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Greek requirement for entry to Harvard

May 30, 2016

This is a past issue from 1895, and the write is relating a list of the requirements for preparing students for entry to Harvard (looks like just general requirements, not just for the divinity schools and all that):

Translation of the ancient Greek texts of Caesar and Nepos from Latin, and from Xenophon in Greek. The “average boy” was expected to do this:

> In the elementary examination in the classics, the test applied is the > translation at sight of passages from Caesar and Nepos in Latin, and > from Xenophon in Greek. These authors all have a simple narrative > style, and their thought is neither involved nor profound, so that > their works are entirely within the comprehension of the average boy.

As you can see, you don’t even have to go as far back as the 17th or 18th century to find excellent scholarship in the ancient languages, and much more widespread.

What a huge reminder of how far scholarship has fallen, academically and spiritually.



W-V More about Erasmus (sigh)

May 20, 2016

Yeah. I don’t know Greek, I don’t know Hebrew, but I do know Matthew 7:20 and a host of other verses, and I’ve seen enough of other “versions” to know the difference.

I don’t have a degree in Political Science, either, but Matthew 7:20 (and several more scriptures) is enough wisdom to know which one is the most vile and evil candidate for political power and riches.

I don’t have a degree in climatology, but I know enough about how to learn and discern guided by a love for the truth to be able to tell the hockey stick is a fraud.

Peter and John were “unlearned and ignorant men”, but all the learned and lettered audience “took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus”.

And you might be surprised sometimes:

And the Jews marvelled, saying, How knoweth this man letters, having never learned?–John 7:15

Ha. So they thought. He wasn’t a Sanhedrin regular. No Harvard grad that one.

That’s one Harvard Divinity School graduate that blows the whistle on modern “divinity scholarship” including the Bible language students:

As a Harvard Divinity School graduate, I can testify that these modern seminaries and biblical studies programs are not only full of apostates, but socialists, abortion supporters, sexual perversion advocates, practicing sodomites and lesbians, radical feminists, witches, New Agers, and atheists. Expecting spiritual discernment from such people would be insanity. Comparing biographies of the new version translators to the biographies of the KJV translators that she provides in In Awe of Thy Word, would make the magnitude of this insanity even more clear. In Awe of Thy Word, Riplinger asserts, quite correctly, that we must look to the Holy Spirit to guide us to an understanding of the words of the Bible, and that the very definition of individual words are to be found within the text itself.



Decay and fall of cultural institutions

May 20, 2016

Degrees from “established” universities today are almost all the same thing as “Establishment” universities.

I’ve learned the most important things about both Christian history and about world history and about history of the USA in the years after I finished with university studies.

It’s all upside down, what they teach you, even science now. Biology is thoroughly corrupted by one ancient origins myth, embellished by one Charles Darwin. Physics is corrupted by political interference (see “Fire From Ice”, by Eugene Mallove). Climatologists are rebelling against politically driven frauds that are engineered to drive global centralization of government by dictates from the shadows. The central purpose of basic elementary and secondary education has become making sure that the subjects of government think they have the best one possible.

Even in today’s Venezuela, there are still people who think Chavez was great. (And not just the new billionaires like the Chavez daughter, exposed in recent file spills.)

Another manifestation of a kind of great “falling away” of today, which includes the loss of what respect for truth that was left as part of of the Christian legacy for the world, is the embracing of man’s thinking replacing God’s thinking.

Such is the falling away from the KJB that accelerated after the infiltration of doctrines of devils in public schools and in the instruments of cultural communications in the latter half of the 20th century.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!–Isaiah 5:20

Election 2016: Bernie wildfire now spills outside the party

May 15, 2016

A Bernie-bot friend of mine sent me this link, and so, just when you thought the year in presidential sweepstakes couldn’t get crazier for Election 2016, here comes another shoe dropping. Hear it?

This is a draft-Bernie movement forming a new political party just in case Hillary Clinton secures her nomination and Bernie loses in his plan to use the delegates to upend the nomination.

Here comes the new United Progressive Party, formed up just for Bernie.

The link was sent to me from a Bernie-bot friend. I say that respectfully (in his case) because he is knowledgeable about processes and passionate because unfortunately he thinks this “democratic socialism” will help the poor, and doesn’t think much about the fact that every action gets a reaction and the law of unintended consequences.

Would that born-again Christians and libertarians had this fervor.

Alan Cassidy

NYT hit piece: Thy name is Liar

May 15, 2016

That government mouthpiece spin rag has just run a propaganda hit against Trump. They found disgruntled ex-employees (You’re fired?) and jilted lovers and one Miss America who hurt his brand by going overweight.

That all you got?

I despise the idea that tariffs will solve anything but for a few companies maybe and make some union guys feel better. Making imports more expensive will hit many items that the poor buy. It is a common mistake by those who don’t grasp how international trade works in the context of political and economic dynamics. Plus other issues are involved like the Fed devaluing the dollar. China’s not the only one.

That said, get real. Every time the Establishment gov-spin media or Establishment party bosses slam him, the more his points go up.

Americans are voting for him because they want to upset their applecart. They are tired of war, tired of the Fed, tired of Wall Street hustlers, tired of promises trashed, tired of taxes, tired of their dollar’s buying power killed by government borrowing and spending, and this time they want the change they thought they were getting in 2008 but got bait and switch instead.

Americans are finding out that gov programs are killing wealth not creating it. Ron Paul let loose the freedom to think outside two-party dumbness.

Christmas meant much more than people realize when he said, “Yellow shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”



Trump, Bolton and McCain

May 10, 2016

I’m not yelling at anybody, but that second cartoon was good. Even John Bolton and John McCain are saying the same thing. The ones on the fence will either endorse the last man standing or else they’ll fade away. McCain had a fundraiser appeal where he told donors to give to him because he’s afraid Trump will hurt the down-ticket, but he really knows the opposite is probably true based on this upside down year and the things that still are waiting to come up before November. (Even without the email scandal)

(The Bush-Romney gang thought they rigged an unbreakable firewall against libertarians and real conservatives, and along came the gadfly)

Kind of like the “Tyler Durden” nom d’plum at, you could say that like him, I might have been “rooting” for him to tear down the rotten RINO party bosses and Democrat Party adjuncts, but did not “support” him.

Tariff wars are devastating for (1) the poor (they make things more expensive), (2) bad for the middle class (they make things more expensive), (3) and for exports (Smoot Hawley showed this). In some other things, he’s TERRIBLE, like what he said about Snowden, but we’ll see….

And another couple of things. Libertarians are divided on the immigration topic. Some of us (me included) regard any government support for immigration as a type of government subsidy.

And many of us also realize that this mass importation of immigrants pushed by this Christian hating president is part of his push to destroy Christianity and the still-alive middle-country American culture. And independent thinking.

On 5/9/16 5:08 PM, Paul Nelson wrote:


NC Gov. McCrory says he’ll answer Justice ultimatum on transgender bathroom issue by Monday deadline

May 8, 2016

After DOJ treatens North Carolina to cut off federal funds from the state:
Fox News: NC Gov. McCrory says he’ll answer Justice ultimatum on transgender bathroom issue by Monday deadline

Maybe it’s time to call on the states to tell DC to take the funds back to hell with them and lower the taxes on citizens instead? What’s the matter with us, people?

What will happen if the States start refusing federal funds for things that pertain to the states according to the original Constitution before SCOTUS perversions and twists and executive decrees, and start yelling at them to lower taxes instead?

What can the representatives from those States say in Congress? Please don’t mess with our pork? State legislatures ought to start meddling! That was the original idea!

Take it back! Don’t like Trump? So demand a rollback on centralizing power!!