What’s wrong with a little Halloween fun?

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English: Druid Order Spring Equinox at Tower H...
English: Druid Order Spring Equinox at Tower Hill, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Halloween used to be “Hallow’s Eve”, a cover name for I guess somebody trying to amalgamate the Druids‘ pagan customs into Christianity.

Remembering the dead is one thing. But the pagan customs popularized in recent generations in the USA and practiced in the American Halloween and its Latin American counterpart (Day of the Dead), were –and are– religious rites brought forward and revived from the Druids and their wizards (aka “priests”).

It’s the day in which they believed –and witches today believe, I have spoken with some of them– that the gap between the physical and the spiritual world are the “thinnest”, and the spirits of the people who died during the year since the last “feast of Samhain” rise out of the grave and go wandering, seeking the door to the “netherworld”.

The “treats” come from the practice of leaving fruits and other goodies out for those wandering spirits. Some of those spirits were not considered very nice personalities, so this was supposedly to pacify them and avoid the “tricks” that those spirits would play on them.

Of course the Druid “priests” had a trade secret. They were the ones who took the “treats” and often did the “tricks” to perpetrate the myth, whether they believed in those myths themselves or not.

They also believed that Samhain, “Lord of Darkness“, also came through the thin barrier on this day to seek more souls to carry back with him to the darkness. Witches who deny any belief in Satan or Lucifer nevertheless believe in all kinds of spirits and some much more powerful than others.

Here’s an explanation from the pagan perspective itself:


It being the public face of the pagan perspective, you won’t find a reference to the human sacrifices made by the Druids.

A lot of people think this is a harmless holiday, and a lot of people have harmless fun. They don’t think about the “Harry Potter” effect on the children, the emphasis on dressing up as witches and warlocks and zombies and the celebration of fear and terror. Not only that, they often get very angry at people who mention the fact that TODAY, this day is celebrated by the witches who practice the darkest of “magick” (with a “k”).

They try not to think much of the fact that all the Humane Society pet adoption centers REFUSE to release ANY cats for “adoption” on this day, especially BLACK cats.

A Roman prelate established the day of “All Hallow’s Eve” as a day to honor loved ones that had deceased to try to mitigate the blatant pagan nature of the people’s persistence in the superstitions of the day.

Another Druid wizard-hood trade secret is that the day is associated with the tradition of human sacrifice. There are some defected and repentant witches who mention the rites practiced in some circles.

The scene of the Sharon Tate murders featured an extensive array of witches’ symbols for example.

Saint Patrick brought literacy to Ireland along with the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ. He brought freedom from the oppression of the Druid overlords who demanded their “treats” so that the “spirits” would leave you alone, who ruled even kings, with their Mafia-like tactics. Ireland learned from the Gospel to despise the slave trade and the practice of slavery.

After all, Patrick obeyed the admonition to “Go and make disciples of all nations”, which means setting them free with the truth, the polar opposite of slaving them. He had been a slave but the love of Christ brought him back to the people most of us would have hated, to share that love with them.

When they heard about this in Rome, the Pope sent a bishop to rule over them, and they sent him to flight from the island. Several centuries later Rome was able to send an army that subdued them finally, and from that time, the narrative took hold that “our apostle is bigger than your apostle”, and the history was rewritten to incorporate Patrick as one of theirs.

God bless Patrick, a saint indeed, who brought to Ireland the message of freedom from the witches and the goblins and the spirits in the trees and the Druid masters and from slavery, and brought the love of books and the written word and the love of knowledge.

But today, alas, it’s a push back to nature worship under the guise of “Gaia light”, “Mother Nature“, and “Earth first”, and Agenda 21, and the dictatorship of the Druid priests who want us to revert to the days before technology and a return to superstition.

But the end of the current order of things has a good ending. Even of the evil man we know of as the “Beast”, or “Antichrist”, who the Bible says is of the understanding of dark sayings, “will come to his end, and none shall help him”.

I’m so glad that Patrick brought the Good News to the land of my ancestors the Irish.




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