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Virus-injected mind control? Religious gene?

February 28, 2017

There are many studies about the regions in the brain, memories, etc.

The speaker in the video talked about a gene expression.

Who knows why the DoD decided against implementing this? Who really knows whether they did or not? Or whether all of them did? What is Bill Gates doing in that push to vaccinate? In one private talk, Bill Gates de facto admitted that vaccinations, at least in his push, are a population control program.

The author of “AIDS, Ebola, and Emerging Viruses” wrote about that.

But there are differences brain regions that some researchers have said identify religious proclivities. Some even implying they’re looking for a cure.

Their problem is that such proclivities are distributed evenly, no doubt, among all religious AND SO-CALLED “NON-RELIGIOUS” opinions. Some atheists are very strong zealots for their something-from-nothing religion. Darwinians are screaming mad at creationists for daring to question a majority opinion, and for people daring to question that they are objective, or suffer the affliction they use to accuse creationists: confirmation bias. They actively look for confirmation for their view.

And then there are priests of the “liberal denominations” with the same problem.

Traditional families and religions are the biggest problem the state (any “state”) has controlling its victims (aka “subjects”, “serfs”, “citizens”). This is the biggest problem they have always had. It’s not atheists or pagans or even “de-facto atheists”, who have no qualms about lying about their loyalties and lying their way into powerful positions, even using others’ beliefs in the process.

That’s how we get Inquisitions and witch-burnings in Christendom: psychopaths and sociopaths and unbelieving pretenders who act like they do not believe they will really have to answer for their sins. Because they do not believe they will really have to answer for their sins.

That’s why their biggest numbers of victims were REAL Christians who DO know their word of God and DO know they will also answer for their sins but DO know they are forgiven and so they will suffer what Wurmbrandt went through and what many Christians in Syria are suffering right now at the hand of USA-supplied ISIS.

Besides, Jimmy Carter and the DOD found the religious fanaticism of Muslims very useful for pushing the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan. The Obama-Clinton administration found the religious fanaticism uprising in Syria to be very useful in their goal of overthrowing Assad.

Make peace not war!


Billionaire-funded ruling class anti-Trump organized operations is against Forgotten Man resistance

February 27, 2017

The anti-Trump “Resistance” is doing the –paid– bidding of a dark sub-group of the “one-tenth of one percent” richest on the planet. It is a false front, in other words, of a group that has managed to become our ruling class over time.

Like the “hate minute” of Orwell’s 1984, a psychological operation to get people to hate the enemies of the “Inner Party” ruling class.

Alternative news sources have exposed them ever since they first started plotting, but with little effect, apparently until now. They’ve had setbacks. Jeffersonians killed the first central bank of the USA, and Andrew Jackson killed the second. There was an Anti-Masonic Party for a brief time. There were always some politicians that spoke out against the plotters and looters. After WW2, there were books like “None dare call it treason”, then “None dare call it conspiracy”. Here and there came defectors from these plans becoming Christians and exposing what had been whispered in secret.

Talk radio was set somewhat free in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan killed the falsely named “Fairness Doctrine”, in which the rulers (in government) determined what was “fair”.

Then came the Internet onto the world scene around the turn of Y2K. Alternative news forums sprang up that were not bound by the limits of broadcast licensing, or distribution costs, or entrenched Operation Mockingbird controls over advertising decisions.

Their sins are now exposed naked to see for anyone who wants the truth.

Operation Mockingbird obviously carried on to this day. The evidence is in the fact that the agit-prop organs are speaking exactly the same song, the same warnings, together.

Foggy Bottom, Deep State, Democratic Party and Republican Party bosses, Chambers of Commerce, government-financed and government funded academia (that includes the institutions that depend on guaranteed loans), George Soros, the billionaire foundations (Rockefeller, Ford, Tides…), school textbooks, “liberal” churches, pollsters, Big Corporate Compliance Lawyers, NSA-damaged Silicon Valley, Facebook chiefs, Google chiefs, Twitter chiefs, The heads of state in Europe except for a couple of decent heads, every central bank in the world, the European Union, clueless headless Hollywood tools, all of these scumbags who have done so much damage to freedom and wealth-producing markets everywhere, and specifically here, they are all of one voice in pronouncing evil against Trump.

That is his best endorsement. I’m a libertarian for INDIVIDUAL rights, which are the only ones that count. Laws commanding against discrimination defined by groups are no defense of any human rights.

Those laws against groups are defended by saying infractions are committed against “whole groups” of people. WELL TAKE A MEMO: the only reason any group has a LEGITIMATE “right” is that it is made up of INDIVIDUALS.

So join the resistance against government oppressors! Defend individual and family rights to life, liberty, and property.

A good start indeed

February 26, 2017

Found at

Writes James Waldrop:

In one month, Trump has reduced the National Debt by $34 billion, according to the Dept. of the Treasury.

Wow. Indeed, Lew, a good start.

What is the worst tyranny

February 26, 2017

So says a commenter on a Forbes interview with billionaire busybody Tom Steyer:

So the leftwing billionaire wants to levy a “big tax” on the cost of getting to work and heating our homes for the growing millions of working poor and dwindling middle class. All for our own good, of course. Got it.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercise for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber barons cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated: but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. ” C S LewisT

Constitutional judges and squishy judges

February 26, 2017

Thomas Jefferson –rightly so– said he thought the “judicial branch” was the most dangerous, which they right away proved to be so with Marbury v Madison. Later SCOTUS rulings have overturned precedent but never that one, but overall, it has given itself even administrative (executive) and legislative powers. Like setting up an oversight function that continues to this day supposedly having to block the states from racial discrimination.

Congress at any time could have ruled that constitutionality was outside federal court jurisdiction. Or abortion, or marriage between two persons of the same sex, or transgender bathrooms, any of that.

But creatures of Congress are compromised by the same things the executive is, like money, wealth, power; well, say it, lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, and in many real-world cases, fear of man.

SCOTUS is vulnerable to at least power (the pride of life), and in my humble opinion, in some cases, fear of man. We don’t know what Obama said to John Roberts in the private telephone call in the lead-up to the infamous Unaffordable Care Act decision, just like we don’t know really what Obama said to Rep. Bart Stupak, the leader of the caucus of pro-life Democrats in the House, to get him to capitulate. Stupak must have known Obama was outright lying when he said it would not pay for abortion or abortifacients.

But then Antonin Scalia was found dead, and the investigation of same was a very strange one, and the declaration of the cause of death. A slip of the tongue by the manager of the lounge that he was found with a “pillow over his head” added to the bizzare creepiness of the incident. The insinuations about it permeated the Internet.

SCOTUS has to have an eye on that, more specifically the more “conservative” judges.

I move we change the vocabulary for the judges. They’re not running for office, anyway.

When the Mockingbird Media use the word “conservative” for a federal judge, especially SCOTUS, what they really mean is a “constitutional” judge.

And when they say “liberal”, they really mean a “squishy” judge.

For example:

Antonin Scalia was a constitutional judge.

Ruth Bader Ginzburg is a squishy judge.

SCOTUS, or any federal judge, ruling out anything they don’t like on constitutional grounds, is a more powerful veto than the president’s, because they would never concede that territory again, ever. THAT is where the “balance of power” is upset in today’s America.

Home school > private school > government indoctrination

February 24, 2017

But government IS by definition, a freeloader.
The parasite middle-man that takes whatever it darn well pleases (try to tell Irwin Schiff otherwise) whenever it darn well pleases (civil forfeiture), and as much of its own money that you thought was yours (income taxes and property taxes and all other taxes).

And then it dribbles out just enough to (in their own minds) claim that they are doing it for the benefit of their own victims?

Nah, this racket is busted, brother!

Protection from aggression and theft? Nobody believes that. Private sector hires FIVE TIMES as many people as does government for protective services.

Roads? The government is using road blocks to cut Western ranchers off from their land, or once-wild unused land that they homesteaded by way of usage (see the Bundy Ranch atrocities and the suffering of the ranchers in Oregon).

Education? In terms of results best measured, by standard academic testing in skills needed for careers, and even thinking straight:

On average,
Private schools perform better than government schools (aka public schools aka government party line and decadence indoctrination centers). Religious private schools perform better than private schools, Home schooled students perform better than private schools.

I don’t know where charter schools fit in there, but logic suggests it fits between government schools and private schools.

Traditional culture, “alt-right”, trumps hate, Truth beats lies

February 24, 2017

The right hates immigrants? Breitbart? That is a lie.

For example, the bald-faced malicious LIE that Breitbart is blah blah. Breitbart is part of the American middle that is anti-racist to the bone, which means they (Americans of any color) believe that a man should be judged by the content of his character instead of the color of his skin. Liberate black Americans from the oppression of group think and you’ll get a much more just society.

Middle Americans also oppose the misogyny of dividing women from men, wives from husbands, letting men pretend they are women and “competing” in women’s leagues. They oppose the misogyny of sex selection abortion, the misogyny of telling expectant mothers they should feel good about killing their own babies, the misogyny of pretending there is no difference. They oppose the outrageous lie that the blame for rape is in society or some kind of “rape culture”, instead of the blame going to the RAPIST.

Middle Americans value the traditional culture that cultivated the economic prosperity that made the United States of America the envy of the world, the standard for the world. They appreciate the respect for the free markets it USED to have, before people were deluded into thinking that the government could solve any social or economic woe. That is borderline insanity.

Whose approval rating!?

February 23, 2017

Somebody pointed to Trump’s approval rating “keeps plummeting”. Those polls are now a laugh riot. They are ridiculous.

Before I continue, a disclaimer. I have VERY STRONG DIFFERENCES with the policies coming from Trump’s administration. I am an anarcho-capitalist libertarian. I don’t think there should be a president at all. I

Yeah, they are on a roll with those polls. How’s that working out for ya? Let’s take a look in the recent memory lane:

#1 he wasn’t really serious when he announced,

#2 he wasn’t going to last past the 1st primary (he got 2nd), #3 he said WHAT? That does it, he’s losing the next primary,

#4 he won the next primary, repeat #3 and #4 SIXTEEN times,

#5 (polls:) Republicans would steal the nomination from him,

#6 the Republican party recognized his nomination for president,

#7 He said WHAT? Now he’s going down in the election, no chance, look at the polls, he has a 98 percent chance of losing (the polls! the polls!),

#8 He won the election,

#9 (Barney Fife voice:) Surprise, surprise, surprise!! Trump won the election!,

#10 (recount!) Bring on Clinton surrogate Jill Stein for a recount! (Clinton camp quietly in panic, hoping they don’t audit the vote),

#11 Oops! Recount shows 37 percent of Detroit precincts were so badly over-counted (60 actual ballots opened where there were 368 votes counted in one of them) that the over-count by law stays,

#12 Surprise, surprise! Recount confirms the presidential vote winner in battleground states,

#13 Jill Stein says stop the recount, it’s hurting our PR and I got the funds I wanted anyway,

#14 WHAT YOU SAY? A full THIRD of Hispanics voted for him and twice the African-Americans that voted for Romney? Say it ain’t so, I can’t believe it, CNN didn’t show that,

#14 The electoral college will save us from the deplorables,

#15 the never-trump neo-cons will save us, they’ll save Hillary’s plans for dogfights with Russia over that evil Assad who blocked a pipeline and who is protecting the Christians from ISIS (oops who blew the whistle on that one?)

#16 the electoral college members were faithful to their oaths,

#17 cries for taking care of it, HRC will be present “in case something happens”,

#18 cries for coup ring out,

#19 inauguration happens despite plans for disruptions and vandalism and violence caught on video, and despite pleas for “something to happen to him”, and pleas from even Hollywood for a military coup to save them, and since then,

#20 presidency proceeds apace, fastest work in memory by a new president, while the Legacy Hegemony Media, already the most untrusted class of people by Americans, plummets even worse that Congress.

#21 ..and now we have the one-percenters and billionaires and Dark State operations funding their operations against the guy who represents the traditional family-friendly culture those oligarchs are trying to destroy, because it resists them.

Let us call them on their fake label now. That fake label is “Resistance”. Donald Trump represents the real resistance against the worldwide upper class “New World Order”. There’s another three words we should make them eat.




Some of you readers know what I left out.

What’s left for freedom won’t happen for awhile:

End the Fed.

Congress cutting back on the areas allowed for SCOTUS or the federal judiciary to rule on.

State sovereignty respected.

Local rule over education again.

No subsidized education.

Ron Paul’s idea on immigration sounds pretty good.

If you’re here already, you would get a permanent work permit (not citizenship) with no path to citizenship and absolutely no freebies on the backs of taxpayers.

If anyone, including big mouth politicians, wants to support them, they can do it with THEIR OWN money, not the money extorted by taxation.

ABA bar president wants independent judiciary: That would be an improvement!

February 23, 2017

That is outright WRONG WRONG WRONG! Because what this ABA president considers “independence” is, in the context of the public discussion on the subject, no doubt a defense of whatever judge follows a whim in his ruling.

FIRST: The U. S. Constitution CLEARLY and IN PLAIN ENGLISH says that CONGRESS sets the issues that the federal judiciary can rule on, except for the very scant few enumerated therein. SCOTUS has recognized this several times. Madison-Marbury was an unconstitutional seizure of the ultimate power to rule on constitutionality.

I know your law school academics taught you that SCOTUS case law was the last word on constitutionality but that only works because generally, everybody has just meekly gone along with it, and the worst abuses did not come into play (excepting a few rulings that trashed state sovereignty like Dred Scott, and then the unconstitutional war against the southern states by Abraham Lincoln). And pardon this obligatory disclaimer necessary today, I am against slavery more than any judge or politician.

SECOND: The U. S. Constitution is written in plain ENGLISH, not legalese. People who can read plain English can tell. It takes four years of Law School to disabuse people of this fact, apparently.

THIRD: If the Constitution is a dead document like some syntactically challenged assertions I have seen where they use the opposite word “living document”, then it is worthless. You then have the same effect of declaring the judicial branch supreme with a ruling clique of nine black-robed dictators. THAT idea is outrageous too.

FOURTH: The US Constitution was probably the best effort yet in history to balance natural God-given individual rights against attempts to overthrow it. It has been overthrown by a thousand cuts by judicial arrogance –that’s arrogance, not independence– and is the best evidence that the government that has resulted is an oppressive regime that has allowed the worst and darkest forces to thrive at our expense.

Quinnipiac poll: Trump incompetent; People: Quinnipiac incompetent

February 23, 2017

Quinnipiac polling says people think Trump is incompetent. WE are laughing our behinds off in reaction.

It’s more like Quinnipiac and Yahoo have this big problem: we the people, we their readers, can’t figure out whether they’re incompetent or just plain liars.

This pollster Quinnipiac also got it wrong in their election predictions, and yahoo posted them faithfully and religiously.

These are like science pimps who find a drug safe if they think they have a nice soft “job” waiting later in the Big Pharma firms they “regulate”. Or do a climategate with their discredited hockey stick data.

They said Trump was running as a joke,
then he came in second in Iowa,
then he was going to lose all the primaries,
then he knocked down sixteen opponents,
then every time he opened his mouth that was the end of him,
then the Republican Party nomination would be stolen from him,
then he got the nomination, then no way he could get any Hispanic votes,
then there arose spontaneous youtubes of Mexicans and other Latinos promoting “Latinos for Trump” and “I came for the American dream not the Mexican nightmare”,
then he would not win the general election (Quinnipiac said so)
–and then he won the general election,
next they said the electoral college would bolt,
–then he got the electoral college vote (including a third of the Hispanic vote and doubling the African-American vote from previous Republican numbers),
next they called for assassination or a coup,
–then he was inaugurated…

So then they tried blaming the Russians (how could Americans be so smart?) and that has fizzled.

So they are still playing the Russian card, trying to implement their plans for another stupid cold war that will bankrupt us all,

while laying trial balloons for a mental incapacity coup,

while Soros and other color revolution money finances riots and mayhem,

while Obama trains thousands of professional trouble makers (“community organizers”) skilled in knowing how to look like more than they are, (how much money does it take for them to pepper a town hall with screamers?),

while some rogues and nasty intelligent agents (mostly CIA no doubt) are plotting scenarios for false flag Russia provocations, consolidating their Ukraine coup government, cajoling Europe into going along with poking at Russia.

Meantime, “they” plot false flags and different scenarios for a coup.
His enemies acknowledge that the Russians did not rig the vote. My gosh, if there was a real national audit, they have to be in panic about what of their own dark secrets of election theft would be uncovered. It was bad enough when the Jill Stein recount uncovered MASSIVE invalid counts that were so ridiculously in Hillary’s favor they had to leave the invalid Hillary counts in place. 37% of precincts in Detroit numbers alone.

If there is an obvious coup against this president, they may have to let it be for four years while they block everything they can.

And Operation Mockingbird will keep the press in line by hook and crook, bribe and Michael Hastings type accidents. Great Big Corporate Complex has been compromised with the wider forces pushing for international hegemony a long time ago.

So there will be trouble. And the Fed cannot help but let the dollar fall off the cliff eventually, and there are other forces coming together in what appear to be the storm clouds of the “end-times” forming.