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Zelaya was caught on camera advocating re-election!

October 24, 2009

My answer to Abraham Lowenthal of the LA Times article…

Zelaya was caught on camera advocating re-election!
This “Democracy Now” paid disinformation group should tell their real goal, which is to End Democracy Now.
Zelaya was also caught in the Honduras press saying democracy never did any good for Honduras. (He didn’t tell that it’s a lot better than CastroChavismo).

He was legally and constitutionally deposed. There is a constitutional defense for his exile, but if the expatriation was what the clubs of dictators and dictator-aspirants that call themselves the “international community” was really concerned about– meaning clubs of dictators– then they would bundle him up and return him.

Fact is, the people that these dictators and their friends rule over, they are not so concerned with Honduras, the little country that said, “We will keep our constitutional democracy!”

Truth is these LIARS would have condemned his arrest as a coup. Any excuse will do, but please don’t confuse their victims with the truth eh?

If Honduras at some points suffers the imposition of a dictator from outside, or a dictator from inside –like Zelaya– with the help of an outside force to oppress the Honduran people –like the Castro-Chavez cabal–, or whether it is a home-grown threat, it will be like Micheletti said, an invasion force only.

Mel Zelaya and Patricia Rodas and Hugo Chavez are the golpistas, they are the dictators, they are the coup plotters, they are the robbers of the people, they are the murderers, they are the abusers of human rights!

Hey liars, what about the “human right” of the Honduran people to self-determination? The Honduran people are going to vote on November 29, 2009, in numbers and percentages never seen before in the history of this brave little democracy. They will vote with more enthusiasm than ever before. They will have more hope for GOOD change than anybody ever had true reason to hope for in the USA. Why? Because before their very eyes they saw even their corrupt and sometimes cowardly of their congressmen join the honest and brave ones to defend them against tyranny and surrogate invasion.

The Castro-Chavez-Zelaya coup plotting cabal was not able to buy off anybody but a few hand-picked cronies. The entire government gave a blow against the Empire that is still resonating around the world. The whole world is waking up to the treason against democracy perpetrated from “high places” against this little mouse that roared in real life.

And they want Honduras to cover for their stupidity! Like King Saul in the Bible, pleading with Samuel to bless him for his sins before the people so he won’t be exposed publicly!

The Castro-Chavez-Zelayista coup plotting dictators and interventionist imperialists will try to disrupt them, but they will not succeed. Not this time.

To succeed, they would need to arm an invasion force and pretend it is a Honduran movement. But this will not succeed for a long, long time. With the entire legitimately constituted government united against tyranny,



To the press: The Honduran people hope to see the truth reported for a “Change”

October 18, 2009

By trutherator

Herein copied is my email to answer a wrong-headed report in the Sunday Miami Herald, whose central feature were quotes from Juan Barahona. He was helping Mel Zelaya overthrow the Honduran government and Honduran constitutional democracy through a fraudulent vote for a constitutional assembly, and made no secret of it.

Juan Barahona is the guy who walked out of negotiations and is breathing threatenings of warfare because his team was conceding the constitutional convention. Hondurans want to keep their constitutional democracy, thank you very much. When it comes to overthrowing it, they would rather fight than switch, thank you very much.

Ms. Robles,
My wife is from Honduras, at least one of our family is there more days than not. And the article reflects a criminal neglect of the duty of a journalist to portray a fair representation of facts.

Fact #1: 85 percent of Hondurans are fiercely adamant that they will keep their constitutional democracy, represented by the recognition fo the constitutional succession of presidency to Micheletti. And very, very ready to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Fact #2: Mel Zelaya is the real golpista, the coup plotter. He was
..a..already overthrowing the government,
..b..overthrowing the constitutional representative democracy,
..c..was ruling by decree,
..d..nullified the Congress by his actions and inactions, deciding at whim which laws he would obey,
..e..robbed the entire country with his refusal to submit a 2009 budget to Congress,
..f….robbed the poor by stiffing the programs that helped them,
..g…had his hand-picked ruler of the national electric company cut off the entire town of Choluteca to punish them because they did not support his auto-coup fraud (that was the infamous Rixi Moncada),
..h…had plans to send his mob to dissolve the Congress on that day of June 28, try to make the session impossible,
..i…using the pre-counted fraudulent “survey” results ready to go with percentages and everything,
..j…no doubt using the 50 million lempiras cash he had sent his staff to rob by fraud from the Central Bank,

Fact #3: The specific clauses of the Honduran Constitution that support the obligation to force succession in the presidency in the case of constitutional crimes such as Zelaya’s are crystal clear: Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 42, 239, 272, 373, and 374 give every Honduran citizen the duty to oppose and even overthrow any such usurper government as Zelaya’s.

Fact #4: The Congress voted 124-4 to recognize the termination of the presidency of Zelaya.

Fact #5: The Supreme Court validated the succession, that’s 15-0.

Fact #6: The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (or Commission) had already refused to obey his order to execute his illegal unconstitutional referendum, another validation of the clause that automatically terminates the proponent of such a referendum, since the ban on re-election was explicitly declared open.

Fact #7. The Human Rights Obundsman declared that no human rights were violated.

Fact #8. Honduras had a history of presidents who made themselves dictators after getting elected, arranging re-election by hook, crook and fraud, for which reason they made two principles forever inviolate and unchangeable: (1), the republican form of government (also referred to in the document as representative democracy), and (2), the ban on re-election.

Question 1: If 97 percent of the Congress–elected by the same people that elected Zelaya!– and 100 percent of the Supreme Court, and the Electoral Commission, the Fiscal General, ALL agree that the succession was constitutional, then how can so many people claim it was a coup, let alone a “military” coup?

Question 2: If Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 42, 239, 272, 373, and 374 of the HONDURAN constitution obligate every Honduran citizen to fight against opening re-election of presidents, and says any official who proposes re-election “immediately ceases” in his function, and proposing change to these principles is called “treason”, and after the consensus between two-thirds of the government (Congress and Supreme Court) plus the Fiscal General of the executive, all these agree he is no longer eligible for president, HOW can anybody claim with a straight face that he should be reinstated?

Since the national and international press has not been exactly fair with the facts, this text is also going on my blog,


Rosenthal, Zelaya’s man in Honduras?

October 11, 2009

So. Another example of “socialist” elite tycoons helping each other in the attempt to preserve another attempt to overthrow a constitutional democracy by way of a fraudulent stealth coup d’etat, like the Chavez coup d’etat in Venezuela and Rafael Correa’s in Ecuador.

At the following link I found the story published in SPAIN, by one Luis Losada Pescador, of how Zelaya got back into Honduras, with my English translation following, for your educational purposes:
Rosenthal el hombre de Zelaya en Honduras

Rosenthal, Zelaya’s man in Honduras

The appearance of ex-president Manuel Zelaya of Honduras in the Brazilian Embassy caused a surprise in the world news media. Now we know how, using the services of capitalist magnates, diplomats and armies, he was able to seriously compromise the diplomatic status of Brazil’s representation in Honduras.

Zelaya arrived in El Salvador in an aircraft that belonged to the Venezuelan Air Force that landed at the airport there without permission, for which it had to pay a fine of $_30,000 (US dollars). He was picked up there by Yanni Rosenthal, magnate and formerly Zelaya’s minister of the presidency (“chief of staff”). Rosenthal took him in his helicopter and transported the deposed [ex-] president to the Honduran capital, where he was received by Gloria Oqueli.

Oqueli is the president of the Central American Parliament (Parlacem), an organism that conveys diplomatic immunity upon its members for travelling in any of the countries in that area.

Una vez en el coche se dirigieron a la embajada de Brasil, donde Oqueli no tuvo ningún problema para entrar. Dentro reveló que quién le acompañaba era el mismísimo Zelaya que tuvo que ser recibido como huesped no invitado en la casa

After climbing into the her automobile, they went to the Brazil Embassy. Oqueli had no problem getting in, but once inside she revealed that she was accompanied by Zelaya himself, who had to be received as an uninvited guest in one’s home.

–(Translation by AlanC)

Freedom of press? Look at Venezuela! Democracy?

October 9, 2009

There are so-called false “human rights” groups that if they get their way you won’t have any left. They have gone full bore against Honduras, but they have a problem there, Honduras followed its constitution and their government respects its citizens rights and the military obeys the constitutional civilian authorities.

That’s why Zelaya’s own coup d’etat and his dictatorial rule by decree was halted, and democratic government restored on June 28, 2009 by the removal of the usurper criminal.

Hondurans are very solid behind their current government.

Is a president above the law or not?

Can a true democratic republic, where people freely elect their representatives, can they remove a president or not?

Congress voted 124-4 based on a long list of constitutional imperatives that Zelaya was no longer president, and then recognized officially that constitutional succession fell to Micheletti.

The Honduras Supreme Court ruled 15-0 that his antics violated constitutional demands that also automatically stipulated that he was no longer president for his actions.

Both these civilian constitutional bodies, one of them elected by they very same citizens that voted for the ex-president, recognized the succession.

The Elections Tribunal also unanimously ruled that he violated the stipulations for voting on such things and recognized the constitutionality of the succession. And that the constitution DEMANDED succession.

The two major parties, and the two largest minor parties, recognized the succession as legitimate and constitutional and democratic.

All of the above expressed gratitude to the Armed Forces for their respect of the rule of law, and the Constitution, and for civilian rule.

But the Almighty Great and Supreme Rulers of the World have decreed, that 85 percent of the Honduran people had themselves an illegal coup.
…Overnight, they became better experts at Honduran constitutionality than even the entire unanimous Supreme Court (and almost every last lawyer in Honduras, including the vast majority of Honduran constitutional specialists, among whose number is Miguel Estrada).

..They became better experts at what is democratic in Honduras that almost all the Honduran Congress. Where can you get a vote like that? If the Senate had voted by that margin against Bill Clinton, then Gore would have already been president in the USA.

In Honduras, the president was not above the law.

Zelaya fought the law, and the law won…


Honduras defends its constitutional democracy

October 9, 2009

But it seems the Goliath News Cartel –that’s all the legacy news sources that dish out the Party Line, the alphabet soup media, and the biggest newspapers and news agencies, have now changed gears and deliberately lie.
…Quoting front organizations that fly in the face of truth. In one report I will NOT link to, that ALL Hondurans know are fantastic lies about the human rights situation in Honduras.
…The violent “demonstrations” by zee liar’s Zelayistas were much more than blocking streets and burning tires. It wasn’t military forces terrorizing poor neighborhoods, it was these thugs and gullible.

A nephew of ours went to one march because they were paying 10x the daily pay, but he quit shortly because it got ugly. They poured so many dollars into Honduras to try to reinstate the Zelaya coup d’etat that the dollar went down about 5 percent to the lempira!

The politicians cover their stupidity and malice by talking about the pajamas PR trick. It had to be a PR stunt because the guy could have asked for proper clothing before coming off the plane. Maybe, just maybe, his lover, the treasonous former Secretary of State that just might have been caught under his bed that night….Just maybe she told him to put jammies on in Costa Rica, because she’s the wily coyote behind the clown.

What an idiot, falling stupid over a woman like that, because I can’t figure why this guy threw away his farm like that. They’ve uncovered millions he had squirreled away. Maybe somebody told him he wouldn’t get it unless he went back and stirred up trouble again. Certainly he cares not for the poor..

Elites? Give me a break! He IS the “elites”! His land is so vast that he could be the richest guy in the country.

The only human rights getting abused in Honduras right now are those of the 85-90 percent of the people, who support the constitutional government of Micheletti, and who occasionally are bothered by the sporadic mercenary violence of alleged Zelaya supporters, gangs, and the egregious outrageous news coverage outside of the country.

Remember there are THREE separate issues:

One, the criminal acts of Manuel Zelaya during 2008 and 2009 and the ensuing criminal charges.

Two, the termination of his presidency.

Three, the expatriation, or “exile”.

Almost all the people covering up for him use the third issue to avoid addressing the other two. In every country, impeachment and removal from office is one thing, and criminal charges are totally a separate process, and expatriation is a unique issue itself.

Article 239 describes the advocacy of presidential re-election as an automatic and immediate termination in office, another describes it as the crime of treason.

Zelaya was ruling by decree and trickery and fraud, but he picked the wrong democratic civilian government.

Anyway, #1.treason, being the crime named by the constitution for advocating and promoting presidential re-election and “continuismo”,

#2.massive brazen embezzlement—He refused to submit a budget to Congress for 2009 and simply collected funds and spent them whatever way he felt like,

#3.massive theft–like the theft by fraud caught on video with his personal assistants taking 50 million lempiras in cash from the Central Bank, just days earlier, which mysteriously matches the amount discovered in the Palace when he was arrested,

#4.multiple violations of court orders to desist from his illegal unconstitutional so-called referendum,

#5.for which referendum he had the counts all ready to go,

#6.theft from programs that help the poor for his own ambitious coup d’etat,

#7.refusal to publish the laws Congress passed as he is required to do by constitution and by law, thereby robbing the people of their representation..

#8.enforcing his dictatorial rule with violence, attacking an Air Force base with a violent mob to steal away his illegal referendum ballots, where court orders had sent them,

#9.abuse of power, threatening Congress with tanks if they didn’t obey him—

#10.plotting violence against opponents, with a plan to send the mobs against Congress that same Sunday morning…

#11.caught condemning democracy..

There’s a list of nearly three dozen specific charges pending..

And that’s just the criminal charges from up to June 28, 2009. His attack on his own people after that is horrendous, and recruiting the world’s governments, including interventionist expansionist imperialist Hugo Chavez, to help him get his coup d’etat back in place…

So the criminal charges are clear, and several of those are not only constitutional grounds for removal from the presidency, some are self-executing clauses that make clear he was ALREADY NOT PRESIDENT by the date of June 26, 2009, when he put his re-election bid on legal paper by publishing it officially…

..BUT published NOT with what he said to the world, because he changed the wording upon publishing. GONE was the “non-binding” clause, GONE was any mention of November. Meaning he was ready to get his mobs to bring down Congress and cause chaos and get more time.

But you see, Honduras did NOT elect a DICTATOR! The president in Honduras is not above the law. Is that why all the presidents in the world want him reinstated, maybe, you think?

Because they can’t claim ignorance of the facts anymore…

And although he no doubt took exile voluntarily over prison (which would you decide for?), if that really bothered somebody then they should listen to the people they accuse of this non-“coup” who are demanding his apprehension and return to the proper Honduran authorities for his day in court.