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“Artificial intelligence” is not consciousness!

April 27, 2017

Artificial intelligence is not self-awareness. A brilliant Turing machine that programmers code so successfully that it fools you into thinking it’s a peer with humans does not make it any more than a brilliantly successful perfect Turing machine. Now I find that somebody already got a successful Turing machine test.

A 5250 emulator is not one of those old great big daisy-chained terminals, it is simply programmed to look and work like one.

You can try to emulate human behavior and anthropomorphize it all you want, that does not make it a human, nor self-aware, nor conscious.

The NSA recently sent out a job posting for a developer to program an insect-sized drone to be able to avoid colliding with walls, go up stairwells, go into rooms, and all that, using also vision interpreting algorithms, and so on. AUTONOMOUSLY. I’d say the most urgent ethical mission for tech leaders is to try to put the kibosh on killing machines. Those are the ones that can go berserk.

But berserk is also the attempt to assign human-equal autonomy to them. Robots. are. not. human. -even if they fool you. Go ahead, shut it down already!

By the way, apes are also not humans, neither are they even humanoid. They do a lot of things humans do. So what? Worms eat and try to stay alive too. Those are also human traits, but nobody is thinking they’re conscious.

This may be a problem of thinking man descended from molecules. We are NOT clockwork. Scientists that study it for a living admit they do not understand the essence of consciousness at all. A few arrogant outliers try to say they do but they’re not convincing. The brain is qualitatively different from ours. Parrots talk a lot, just like politicians, and you cannot be blamed for thinking parrot intelligence rivals your congressman’s. But believe it or not, a Congressman is a human and a parrot is not.

Ill close this with a disclaimer about parrots. My wife’s family in younger years had a parrot that she swears talked on an adult level. They rescued her from the side of the road, the parrot squawking for “Rosie”. One of them: “I’ll take care of you”. Parrot: “No, I want Rosie! Rosie!” Later, upon seeing a cat it would say “Who let that (bleep) in?”

She loved that movie Paulie. Me too.


Venezuela explained in one paragraph

April 27, 2017

“When people can vote on issues involving the transfer of wealth to themselves from others, the ballot box becomes a weapon with which the majority plunders the minority. That is the point of no return, the point where the doomsday mechanism begins to accelerate until the system self-destructs. The plundered grow weary of carrying the load and eventually join the plunderers. The productive base of the economy diminishes further until only the state remains.”
– G. Edward Griffin

Net neutrality rules

April 26, 2017

The Establishment Press is reporting on ” The internet industry, which considers net neutrality essential for its business”, but this is not exactly right.

By “the Internet Industry” they mean the big Internet left-politically favored giants like Google, Netflix, Facebook, Yahoo, and so on. It’s not neutral. It favors those guys over the broadband delivery industry in the rules-making.

There is no way to let the free market decide on that one, and if the control freaks of the past administration thought they had to make a rule, that sounds like the Content Industry lobby won out in the back rooms of the FDA –or maybe Congress– over the ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

We are all used to it like we are the utility services like electric power, telephone, water and sewer services –although the landline telephone services seem optional now days. Monopolies have a way of cracking.

Cable television companies see the future coming and they don’t like it. Things are going to move to the Internet. Most cable companies no doubt now provide broadband over their infrastructure.

Eventually monopolies will crack, if they are left to contend with the free market. AT&T lost its iron grip on long distance because new technology opened the door for competitors to see a breach in their arguments and used the courts to force the door open. A free market probably would have made it all happen a lot sooner.

Ann Coulter calls Berkeley bluff

April 20, 2017

UC Berkeley chiefs have showed their true colors and their support for the violent leftist rioters, vandalizers, and beaters of women, like the ones who showed up in masks to disrupt Milo’s talk recently.

The story is here on The Washington Post:

They kept slapping one condition and then another on Ann Coulter’s talk, but she accepted all their conditions, so they finally did what they wanted to do in the first place and ban her from speaking.

So Ann Coulter called their bluff again and announced that she was coming as scheduled. So the mini-dictators backed down and gave her some more conditions, and a later date. She has said she’s showing up as originally scheduled. After all, they should have made the same arrangements as what their capitulation involves.

What happened here?

You gotta hand Ann that she has some guts that some men do not have.

Berkeley totally blew it with Milo. Now they have to put up as defenders of unpopular free speech (unpopular with their tenured college professors), or shut up and back off.

Coulter is an example of someone who does not back off. I disagree with some of her pronouncements but in general defends her ideas and exposes the language police at the same time. And those who dissent from SJW thought police feel a bit of glee when they see her stand her ground in interviews and talks.

The university honchos may be thinking about a big lawsuit that will back them off trying to censor free speech. They are getting zillions of extorted tax money stolen by the tax man, and lots of federal moneys transferred by way of student loans. The whole 326 million of us are paying through loan guarantees and some defaults for these institutions to teach the new generation that the culture is wrong that incubated the most prosperous economy in the world, and in times past one of those that allowed the most individual freedoms.

GOd is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.

WMD’s are back in the news

April 19, 2017

The 2013 chemical attack was exposed as a false flag by ISIS and/or McCain’s own “nice guy rebels”, in the London Review of Books, and before and afterward by European journalists:

ISIS and others have been working on chemicals for their war and in other reporting they’ve used them.

Trump was trumped by ISIS. ISIS and its McCain-backed allies got him to help them. Operation Mockingbird Media hired mouths continue repeating the lie about the 2013 attack, but the New York Times left it out of a long list of bad things Assad has done in Syria. But if they have lied for four years about that one thing and a thousand more, who can believe anything coming from that Deep State propaganda rag?


Lying media and Race card not new – Ty Cobb

April 19, 2017

Lying media is not new. False smears of racism not new, as we can see in this video from “Prager University”:

Son and grandson of abolitionists who said blacks should play in the Majors alongside everybody else as equals. He said the only modern baseball player he would pay to see was Willy Mays. Smear stories by a lying reporter did not get traction until after he died and when his fellow players and fact-friendly sportswriters had faded in sports news coverage.

Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Snared In SunEdison Stock Scandal

April 19, 2017

To make this even more of a kleptocrat privilege story…

Martha Stewart did NOT go to prison for Insider Trading!

The prosecutor thought he had a big fish name for his lawyerly resume, but he NEVER found ANY evidence against her for insider trading. So he did what they sometimes do in such a bind. He had cornered himself. Martha Stewart and her investment adviser were both saying the same thing.

So he finally brought Martha Stewart in for “questioning”. He grilled her ferociously for an entire week, all day every day, until finally he got her to utter something a bit inconsistent with something said previously. Bam! The charge became “obstruction” of an investigation.

Maybe the 5th would have helped her, I don’t know. So tell that to all those gullible naive potential victims of Prosecutor Abuse when they say they have nothing to hide.

Nothing to hide? So why do you close your curtains or your blinds? Why do you do it in your bedroom? Why not do it in the road?

Ann Coulter on The Joyce Kaufman Show

April 16, 2017

Looks like Ann Coulter is all in on telling the truth about Syria:

Fake news: the Elephant in the Room

April 11, 2017

When commenting on the “new” phenomenon of “fake news” with presumably a multiplier effect with the Internet, there is an elephant in the room getting ignored by most of the traditionally respected actors in the sphere of news and commentary. They have formed a kind of “mutual admiration society” with a circularly reinforcing view of events that excludes outlying and dissenting views.

The ones who are most troubled about fake news and looking for ways to limit its effect are the ones often most guilty, in other words.

Tabloids have peppered newsstands in stores and supermarkets for decades, including testimonials of women who gave birth to two-headed aliens.

This “new” theme of “fake news” was tossed out first in the 2016 presidential campaign, pushed by both Obama himself and the Clinton campaign.

In a typical use of the term, the Washington Post was so aghast at the fake news scare that it published a list of fake news sites, throwing in serious right-leaning sites questioning official ruling party views, like, in with actual blatant and overtly “fake news” sites like “The Onion”.

And of all the accused “fake news” sites getting fingered by “authoritative” sources in this discussion, is a simple news link aggregator,,  that does not even pretend to offer its own content, and does not even have original commentary, and includes links that are even helping drive people to traditional newspaper sites like the Washington Post itself!

That list was made by an apparently “fake front” for some group that demanded anonymity from The W. P. to protect itself from blow-back purportedly, and then quickly disappeared into the cyber ether.

But let us look at a mere handful of items from the history of “fake news”.

The sinking of the Battleship Maine was immediately blamed on Spain by the Respectable Establishment Press in the United States. To this day the cause of the explosion that sunk it, deep in the bowels of the ship, is a mystery.

The sinking of the Lusitania was used as a pretext to involve the U. S. in World War One, the “Great War”. We now know, a fact hidden then, that the Lusitania was loaded with all kinds of bellicose material. Instead of reminding both Woodrow Wilson and the public of his guarantee that he would not involve the country in that war, it cheered the battle and helped cover up the military nature of that ship’s cargo, using civilian passengers as “human shields”.

More recently, the chemical attack in Syria in 2013 proved to be a “false flag” attack by the rebels supported by the USA in funding and equipment, as reported in several European newspapers and by respected award-winning journalist Seymour Hirsch:
Those rebels were actively developing these weapons. The version of the recent 2017 attack that a standard Syrian bomb hit a rebel depot storing such weapons is a much more credible version.

And yet, most, though not all, the Elephant in the Room swallowed up the story without questioning why the winning side of the war, now not having to worry about Trump’s administration removing him (“Regime change is off the table”), would want to risk it all by using chemicals.

There is much ado about nothing. The winners of any crackdown on “fake news” are in a Truth is Lies ministry, as in Orwellian worlds. “War is the health of the state”, the saying goes, justifying attacks on civil liberties.

There is another good example of the “wild west” Internet doing more good than bad. ACM Communications recently published an article about the posting of what purported to be a solution to the “P versus not P” problem. It was refuted quickly, in about one day. One day! That used to take submission to peer review, with months required for review then publishing, and do it again for a refutation if it got past the months of peer review.

The Internet is Peer Review on Steroids.

In computing and science, there is not much to fear there either, except from the self-appointed “opinion leaders”. America still has a great many people thinking for themselves.

Fake Syria story is an insult to our intelligence

April 10, 2017

ISIS and U. S. backed jihadists have used chemicals before. The 2013 attack was proven to be a false flag staged by McCain’s “decent” rebels.

Plus, new intelligence says ISIS and Associates had stockpiles of the stuff there.

Assad is winning against his foreign enemies in Syria.

Assad is sitting in the cat bird seat. Trump was just last week saying regime change is off the table, and killing off ISIS is the top priority.

So in that geopolitical context, what kind of crazy contortions of suspension of disbelief has Assad playing chicken with Trump and daring him to destroy his air base??

Americans should roar in disgust at this insult to our intelligence!