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Zelaya’s Removal Restored Constitutional Order

July 29, 2009

More background of the events leading up to the ouster of the Honduran citizen who had been president until he tried to overthrow the government under cover of fraudulent means:

Zelaya robbed from the taxpayers and the poor

July 19, 2009

After the would-be dictator left, government finances were in such chaos that they had to run audits, meantime even closing some government offices, to inventory the damage.

It took one week to discover the credit card account that by then this thief had already racked up charges amounting to US$80,000!

Now they found an big office with phone banks to the tune of 50 lines no less, paid for Honduran taxpayers through the president’s office. They were staffed with people who were paid to call press offices and electronic media to make it look like there was a lot of support for his illegal referendum.


Answers to Lies About Honduras

July 18, 2009

Usurpers are lying about events in Honduras.

As of this posting, they are covering those lies with an UNOFFICIAL embassy web site that purports to be legitimate, whereas the truth is that the Honduran Embassy in Washington is totally split, for which reason the true embassy has not yet declared official position, and its situation is not yet consolidated.

An example of these lies is in the first paragraph of the fraudulently postured “embassy” page:

>>”The forced ouster of the democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya from Honduras on June 28th originates from a conflict between the President and various elite sectors of the country.”

It actually originated from the arrogant pretension of Mel Zelaya to persist in actions clearly and totally prohibited by the Constitution as treason, stipulations that were included to stop just such attempts to subvert constitutional order with a dictatorship.

More lies for their ommission:

>>”…Though President Zelaya belonged to the centrist Liberal Party, he adopted an agenda of social and economic reform that was largely aimed at bringing relief and assistance to the poor….”

He did push through a raise to the minimum wage, constitutionally, by legitimate vote, although nevermind the jobs that were lost to the poor.

But the BIG lie is that he or his collaborators care as much as a rat’s behind for the poor, because not only did he offer the finger and the shaft to the poor in November 2008, when he refused to send the budget to the Congress as he was required to do by law.

He ROBBED the poor by using the resulting confusion to ROB the funds that would have gone to help the poor and their services, for his own attempt to legitimize his treasonous auto-coup, his attempt to overthrow the democratic constitutional order.

He also ROBBED the university professors of months of pay to divert those funds too.

But he made sure he paid the primary and high school teachers, and the military.

The military, however, were not so easily corrupted into servile lap dogs for the new imperialist Hugo Chavez, who wants to replace the “hegemony of the dollar” with a hegemony of the petro-dollar, and wants to replace the oligarchy with a tyrannical oligarchy.

NOTE that the “government” was NOT “scheduled to hold a non-binding public consultation” on June 28, 2009, but that it was only Manuel Zelaya and some of his supporters who attempted to administer an illegal referendum. He had fraudulently changed the title to “survey” because the Supreme Court had already declared it unconstitutional, but the Court also declared this fraudulent exercise as illegal and ordered a stop to it.

So another BIG LIE from the FAKE EMBASSY SITE:

The political conflict came to a head on Sunday, June 28, 2009, the same day that the government was scheduled to hold a non-binding public consultation in which the Honduran people were to be asked:

“Do you agree that, during the general elections of November 2009 there should be a fourth ballot [along with the three existing ballots for president, municipal councils and mayors] to decide whether to hold a Constituent National Assembly that will approve a new political constitution?”

Zelaya first tried a constitutional amendment to allow re-election, defined as treason in the Constitution, and the Constituent Assembly question came after the ruling that the amendment would be illegal.

But it is only the Congress in Honduras that is empowered to call for a Constituent National Assembly, and everybody who cares about the Honduran Constitution knows this, so it is an illegal referendum question that is not subject to a de-facto dictator even if he has a majority vote.

And if they only meant it as a simple non-binding “survey” question, then why did Zelaya and his thugs care so much about it? After all, the only body constitutionally empowered for such an initiative anyway was the Congress, which was UNANIMOUSLY against it.

The Honduran Constitution includes a number of protections against seizure of powers by even a popularly elected president.

And never mind the Congress passed a law that made this consultation –a de facto referendum run by a de-facto dictator– illegal in any case, for clarity.

Leftist and populist elites have no more right to dictatorship than do rightist elites.

Another irony is that Manuel Zelaya is part of the landed ELITE in Honduras, so much so that it is no secret at all in his area of origin that his father massacred a dozen priests and nuns, some say out of fury at the rejection by one of the nuns of his advances.

His highest collaborators are also elitists. So we have here an attempt to eliminate competition from the rest of the elites with a new false label of populism.

The barbarous attacks on democracy were by Mel Zelaya, and the Hondurans were not fooled into a Chavez-style tyrannical dictatorship by this kind of trickery.

Lastly, it was not “leading functionaries” that “admitted” that “crimes were committed” in the events they call a coup, it was ONE military lawyer in one interview with one news agency.

And even this one lawyer “admitted”, as quoted in the same article, that there are legal grounds to justify even those actions as legal.

To me, the role of the Armed Forces as “guarantor” of constitutional order is the primary consideration, because ALL civilian authorities have said that his exile saved the country from a bloodbath. A bloodbath, by the way, perpetrated by the usurper and his mobs, including the handful few who had compromised themselves in Zelaya’s treasonous actions.

Lies from Zelaya’s fellow golpistas

July 18, 2009

The official Honduran Embassy website is found here:

As you can see if you peruse that web site, the last press release was from June 9, 2009, and speaks to the situation following the earthquake that occurred on June 7, with epicenter off the eastern coast.

That’s because within the Embassy itself there are sharp divisions among those who support the constitutionally institituted government in Honduras, and those who support the ousted would-be dictator Manuel Zelaya.

The supporters of the wannabe dictator Zelaya are using wordpress servers to host a website formed by collaborators of the unconstitutional anti-democratic usurper Manuel Zelaya, who was stopped in mid-coup by the Armed Forces.

The Honduran ambassador to the United States, Flores Bermudez, recognized the interim president, Michelletti, immediately, and protested the fact that entire nations are declared guilty and subjected to presumed punishements with no consideration given at all to any defense.

Manuel Zelaya was engaging at attempt to perpetuate himself in power by way of re-election (not even his supporters deny this except for a few spokesmen). This the Honduras Constitution CLEARLY defines as unconstitutional, as an act of TREASON, and as automatic grounds for loss of citizenship.

ALL the following CONSTITUTIONAL authorities in Honduras agree that the removal of the EX-president and the manner of his removal were constitutional actions, and commended the Armed Forces as well.

At no time did the Armed Forces ever have any executive power at all, so any “military coup” does not apply.

–the Supreme Court,

–the unanimous vote of the Congress,

–the “Tribunal Electoral” (the body that administers LEGAL referendums in Honduras),

–the Court set up to resolves conflicts among the three major branches of government,


–his own Partido Liberal (“Liberal Party”),

–his own Attorney-General, who initiated Court actions to stop his illegal activity,

–the Honduran people in an overwhelming majority, as shown by their huge massive numbers in demonstrations supporting the interim government, in great contrast to the handful that participate in pro-Zelaya demonstrations. 50,000 people massed in the demonstration supporting the interim government on Tuesday June 30, 2009 in Tegucigalpa, and many more in San Pedro Sula. The best they could get for Mel Zelaya was about one thousand, on the day of his flyover in a jet piloted by officials in the Venezuelan Air Force.


Mel Zelaya shows now that he was ready to agitate bloodshed and violent actions to overthrow the constitutional authorities in Honduras in his actions. He ordered the Armed Forces to cooperate in his auto-coup, and they refused.

At this point, Mel Zelaya and his collaborators, including the co-conspirators in the thwarted attempt to overthrow democratic constitutional order in Honduras, comprise a criminal conspiracy.

The use of official embassy logos is an affront to all those who care about democratic constitutional order. The embassy is NOT united as this false “embassy website” would try to make it appear, and the official position is in dispute:

Zelaya was interrupted mid-coup…

July 6, 2009

July 5, 2009, 7:57 Eastern Daylight Time, From Miami.

What happened in Honduras was that the auto-coup underway under the direction of the ex-president Mel Zelaya, who was already acting as dictator.

At every turn he refused to defend himself against any charges, refused to defend himself against orders to desist from his violation of the Constitution and illegal activities, defined in the Constitution as treason.

At no time did Manuel Zelaya attempt to justify his actions to the competent authorities, but rather continued in the execution of his plans to subvert the constitutional order.

There is no difference between his actions and the definition of a dictator.

See an abbreviated timeline, from this author, married to a native Honduran, from the same “department”, or province, as the ex-president: