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Obamacare: Nightmare of 68,000 new diagnosis codes for ICD-10 including the bizarre

June 14, 2015

I now work for a healthcare company, and before that a hospital software company, and be it knownst that the Obamacare legal abomination carries a LOT more than just the lying insurance cover.


They are requiring more conversion by more healthcare companies, and smaller ones, to electronic claims and payments processing and other non-insurance requirements. They are requiring conversion of the electronic diagnosis codes from the ICD-9 list to a new ICD-10 list, with at least ten times more codes.

Look at this number thoughtfully: The ICD-10 requirements include some 68,000 codes for the presumably 68,000 different diagnoses that a doctor might make for a patient. Presumably each healthcare company will have to decide how much to charge for each diagnosis, and possibly negotiate rates with each insurance company separately.

The codes include such idiotic details such “struck by a turtle”, “struck by a sea lion”, “accidental striking against or bumped into by another person, initial encounter”, “headache associated with sexual activity”, ”Pedestrian on foot injured in collision with roller-skater, subsequent encounter.”

Those were found at:

“ICD-10 involves an ‘enormous amount of complexity’”:

I’ve seen some of the more outlandish ones myself. With all the web pages a search brings up for “ICD-10 ridiculous”, it’s truly hard to tell which ones are made-up and which ones are spoofs. One listed “cat-scratch fever”, a la Ted Nugent song.

This may well create more too-big-to-fail companies. There is a mad rush in the healthcare industry to consolidate. Smaller hospitals are begging for bigger chains to buy them out. I haven’t seen specific reference to it, but I’ll bet this includes a LOT of “non-profit” medical companies selling to “profit-based” chains, or other “non-profit” organizations.

The company I work for is snapping up smaller ones everywhere in the country.

Many in the software industry are calling this “bigger than Y2K”, and I think it is. I worked for a small air conditioning equipment distribution company at that time, and changed something like over 600 tables, 1200 “views”, and 1,800 programs. This may affect more. It most certainly has involved LOTS and LOTS of typing and editing and changing going on. Every affected company, corporation and partnership affected, has to finish its own preparation enough to set up test environments so they can jointly test with EVERY other organization they do related business with.

One writer says it will cost trillions of dollars in costs to the medical industry. At my small-ish employer, it is reasonable to say it likely costs millions of dollars in developer pay, and pay for medical diagnosis coders time, and their training, plus all the accounting that goes into the use of the equipment and executives’ time. And all the extra personnel needed to both make the transition, and now the ongoing increase in costs associated with this crazy mess of codes and the multiplication of both human and programming mistakes.

See, this is the problem when people believe that a government can do better than God in sorting things out and taking care of people.

It will never be known how many people will suffer because of so many resources and so much time wasted on obeying government commands to comply with rules that bureaucrats make to justify their salaries, thinking they are helping people.

It’s not just skyrocketing medical costs that will result from this abominable law. It is the resources that are wasted in making life easier for government officials and politicians and giving them yet more socialized control over the lives of individuals. It’s easy to cry foul when a cop shoots a man in cold blood caught on video. It’s not so easy to consider the unemployed teens and unskilled poor who are locked out of the labor market by minimum wage laws. It’s not so easy to consider the invisible harm done to the sick, elderly, and disabled by laws that pretend to expand healthcare but shrink it. It’s not so easy to see the lost jobs and lost wages for the poor and under-employed that lose out to the increased tax burden imposed on their employers. It’s an easy mark to criticize giant corporate profits, but not so easy to see the way the regulations themselves benefit the biggest corporations and keep smaller competitors down. It’s easy to hear the demagogues complain about greedy corporations, but with a government-compliant big-corporation media, it’s not so easy to see how those same “greedy corporations” benefit the demagogues themselves.

Socialism is a lie. Like a friend once told me who had lived in Russia during the days of the Soviet Union, socialism does not exist, there is no such thing. It’s just a trade of one set of rulers for another one with less pretension. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

But let’s be clear. Obamacare is a bipartisan program. It is an implementation of a “conservative” Heritage Foundation plan published in the 1990s, it is Romney-care writ large, it is Hillary-care recharged. Charged to us, making us foot the bill. Let the refrain sound throughout the land: Obamacare is Hillary’s 1993 plan, Phase One.

“But be not deceived. God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”



daily bell wendy qv lao tau

June 10, 2015

Is the non-aggression principle compatible with these principles?

June 7, 2015

The non-aggression principle is not only compatible but also the best way to accomplish this list of goals specifically:

facilitate our development
facilitate the development of our fellow citizens
facilitate our interrelations with our families and our friends
facilitate our interactions with our colleagues and fellow citizens
facilitate the functioning of our societies.

Here’s one it is NOT compatible with:
facilitate the functioning of our governments

There are violent gangs, and there are governments. They both violate the non-aggression principle.

The biggest enemy of material and cultural development is government.
The biggest enemy of “the development of our fellow citizens” is government because it grows a monopoly of force and a monopoly control of communications media, at least to the extent that its victims allow it.

The biggest enemy of “our interrelations with our families and friends” has proven to be governments. It invites corruption, invents unjust rules to justify interfering in people’s own free choices in the market, robs the rich and the poor, mostly the poor, to subsidize their friends. The politicization of everything under color of “rights”, for example, has broken up many families and turned people afflicted by gender confusion against loving parents. “Love” is turned into “hate”.

Governments also attack most fiercely today the institutions of families and religion because individuals in families and believers resist the most tenaciously against commands to relinquish children and beliefs to state control.

The functioning of societies operates best under the non-aggression principle, which is the most time-tested and proven principle that promotes peaceful societies. Trying to justify the aggression of governments based on the fact that some people will always violate it, is an exercise in self-contradiction and confusion.

Because governments ARE a violation of the non-aggression principle by definition, claiming the right to steal your property and use violence against you if you disobey them.

Near future opportunity for smart phone software upstarts

June 7, 2015

Terranet in talks over mast-free mobile voice software:–1018668

Cell phones have enough hardware technology to support using as walkie-talkies, and to support a peer-to-peer network among cell phone nodes, as the article above shows.

What I’m waiting for is something that will enable an alternative network alongside the Internet, or even outside the Internet.

Pain in childbirth in humans is unique

June 7, 2015

A recent edition of The new Scientist magazine, of 9 May 2015, features an article by Barbara Finlay comparing the phenomenon of pain in humans as compared to animals. First of all, it’s different.

It seems primates do not feel pain in childbirth as human mothers do.

That was another eureka moment for me as a Bible-believer, and one of those things that makes you wonder why you missed it. Because pain and travail in childbirth was one of the curses at the time of the Garden after Adam and Eve disobeyed.

“Human childbirth appears to be uniquely painful among members of the animal kingdom”. Scientists formerly thought it was because of the size of the baby’s head compared to the pelvis, but there are animals, she says, like marmosets, who have comparable birth conditions without showing so much pain.

Author Finlay speculates the survival benefit of giving mothers in labor time to recruit help for the event. Which is another Biblical truth. Even God’s curses are for very good reasons.

TPP is NOT free trade, but booby trap

June 6, 2015

This TPP they’re talking about “fast-tracking” in Congress is taxation without representation (who’s to say there isn’t a tax hidden there somewhere?), and most certainly extortion without representation.

No way it’s free trade, it’s managed trade, where the biggest international companies, including the state-owned ones, call the shots.

A true “free trade” agreement needs NO secrecy AT ALL. One sentence. Government “A” will lay no tarrifs at all on goods that private parties import from nation “B”, and government “B” will assess no tariffs at all on goods that private parties import from nation “A”.

One paragraph. If your home-based companies howl too much about the home-based consumers having cheaper alternatives, then give add a transitional period with an immovable irrevocable deadline date after a reasonable period. Like one month, the same notice the biggest companies give their own consumers. Done.

Software security

June 5, 2015

Yes, money, but let the end users decide. The users decide by means of the Free Market. Government rules distort everything, make the users complacent and even more vulnerable, and now we see even the Federal Government doesn’t have enough money to secure their own personnel files.

Why is that? There’s no free market and the victims (the ones they extorted the taxes from) don’t have an option. In a free market, the consumer is king, and if he screws himself with the wrong choices, let him learn. I did not buy a house during the crazy bubble so the bust didn’t hurt me except indirectly through the economic effects of the less cautious. I shouldn’t have to pay for the other guy.

So it should be with bugs in code. Who pays for the time, who uses it, there are insurance companies. Insurance against security bugs, let loose the actuaries on it, and insurance companies and associated security companies get into the mix, and the breaches diminish. At least until it finds a cost/benefit medium, where the security finds the pivot between demand for security (with its cost) and demand for cheap and easy.

Fierce female Kurdish fighters

June 4, 2015

Peace comes when ethnic groups are recognized as their own people, and nobody is forced into an arbitrary turf run by appointed overlords:

Nation shall rise against nation, some to defend themselves…

W-V Mt. Sion or Mt. Zion? Much ado about nothing.

June 1, 2015

“…it behooves us to know where those imperfections and blemishes are by comparing these translations with the Greek Text itself.”

Oh yeah, right, how long have they been working on it? Do they have a list yet? Actions vs. words…