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Markets are global now

June 29, 2022

Markets are global now. Europe joined the embargo against Russian oil, but they still made deals, and the oil now just goes through a more indirect (and more “unofficial”) route thru China, India and other countries that still deal with Russia

It’s like the Arab oil embargo against the United States in 1973-1974 to punish it for supporting Israel in the war. After a while, they added The Netherlands to the boycott because the Dutch were redirecting a lot of that oil to the States. Truck drivers lined the highways on strike demanding the government drop the muzzle on the imports. Even then they were sitting on oceans of oil underground in the “reserves”.

Remember, hard drugs are banned in the USA but that’s not only no problem, it adds a markup to the smuggling profits. Gun-hating “piti-dictators” in “blue states” do their best to ban as many guns as they can, then when crime goes up because the decent citizens obey the laws, they blame the states that have less crime (because their laws on guns are less restrictive), saying the gun crime that does happen in red-state cities is because the guns are smuggled in from elsewhere. Haha.

That’s a hint they want to pass “common-sense gun control” in all the other states. As if the guns will still not come in. Consider the guns now in Ukraine and Afghanistan that will find world markets. I knew a former Sandinista once who said every house had lots of guns.


Breitbart headline: G7 Leaders to Impose Ban on Russian Gold, Says Joe Biden

June 27, 2022


What are they trying to do, strengthen the Russia ruble even more? This will accelerate the continuing fall of the USA.


June 27, 2022

Leftoids speak with forked tongue.

It’s time to take back the English language. The collectivists in charge have been trying to get us to use their dictionary. No more!

Don’t call it a fetus. Call it what it is: a baby in the womb. Repeat it daily. In every discussion on abortion, call it a baby in the womb.

It he is a man, call him a man. XY chromosomes count. XX chromosomes count. Can a leopeard change his spots? Only chameleons and octopuses can do that. Humans can’t.

Are you a worm? No? Then you cannot be a hermaphrodite unless you are one of the one in a couple million that are born with organs that can pass as being of one or the other sex. And even then, ask: are you XY or XX? And acknowledge in your language that this is not a “normal” thing to be simply “accepted” or “affirmed” as applicable to “XX or XY people”.

Illegal entrants are knowingly violating U. S. law. I sympathize with them, I do not blame them one bit, but a brief look at property owners along the southern border will tell you what the libertarian position truly is –with a respectful nod toward Walter Block, whom I regard as one of the foremost contemporary Austrian economists and libertarians. My position is based on the fact that the illegal entrants are wreaking havoc on owners’ properties along the border, and that they don’t like cleaning up their mess or not being able to secure their properties.

“Welfare” is not welfare. Welfare is welfare. Government payments are shared loot and dependency policy, and vote purchasing.

I suggest referring to them as the “Dim Party” and “Rip Party”.

Call it the “One-World Kratocracy”, not the United Nations.

Call it the “World Health-limiting Agency” not the W. H. O.

The CDC is the Centers for Damage Control.

Call it tax extortion, not tax.

You can come up with better ones. The best ones will stick.

I’m from the government and I’m here to help you (and keep you safe)

June 27, 2022

There is much intellectual short-changing in rants against free-market security.

First of all, every single argument made there against private security services is an even stronger argument against the monopoly force-based “security services” offered by any and all governments. Plus there are other things.

(1) Governments with force monopoly decide what is fair and what issues they have “jurisdiction” over to decide. This is an invitation to corruption. They also decide what you will pay for these services in tax extortion. Don’t like it? Sit down and shut up, it’s for your own good, and besides, private security is worse.

(2) SCOTUS decided a long time ago that government police forces are under no obligation at all to defend you against aggressors. Every “good” government will tend to get to that point.

(3) There is no negotiating for any price discovery with government-provided security as there is in the free market. How much security do you want? How much are you willing to pay for it? Such questions are not allowed when there is a force-monopoly that lets itself decide what is proper. For example, do you want some government employee to be able to spy on your daughter’s bedroom to prevent rapes?

(4) There is a reason that all privately owned companies and corporations and home security companies exist, and almost all of them that can afford it have in-house security departments and third-party contractors. In fact, the private security industry is five times bigger than government security sector in the areas of preventing theft and crime involving companies.

(5) Government security in too many cases is itself a threat against persons and property. You vote in legislators that pass “civil forfeiture” laws that make it easy for locals and states to confiscate property without getting a conviction of wrongdoing first, and other laws like RICOH make it legal to sieze every piece of private property of a citizen at the time they arrest him, making it near impossible for such a persecuted citizen to defend himself against the charges.

The late Will Grigg posted almost daily at with stories of abuses by government goons of citizens. Better to trust somebody you pay than somebody you don’t.

And don’t underestimate reputation. Political parties make a lot of hay from reputations. A reputation is better to trust than “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. Tell that to the Sioux. Tell it to the Cherokee. Tell it to the Seminoles. Tell that to the millions who were royally screwed in the year 2020 around the world. Tell that to the tens of thousands of blacks and whites and Latinos and immigrants who lost their lives, livelihoods, and businesses, and their personal freedoms in 2020 at the hands of power-mad governments in charge of their police forces.

Like one wise man said once, “It is nearly impossible to convince somebody he’s wrong when his paycheck depends on him being wrong”.

Sussanna Hupp’s talk to Congress never gets old:

June 26, 2022

Sussanna Hupp’s talk to Congress never gets old:

World War III is here? This is different

June 18, 2022


A good link to spread around about patents

June 17, 2022

Latin-Americans in the U. S. voting against leftist Dem policies

June 16, 2022

Most libertarians, like most people, don’t go deep into analyzing the most important factor in decisions like deciding which policy favors the most freedom. Sometimes the obvious is correct, but sometimes the counter-intuitive policy is the one that leads to more freedom for individual liberty and the zero-aggression principle.

Like that term there. Leading libertarian thinkers use the term “non-aggression principle”. IT is better expressed, in my opinion. with better effect in the sense of its true meaning sinking in, with the “zero”. The temptation is maybe to say that coercion is sometimes necessary to block aggression, which is true, but if you are stopping a killer in his tracks, that’s not aggression.

In a similar way, so is the immigration issue. Libertarians should get a clue with the fact that the most Stalinist of politicians today are pushing the same “open borders” policy that libertarian and even some conservative and especially crony capitalist “open borders” advocates push for.

For a look at the best evidence in the real world of what a migration policy in a pure libertarian society would look like, just go see what the people are saying who actually have property on the southern land border of the United States.

Mayra Flores just got elected to the U. S. Congress in the southernmost Texas border county, which is more than 90 percent Latin American. My daughter used to live in that district. These are the poor that leftists always claimed to be champions for, but who are awakening to the hate that the white leftists have for people who have Latin values. You know like tight extended family ties, love for their kids, love for their faith (most Catholic, many now the Bible-believing Protestants), and often a definite grasp of reality, and where the men are men and the women love being women.

The Latin Americans along the border, and the ranchers who own property along the border, hate the “open borders” policies with a fiery passion. They hate the debris, the trash, the feces that border crossers leave all over their properties, and the rampant stealing. The Latins hate the crime that multiplies.

Now take that attitude of private owners of property along the border, and make the national government-imposed borderlines go away, and let property owners enforce their natural rights, and you would no longer have “open borders” anywhere at all. Without an invitation or a ranch owner that says anybody and everybody is welcome on my property, they would be considered tresspassers. Forget the mild misdemeanor charges of government “closed border” polcies (haha).

Private property: basis for community prosperity

June 14, 2022

Let us learn together. When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, before they disembarked they made a compact and everybody agreed. Collective ownership of everything, collective work duties. Worked great until the end of the first summer and then winter, when everybody starved because “nobody owned anything”. Whether everybody who agreed to the collective arrangement or not, it did not work. It works only under narrow circumstances, like when the first disciples joined the first apostles in the book of Acts in the Bible, and some such movements since.

I was in such a misssionary movement. And it worked like it did for the Pilgrims. Except we were able to eject deadbeats who refused to work, or complained too much, or pilfered more than they needed of something, etc.

And even then we had to establish a limited personal rewards system to reward good effort and good results.

After the first year, and the productive workers complaining about the ones who were ahem “sick” or otherwise found excuses not to work the hot fields, the governor made new rules, and they set up plainly demarked plots of land and divided it up among the families. The Smiths got one plot, the Jones’s got another, the Collins family got another, and so on.

The next harvest was so bountiful they invited the Indians to share in the bounty.

Ukraine, Donbas recap

June 12, 2022

First of all, Ukraine first overthrew the democratically elected president in a coup sponsored by the Big Bully United States’ Obama administration under direction by Victoria Nuland who diccussed who to put in power, over the phone in leaked audio, in a conversation with the Ukraine Ambassador. The “Maidan coup” was the result. Five years after the US and the world condemned the removal of criminal president Manuel Zelaya in Honduras who was arrested by the Army obeying a Supreme Court order, after the government’s own Fiscal General (Atty Genl). There immediately ensued bans on the Russian language and other measures of persecution against ethnic and linguistic Russians.

So Donestk and Luhansk immediately protested, demanding either fair treatment, autonomy, or separation. Kiev attacked. War ensued, then the negotiations held that led to the Minsk agreement. Kiev agreed to making Donetsk and Luhansk autonomous although still considered part of the Ukrainian jurisdiction.

However, Kiev right away attacked the two “oblasts”, the Donbas region, breaking the agreement. The two breakaway oblasts then requested recognition as independent entities. Russia refused to do so until this year when Ukraine multiplied the shelling of the Donbas, and brought more than 10,000 troops to the front lines, obviously preparing for a massive attack and invasion of Donbas. Russia had been warning for decades, most especially recent years, that they will not abide by a NATO presence within the six minutes time for a missile to hit Moscow.

Now Biden admits the only out is for Ukraine to sue for peace, they will not win. His Defense Department had said right after conflicts started that the idea was to make Russia weaker.

Ukraine has nothing to do with direct U. S. interests. It does have to do with War Machine profits, financed by more debt. And all this is added to the Swamp directives that are killing the American economy instead.