Zelaya’s coup d’etat stopped, democracy is restored

Some background of the events leading up to the ouster of Mel Zelaya, who had been elected president but then in 2009 overthrew the Honduran constitution. A short list of some of his criminal activities, amounting to about 32 criminal charges:
1..was running the country by decree, without any accountable budget,
2..used tax moneys as his own personal piggybank,
3..attacked a military base with a violent mob to rob the illegally printed forms brought from Venezuela,
4..disobeyed multiple Supreme Court orders, saying his decrees were the law of the land and he didn’t have to obey those “juecesitos” (pipsqueak judges),
5..robbed funds meant to support the poor, to pay for his illegal and unconstitutional “referendum”….

And by the way, all the Honduran people, Zelaya supporters included, everybody knows that the word “non-binding” was a ruse, a lie, a fictional legal cover that shows he knew he would have trouble getting it done, and that he would have trouble justifying a blatant breaking of constitutional order before the world.

Meaning it was a ruse meant to turn all the people in the world into dupes and fools. His supporters attacked the Attorney-General’s office waving sword-length machetes around and threatening him and yelling that they would have their “constituyente”, where they would rewrite the Constitution. That showed that #1, these dupes and paid operatives knew it was for real, and #2, they knew that the only legitimate legal body for chancing the constitution, the Congress, would not do it.

So here’s background:

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