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Is government imposed by force or not?

April 30, 2014

I was a “syndicalist-anarchist” in my college thinking years, and I came to it through my thinking. Shortly after leaving college i joined a rather maverick missionary movement. At this time I am completely anarcho-capitalist more than anything, based on non-aggression and Thou Shalt Not Steal. Marx was all about stealing from useful idiots and setting up a new fiefdom with a Ruling Class and a new Serf class.

Human nature is precisely one of the best best arguments against government, because the human nature of the people who would force its rules on you makes all those bad things worse.

And government, by definition, is imposed.

“Our arboreal ancestors” is an oxymoron, since we don’t have any such. Outside of that, I agree that the two-parent family (man and woman) has proven to be the best paradigm (or “least worst”?) for raising children.

There is no “innocently takes a neighbor’s belongings”, because every person has a “law written on their hearts”, like Paul said about people who never heard the Gospel. There is not one person who is innocent at theft, because watch what happens when you take some of his own!

“Thief” might be a legal terms somewhere, no matter, because we all know what it is. It’s someone who steals what is yours. Try learning Austrian economics and the homesteading principle, it will help understand.

“Thief” is not a word “invented by government”. It’s English. When the Jews moved into the Promised Land, they had the laws of Moses, but they did NOT have ANY government until they finally insisted on having a king. It was boom and bust ever after. Samuel warned them: A king is going to put grievous burdens of taxes on your back, and he will take your sons and send them off to war.

God is warning us to this generation. And since the Christians have been gullible and followed the world’s thinking so much, God has had to raise up some atheists and agnostics to help the “non-aggressive” Christians spread the message of non-aggression.


Ron Paul says Obama’s Drone Wars Undermine American Values

April 28, 2014

His comments are found at the Daily Bell:

One big thing I like about Daily Bell is that they carefully analyze events, look for context, and make clear that what you see –in the regular news media fare- is not always what you get. No WSYWIG there, no sir. And it’s early to call for war crimes tribunals, as there is not sufficient infrastructure (yet anyway) to enforce them. Education will do its job. Ron Paul’s campaign to educate the American body politic is a good example of the greater effectiveness of this. The numbers of both those who are aware, both veterans in forums and publications, and the newly aware, will continue to grow despite the hysterical efforts of the Powers That Be to explain everything in Controlled Media in ways that pretend that there is no liberty movement. As long as there is a sector of the Internet that is free, and it is still possible to spread facts and the real stories at these electronic speeds, it will continue to grow. In fact, it will continue on in some form, even if they implement Lieberman’s wet dream of an Internet “off-switch…like China has.” Like China!

The USA has certainly supported fascists, drug lords and terrorists many places, and “installed” a few. But as a libertarian anarcho-capitalist myself, it is evident to me most left-fascists and libertarians alike, sometimes ascribe too much power to the CIA overseas. I call libertarians especially to telescope to a view of these world events from a higher altitude. I’ll bet you that some analysts within the intelligence apparatus have an inflated view of their own power.

For example, no matter how much Hugo Chavez and later Maduro blamed CIA plots for what Hondurans did in 2009, whatever the CIA did was irrelevant. My wife is from there, and it made me nervous that it might become another Venezuelan vassal state. If they paid out money here or there, they totally wasted all of it, because the overwhelming majority of the people of that country were dedicated to getting rid of the guy they supposedly elected earlier. It was a bit of a surprise even to me, since most of the poor are inclined toward looting the rich. I believe it’s possible Hugo Chavez won the first election, even though in my opinion he’s perfectly capable of committing fraud.

But I realized later that even many of the poor in Honduras are somewhat educated now about events elsewhere, and there is an Internet effect there too. It helped that apparently the media seems somewhat less subservient to the politicians, and some of the local elite families saw socialism as inimical to their own interests. There were probably a few of them also “hedging their bets” and secretly supporting the auto-coup plotter Zelaya, including one famous perennial presidential candidate who was accused very publicly of smuggling him into the Brazilian embassy.

Not all poor people are stupid or ignorant. Hondurans who hate poverty and who are capable of thinking analytically at all, they do NOT want an economy like Cuba’s or Venezuela’s. They know theirs has been corrupt, but they would rather not jump into the abyss of permanent poverty just like that. More so the middle class there.

Hillary Clinton made a personal call to Zelaya and told him to resign, and so open the door for the socialist president that the American ambassador had supported in the efforts to establish his lifetime national socialist Chavista fiefdom. Yes he did. What the CIA does is secret, but in the small-town social environment of a country like Honduras, not everything can be kept secret. Hugo Llorens appeared in some of the televised propaganda for the propaganda cover for the overt stage of the auto-coup, the takeover manifest”referendum”.

The “demonstrations” in favor of Zelaya were padded with paid bodies. Chavez poured so much money in that the lempira rose a full 10% against the dollar for a few weeks while they tried to make a show of it for the world.

The CIA may have been doing its thing there, no doubt, but keep in mind that the FSS and FIS (successors to the KGB and the GRU) are not exactly dead, and Chavez was all about intervention himself. He offered President Micheletti $3 million dollars to resign, poured money in for marches (that never reached the numbers of the pro-Micheletti, anti-Zelaya, anti-Chavez, or even the irate protests against CNN and its reporter, who was distorting the situation there.

Socialism does not need any CIA intervention to collapse under its own destructive weight. The CIA often does, always does, intervene for its own purposes. But let us not kid ourselves. Sometimes it may act in a manner you least expect, also. Moles are not rare anywhere, and the Venona papers of course corroborated the accusations of Senator McCarthy that the State Department was infiltrated by outright Communists that reported to the Soviet Union.

And who can doubt the jubilation of East Germans when the Berlin Wall fell and they were able to join the “more free” market and prosperity of West Germany?

Who can doubt that 90% of North Koreans would seize the chance to migrate to South Korea?

Who can doubt that the United States today just might have more Cubans than Cuba itself? And remember, Cuba cannot blame the embargo either, since every other nation in the world allows trade with them.

And even with the case of Chile, almost nobody ever hears the fact that the Congress in Chile, lacking a constitutional method to impeach and dethrone the dictatorship of Salvador Allende, voted 81 to 47, on August 22, 1973, for a resolution demanding the immediate cessation of Allende’s unconstitutional actions, that he cease arming leftist cadres, and a series of other demands, PLUS they demanded the removal of Allende from office. The military did nothing until the Congress demanded it, because of the economic damage and the violence that the regime had propagated.

This was even dubbed a “trade secret” by leftist journalists in Latin America: That they begrudgingly knew, admitted among themselves, that Pinochet’s actions had resulted in a much more prosperous Chile. And that was before they joined the G-7 club of “developed” nations.

Let me restate here though that I am absolutely opposed to US intervention abroad, all of it.

But many actions seem even engineered to hurt American interests, of which drone strikes are a “striking” example. Even if the orders that go forth for those actions are not purposed to hurt the country, they may be an example of God’s warnings that he would “turn back” the weapons in the hands of a nation under judgment. (Jeremiah 21:4)

Thief, gang, guerrilla, government. Organized theft, all…

April 28, 2014

All government is imposed by force upon the population.

You steal from your neighbor, you’re a thief.

If you have a bunch of thieves working to together to rob people, you’re a gang.

If your gang gets really big and extorts wealth and resources and money from a wide geographical area competing for a an even bigger area, you’re a guerrilla army.

If your guerrilla “army” conquers an area and consolidates its power and repels other gangs and guerrillas by force successfully, you get to call yourself a government.

There was no “government” until somebody conquered somebody else and killed resistance, including the government that expelled the British during the “War of Independence”. The “Civil War” is taught as the time when the matter of who was boss was settled. It was a war of conquest. Emancipation does not excuse the matter at hand, that the forces that supported that conquest went on later to rob and extort us blind later.

As to the care of babies, the best you can do for them is to promote Biblical Christianity. Almost all cultures everywhere commonly practiced ritual and convenience infanticide, and then Christians in the first and second centuries began rescuing those babies.

Home school vs government cookie-cutter education

April 28, 2014

Maybe the people that ridicule Christians advocating removing their children from government schools and home-schooling them should consider that the home-schooled have been among the top winners in spelling bees, geography bees, math competitions, and the mostly-home-schooled law students at Patrick Henry College have won first place in moot court competitions in the US and even in the UK using UK law!

The old mythical stereotype of the dumb backward Christian doesn’t work for scientists (since it’s all downhill after creationist Isaac Newton), or today, since the home-schooled consistently have scored higher on average than others on the same tests, and by the way, Christian and religious school students have shown better scores than those from public schools. And that’s with public schools’ scores aided by situations where the home-schoolers had to go into public schools, and boost the public school scores.

God is NOT dead, but dead churches are. But Jesus is risen!

April 27, 2014

Reason’s Nick Gillespie has penned an article that points to his “latest column up at Time“. That’s the magazine that was going bankrupt without any offers from the hoped-for buyers until another leftist millionaire saved it for *one*, that’s right, one, dollar.

The first paragraph he quotes at

These days, God is dead everywhere except at movie theaters. But rest easy, America, that doesn’t mean we’re spiraling into an amoral abyss or a lawless society. Indeed, by most indicators of anti-social behavior, things have never been better.

Hey, Nick, did you really think about that? The biggest organization in the United States that has the most guns and big firepower in the country just went through an episode in which they threatened to shoot down the peaceful demonstrators. After Waco, do you doubt they would have done it, if not for the cameras watching them? And just maybe, some people who had come to support the victim and who were ready to shoot back?

The entire flying public in the land is groped, molested and radiated by the biggest armed gang in the country, the federal government, 2 million!, that’s millions, every single day, in an act that violates the supreme law of the land, and this is not a lawless society on the abyss? Or do you think this aggression is peaceful and lawful simply because the public accepts it?

Reason’s web site itself reports on the growing problem of abuse rained upon the subjects of our new national fiefdom by the enforcers of the law.

The national culture has also grown in the easier acceptance of the taking of human life, too. Four states already have legislation permitting physician-assisted suicide. There are babies newly born alive across the land that have a sign above their crib in hospitals that read “N.B.O.”: “Nothing by mouth”. They would never call it “IBS”, would they? (“Infanticide By Starvation”).

Is not partial birth abortion a brutal procedure more reminiscent of a society that accepts aggression against its most helpless neighbors? Call it legalized lawlessness, what it is.

And it’s incredible that with a wave of a hand you think you can dismiss what you said in your second quoted paragraph?

Even as polls and church-attendance records show the U.S. is becoming a more secular, less pious country, current films such as Heaven is for Real (based on a best-selling account of a four-year-old boy’s supposed trip to the afterlife) and Noah (based on the Old Testament’s account of the Great Flood) have done boffo business.

Noah is closing in on $100 million, the line that separates mere hits from blockbusters, and Heaven is for Real easily bested Johnny Depp’s poorly reviewed meditation on computer-enabled immortality, Transcendence. God’s Not Dead, a drama about a college freshman challenging his professor’s atheism, is also performing strongly, and so is Son of God, the latest cinematic version of the life of Jesus.

Expect to see more Christian and religiously themed movies as a result…. Yet there’s no reason to think that such movies will do anything to stanch the broad and ongoing decline in religiosity. And there’s even less reason to worry about the trend toward a less godly country….

Your question at the end for comment, in my opinion, may even show a suspicion in your own mind that you are missing something.

It’s certain that people are “less religious” than before, and they are, according to the generalized statistics. But here again we have a very disparate collection of groups in such surveys, all incorporated into totals that treat them all as one blob.

What you missed is the movement OUT of the churches and out of the traditionally recognized churches that go into the official counts and are used for the surveys, but the ones who have the strongest faith are not quitting Christ or Christianity.

Instead, Christians are finding fellowship and Bible study in the form of volunteer service in soup kitchens, old homes, schools and elsewhere, and of course in home fellowships.

You also missed something else. Part of why Christianity is in decline is the way itwas enticed into joining government registration systems, a result associated with Senator LyndonBaynes Johnson’s insertion of “religious organizations” into the IRS tax legislation. The influence of Bush’s “faith-based initiative” is an example of Montesquieu  insight that the best way to diminish Christian faith by giving them benefits.

So of course government-sponsored and government-blessed religiosity is in decline. The false shepherds and the ones who seek easy benefit will abandon the institutions when it gets difficult.

In general, it may still decline. But let me take a stab at a guess. I’ll bet that with Ron Paul’s campaign you were surprised, even startled, at the great numbers of people you discovered that rushed to support him and came out of the censorship-enforced woodwork to blast out messages proclaiming how Christianity’s strongest doctrine of the love of God and the love of others directly means obeisance to the non-aggression principle.

Christians are already hated in many places. But do not think that atheism offers a transcendent basic morality to support the non-aggression principle. Christianity’s Golden Rule does. I hope you know what it says. I’ve been told there are many who don’t know that the “Golden Rule” is, except for the stupid joke you hear sometimes.

History highlights

April 27, 2014

1917 Bolshevik Revotion “of the Masses” -financed by gold brought to Moscow by Lenin and St. Petersburg by Trotsky

1920s-1930s Big Banker Warburg (aka “Warbucks”) brags that the Bolsheviks would have collapsed without Western bankers’ money

1944- 45 countries meet in San Francisco and agree to form the United Nations, in a conference chaired by Alger Hiss, protege of Roosevelt, later convicted and condemned as a Soviet Communist spy..

1910 – Senator Nelson Aldrich and various other representatives from some of the biggest banks of the US meet on Jekyll Island, arriving in clandestine fashion, using false names for arranging their travels there.

1913 – The fruits from the Jekyll Island meeting become the Federal Reserve Act, the third unconstitutional central bank of the US. Booms and busts are nationalized ever since.

1945- Nuclear strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, after extensive wartime conspiracy to hide the nuclear research for the bomb..

1940-1945- Office of Strategic Services establishes a permanent spying and conspiracy factory, from its wartime work, later morphing into the CIA

1947-to-Present- The business of the CIA is specifically conspiracies, discerning them and developing their own, including one disinformation campaign against JFK assassination researchers to use their grip on media to turn the words “conspiracy theory” into an epithet of adolescent ridicule.

1963- A coup in South Vietnam removes the stigma of dictatorship from the regime with the announcement of elections, and now the USG can aid a “democracy”, and later on, LBJ’s friends at Bell Helicopters land one of the biggest contracts to sell their stuff to the Army after losing a bidding competition.

August 2, 1964 -A North Vietnamese Navy torpedo hits a US Navy ship in an incident that never happened and is later exposed, but not before Lyndon Baynes Johnson and the Congress use it to start a major war against a Vietnamese guerrilla force and the North Vietnamese, costing billions of dollars, untold millions of dollars and too many young lives, and creating a fierce anti-draft war and exploding

1933 – Reichstag – No conspiracy here, keep moving, nothing to see here..

201 – BUT a documentary by an Israeli film-maker made in 2011 features an interview with an elderly German Jewish immigrant of the 1930s.

He talks about the “common interest” between the National Socialists and the Zionists during the 1930s.”

1960 -Eichmann, jokingly called “the little Jew” by fellow Nazi generals during the war for his Jewish appearance, is captured by Israeli agents and flown to Israel for a war crimes and genocide trial. On the way, he tells one of his captors that he “knows Hebrew” and proceeds to sing a song that the Jews used to sing in the camps, in Hebrew.

AND in other news…

ABC exposes itself in a deceitful smear job against Herbalife

April 26, 2014

No, I don’t own one penny of Herbalife stock. None.

But I’ll bet you that Ackman, this billionaire who has shorted Herbalife stock, has millions, tens of millions, is also vested in pharmaceuticals. At the least he stands to make billions for shorting Herbalife stock. Of course Herbalife has been strong.

The ABC story briefly mentions a lawsuit by (some) Herbalife stockholders who claim that the company did not disclose it was a pyramid scheme? Is that the story? Really? These guys put there money into something they didn’t check out first? They didn’t check out the company?

The very worst player in this whole report is ABC, along with these “investigative reporters” that work for it. It is obvious that the video clips they told us were “medical claims” were obviously not. They were only PERSONAL testimonies. “I took Herbalife products and this happened”.

Big Pharma is in there somewhere. They HATE good nutrition. And if they were *really* making generalized medical claims, well, the FDA and other government goons swoop down real fast like a plague of locusts to shut them down, not today but yesterday. Maybe one or more of those mega-billionaire companies that pay mega-bucks to ABC to place their ads, maybe they nudged them to “investigate this” too, besides Ackman contacting them.

ABC itself paid its employees (“journalists”) to sign false documents as distributors and making promises that they only want to sell Herbalife products. Maybe there’s a lawsuit in there somewhere.

Also they themselves are not disclosing everything; not content to do investigative reporting on the things that matter, like the secret administration agreements to decide who would rule Ukraine, like why they don’t research why US agencies financed what they knew were Al Qaeda killers in LIbya (Gaddafi warned you) to overthrow the ONLY ONE nation in the world to invite the nuclear powers to come and take it all. (Maybe gold-backed currency alternate to the dollar?)

And they tried to posture as “objective” by mentioning Ackman’s conflict of interest, in doing his best and recruiting (bribing?) a a former executive to “blow the whistle”? At least ABC also blew the whistle on Ackman and his “protege”, an executive who was probably soon going to be out or had some grudge anyway.

Or maybe Ackman found out something and spoke to him *before* the guy left, meaning this “whistleblower?” was enticed out? That would be not only a conflict of interest but also illegal. Why didn’t ABC ask *those* questions?

ABC is desperate to win back some audience, I guess, but they’re doing it the way they always have, by avoiding the stories that people want to know about. Like how the players in government (and ahem, media) have been screwing them over.

What goes around, comes around. Remember, Whatsoever a man seweth, that shall he also reap.

Peer review is dead; Long live the free Inter-Networks!

April 24, 2014

Ah, forget about peer review. All those arguments against it, and then you throw it all away by simply saying that peer review is good, we just need good peer *reviewers*.

But having peer reviewers are exactly what is wrong with this thing. It’s a moral hazard, a massive temptation for enforcing conformity.

The greatest advancements in science history have been made against the resistance of the cabal of the majority of those who make a living based on the ideas they believe in, or have vested interest in.

Joao Mageijo, British Royal Fellowship recipient, wrote of his wrestling match with peer reviewers trying to get his paper published on his theory of the variable speed of light.

The article mentions the Krebs Cycle. Consider a recent episode in which a solution to the problem of “P versus NP” was proposed on the Internet directly, no “publishing”, no peer review, straight to the Web. It only took one day for dozens, maybe hundreds, to prove that the “proof” was wrong.

The Internet has already killed any lingering relevance peer review may have had. The Internet, or rather the penetration of interconnected electronic communications networks (doesn’t have to be “the” Internet) involves media that are basic and ubiquitous change to culture and the body politic, that it promises historical upheavals comparable to the discovery of the printing press.

So “peer review” today as a gatekeeper for the scarce resources of paper publication, is defunct. Its defenders are those who have already entrenched themselves in positions of power and authority in their respective disciplines, and wish to protect their emotional and career investments. Or call it “feeling threatened” by the wild free-for-all of the Internet.

Crazy ideas about and are quickly also shot down in the wider context of the Internet, and relegated to the dunce corner. Giving them wide coverage quickly exposes their flaws.

You can now tell which ideas are on shaky ground by how much they depend on peer review today for their continued circulation, in fact. Climate-gate exposed one of those. Creationist scientists’ papers are shut out when the science is sound, because the authoritarians in power “cannot allow a divine foot in the door”. That’s a quote from one of them, in his “explanation” for why scientists hold ideas that make no sense.

It’s like Gamaliel at the council of the Sanhedrin discussing the apostles in the book of Acts. “But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.” Acts 5:39.


Angels dancing on pins, Christian philosophy

April 20, 2014

The considerations of “angels dancing on the head of a pin” is a common mistake of most of all generations, among the intellectual and “thinker” class. I’m sort of a member, but had the advantage of both growing up poor (compared to the majority in the US anyway), and raised by a Christian family, plus knowing the influence of education and academia in my life, later corrected a number of ways.

The phrase is a fair way to describe many theological discussions, but there are even more important histories to consider. Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, these are philosopher often discussed and quoted, and their ideas bounced around in these discussions, but the most important influence on the way people of all economic and intellectual shades regarded “living well” and the issues of happiness.

Nobody in the history of the world had a greater influence than Jesus Christ, through his life and teachings and person, and his disciples, even *without* counting the most important event for Christians, the Resurrection. (The “cross is meaningless without it, but represents power with the other).

Paul said he had learned to be content “in whatsoever state”, and to both “abase and abound”. I’ve been poor, and I’d still appreciate a windfall, but some of my happiest moments were when I was a missionary “south of the border” and watching the changes in people’s lives. People living happy and free from letting material considerations and from guilt. Yes, we did NOT push a “guilt trip” on anybody, we showed them Jesus’ offer of freedom from guilt.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem, he wreaked out his painful wrath on those moneychangers, healed the sick, raised the dead, inspired the Samaritans, but he still said “My joy I leave with you”.

Now for the 21st century obligatory disclaimer. Mr. Bush’s insisting that Jesus was his favorite philosopher was, in my opinion, a blatant lie. I do believe in faith healing (so do several double-blind studies), but I can watch a TV evangelist for two minutes and tell you which ones are false prophets and probably on their way to the wrong place. But some of the happiest Christians of history ancient and modern were, and are, the ones who suffered the worst abuses at the hand of lying hypocrites who said they were doing God’s work.

There is no well-being in such behavior, It is disobedience to the ones they say they revere.

Following Jesus, the first rule is the Golden Rule, which as corollary demands what we now call the “non-agression principle”.

A Christian philosophy teacher at a Catholic university once shared an insight on the subject. He said, “A philosopher is one who seeks answers. Jesus Christ is a wise man who has the answers”.

Living well, achieving the good life; Learn how to be content

April 20, 2014

These thoughts were inspired by Wendy’s musings at Daily Bell again:

She has a habit of posting interesting topics and thoughts for discussion.

Some people put too much importance on finances and material well-being.

Looks like the Stoics had it right on this one. If you anchor your happiness to external conditions, you’re pegging your feelings about life on external circumstance, but that doesn’t vanish upon living well materially. Debts grow, things happen, the homeowner has to get a new roof, your company lost half its customers due to [whatever]. I grew up poor, and I know the attitude that they sneak into Hollywood productions sometimes, that it’s easy for a rich person to say it doesn’t satisfy.

What are you going to do with a family farm? If his “living well” definition depended on the weather, it would be just as fickle. Why should we guarantee our own sour disposition and grow our bitterness. Let us live free of basing ourselves on fleeting circumstance.

As a matter of fact, the overwhelming majority of people throughout history were farmers, and more than half of the rest lived at survival level. Consider life before the Industrial Revolution, before the conveniences you take for granted. For example, only in the last few years has the poorest youth in barrios in my wife’s country of Honduras been able to have a phone even in their household. Now, there’s a ipod or Android in almost every cardboard shack!

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.-Proverbs 22:1

I heard one speaker share his father’s wisdom, from the same circumstances. The father had lost literally everything, all income, and the son asked him why he didn’t steal something. The reply was that his honesty was all he had left.

My friend, if you are poor and habitually honest, thank God for this precious treasure He has blessed you with. It is worth more than all the dollars the Federal Reserve can print. I was a missionary in an independent Christian youth movement without the rich denominational support. Support was many, many days hand to mouth. My first day with them after my decision to join the Jesus “revolution”, we were evicted from the property after a dispute that had been provided to us by agreement by a certain TV personality of the time.

My second night was sleeping on a park bench under the stars. That was one of my happiest nights ever. The “Son of Man” had nowhere to lay his head, and has given us the key to eternal happiness. Polycarp happily scoffed at the emperor’s demands to recant, with the lions waiting. Paul said he had learned both to abase and abound, and learned to “be content” in “whatsoever state” he found himself in, and he lived it.