Tell the truth about Honduras

By trutherator

Herein copied is my email to answer a wrong-headed report in the Sunday Miami Herald, whose central feature were quotes from Juan Barahona. He was helping Mel Zelaya overthrow the Honduran government and Honduran constitutional democracy through a fraudulent vote for a constitutional assembly, and made no secret of it.

Juan Barahona is the guy who walked out of negotiations and is breathing threatenings of warfare because his team was conceding the constitutional convention. Hondurans want to keep their constitutional democracy, thank you very much. When it comes to overthrowing it, they would rather fight than switch, thank you very much.

Ms. Robles,
My wife is from Honduras, at least one of our family is there more days than not. And the article reflects a criminal neglect of the duty of a journalist to portray a fair representation of facts.

Fact #1: 85 percent of Hondurans are fiercely adamant that they will keep their constitutional democracy, represented by the recognition fo the constitutional succession of presidency to Micheletti. And very, very ready to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Fact #2: Mel Zelaya is the real golpista, the coup plotter. He was
..a..already overthrowing the government,
..b..overthrowing the constitutional representative democracy,
..c..was ruling by decree,
..d..nullified the Congress by his actions and inactions, deciding at whim which laws he would obey,
..e..robbed the entire country with his refusal to submit a 2009 budget to Congress,
..f….robbed the poor by stiffing the programs that helped them,
..g…had his hand-picked ruler of the national electric company cut off the entire town of Choluteca to punish them because they did not support his auto-coup fraud (that was the infamous Rixi Moncada),
..h…had plans to send his mob to dissolve the Congress on that day of June 28, try to make the session impossible,
..i…using the pre-counted fraudulent “survey” results ready to go with percentages and everything,
..j…no doubt using the 50 million lempiras cash he had sent his staff to rob by fraud from the Central Bank,

Fact #3: The specific clauses of the Honduran Constitution that support the obligation to force succession in the presidency in the case of constitutional crimes such as Zelaya’s are crystal clear: Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 42, 239, 272, 373, and 374 give every Honduran citizen the duty to oppose and even overthrow any such usurper government as Zelaya’s.

Fact #4: The Congress voted 124-4 to recognize the termination of the presidency of Zelaya.

Fact #5: The Supreme Court validated the succession, that’s 15-0.

Fact #6: The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (or Commission) had already refused to obey his order to execute his illegal unconstitutional referendum, another validation of the clause that automatically terminates the proponent of such a referendum, since the ban on re-election was explicitly declared open.

Fact #7. The Human Rights Obundsman declared that no human rights were violated.

Fact #8. Honduras had a history of presidents who made themselves dictators after getting elected, arranging re-election by hook, crook and fraud, for which reason they made two principles forever inviolate and unchangeable: (1), the republican form of government (also referred to in the document as representative democracy), and (2), the ban on re-election.

Question 1: If 97 percent of the Congress–elected by the same people that elected Zelaya!– and 100 percent of the Supreme Court, and the Electoral Commission, the Fiscal General, ALL agree that the succession was constitutional, then how can so many people claim it was a coup, let alone a “military” coup?

Question 2: If Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 42, 239, 272, 373, and 374 of the HONDURAN constitution obligate every Honduran citizen to fight against opening re-election of presidents, and says any official who proposes re-election “immediately ceases” in his function, and proposing change to these principles is called “treason”, and after the consensus between two-thirds of the government (Congress and Supreme Court) plus the Fiscal General of the executive, all these agree he is no longer eligible for president, HOW can anybody claim with a straight face that he should be reinstated?

Since the national and international press has not been exactly fair with the facts, this text is also going on my blog,



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