Campaign Finance Reform Stops Challenges

nd then these guys who hate the constitution whine about this: “Clarence Thomas has been the lone justice to argue that laws requiring public disclosure of large political contributions are unconstitutional.”

It iS unconstitutional. In fact all government laws that interfere in the free election process are unconstitutional, because they are laws that put chains on the republican form of government.

Obama has been the only presidential candidate “to the left of” Eugene McCarthy. His campaign int the primaries against fellow Democrat Lyndon Johnson –with not even the KENNEDY’s daring to take him on– was the one that demolished LBJ’s chances for re-election and forced his resignation.

Eugene McCarthy’s candidacy today would be totally impossible because of finance laws, because his campaigned was financed by just a few wealthy donors way over today’s limits.

Thing is that the farther Left you dare to lean in today’s American politics, the more FREE PUBLICITY you get in Alphabet Soup Lap Dog Media.

But if you really care about the Constitution and vote for it every time, you’re declared “un-winnable”. Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul have proved that they are not “un-winnable”, just hated by the Big Giant Corporate Media Complex.


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