Allende, Insulza and Zelaya—The real engineers of coup-installed dictators

The other side of the Chile story and the way Allende‘s socialists were intentionally destroying the country, killing dissidents, and storing massive numbers of arms for their own battles with any opponents, which they did with an all-out shooting war against the military. The military, by the way, only when the Congress passed a resolution demanding in very clear language that the military intervene to stop the now unconstitutional renegade criminal regime of socialist Allende.

The international news agencies played the same tune against the freedom-defending people of Honduras as they did against Chile. But I knew the truth about Honduras and that 85% of the Honduran people were demanding that the authorities stop his dictatorship, because that’s what it was. And that he was constitutionally removed by the constitutional authorities that were empowered for the purpose, and that there was no military coup.

The leftist disinformation machines saw that they were losing the argument calling it a “military” coup because the military obeyed the civilian authorities at all times and did not have any power over civilian government at any time, and the presidential succession was constitutional, so they tried calling it a “civic-military coup”. That doesn’t work either though.

So the clueless public internationally was fed the lie that the guy who was the real head of the real coup was Manuel Zelaya, who refused to obey any laws passed by the Congress, and repeatedly and defiantly disobeyed a series of court orders.

When a demagogue is already acting as dictator, and proving by his actions that he cares absolutely nothing about any “constitutional republic” or even “democracy”, then it’s a sure bet he doesn’t care about respecting any fair electoral process or accurate count of any free elections either. So his pre-counted “referendum” or “survey” was a fraud in process, and everybody in Honduras knew this, including the pro-socialist professionally paid liars who say otherwise.

It was Zelaya’s coup and a constitutional counter-coup. And Inzulsa, contributed to the destruction of Chile’s republic and its economy in the Allende years, is a complete Marxist himself. Who can trust the word of a guy who teamed up with Chavez (“I have always been a Maoist“) to get Honduras thrown out, right after he said the OAS should bring Cuba back in?!


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