Are there enough people yet?

“Evolution and the Population Problem”, an article on the ICR website, helps both refute the Chicken Little hysteria over the environment and the “population explosion”, but it also goes over the numbers.

The actual implications of population growth among humans begin around the middle of this article, with numbers and simple formulas. After looking at them it is easy to see that the reality supports the conclusion that “Thus, the most probable date of human origin, based on the known data from population statistics, is about 6,300 years ago.”.

The explaining away should come from darwinian evolutionists and those who claim the long ages for the Earth or for the universe. Not for nothing they shy away from this. Humans have been filling unoccupied lands for six thousand years, and there are still vast tracts of land with near-zero population.

Objections about what is “arable” land are non-starters, once you realize that technology has multiplied the food production many times over just in the last century. Add to that the fact that progress continues in crop yield techniques, beginning to stall out now only because political forces are diverting resources toward taking land out of cultivation.

Even the late Michael Crichton, the author who penned the books that became the Jurassic Park movie series, and produced the television series ER, expressed his objection to the noise about both the environmental and demographic so-called “crises”, here:



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