Definition: Biblical Christianity

I use the term “Biblical Christianity” to distinguish it from nominal Christianity.

Nominal Christianity, as I use the term, refers to all those people who claim they are Christians but their “faith” is not based on strict belief in the Bible. That would include (1) those who call themselves Christians only because their parents did, (2) those who call themselves Christians because they got a degree, but use all kinds of man’s wisdom to “interpret” what it “really” means, the way lawyers can quote the US Constitution in their arguments where they say it means the opposite of what it actually says.

Biblical Christianity is one that gets its doctrines from strict readings of the Bible.

That doesn’t mean a “blind faith”, however. Belief in spontaneous abiogenesis IS blind faith, because they haven’t even come up with a clever fairy tale from pure imagination as to how it even could have happened.

Belief in the prevailing cosmology, Big Bang, requires blind faith because it requires faith. Its believers have to make up something to fill a 90-95% gap. They don’t have a clue as to what it is except for their own imaginations, therefore they don’t really know what to test for either. “Dark matter” and “dark energy”, they say, make up the 90% of the universe that the Big Bang otherwise says is not there.



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