Rosenthal, Zelaya’s man in Honduras

So. Another example of “socialist” elite tycoons helping each other in the attempt to preserve another attempt to overthrow a constitutional democracy by way of a fraudulent stealth coup d’etat, like the Chavez coup d’etat in Venezuela and Rafael Correa’s in Ecuador.

At the following link I found the story published in SPAIN, by one Luis Losada Pescador, of how Zelaya got back into Honduras, with my English translation following, for your educational purposes:
Rosenthal el hombre de Zelaya en Honduras

Rosenthal, Zelaya’s man in Honduras

The appearance of ex-president Manuel Zelaya of Honduras in the Brazilian Embassy caused a surprise in the world news media. Now we know how, using the services of capitalist magnates, diplomats and armies, he was able to seriously compromise the diplomatic status of Brazil’s representation in Honduras.

Zelaya arrived in El Salvador in an aircraft that belonged to the Venezuelan Air Force that landed at the airport there without permission, for which it had to pay a fine of $_30,000 (US dollars). He was picked up there by Yanni Rosenthal, magnate and formerly Zelaya’s minister of the presidency (“chief of staff”). Rosenthal took him in his helicopter and transported the deposed [ex-] president to the Honduran capital, where he was received by Gloria Oqueli.

Oqueli is the president of the Central American Parliament (Parlacem), an organism that conveys diplomatic immunity upon its members for travelling in any of the countries in that area.

Una vez en el coche se dirigieron a la embajada de Brasil, donde Oqueli no tuvo ningún problema para entrar. Dentro reveló que quién le acompañaba era el mismísimo Zelaya que tuvo que ser recibido como huesped no invitado en la casa

After climbing into the her automobile, they went to the Brazil Embassy. Oqueli had no problem getting in, but once inside she revealed that she was accompanied by Zelaya himself, who had to be received as an uninvited guest in one’s home.



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