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Why is Obama proclaiming sanctions against Russia now?

December 30, 2016

Yeah but I think this thing has more to do with punishing the electorate and Americans in general than doing anything about Putin (except maybe later).

I think it’s to “soften the ground” for a possible impeachment proceeding –or something. It’s looking like a “soft coup” strategy, meaning a set up to somehow remove Trump further on if he “misbehaves” or something. Otherwise, he could have avoided mentioning the election altogether.

In my opinion, it’s got to be Trump he’s after. And they want to add to any fake charges they can muster. That’s why they’re pushing it so hard in the usual FAKE NEWS consortium of NYT, WaPo, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and the rest (even CBC I think, for Canadians).

(Sideways glances are conscious of John F Kennedy’s murder, and the almost-successful attempt against Ronald Reagan by a son of the Hinckley family, good friends with the George H. W. Bush family. (But move along, nothing to see here..)

Lindsey Graham and John McCain are all on board with doing anything against Russia, because apparently those two never saw a war they didn’t want to start. (Using our sons and now daughters, and now even Alice’s Restaurant strategies won’t work)…

Talk about suicide by cop, those guys are all in for suicide-bombing us all by nuke…

Do they even pretend to be Christian? And now McCain’s daughter is in a Fox News panel? Is Fox is trying to play both ends against the middle?


Anti-Christians and cognitive dissodance

December 27, 2016

1. The proper word is servant as in the KJB, not slave, as in the modern corrupt versions that were translated by modern dumb school graduates using Kittel-based lexicons. Kittel was Hitler’s “Christian” adviser. That’s why they replaced the word servant with slave and changed “seed” to “race”.

#2. In the laws of Moses, every 70 years ALL servants were to be set completely free and ALL debts forgiven. This is not chattel slavery.

#3. Paul did write that about women keeping silent in the church but also praised their importance in teaching young people. And Acts records and event where two girls are used by the Holy Spirit to deliver a rebuke to Paul himself against his plans to return to Jerusalem.

Deborah led an army against Israel’s oppressors. Rehab and Ruth were Gentiles whose righteousness earned them special mention in the Matthew and Luke genealogy. Proverbs 31 is a praise to good women.

Anti-Christians and militant atheists, and collectivists, on the other hand, stereotype women as a blob, handy for argument and without contexts of culture and individuality. They ignore very important consideration, for example, of the pagan cultures that were universal surrounding the ancient Hebrews that treated women as slaves, engaged in baby sacrifice to God’s like Molech and Ball.

They pretend that Greeks like Plato are superior, despite his pronouncements that women had a natural status below men but above slaves. They skip the Bible verses that mandate severe punishments for wife-beaters.

They pretend that the Bible makes very clear that the greatest two Commandments are to LOVE. They pretend the Bible does not say to love thy neighbor as thyself, and to treat others as you want to be treated.

They pretend that Christians acting like pagans and atheists is somehow a condemnation of Christians who act like Christ.

They pretend that the God of Dr. Livingston is the same as the gods of the religion that decapitated infidels for being infidels. They pretend that the “religions” of child sacrifice

New Yorker joins “casual sex” culture war spin

December 26, 2016

There they go again.

Maria Konnikova wrote a piece in the New Yorker based on her interview with the creator of an academic “casual sex” study.

In it, she accused Masters and Johnson of “bias” because they were interested in a cure for homosexuality.

A few paragraphs down, she wrote glowingly about the purpose of the author with the study, motivated by the desire to take the “shame” out of casual sex and make it as normal as the need people have for water.

But there is no representation of this attitude as being a “bias”.

Such is the way of many academic studies. The famous one from Margaret Meade of Pacific islanders happily copulating with everyone else has been shown to be less than totally accurate.

The fact is that the objective truth can be found only when one accepts the most proven perspective, but one that is rejected due to bias against it, and that is the Biblical perspective.

Jesus, observant, yet defied the Orthodox Jews and chief rabbis of his day

December 24, 2016

Jesus Christ was observant, but for love, he broke the Sabbath, defied the Pharisees, drove the money changers out of the Temple, and told the rulers of the temple that the kingdom of God had been taken from them and “given to a nation bringing forth the fruit thereof”. He did not come to establish or bless any earthly kingdom of those who are “Jews according to the flesh”, because “the flesh profiteth nothing”.

He did not come with a better Zealot strategy. He came to overturn hearts, to spread the love of God. The nation established by the child-kiling butchers of Deir Yassin and the Stern Gang and their financiers, is not not not a nation founded by God. Even the state of Israel’s own cover story for Deir Yassin blames the victims, because these people did not want to leave their lifetime homes in deference to Stern Gang military tactics. Like the thug who gives you five minutes to vacate your own house before he blows it up. Like the once official (now unofficial) Israeli strategy of bulldozing the houses of Palestinian and Arab “terrorists”, who are doing nothing different than the Stern Gang did before.

Not even their own Pharisees regard that secular nation as legitimately Jewish. They have their privileges –resented by the non-Orthodox by the way– because the anti-christ Zionists know that those religious observations have been the core of Judaica through the ages. I’m not anti-Jewish or that ultimate of dirty slurs, “anti-Semitic”. Worse to be a socialist, among the worst mass murderers of all history. When today’s “Jews according to the flesh” become Christians, they are some of the most zealous and fervent witnesses for Jesus Christ you can find anywhere.

Reuters spins fake news on Supreme Court nominee Garland

December 23, 2016

Lawrence Hurley writes this article on Reuters about the refusal of the Supreme Court of a lawsuit that sought to force the Senate to vote on the confirmation of Merrick Garland to SCOTUS.

In Hurleys’ first nod to fake news spin, he calls Garland a “a moderate appeals court judge“. When a Mockingbird Media organ says somebody is “moderate” or a position is “moderate”, they are speaking a foreign language, they are not speaking English as in standard English. “Moderate” is a subjective word, besides, and so it says nothing about whether a court appointee is truly moderate.

Moderate, according to the most relevant Merriam-Webster definition:

“professing or characterized by political or social beliefs that are not extreme”

Garland’s past decisions show how Mockingbird Media and the Mockingbird Education Complex has abused the language to try to promote Orwellian Newspeak.

Senator Pat Toomey-PA points out that in cases involving the EPA that came before his court, Garland ruled in favor of the usual EPA unconstitutional over-reach in 90 percent of those cases. In the few times he ruled against the EPA, he said it was not enough abuse [my word] of regulatory powers.

In one such case, the court ruled that a rational cost-benefit comparison was “irrelevant”. So if, for example, saving the cross-eyed black-and-white purple polka-dot people eater would bankrupt the national treasury, this is irrelevant? Garland’s opinion was over-ruled at the Supreme Court, where Scalia joined the majority.

But Reuters says this is a “moderate”.

At the time of Ruth Bader Ginzburg’s nomination by Bill Clinton, she was at the time “regarded as a moderate”. If you dig down into why she was so regarded, it was because that was the usual Mockingbird Press talking point, not because of any objective “moderation” measuring stick.

After all, this was an ACLU attorney. Come on, “moderate”?

Her reason for saying she thought Roe v Wade was a mistake? Because it galvanized pro-life opposition to prenatal infanticide (the euphemism is “abortion”).

Now Merrick Garland has ruled against the Second Amendment in a case named by the NRA, where his opinion was that the right to bear arms was not an individual right.

No matter how much Mockingbird Press and Media mocks us by tireless repetition otherwise, the right to bear arms is an individual right and to say otherwise, that is an extremist position.

To say that any one of the rights listed in the Bill of Rights is a collectivist right and not an individual right, is an extremist position. To say that any group, as such, has a “right” based on their differences from other groups, that is an extremist collectivist deviation from the way most Americans have thought since independence.

Reuters also says that the refusal by the Senate has “little precedent in U.S. history”. This is not just spin, it is a lie.
For example,the Senate Democrats did a six-month “filibuster” against the nomination of Miguel Estrada to federal court. Estrada withdrew his name from consideration 28 months after he was nominated. The Democrats objected for ideological reasons while claiming other excuses.

“Little precedent”, Reuters? There is the matter of both Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama trying to block a vote on the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.

Well, at least they avoided the more obvious lie of “unprecedented” that some lying political mouths used.

All you power players trying to get in on a piece of Satan’s award of political power documented in Matthew 4 of the Bible, remember that “God is not mocked”, and “whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”.

But in Isaiah 1:18 God also promised that if you “reason together” with him, “though your sins be as scarlet they will be white as snow”.  And Jesus promised that “he that cometh to me”, he will in “no wise cast out”.


Berlin attacker left his license at the scene? Really?

December 21, 2016

Strange things come out in the first hours after major incidents.

It turns out they’re saying the attacker in Berlin was under surveillance.

Arrested and released for forged documents earlier in the year, and they let him go.

He managed to avoid deportation, avoided jail for forged documents, was being watched by the authorities, and then arranges to kill all these people and escape the scene.

And they are telling us that this same guy who got through all that, managed to leave his driver’s license at the scene?


Let me “mansplain” something

December 21, 2016

Buzzwords: “Mansplaining”, for example, is meant to be an indignant condescending insult for any man who explains something to a woman. In other words, the woman who accusing a man of it is parroting the “social engineers” formula, a cutout from the Gramsci template.

It is meant to put men down for doing something women and men do with each other.

The psy-war of the intellectual strategists for the war on Christian values is meant to keep these group identities front-and-center as political divisions. In other words, convert every group difference into a political war based on the groups, rather than having to do with ideas.

Eichenwald libel, then revenge

December 21, 2016

Around December 16, journalist Kurt Eichenwald received a tweet that he says was specific and meant to cause any epileptic seizure. He has epilepsy. A truly malicious tweet. Twitter has agreed to release information that may identify the sender.

This is the journalist who admitted he made a “baseless claim” that President Elect Trump had spent time in a mental hospital. Meaning he wrote a libelous and actionable lie.

He apparently wants to squirm out of owning up to a crime (libel) by saying it was only a “signal to a source” to contact him.

So that anonymous guy may still get fingered, but what will happened to the Clinton campaign operatives caught on video bragging about inciting the riots and violence at the Chicago Trump rally? Is it because he said it was with full backing of the official campaign staff at the highest levels.


Mockingbird Media, CIA fake news

December 20, 2016

Operation Mockingbird has turned the media with 90 percent of the audience and readership into a branch of the CIA. So this rogue runaway secret agency has been co-opted by Deep State.

They made “conspiracy theory” into an insult in Mockingbird Media but that has lost its sting because so many proved true.

So now they got this new one, “fake news”. That one is even easier to lobby back at them, because they have put out some much fake news and even the item “fake news” hit list is so obviously bogus disinformation they had to back off already, though the political robots will continue for a while before they get the message it’s backfiring.

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody

December 18, 2016

This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.