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Lawsuit for forced quarantine

March 24, 2022

Loony left

March 17, 2022

DC police are threatening the truckers with arrest if they block the highways.

So the DC police are setting up “dump trucks, plows and police cars as barricades to prevent the People’s Convoy from entering the city.”


March 10, 2022

Secy of State Blinken was saying the US would back up Poland sending fighter jets to Ukraine and then Poland saying, No, wait a minute, No Such Thing, but we can send them to a US base and then you guys can take the “credit” for sending them to Ukraine.

That suggests to me that maybe the Parasite Kings in D. C. were maybe hoping for a preemptive Russian strike on the Polish fighters that would justify sending NATO troops into Ukraine to start another hot world war to drain Russia.

Never mind the Imperial Court in DC cannot afford any more war. And cannot fight any more wars. They are converting the military forces of the US into an incubator for perversion.


Look over there, nothing to see here

March 10, 2022