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Obama populist!? Really?!

June 30, 2016

Obama, Trudeau, Pena Nieto, plotting against Trump. We are onto them!

Obama populist??! Are you kidding?

It’s not about free trade, but political union! They don’t care what we think! Free your mind!

Secessions in succession?

June 27, 2016

Well, Scottish politicians immediately called for a new secession referendum for them.

After the Soviet Union broke up all their subject republics declared political parity (independence) together with Russia.

Catalonia has been trying to secede from Spain.

Spain has a party that is talking about Spexit.
The Czech Republic and Slovakia seceded from each other and from the cobbled togoether Czechoslovakia.
A long time ago, West Virginia seceded from Virginia, and the political class has not accused them of racism for that.

ALL the old vassals of the Soviet Union (Poland, Ukraine, East Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary) all seceded from the Warsaw Pact.

A few years ago, Doral, Miami Lakes and a bunch of other neighborhoods partially seceded from Miami-Dade County (Florida)  when they voted to incorporate their own cities.
Ukraine seceded from the Soviet Union in 1991, but later on, after the Obama Administration engineered a coup, Crimea voted 90 percent in a referendum to secede from Ukraine and then to rejoin Russia.
Salvation Army, the United States, all of the present-day political nation-states in the Americas were formed by secessions from colonial European rule. Were these racist moves?



Personalization: Google “experts” preference

June 26, 2016

Not for nothing the Google bosses are cozy with Obama and vice versa.
They stated from the beginning they wanted to be the gatekeepers of all the information in the world, only they stated it as a benefit to their users.

Personalization makes all kinds of sense, but it is also a Trojan horse. That information flows the other way too.

A few years agony, also, Google announced, not too loudly, that they were going to give extra preference points to “experts” in search results. That means the same old Monotone Media saying the same things and using the same talking points and insults to us. The “experts” they’re talking about are either (1) clueless, or (2) big fat liars. “Sneeze” is indeed a good word for it.


Their “free trade” treaties are NOT free trade

June 26, 2016

Free trade helps the poor AND the rich, because it increases the “supplier space”, and this increases the competition, and that decreases the prices for the supplies for poor and rich alike.

All these “free trade” laws are not that at all. They are crony protection agreements. The evidence is in the numbers of pages. Free trade requires one simple declaration:

“All tariffs will be abolished in trade between the parties to this agreement. Period. FULL STOP.”

All those such treaties signed in the past few decades, NAFTA, TPP, GATT/WTO, they are all treaties that establish governing institutions with enforcement. This means they are steps toward the world government infrastructure the plutocrats and oligarchs have been planning for in lo, many years before.

Economics, Trump, Clinton, War, Women

June 21, 2016

I have no illusions about Iran, Islamic radicals, and the hate that Obama and the SPLC and most of ACLU has for Christians and Christianity. They really hate Jesus, because they don’t separate Westboro Baptist for example from the Orlando hit, and some of them blamed Charles Dobson for Matthew Shephard’s death!

That said, peace is better than war, blowback makes interventions worse for the interventionist and has proven to be worse for the intervention target. Afghanistan is not better off, Iraq is much MUCH worse and unleashed ISIS and created another excuse to intervene in Syria (Hildabeast wanted a no-fly zone that could have ended up with a dogfight with Russian jets), Libya is a staging ground for Islamist terrorism in Africa, for flooding Europe from Africa and Asia with migrants, and much worse for civilians today than before, and much safer for al Qaeda.

Drone kills have not helped in Yemen, Somalia is still a mess, and having American boys killed all around the world is not helping. However, it is helping make the bankruptcy of the U.S. federal government –and consequently its economy– worse than ever.

Peace is better than war. The Hillary slams Trump for his economics, but she wants to continue the trillion-dollar boondoggle of US military intervention overseas. And now Panetta credits Hillary’s “inspiration” that encouraged him to go ahead and start sending women into combat.

How many women right now are thinking, “I didn’t sign up for this!”

Yeah, war is so unpopular that they now need to sign up women for the worst job in government. What an opportunity for women, right, but more than that, now they can be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs too! And sign up for conscription for war, the worst form of slavery in the history of the world (with the possible exception of gladiator battles).

No Brexit? Really?

June 11, 2016

Looks like Eric Margolis may be a closet globalist? I’m shocked!

He’s promoting the European Union where the unelected European Commission makes the most important decision like bringing millions upon millions of immigrants to collect welfare, bankrupting the people but not themselves of course. And praising the EU in this puzzling scrit:

For all its blundering bureaucracy, over-expansion, stultifying regulations, and lack of full financial integration, the European Union was a majestic, historic achievement for war-ravaged Europe. Today, the EU is the world’s leader in human rights, education, more humane treatment of animals, transportation, environmental protection and universal health protection.

Wow. Human rights? Like the “right” to pick our pockets to support gender confusion, men in women’s bathrooms, the Gramsci-style attack on Western culture, on Christianity, and the build-up of the infrastructure for world dictatorship.

All that “blundering bureaucracy, over-expansion, stultifying regulations” is done by unelected mini-tyrants just like the DC imperial bureacracy that only adds to the brutal oppression of the extortion necessary to support it. That includes the extortion of inflationary policies, a stealth theft to match tax theft.

Here is Nigel Farage exposing the European thieves to their face, hypocrites complaining about tax avoidance, listing a bunch of ways that these thieves make sure they don’t pay taxes:

Go see what Jesus had to say about these people who decide what the rest of us have to pay in taxes in Matthew 17:24-27.

Maybe you thought “Render unto Caesar” was the last word about taxes, Matthew 17 clarifies it. That was when they went back to the rulers of the Jews and said “No man ever spake as this man”.

CAESAR HAD NOTHING THAT HE DID NOT GET BY THEFT. And all the empires and kingdoms after that. Alexander Hamilton wanted to have a king, and he got it. But unlike the queen of England, our king is a dictator. Europe has a committee for dictator by stealth.

Copied to my blog:

Soros now shorting the global economy

June 9, 2016

This guy thrashed the British pound for a cool billion, has financed mayhem all over the world, so now the Wall Street Journal reports he is selling off stocks (international stocks, including China) and buying into metallic gold and gold miners.

Next he’s going to write a book: How to profit from a MAKEAMESS strategy. Sequel to follow: How to Buy a Nation-State.

For your information

June 4, 2016

Latinos for Trump

My favorite quote from a Mexican:
“I came for the American dream, not the Mexican nightmare!”

New York Times: Doublespeak Media House Organ Lies About Honduras

June 4, 2016

I only now came across this article that exposes this organ for world government propaganda once again.é%20Manuel

They’re crying that the conservative party (Nacional) pushed into place a change to the constitution to allow presidents to be reelected.

As is usual practice, though, they called it something else, they said the Supreme Court is the bad guy and they are the most dangerous branch of the government there. What they don’t say is that they are still hot and steamy that the Supreme Court issued arrest warrants against their own beloved leftist caudillo president who wanted to do exactly that back in 2009.

Of course there were twenty-plus criminal charges brought against Zelaya by the executive branch’s own top lawyer against him and the arrest was for that and more, including the theft of some twenty million dollars from the Central Bank.

Where were these useless shills when Chavez did exactly the same thing, except in that case, he executed Franklin Roosevelt’s own dream of changing ALL the branches of government to do his bidding. The first time a judge ruled against him, she was fired by her own branch.

This one statement is precious for its exposure of the NYT and all its siblings in Oligarch Media:

Honduran constitutionalism faces a number of important weaknesses. The Zelaya episode demonstrates that the Constitution cannot adequately address institutional crises or human rights violations. Furthermore, the existing text has proved unable to ameliorate the country’s severe economic inequality or its concentration of political power.

No kidding! That applies also to Zelaya’s blatant violations and grand theft nation crimes, bet you they didn’t think of that! It also applies to the renegade illegitimate in the imperial capital, too, the regime in these here United States. Don’t hear them complaining much about that!

In the very next paragraph is a giant, big, whopping LIE. They claim the judges did the bidding of politicians without public discussion. But it was a leading topic in newspapers for many years.

And after all the complaints in previous decades by leftists like the editorial chiefs about American interventions south of the border in favor of right-wing natives, now they repeat the Obama-Clinton folly of 2009 and issue proclamations calling this move “illegitimate”.

And so what’s the NYT solution? More money for what they call a rogue judicial branch! By which they mean bribes to them to do what they think is right (move left), to counteract the moves encouraged presumably by the other money they give to the politicians in power there, just like everywhere, to do the bidding not of the Honduran people, but what the new world government rulers (wannabe’s) want them to do.

Honduras should tell Washington D.C. to take their fake money and their fiat dollars and eat it! Take a hike! Then they’ll have to let the free market forces loose on Honduras to grow a tax base! Some at least!


How about let’s get out of NAFTA, NATO, the UN, push back globalism, bring the troops back here from the 100-plus nation-states around the world, seek peace not war, stop being the world’s policemen like leftists used to demand, cut the strings of crony capitalism, and let the free market loose again?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you….

Maduro, Chavez, Venezuela and Honduras

June 2, 2016

My wife and step-kids are from Honduras. They are not as liberty-aware as I would like, and do not have a good understanding, but even 70 percent of Hondurans knew they did not want to fall into the Castro-Chavista abyss. The whole country marched against the Soros-Chavez-puppet Zelaya little wannabe dictator, after he started showing his true socialist colors.

He was arrested in the wee hours of Sunday morning June 28 (there are pix of him in suit leaving the Palace, not pajamas). The US Ambassador Hugo Llorens, had supported his fraudulent “referendum” and then the “survey”. Hugo Llorens had also been a “diplomat” in Caracas the year that Chavez was elected there.

The OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza that year started his political life as “the” political adviser for declared Marxist Salvador Allende too in Chile, during the time he totally destroyed their economy while building up stealth armament warehouses to be used by their stealth para-military militia, from all over the continent, training under Cubans and others.

Ha. Zelaya already had his Obama style coup going, and had apparently prepared to announce the “results” of the “survey” as soon as he could credibly do so, the numbers ready to go already. (Discovered later in a quiet State Department property. His Secretary of State was the brains of that operation (Zelaya was, and is, dumber than Maduro; my wife went to school with this son of a mass murderer).

PanamPost has good articles about Venezuela (and all Latin America) from a good libertarian perspective.