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ZEDEs in Honduras

May 29, 2017

It will be difficult selling the idea of special zones to any government that it must give up ALL control to a group of foreigners (to them) to come and take over territory. That’s THEIR territory in their eyes. You have to have something to sell them. So “absolute sovereignty over the land acquired” is a deal-killer, at least if it’s proposed that way.

You’ve GOT to offer a government SOMETHING. Enough to make a sale. At least something for their citizens, kind of like the Free Zones.

That was what killed the first proposal in Honduras dead in its tracks. Romer (I think it was) and others in the first group were talking about using Canadian or Texas commercial law in the territory, and having complete control over who comes into these areas. That gave nationalist ammunition to the leftists who hate free markets about giving up sovereignty to a foreign power.

I don’t know exactly what happened with Romer’s quitting the project. It seemed like he was the central figure at first in the first designs of the zones. He criticized the introduction of another group in the planning stages. One report says he called it “sneaky”. Maybe he didn’t, you never know because the sources that propagate criticism of these zones are suspect and they spin and lie about them. Upside down. Like the accusation that these zones mean Honduras is giving up its citizens to greedy corporations.

The critics always “forget” the fact that an entire ten percent (10%) of the population of Hondurans has voted with their feet and air fare to subject themselves to just one foreign jurisdiction, the United Sates. And the biggest Honduran emigre population is resident in the area of Houston, TEXAS. Ask the rest of the country if they would rather live in Texas if residency or citizenship were guaranteed, speculate on how many of them would say yes.

So the Honduras Congress rewrote it and kicked the can to a special commission they empowered to set up the zones. That commission is led by Mark Klugmann, who also teaches at Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala, specifically founded to be a libertarian-oriented center of education, as it is. Klugmann has said his studies on the subject of these zones suggests it must be initiated with what he calls a LEAP approach, with all four legs of the project in place from the beginning: legal, economic, administrative, and political.

I think that’s why he wants to begin with some major investor building some infrastructure in an area. That’s the Economic leg of the four-legged stool, and I guess the Development. The change in the Honduran constitution and the ZEDE statutes passed in Congress would be a legal framework. The commission members that approve the implementation of particular zones are approved by the Congress, and the Commission’s appointment of a Honduran to administer a zone, that would be the political framework.


Balanced Budget Article V Convention?

May 28, 2017

There have been some states who have ratified the call for an Article V Convention, to discuss amending the Constitution to require a “balanced budget”.

Take note: there is no such thing as a “balanced budget” without requiring the United States to use gold or silver as currency, as it was (mostly) until Nixon cut off the last remaining link of the dollar to gold.

For a balanced budget, all that a corrupt government would have to do is to just decree more fiat currency into existence, or what we traditionally call “print money”. You’re back where you started.

It the government was constrained to use real money (like gold or silver) to collect taxes and pay debts, there would be no way they could get away with confiscating enough of the fruits of the people’s labor to make us work all the way until May to get to what’s called “Tax Freedom Day”, which represents what the government confiscates –extorts from us– as “taxes”.

And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables;–John 2:15

Churches should learn about converting to 508c1a

May 28, 2017

The founding of the United States is a mixed bag in terms of whether it was founded “as a Christian nation” or not.


The Founders were a LOT less Christian than the history books told my generation in schools in the 1960s. They’ve pulled back in more recent years from that idea I’m sure, as they try to expunge God from all things financed by extorted taxation.
That said there are two documents that represent two stages in the founding and formation of the “nation”.

The Declaration of Independence does indeed have attributes more in line with God the Creator and God the shepherd than the Constitution, that much is obvious from the reading. The Declaration invokes “the God of Nature and of Nature’s God”. It is widely known that the members of the Continental Congress compelled Thomas Jefferson to rewrite it because it had too little reference to God as the one to invoke for such an action. Is it not true that most of the signers of the Declaration were clergy?

In contrast to the Declaration, the Constitution invokes “We the people” instead of God. That the Congress came up with a new Constitution to remake the federation into a stronger central government was a surprise to a lot of people. While they were in session, Patrick Henry (not there) said, “I smell a rat”. He was one of the influences that made the Bill of Rights a condition of ratification in the states.

But yes, the Constitution was not godly. Alexander Hamilton was a snake in the grass and almost derailed it into another French Republic but with the central bank to enrich himself and other associates.

But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. The Bill of Rights is a fairly good statement for those times anyway of some of the God-given natural individual rights of all people.


According to tThe Church under the Constitution were never “taxable” until President Lyndon Johnson added “religious organizations” to the 501c(3) section of the tax code as a way to subjugate churches to the whims of the growing power of the federal government and its runaway tax bureaucracy. His problem was that fire and brimstone churches in Texas were speaking boldly about him, his sins, his corruption, and all and ANY political issue they wanted to preach about.

Some of the history is found here:

After Senator Lyndon Johnson put that wording in the law, and lawyers and accountants started getting the message across the land, it was like saying “sic’ em” to a dog. They fanned out warning pastors everywhere about the dangers they faced from the law if they didn’t get a 501c3 exemption from taxes from the Internal Revenue Service. New seminary graduates who started taking over existing churches got the message. And without checking the history, I am sure that over time they started getting cautions in their pastors’ conferences from attorneys and accountants (always looking for business). They started incorporating under state laws so they could get that tax exemption so their members could deduct donations from their taxes.

Meantime, Virginia still did not allow incorporation of religious organizations in the state, due to a constitutional prohibition that Thomas Jefferson made sure was there to protect churches against government interference. Jerry Fallwell Sr. sued in federal court to demand the “right” to incorporate. Probably because their team of lawyers told him it would make it easier for donors to reduce their taxes. And certainly there may be some speed bumps along the way that make it more difficult, but some web sites point to the places in the tax code and in the IRS’ own publications that can be checked.

NOTE that I am neither a lawyer and I am not making these assertions with any pretense of knowing what this means or how to approach a change in status for any existing churches. I strongly recommended fully researching this issue and finding someone who has real experience in this. And as the saying goes, “buyer beware”. When it comes to taxation issues, remember that the IRS is a brutal and merciless monster that believes its cause is righteous.

However, it is also true that there is an increasing number of churches that have ended their 501c3 incorporation and converted to a 508c1a, and have been more free to preach the entire Gospel without holding back just because they might get in trouble for condemning things like sodomy, transexual surgery, and the like.

JFK had a “secret back channel” with Krushchev, thank God!

May 28, 2017

Thank God that John F. Kennedy had a secret “back channel” to the Russians, or the whole operation against normal Americans with Trump as surrogate might have been moot. Not because it it doesn’t matter, but because we might have gotten a Third World War and everything would be moot.

See? And the Deep State wouldn’t even be able to accuse somebody in the Trump White House of trying to open a secret back channel to Russian counterparts.

See? We get to make fun of the insanity and laugh at how ridiculous these Orwellian “hate minutes” are, while we are trying to do our best to survive in spite of the slings and arrows of oppressive governments.

How about a Localization Party or something? States’ “self-government” over federal governments, counties count more than states, divisions in local communities over counties. Localize government!

Fake News program “60 minutes” tries to point fake finger at straw man, avoids Lew Rockwell, Drudge of course

May 28, 2017

Cernovich has exposed more real news stories in one month than CBS does in a year!

Susan Rice unmasking Americans’ names was illegal, for sure. Where was the warrant to go after information on an American? You want to expose a possible spy? Get a warrant! From a real court!

If not Susan Rice, then the whole illegal unconstitutional activity of the NSA in swooping up ALL the information they could get on ALL Americans INSIDE the United States.

BUT I do not seek out Cernovich for my news.

BUT using Cernovich for an excuse to try to innoculate your gullible audience against the alternative news sources that publish the stories your editorial Mockingbird masters won’t let you do even if you wanted to, that’s really a sneaky thing, a tactic of a forked-tongue snake.

The speech control regime and its propaganda organs –CBS among them– don’t really care about somebody like in some cases and not all who can be easily be debunked. They really want to shut down strong web voices that oppose the Rich Ruling Class narratives (aka lies and spin).

Like true-talking Breitbart. Lew Rockwell’s news aggregator and blog and “Political Theater” section. Drudge Report. Liberty News Now. Oh, don’t forget Ron Paul, one of the biggest threats to hegemony, enemy of unequal treatment and the racist-effect drug wars.

The whistle blowers and the truth-tellers are the ones they want to shut down. Like wikileaks exposing the real American foreign policy in the Bradley Manning leaks.

Like the web sites that expose the link between abortion and breast cancer.

Like the web sites that expose the fake science embedded in the politically enforced fake climate change (aka “global warming”) stories.

Like web sites that propagate the scientific claims of Creation Scientists.

Like the sources that expose the real truth about the wars.

God is not mocked, folks. Judgment begins at the house of God it says, but for those who love him, joy cometh in the morning.

Nazis’ Secret Killing Squads

May 28, 2017

This video documentary reminded me of other little-known facts from World War II. The video was posted by Charles Burris, at the Lew Rockwell blog: about the “Nazis’ Secret Killing Squads” that followed the advancing German lines early in World War II, whose mission it was to kill every potential enemy of the state in the newly conquered territories, starting with the Jews, Gypsies, presumably any known Communists, and Christians who denounced the National Socialists. There were many such Christians too, who never got much notice because they were unknowns. The Holocaust Memorial is criminally ungrateful in denouncing Christianity as one of the causes of “the Holocaust”.

There were Christians who condemned the church hierarchies in Germany that supported the regime, but an even bigger fact that flies in the face of the anti-Christian Jews who push this theme in their memorials, like the “Nazi-hunter” Simon Wiesenthal. The bigger fact is the millions of American Christians and British Christians and Christians from other places that rushed to the front lines to overthrow the regime and stop the genocide, and liberated the Jews they found in the concentration camps.

There were other assassination squads in the buried rubble of that war’s history books, left out.

Here’s a link to the SAS assassination sqauds that kept on going after the war was won, and hunted down any Nazi Party members and SS officers in their hiding places:

I’ve heard of operations by special American squads that did the same thing post-war. They did not want to chance a secret resurgence of the Third Reich, and hunted down all the ones in hiding, supposedly forming guerrilla bands. I do not know how much credence to give all this, but the story about the “rogue” squads of the SAS does give some credence to it.

I’ve heard of operations by special American squads that did the same thing post-war. They did not want to chance a secret resurgence of the Third Reich, and hunted down all the ones in hiding, supposedly forming guerrilla bands. I do not know how much credence to give all this, but the story about the “rogue” squads of the SAS does give some credence to it.

Why the surprise – COMEY is a Hillary cover-up agent

May 27, 2017

Fake news denies being fake news all day every day.

It backfired on them almost as soon as they coined the term to supposedly “debunk” the alternative news sites that are not beholden to Operation Mockingbird entanglements.

It was about the same time as that fake news Fake Dossier story popped up. Never mind that almost every story they come up with to support the theme for the day they are telling us, almost every time, it is exposed now sooner rather than later.

Like Comey asking for more money.

Somebody mentioned that the firing of Comey by surprise and while he was on the other side of the continent was not a mistake. It was self-preservation against a Fake Investigation witch hunt. Surprise so Comey couldn’t arrange counter-measures, like Obama did during the transition period, when he issued the intelligence directives to make it easier to share secrets among the Deep State departments, it was cover for the hiding of who does the leaks among multiplied numbers of people with eyes on them. And helps the parts to coordinate with their Dirty Tricks operatives.

Jerry Pournelle lists some of the TRUE FACTS about Comey:

Jerry Pournelle lists more TRUE FACTS about Comey:

Overdoing it is one way in How to Spot a Liar

May 27, 2017

Pamela Meyer lecture on Hot to Spot a Liar:

One of the ways is overdoing the emphasis too much:
Formal language denial and distancing language; for example, do you remember who said this:
“Not listen to me very carefully. I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

Also, she says, the innocently accused will more likely deny emphatically in sort of flashes, but the liar will more likely be angry throughout an interview or discussion.

Why, hello, that’s what we have in the Fading Media Internetwork, all indignant now about being accused using a term that they were the first to use. Somebody somewhere wrote some talking points about how Hillary Clinton lost the election of 2016, and from her mouth and from President Barry we began hearing about “fake news” stories that caused trouble.

Barry used the fake news about “fake news” to create an office in the federal behemoth bureaucracy to explore how to use “local media” to fight the scourge of “fake news”.

Of course by that they meant the kind of stories that started coming up in alternative news sources not encumbered by membership in the fading media and press of the Fake News Networks (FNN). In other words, “the rest of the story”.

Before, the Counter-Media, the real Opposition Media, had to publish in small-circulation magazines, and rare opportunities to show enough of the ideas on one of the three major networks to get ridiculed. An early Ron Paul appearance got him pummeled with ridicule and insult on one TV talk show because he advocated drug legalization.

But in the age of the Internet, Ron Paul gave his message as a presidential candidate, forcing it into the national conversation, and the following for the message of peace and liberty and free markets exploded, and the ruling class barely held it back.

It took years for the general public to become aware of details like JFK’s double head jerk, the magic appearance of the bullet, an autopsy full of generals, and a coffin swap. It took years for a court to finally declare that there had been a conspiracy by governments (local police, state authorities, federal government) to cover up suspicious details about the Martin Luther King murder and to declare James Earl Ray a patsy.

But it did not take that much time, historically speaking, for the TRUTH in the CONTENT of the wiki-leaks dump about the DNC conspiracy to cheat for Hillary to get around, including the content that showed a slur about former Governor Richardson that referenced him being “Latin”, that Team Hillary said Catholics should change their religion to accommodate things like abortion, and other messages that showed collusion to block Sanders.

Try a search playing off Chris Cuomo’s version of “I did not have sex with that woman” from when he said “fake news” was the worst thing you can call a journalist. The links are full of denial after denial that they are Fake News publishers, but now they’re always denials of Trump quotes. They are clueless that they are feeding Trump’s popularity with the public. In one survey, two-thirds of Americans believe the traditional media, legacy media, official propaganda media, is full of fake news. By which they mean of course the choice of stories to cover, which guests to interview, what questions to ask, and so on, are all tilted to manipulate audiences into their way of thinking. It’s more than just what would be a sort of subconscious bias that results from their views of things.

They deliberately omit talking about certain news items, for example. Throughout the occupation years in Iraq, the ethnic cleansing of Christians that resulted from the invasion and occupation of Iraq never made it to most media. They covered Obama’s immigration policy, undeclared, to slow-walk the granting of refugee status of Christians from the Middle East in favor of Muslims. In fact this is the discrimination against Christians that right now the Fake Media is pretending that Trump’s orders do to people from six Muslim-majority nations.

Yes, they deny being Fake News with all vehemence and repetition. But it has become so obvious they have come up with new slogans for themselves. NYT now wraps itself with the slogan “Because the Truth Matters”. Like their publishing reflects that? Boys can be girls, and girls can be boys? Really? After all those FAKE POLLS? And the dark news publisher Washington Post saying “The Truth Dies in Darkness”. The Washington Post is helping the New York Times bury it!

Jeff Bezos owns, runs Amazon and the Washington Post. Some poeple are going to start looking for an alternative to Amazon. That’s the all around cure though, because Deep State props up whoever it wants to with FAKE MONEY.

What appears to be a ray of sunlight is that a lot of states are passing bills that recognize gold and silver or metallic coin as legal tender, plus killing state taxes on the metals. Woo-hoo! So now some of us, some of “we the real people” will get to engage in commerce with honest money, independent of the FAKE MONEY from the Federal Reserve.

Be not deceived, God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

(But see Isaiah 1:18. It is not too late for most of you fakers to repent. Udo Ulfkotte did and he is still alive.)

New on Youtube: An idea for liberty and investment that just might work!

May 25, 2017

The more projects there are for freedom, the better.

There are other ideas, and Trevor Lyman to me sounds a lot like what some in Honduras had in mind with the Zonas Economicas de Dessarollo y Empleo (ZEDE) project.

There are quite a number of settlements of expats in many countries around the world. There are special economic zones where private investment is allowed and even encouraged by governments, with liberal tax rules (“liberal” in the classical sense). There are Free Zones in all kinds of poor countries anywhere.

Trevor Lyman, on a negotiated “liberty territory”:

Throughout history, when people have been oppressed by their governments, they have left their homes in search of a new land where they could live as they pleased. If it worked for them, maybe it can work for us.

Of course today there is no unclaimed land worth living on and no one wants to fight and kill for land (which wouldn’t work anyway), but we should be able to trade our way to a new Terrority, especially if we negotiate with a nation with a weak economy.

If a territory could be negotiated, would you want to live there? Would you be willing to move and build a new “nation” from scratch if it meant you could live without oppression?


If you are interested in this idea and would like to follow progress, please either subscribe to my YouTube channel or send me an email at lyman.trevor with the subject “Interested LT”

Evidence in Creation

May 23, 2017

(This is my reaction to fellow libertarian Gloria Alvarez’s video on why she is an atheist, at )

El verdadero metodo scientifico requiere una serie de pasos que se pueden repetir para legar a los mismos resultados.
La “teoria” de la gravedad es un ejemplo de algo que se presta para pruebas en el mundo fisico que se pueden repetir.
Por lo tanto, y a la par de tantas evidencias forensicas de naturaleza fisica, scientifica, historica, requiere mucha “fe ciega” concluir que no hay en dise~no intentional en la Creacion.

Erase un tiempo en que yo tambien volvi ateo, pero los hechos, la sciencia, hechos historicos, y la logica me volvieron a creer en Dios y es mas en la Biblia.

(I used to be atheist myself, but then followed facts, science, history and logic back to belief in God and then the Bible.

(Note that the true and honest scientific method requires being able to repeat an experiment that corroborates the theory. Rinse and repeat as we say. But origins of the universe, or the solar system, are not repeatable to test theories about their origins. Scientists have no clue how to go about testing the origins of life. (The first test was by Louis Pasteur who proved “life only comes from life”)

And the only experiment in many-generations evolution produces changes within the original kind, the E. Coli experiment.

Gloria, you are a fantastic spokeswoman for liberty in Latin America, but your atheism falls short of the same logical rationality that supports Austrian economics and personal liberty. May I suggest you take another honest look at the evidence that convinced Antony Flew to believe in God, after a lifetime of being the foremost spokesman for atheism? I think he said DNA was the clincher but there was more than just that too.



#1. BIG BANG. Most scientists believe in the origins theory of the Big Bang, but the Big Bang requires something they call “Inflation”. The Big Bang is a retro-fit they deduce logically from the present state of the universe and its apparent expansion. But the same principles also leads back logically to the beginning from the singularity. The logic then requires “Inflation”. But that Inflation requires a suspension of the same rules of physics that requires the Big Bang to explain origins. But they MUST believe in Inflation because they have no alternative if they are to avoid saying the word “Creation”. FAIL.

#2. ANTHROPIC PRINCIPLE. The weak atheist explanation for the anthropic principle is to restate the principle as a circularity. “The universe has a set of independent physics constants that make it look like it is made to support life, because we exist”. I doubt even Descartes would stop there. That’s lazy thinking.
==> Why do a dozen or more independent(!), and fine-tuned(!) different physics constants line up perfectly to make life even possible, even if spontaneous biogenesis is even more statistically improbable than Luis Pasteur could know?
Just an example: Change the gravitational constant by a fraction of 10 to the minus 38th power, and then planets, stars, life would be impossible. (The strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, the perfectly exact polar-opposite equality of charge of an electron vs. proton, the Plank length, speed of light, electromagnetic force, peculiar attributes of carbon, peculiar attributes of water, , etc.)

And there is Isaac Newton, who said that just the fact that physical universal constants exist in the first place are proof that God made it.


#3. PRIVILEGED PLANET. Earth has the optimal combination of two very important environmental factors: (1) life-supporting factors, and (2) observability out into the universe, and (3) equilibrium-balancing factors.

(1) Life-supporting and protecting:
–a– Gravity,
–b– magnetic core supporting the Van Allen protective belts preventing harm from solar and cosmic radiation,
–c– the exact composition of the atmosphere,
–d– right amount of water,
–e– in the “Goldilocks zone” distance from the sun (supporting liquid water),
–f– unique properties of water that uniquely freeze top-down instead of bottom-up, allowing life to survive in the polar zones, and temperate zones, and provide a perfect medium for biochemical activity,
–f– protection from cosmic bombardment by placement so far from the center of the galaxy, and by the planet Jupiter and even Saturn and Uranus sucking in many of the objects from space that would end life on Earth at least human life,

(2) Observability
–a– Observations of the universe have supported scientific observations in physics and other disciplines, meaning no opaque cloud cover like with Venus, Jupiter, outer giants (this also allows the sun to power life on the surface),
–b– in the outer reaches of the galaxy in one of the spiral arms, meaning the sky is not so cluttered as to hide the universe,
–c– positioned where we can see the universe, providing navigational aids for humans traveling.

(3) Equilibrium
–a– Oxygen and carbon dioxide are balanced by the life on the surface, below the surface, and in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide compressors are on the market if you want to give your plants a growth boost, and CO2 is starting to stabilize the southward march of the Sahara desert. The ice caps and glaciers are stabilizing mechanisms, not just measures of global temperature trends…
—b— The Earth’s magnetic field balances out solar and cosmic radiation in our favor.
—c— The moon not only provides a light for the night, it also interacts to give us our tides in the ocean and in water, and supports movement in the ground that replenishes fertility in the ground and in the water.


DNA, RNA, Cells, Statistical Improbability: things that have to line up at the same time for life’s origins.

Darwinian evolutionists (by which I mean molecules-to-man ancestry) claim that Darwinian evolution has nothing to say about the origins of life itself, although they did before creation scientists forced them to admit they have no clue as to even imagine how it could have started, enough to form a convincing argument.

(a) DNA is a huge testimony to design. It requires a completely digital computing environment and a specific interpreter language comparable to Basic or Python or Ruby, and even “natural language”. The amino acids known as A, T, C, and G that make up the genetic alphabet and their specific properties per se have nothing to do with the actual functions that they are associated with. They have to be interpreted, expressed, by messenger RNA, into the many compounds that go to work in the cell.

(b)mRNA: DNA means nothing without corresponding mRNA to interpret it, and neither of them are able to do anything without a supporting cellular environment. Even a virus has to piggy-back on an organism’s cellular machinery to do anything.

(c) And then, after you have DNA, mRNA, the cellular environment (skipping steps of protein manufacture, energy providers, etc), you have to make sure you have an autonomous biological unit to begin with (a cell at least, for origins), that has the attributes of self-nourishing, self-reproducing, self-protecting. ====> Even the apparently most primitive cell in nature has “only” 525 genes. Laboratory work seems to indicate that between 250 and 300 genes are the absolute minimum for a cell to function and reproduce.

(d) With all that you still have to have those amino acids in EVERY gene ALL line up in what biologists call “left-handed” versions, because none of them are “right-handed” in our world. Try calculated 2×2 for each amino acid in the sequence and see if you get less than the atoms in the universe. Mathematicians told biologists in one joint conference that they needed something other than “natural selection” to explain life because of this.

Crystals do not match up to cell machinery. Crystals form when like molecules “fall into place” based on the same microscopic forces that result in molecules. Water cannot spontaneously form snowflakes, they form based on the electrochemical properties of its components. How can you get DNA, mRNA, and cellular machinery from that?


(1) E COLI EXPERIMENT. There is a lab experiment underway that has a closed environment where E. Coli has been reproducing itself since 24 February 1988. As of 66,000 generations of reproduction, they have had some mutations happen. This is the kind of “evolution” that Creation scientists also forcefully emphasize happens. But they still have E. Coli, they don’t even have a different kind of bacteria.

(2) IRREDUCIBLE COMPLEXITY. Charles Darwin admitted for one item of evidence that would disprove his “Origins” theory. That would be an organic structure that did not admit for discrete steps of changes to create it from primitive precursors.

Biologist Michael Behe gave several examples of such irreducible complexity in his book “Darwin’s Black Box”. Not just the complex macro-machinery of the eye of a human requires some imaginary acrobatics, but the conversion of ONE PHOTON hitting a retina cell, to the nerve message to the brain, and the restoration to prepare for the next photon, requires at least 12 different complex steps, all in place, all the time, simultaneously.

Try coming up with that from a small light-sensitive spot on the skin, by steps that work for some useful “selected” purpose and don’t kill the organism along the way.

(3) ** Forward planning –
Scientists in Spain found that roundworms can transmit environmental information, in this case temperature information, to future offspring, through as many as at least 12 generations, using “transgenes” and tags to keep the data on the shelf as if “until needed”. This corroborates an earlier theory of creation biologists that species actually “experiment” (trial and error, apparently) with this “unused” (unexpressed) genes in times of environmental stress.

(4) FOSSIL RECORD. Stephen Gould, evolutionary biologist, declared that the fossil record only shows STASIS, not the expected evolutionary changes. There is variation within what creationists call “kinds” as described in Genesis, meaning all canine species descended from one original “wolf-kind”.

This is the ONLY true forensic science that an origins theory can be tested against. Changes from a photo-mammal to apes and rats are NOWHERE to be found in fossils. The historical humanoid finds are fraught with frauds, hoaxes, including a Lucy skeleton put together by pounding away at his bones with a chisel so it would fit, and a Chinese peasant making fools of biologists everywhere with a bit of plaster.


A scientist working at one of the biggest fossil digs in the world in Montana discovered FLESH in the fossils, actually BLOOD VESSELS. (Crichton didn’t have to use amber after all in Jurassic Park, maybe?) The scientist that made the discovery says that her first impression on arriving at the dig was that it had a very strong STINK. Despite the stink, despite the flesh, she still affirmed that this fleshly membrane is the requisite 60 million years old.

——I’ll abbreviate the rest, there is way way too much evidence that the politically enforce theories of origins now taught in politically controlled academia is wrong. (Yes, scientists are also humans, too) +++++++++++++++++++++


(a) Inverted strata, where textbook geological layers are “inverted”, the “older” one above the “younger” one.

(b) “POLYSTRATE FOSSILS”? Fossils that span geological layers supposedly millions of years apart. They abound in the Grand Canyon, and they are visible. Fossilization cannot happen that way. One professor was quoted as saying he hopes creationists don’t find out about this.

(c) WATER FLOWS DOWN NOT UP. The river that supposedly cut open the Grand Canyon has its source at an altitude that is significantly lower than the topmost points in the Canyon.

(d) RADIOISOTOPE DATING requires about 20 assumptions involving a long-ages historical constant rate of decay and many other premises that are taken as given. Scientists have now discovered that changes in both cosmic and solar radiation cause the rates of decay of such isotopes to change. Geologists have said this is the “most reliable” dating indicator.

(e) “POLONIUM HALOS” were called “natures’ tiny little mysteries” under oath by an anti-creation scientist, but they have no explanation for them. By their own dating methods they are evidence of same-as-instantaneous creation.