puts the whole idea to shame, supporting translators for some of the tribes of smallest population in the world, even while they themselves supporting the collection of royalties for the translation efforts of those who want users to pay for another of a HUNDRED English language translations and “paraphrases”. How many ways can you supposedly say the same thing?

This is one of the biggest Achille’s heel of the modern translation industry, in fact.

Every new version MUST make sure their words differ from the KJB and all other versions enough to get those precious royalties, from the sale of their version of the best selling book of all time.

The Papists once upon a time tried to blow up the King and the Parliament, in the Jesuit-led Gunpowder Plot. This is the first inkling I have heard of that they may even try to shut it down based on copyright law. Congress and their shadowy sponsors tried to use this and were blown back by the reaction.

But I figure they’ll use some kind of “hate speech” legislation against the KJB.

Figures though. After all, the whole idea of a “copyright” was created by kings in the first place, to censor books critical of them. You had to get a license, a “right”, to copy a book for sale. A “copy-right”. Oh yeah, that’s got to be why they call them ROYALTIES.

There is a popular romantic notion of royalty these days. Nice figureheads, but now we elect or select a king from among permitted initiates of the “Boss-man class” who serves a few years and then goes away. Unless he doesn’t go away.

Socialism doesn’t exist (because there is always the rich boss-class)

January 24, 2016

I just trot out the super-billionaires who get any money they want whenever they want it (and politicians) and their foundations.

The family names are kind of familiar and every one of their super-multi-billionaire foundations are ultra-leftist and have pushed socialist programs at every turn. Their banker members smashed the Fed onto us, like it or not, they pushed the United Nations down our throats, they financed every program that sunk their subjects.

The Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie Foundations, George Soros, and the rest of them. They finance all the non-profits including the 501c(3) Media Matters. Why do they support programs that are created to seize their own resources? Because they’re just nice? Why DID they support the Soviet Union, the nation that confiscated all private industry? Why did the promote their own demise, and end to their power, in other words, and promote a central command and control government to make it happen?

In the words of a friend who spent six years in the Soviet Union and saw what was reported as the short-lived coup by hard-liners, he said, in his words, “There is no such thing. Socialism doesn’t exist”.

Libertarians could learn something I think from the way he said that. Arguments against the stupid equality talk are missing the point and missing the mark, in other words. Those things must be said, and von Mises totally demolished all arguments for socialism, but most people don’t think that deeply because they’ve been conditioned to talk about “fairness” and “equality” and “democracy”.

Instead, use their own criticisms of the super-rich and blast the fire hose of truth at it.

The super-rich use their power to promote equality but in the words of the upper class of Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, some animals are “more equal” than others.

Pick apart the semantics of the “climate change” arguments for them and throw the pieces into their faces. “Some climate scientists” are more equal than other scientists? Okay then, my scientist can “beat up” your scientist. The famous Michael Crichton-Al Gore debate for a New York audience is egg in their face. The debate that flipped the majority opinion in two hours.

Take every chance in the gays’ “equal rights” debate to bring up the fact that there are thousands of outspoken ex-gays who are NEVER invited to debate in the media.

Power-hungry militaristic Congressional candidate

January 23, 2016

There is a new candidate for Congress that wants to nationalize all the local and state police forces in the country and says he has been “promised” the seat in Congress in deals. His list of credentials include special forces commands in the Air Force. The guy is dangerous.

Sew the wind, you’ll reap the whirlwind.

Not enough to follow Lockheed Martin and warmongering political animals into making disasters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and now Syria.

Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein controlled their populations with an iron hand that was required for the culture as seen in the effects. Those two protected their Christian people much better than the American occupation did, and much better than the disasters left behind over there.

Gaddafi especially. He publicly renounced terrorism by name, turned al Qaeda operatives over to the NATO nations, more than the neocons wanted to ban all nuclear weapons from the entire Middle East (even Israel??!! Can’t have that can we?).

Gaddafi was organizing Africa for a pan-African currency, backed by real solid gold like his own dinar. The central bankers of the world cannot allow that, so of course a rebellion followed and the first thing the al Qaeda/ISIS warlords did when they took over Tripoli was, guess what, create a CENTRAL BANK!

The proto-ISIS guys were so mad about Gaddafi’s protection of Christians and the fact that the people really did love him, that they carved crosses into the flesh of the dead corpses they killed in the town they “ethnically cleansed” of BLACKS.

If “Black Lives Matter”, why are they not protesting Obama’s part in the genocide of black Africans in Towargah?

God is NOT hidden!

January 20, 2016


God is there for everyone who really looks for him. When you ask for answers, you have to listen. He probably tried to nudge you to seek his word.
–The Pharisees said the same thing to Jesus. “Just give us a sign!” Jesus told them that a “wicked generation seeketh a sign”, but there would be no more sign given to them than the sign of Jonas. (With that he was referring to his death and resurrection).
–BUT in Matthew 24 and other prophecy chapters he gave us all kinds of signs, to those who are willing to watch for them.
–You have to start with salvation. Romans 3:23, 6:23, 10:9-10, and go from there.
–Also, try reading the Creation Science web sites with an open mind. ICR.ORG, DrDino at has a lot of entertaining and instructive videos about Genesis that my kids loved growing up.



However “QUANTUM SPACETIME FOAM” is a very mumbo-jumbo creation theory. Inflation is the killer for the mainstream Big Bank theory, and so is the anthropic principle. “Just because we’re here” is a copout aversion.

The Morality of Libertarianism

January 19, 2016

Are there good reasons to distrust the government? Most Americans do!

January 18, 2016

There are many reasons the rich have to hide their resources, even from governments, even especially from governments. People that hold office or work for governments are no better than the rest of us. Government workers have sold social security numbers, police cooperation with criminals, legislation to competitors, and many have even sold out entire industries like Mom and Pop raw milk sales (do the search on the Amish farmer who was framed for doing this supposedly).

And after the Cyprus confiscations, one is well advised to be wary of the American government. After all, it took the Attorney General two days of Rand Paul’s filibustering to admit that the federal government has no constitutional right to kill American citizens on American soil, and Obama signs off on unconstitutional kill lists that send drones raining down death on more civilians than the bad guys on said lists.

The rich are targets for kidnapping, especially “south of the border”, and I want to retire there. I am way negative in debt, but GOOD people that far up there have a reason to take reasonable precautions to cover their identities as they begin to increment their incomes.

This is more Police & Surveillance State stuff. If they were serious about ending the violence of the drug war, they would take the obscene profits for drug dealers out of the equation by (1) de-criminalizing the illegal drugs and (2) abolishing the monopoly benefits of drug patents.

Removing the part of the profit margin that comes from the illegality both (a) shrinks the incentives and (b) removes the “bad guy” factor (only those willing to break laws sell banned substances).

Martin Luther King family lawsuit points to his real killers

January 16, 2016

Martin Luther King’s killers was exposed in the King family’s lawsuit:

Why did “the media” ignore this “trial of the century”, as one European reporter asked an American reporter covering it?