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Iraq was obviously a mistake, but his comments with Wolf Blitzer (2008?) might make him a target?

July 31, 2016

Iraq was obviously a mistake, but his comments with Wolf Blitzer (2008?) might make him a target?

Make peace not war!

Trump on Iraq (back then)

July 31, 2016

He said he was suprised George W Bush was not impeached over the Iraq war.

To Khan and Dems: What about the 10,000 Libyans killed in Libya in Hillary’s al-Qaeda war?

July 31, 2016

Where was the forceful Islamic condemnation in the speech from Hillary’s Khan against the Islamist radicals who claim they kill innocent people for Allah?

This Khan guy waved the Constitution at Trump?? What about the 10,000 dead in Towargah, Libya, in Hillary’s unconstitutional war? Slaughtered by Al Qaeda their friends and allies, a town wiped out by radicals who said they acted for Khan’s god.

Everybody who was paying attention has known that ALL the leading Christian voices in Christian media have loudly condemned every act of violence against anybody claiming to act in the name of Christianity. Loudly. The media has tried to blame all Christians for the acts of insane loners, and even there, those who were paying attention found that in the details, they more often than not turned out to be motivated by other things, not Christians at all, and likely Democrat Party by registration.

There are many Muslims who do condemn these acts of violence. The press does not often put them on without a thousand disclaimers. It is the leftist press and the chauvinist government and plutocrat ruling class that from the beginning of Bush’s illegal wars. Instead they pull out the self-righteous dividers who jump to push special rights and considerations for Muslims (over Christians, Hindus and Jews) and then later claim that anti-Islamist sentiment is a bigger problem than what they say are a few violent Islamists.

They won’t say “radical Islamists” because their real hope is to include Christians in their surveillance-controlled police state. Psalm 2 tells us about their plots, and Revelation 13 tells us their goals.

When Anders Behring Breivik, who had declared himself as an atheist in his blog, killed at least 77 people of a Christian youth group who were enjoying an outing on an island in Norway, in protest against the Islamization of Europe, he had declared in his blog.

CNN rushed to label him as a “Christian fundamentalist”, based on his blog writings BASED ON LAZY REPORTING, because the guy declared on that same blog he was ATHEIST. That means they only made up the ‘fundamentalist” based on their own prejudice and bias and let’s call it what it is, their hate, because like Jesus said the world will hate his followers.

These billionaire oligarchs want to divide their subjects, their victims, into groups that hate each other, whether it’s by religion, ethnicity, nationality, tribal origins, so they can eventually offer their own brand of Pax Tyrannis. And depopulation.


Why libertarians lean more Trump than socialist Hillary

July 31, 2016

“Libertarianism” is properly defined by the non-aggression principle. No coercion.

Hence Ayn Rand acolytes are not “pure” libertarians. Many “objectivists” oppose property rights in matters of “discrimination”, for example. They also demand more help to the very much non-libertarian state of Israel. And re-define the Palestinian Arabs as subhuman, that is, “savages”. Too many Muslims are, and no doubt a LOT of Muslims secretly hope for true peace.

Gary Johnson speaks as if he would leave most of the troops in the 150 countries where they are now stationed, bleeding the economy dry. He said Christian bakers should do a cake that blesses a gay wedding, AND that a Jewish baker should be required to bake a cake with any message a Nazi would require. Weld is BIG on welfare and warfare himself; “food stamps”, Medicare, Medicaid, whatever.

Trump’s pronouncements are much more non-aggression principle, although still severely lacking many areas. Walk back from out-dated NATO. Rethink TPP, NAFTA. Consider Ukraine in terms of US interests instead of encircling Russia and trying to control the world. Telling the truth: Bush lied us into Iraq and it’s a mess. Obama and HRC (Hillary) made a big unholy mess in Libya, and made Syria worse.

And government immigration policy packaged as “open borders” is no such thing. This latest especially is SUBSIDIZED immigration. They get freebies galore, not as bad as Europe seems like, but nonetheless.

Obama approved this message

July 30, 2016

Ted Kennedy begged the Soviets to intervene in the 1984 elections :)

July 30, 2016

Ted Kennedy begged the Soviets to interfere in the 1984 elections:

After Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Plutocrat Media (CNN-ABC-CBS-NBC-FOX-MSNBC-NYT-WP) blame the Russians for hacking and exposing the DNC emails, Trump –tongue obviously in cheek and they know it– invited the Russians to expose the 30,000 missing emails from the HRC personal email server.

And this accidentally provoked the Hillary Rodham Clinton camp to inadvertently admit, out loud and in print, that her email server issue “is a matter of national security”, while pulling out a modified Nixon’s anti-communist cold war campaign rhetoric. “Soft on Communism” has become “soft on Russia”.

The Real Story Behind The Turkish Coup

July 23, 2016

One story had the two rebel jets finding Erdogan’s plane and issuing orders to land but never shot at his plane. Another said they couldn’t find his plane. I think Turkey’s populace was prepped for this, like Iran for Khomeini.

The coup does not smell like a straight story. Disraeli blew the whistle on things like this in “politics”.

To me, the anti-Chavez coup was obviously an auto-coup, with him safely offshore on a Venezuelan island in an Air Force base. Thugs he had already armed patrolling the streets and breathing threatenings against opponents. Set it off with government thugs shooting into the one-million-strong peaceful protest march. Military coup plotters cleared of ALL charges by the Chavista-installed Supreme Court in a near-total blacklisted news story.

Same thing in Russia. Diane Sawyer rides in to the Kremlin to interview Yeltsin, electricity never cut off to the place by the coup plotters, everybody laughing with each other and having a good time like they just ordered pizza. Laughing in our faces.

Gorbachev safely ensconsed in his vacation home in the south of Russia with his family under “house arrest”, pool and all, and the top coup plotters all cleared of all charges by THAT Supreme Court too.

But oh my gosh. The Honduran Supreme Court issues legal orders for Zelaya’s arrest for a long list of abuses (add it up to an auto-coup) when the government’s own attorney general brings charges, and the world calls it a coup. It was a counter-coup against an auto-coup.

My wife and step-kids are from Honduras. A friend of the family was worried during those days in 2009 because his uncle was in the Zelaya cabinet. Zelaya (socialist by then declared) had gifted him a million dollars, told him “Stick with me” because he was going to be president for life. Hillary called Micheletti and ordered him to resign to let Zelaya back in power. He said No! She asked what it would take (meaning how much, wink wink) and he said only an invasion. Chavez plainly offered him $3 million, and he said No! So Chavez poured so much money in to pay for protestors (a family cousin got in on it) that the lempira soared 10 percent against the dollar. Nope.

Changed history for awhile anyway. Socialist president of El Salvador said, uh, second thought, No, to Chavez’ oil club. Paraguay impeached the runaway leftist ex-priest priest. Caracas mayor pined for Honduran testicles. An ex-Guatemalan president giddily suggested joining with Honduras to coordinate foreign policy. And more. Unreported in Globalist News Cartel.

Contrast the glee by the international press with the Ukraine coup, and some giddiness over the Turk coup.

Again: good guy with a gun stops mass shooting: Media: crickets

July 23, 2016

Politics is a blood sport

July 18, 2016

Found at taki-mag:

There, Theodore takes on the issue of hostilities around “color groups” in ancient Rome, where we learn that different groups battled physically based on each group’s color. There were blues and grays. (Read it, an entertaining piece).

Sports is an emotional preparation for war. Political parties do a competition every couple of years mostly within the territorial zones that previous victors have carved out from other teams. Sometimes it turns into a blood sport, and sometimes new teams form up around some slogan. Not “just” colors anymore but slogans only slightly more sophisticated.

Maybe I should take that back. Yes, there are some who cannot see beyond their color, I guess.

“The Economist” messed up. Don’t you do the same

July 17, 2016

I just received this unsolicited email solicitation, telling me I should avoid “messing up”, from “The Economist”, with the subject line:

“Britain just messed up. Don’t you do the same.”

Clueless byline. They just re-asserted their independence from the bureaucratic dictates of central planners and power-hungry commissars based somewhere else.