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Religious people live four years longer than atheists, study finds | Daily Mail Online

June 16, 2018

 Like studying to prove the obvious. 

George Soros laments trouble from nationalists

June 16, 2018

You know I’m no gung-ho flag-waving fan of patriotism for the land that made a night of bombings and war its national anthem.

But nationalism today in the world of power-made global control-freaks is a healthy blowback against remaking our children into cookie-cutter worker ants.

One of my happiest moments was reading George Soros’ recent comments. To paraphrase: Everything went to hell! Trump messed up everything!

Trump’s a good scapegoat to cover for their attacks on freedom, and on all of us really, but it wasn’t Trump or Bannon or Connie who won the 2016 election. It was the people who made clear for years they wanted to stop the oppression.

Like I told my stepson the other day, a Trump-hater, explaining why I don’t hate him. It’s sort of like The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I explained to the guy outside the polling place -he wort of asked me who I voted for– when I came out after voting, “I voted for the guy most likely to cause mayhem”.

He’s done things that are grossly bad. Nixing the Iran deal and threatening Europe is beyond stupid. Keeping the troops in Syria after his moment of sanity about pulling them out shows too much deference to war-mad neocons and Deep State plans.

But there was glee when he went ahead with plans to meet Kim Il Un, even after the most dangerous man in Washington –John Bolton– and others tried to blow them up talking about the “Libya model” (his words).


Children separated from parents

June 12, 2018

The D. C. Swamp and its alligator friends wail and moan so much about Trump separating families.

Where is the outrage, where was it, when all the social services agencies across the country began snatching kids from parents over slight infractions? Oh yeah, they were publishing the worst cases of abuse, but then they got laws passed by sniveling Congress creatures that said no child snatcher could be criminalized for kidnapping a kid, as long as they acted as government agents.

In Sweden, they finally elected a “conservative” president who promised to return children who were taken from parents for the slightest offense. They did so, but they could not find 18,000 of them.

Where was the outrage then? And where is the outrage about non-violent drug offenders incarcerated today, fathers separated from their families? How about soldiers, fathers and mothers, ripped away and sent 10,000 miles away to kill and be killed for causes that have nothing to do with American national security?

The Obama regime instituted this plan of action with families, even as they did a whisper campaign in Central America to send their “children” and caused a hullabaloo at the border and noise in the Media. The beneficiaries were private companies that sold housing services for the newcomers. And unwilling “beneficiaries” who got hundreds and thousands of these unknowing players in the effort to “fundamentally transform America”.

Blows against Global Command Government Propaganda

June 12, 2018

Globalization is all about Command and Control Central Government.

It has received some blows against the Empire in the person of Trump. What with Biblical predictions about Gog and Magog, and other events, it looks like events are congealing into fulfilling those prophecies. Except there is one anomaly that seems like a poor fit to that. That is, Putin is acting like the anti-Globalist. Maybe he’s one of the three horns of ten that are plucked up by the roots to make way for that “little horn” of Daniel 8.

I once was at a lecture, part of a series of Bible prophecy speakers, where one fellow from Israel (purportedly a “Messianic Jew”), who said Yasser Arafat’s turban with its pointy protrusion meant he was the “little horn” of Daniel. Blah. Some gullible attendees may have even bought it. Transparent false propaganda.

The CIA was an agency born with the purpose of conspiring everywhere, but made the term “conspiracy theory” an insult as a way to shut up the investigative journalists who uncovered all the dirty work in the coverup of the true story of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

I’ve counted three things that Trump has done that expose Deep State machinations and its Media Propaganda arm. There are more no doubt.

One. Korea.

After freaking out Swamp Media with his bellicose rhetoric over North Korea and his talks with the Chinese dictator about it, he snatched up the opportunity to meet with Kim Il Un. The leaders of North and South Korea deserve a LOT more credit than Swamp Media or even alternative media is giving them. Turns out I was right, Kim Il Un is no mental case madman, he has made some calculations. Just not the ones professional war promoters are saying.

I’ve followed events closely over the years, even more so knowing that a missionary friend of mine is working with North Koreans with his “Helping Hands Korea” non-profit. This initiative is very much different than previous meetings involving negotiations with North Korea. It starts with an unprecedented meeting between Trump and Kim. Everybody knows that Kim’s most intelligent future lies in making peace, encouraging more prosperity in the North, and rapprochement with the very rich South.

Two. G7, G6 + 1, G8.

The leaders of the G6 (not counting Trump) all came to the summit in Canada thinking they would be able to out-preach him on free trade, free trade, they always say they want to have more “free trade” .

So Trump exposed the liars for what they are. That’s a precious moment, when the masters of Doublespeak get their words sliced up into ribbons by the truth.

Trump proposed true free trade, called their bluff. Okay then, let’s abolish ALL tariffs among us and ALL industries to industries, and THEN we can say we have free trade. Trump also exposed his own rhetoric about tariffs as something not so desirable, and is pointing out all the tariffs these countries have imposed on imports.

Of course any Austrian economist will tell you that unilaterally eliminating all tariffs on all incoming goods is the best way to get the cheapest goods into the hands of consumers, and free up more economic power in their hands to direct consumption and market demand to what they want, rather than the special interests of crony capitalists and privileged union bosses that benefit from tariffs, *at the expense of the consumer*.

Three. Trump wants NFL players to give him names that need justice, victims of police and prosecutor abuse.

After commuting an aged non-violent offender grandmother, Trump asks protesting NFL players to send him names of people who are unjustly treated at the hands of the ‘justice system”. Double hit there. The protests are really ploys by the voices who do not want to solve the real problems, really, of black victims of violence t the hands of each other and of course never mention the white victims. That’s been said, but there are indeed real victims.

Rand Paul is one of the sincere voices in Congress proposing real solutions. His father Ron Paul, as a presidential candidate, promised to pardon all non-violent drug offenders immediately upon taking office. That’s one reason why the Swamp Snakes in D.C. and their Swamp Media chirpers backed off from accusing him of racism when it backfired on them. Plus him being the only gynecologist in Houston who at the time would accept an expectant mixed-race couple as patients. That couple happily recorded their experience with him on video.

Big rich environmentalists: Why do they reject the most promising cleanest cheapest tech?

June 4, 2018

In a new science technology that got catapulted into international news when Pons & Fleischmann told the world about their successful experiments with low-energy nuclear reactions that the reporters said was “cold fusion”.

Here’s a eulogy about a Russian scientist who advanced the science in this field. Eugene Mallove wrote letters to every Congressman, President Carter (and Bush I think) and to anybody he could, pleading for attention to this technology, resources. Arthur C. Clarke heard from him and wrote his own letters to governments all around pleading that they invest in these new energy technologies.

HOT fusion is approaching 70 years old, and they’re always “close”, and MIT alone gets billions each year for research into HOT fusion.

Eugene Mallove devoted his life to this. He was cut down in a brutal murder while cleaning up a rental house in a Connecticut town. His work carries on in the New Energy Foundation he founded to research it.

Dr. Mallove quit MIT in disgust over the lies that the physics department heads told in a press conference about the results into their research trying to replicate the results of Fleischmann & Pons got.

They said they got no confirmation at all. Eugene Mallove called them out for the liars they were –he knew they had gotten promising results– and went and founded the research organization to fund more research. Now there are labs all around the world researching, Japan and Italy notably it seems. And the two guys from that day in Utah at least see some recognition before they pass on.

So why would MIT dismiss a promising technology that would make energy cheaper than your water bill?

BILLIONS in hot fusion research and a lifetime of the old tottering university department heads? Maybe that’s why the academics gave enough ammunition to the Complicit Complex Media to kill the story? Nothing here to see, people, just move along, please?

The Infinite Energy Magazine web site answers what was once upon a time my question: Why oh why hasn’t the Green Energy lobby picked up this technology and run with it?

Infinite Energy Magazine says all those guys do know about it. They are actively muzzling themselves on purpose. The advocates of this research have contacted all of them, and insist, yes, they have been informed.

It turns out that the biggest enemies of these technologies, –more than one now– of cleaner than clean energy, cheaper than cheap energy, more abundant than abundant, are the environmentalist organizations themselves!

This is the biggest story of two centuries, and the Complicit Press and Complicit Government, and Complicit Parties, are hoping the public doesn’t realize what a con game they have going on in suppressing this story.

Yep. Sierra Club, Earth First, Earthwatch, Cimate Reality Project (so-called), they care not one bit for the environment, and here is the proof.

Whatever their end game is, it isn’t clean energy. They oppose oil energy, carbon-based energy, they support even blocking hydroelectric projects these past few decades because it bothers some little niche “subspecies”, a euphemism for “breed”. They bankrupt farmers for the heinous crime of filling in the water holes they themselves dug out for the cows, literal fact. You can’t make up this stuff. This just shows what they say about Truth being stranger than fiction. You have to make fiction credible!

Taxman.. Lucky Dube.. RIP

June 4, 2018

Lucky Dube, killed in a carjacking in 2007 by two thugs who didn’t even recognize him at 26 years old.

I pay my gardener to clean up my garden
I pay my doctor to check out da other ting
I pay my lawyer to fight for my rights
And I pay my bodyguard to guard my body
There’s only one man I pay
But I don’t know what I’m paying for
I’m talking about the taxman
I’m talking about the taxman
I’m talking about the taxman

What have you done for me lately
Mr Taxman
What have you done for me lately
Mr Taxman
What have you done for me lately
Mr Taxman
What have you done for me lately
Mr Taxman

You take from the rich, take from the poor
You even take from me, can’t understand it now
I pay for the police to, err…I don’t know why
‘Cause if my dollar was good enough
There wouldn’t be so much crime in the streets
They tell me you’re a fat man
And you always take and never give

What have you done for me lately
Mr Taxman

Songwriters: LUCKY DUBE
© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
For non-commercial use only.
Data From: LyricFind

Climate change hustlers are exposed by their rejection of LENR

June 3, 2018

Climate change hoaxters (see climategate) at the top know that there’s nothing they can do to make a significant change. The pollution smokestacks of the 1950s and 1960s are gone in the U.S., but the biggest polluting nations today are exempted in the climate agreements.

That yells by itself that the political hysteria around this thing is manufactured hype propped up by a false narrative.

But there’s an even bigger explosive fact. Eugene Mallove founded the New Energy Foundation to raise funds to finance absolutely positively promising technologies in clean energy, like LENR, Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions, pioneered by Fleischmann and Pons in their home labs and announced from the U of Utah. Search for Eugene Mallove New Energy Foundation and

These are technologies that promise abundant, inexpensive, clean energy like no solar, no geothermal, no hydroelectric technology. Who knows? Maybe some of Tesla’s experiments had to do with this, he hinted at it.