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Arrogant hubris of power madness

February 27, 2022

After 150 years of sending troops into countries that do things that the Parasite Rulers in D. C. don’t like, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says “In essence, it’s a question of whether might can break right,” he said.

That’s after the autocrats of the States, and the West, just in recent years, have sent troops into Panama, Afghanistan (for 20 years), Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and kept them in 500 bases in more than 100 countries outside its borders.

Was it “right not might” when they sent bombs at locations in Syria after U. S. allied insurgents staged a chemical attack, exposed by mostly European reporters? (This one is on Trump, not just Obama).

Was it “right not might” when Europe and the U. S. managed a revolt against Qaddafi in Libya and supported supported the rebels who totally wiped out Towargah, the town of 10,000 blacked skinned Libyans. Was it “right not might” when those Libyan allies of the U. S. started grabbing and selling blacks as slaves migrating from Subsahara Africa intending to go to Europe?

Was it “right not might” when Trudeau rained down hell on Canadian citizens peacefully protesting the forced “medical” attacks on them, promising to starve them into submission by blocking their right to earn a living?

Was it “right not might” when the lizards slammed shut the doors to small retail and service businesses across most of the nation-state, ordering house arrest, and continuing these “emergency” police state powers two years after the “two weeks to flatten the curve” as they had promised?

Was it “right not might” when the ruling class in 100 cities across the land decided to give a pass to rioters who were burning Mom-and-Pop shows, black-owned businesses and unleashed them to break and enter into stores and rob anything they wanted?

Was it “right not might” to send dozens of Swat police to arrest the aging Roger Stone, making sure that CNN was present to record the humiliating spectacle, without a care that is more a sign of the depravity of power?

Is it “right not might” that the lizards in the Swamp use our own extorted taxes and theft-by-inflation to pay for an army of thousands to spy on us?


They paid rioters in Honduras in 2009 and in New York in 20020

February 25, 2022

My wife’s nephew in Honduras was paid to go out to the pro-Zelaya (Chavista) protests in 2009. Lots of leftist billionaire money poured in for it.

In 2020, my son who works at the Miami airport told us about an Ecuadorian guy who quit to go to New York because they were indeed paying the rioters. Here’s your money, now go break into a bunch of stores and steal whatever you want, and don’t worry, we’ve got your back and nobody’s going to arrest you.

ballot harvesting

February 24, 2022

Cure for evil greedy capitalism

February 23, 2022


Instead of letting corporations run wild with the profit motive and putting profits over people, we should move the leaders into government where they don’t have to convince you to buy something anymore, where they will naturally just take what they need and leave the rest for the rest of us, right?

Hoo boy. Human nature gets corrupted in capitalism, so of course we need human nature in government where they can just take what they want, ahem, “need”.

If you can’t trust people to be fair in markets, how can you expect them to be fair when they can just take what they want without having to produce anything?

The third Obama term tries to get revenge on Honduras

February 23, 2022

The Obama-Biden gang has finally gotten some vengeance on Honduras for blocking their darling Chavista president from overthrowing the country by referendum fraud. And “interim” president Micheletti throwing Hillary’s veiled bribe offer back in her face in that personal call and telling her the only way to get him out and prevent a fair election was to invade the country.

The federales in New York are getting back at Juan Orlando Hernandez for cleaning up the country and putting down the gangs. Down there, the new VP Nasralla, sports announcer for soccer games, once said in a campaign that the gangs “are my friends”. He was talking about MS-13 and 18, guys that at least used to have competitions to see who would be leader. The winner was the one who could kill the most people in 24 hours. There was a time when they would find an entire family chopped up in pieces and put in trash bags. These are the poor “children” Pelosi talked about.

My wife listened to a video of Juan Orlando’s wife talking. She is furious about him working hard every day for Honduras and blasting them for surrounding the house with 600 armed men, while he was sitting peacefully inside just waiting for them to show up. And for the humiliation they put leg chains on him!! The guy has got to be the most innocent politician in Honduras, in my opinion. “By their fruits ye shall know them” is one of the wisest counsel ever given to measure a person or an idea. His fruits were good: peaceful streets. a bunch of new maximum security prisons for the worst elements, and in the prisons he built and the security he put to guard them, there would never be an Epstein didn’t kill himself scandal!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST AT ALL, the spokesman for the judge who got the case told the press that the judge said he did not see any evidence at all that he has done anything criminal in Honduras. The brutes in New York didn’t send any evidence. Everybody in Honduras knows that former president Pepe Lobo, and is pal, the husband of the clueless flake that just got elected, they are in a lot deeper into drug money.

Juan Orlando turned in his own brother for trafficking. The brother has NOT implicated him, but he turned over 21 names. So they go after somebody they wanted all along that is NOT on that list.

Social cost vs. opportunity cost

February 22, 2022

In view of the fact that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Chicken Littles’ predictions on climate have been WRONG, WRONG, WRONG every time, there is NO WAY they can calculate the “social cost”. At least in dollars, and not with the meanings they give to the phrase. (A court just struck down the Biden order to agencies to calculate the climate-related “social cost” of any regulation or change). Economists have a name for it, “opportunity cost”. What productivity (or other thing) that money could or would have been used for.

However, the true “social costs”, that would be more real-world, would be horrendous if they apply any of their mythical numbers to the real social cost of regulations.

There is always an “opportunity cost” to ANY government project. Even if it’s the resources, time and material, that they STEAL from their victims, including of course the “taxpayers” and the victims of inflation-caused reduction in “purchasing power”.

From Viva Frei in Ottawa

February 21, 2022

Viva Frei’s tweet:

“I have spent 12 days live streaming from Ottawa. I did not see one shred of violence until the police showed up.”

What if they gave a dictatorship and nobody came?

February 21, 2022

And take a look at the Second Amendment Center’s take on the Missouri law reaffirming the separation of state and fed?

Canada, Castro

February 21, 2022

Justin Trudeau, who many said is the “illegitimate” son of Fidel Castro, has declared martial law (by any other name) in Canada and they have already arrested many of the “trouble-makers” petitioning their government for a redress of grievances, charging them with “mischief” and “conspiracy to commit mischief”. So now Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry FInn are criminals in the new dictatorship of Canada.

Journalist Karol Cabrera was granted political asylum in Canada in 2009 after two very brutal violent attempts on her life in Honduras, after publishing scathing reports condemning drug traffickers and the president, their friend, Chavista Manuel Zelaya. One must wonder what she thinks about this treasonous outrage committed by Trudeau against the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms?

Democratic Party politicians and some establishment (aka ruling class) Republicans have supported the imprisonment and solitary confinement of people charged with the “insurrectionist” crime of unarmed “trespass”, whose actual crime was to follow (1) Ray Epps and other fed agents provocateurs, (2) disguised antifa actors (who were filmed changing out of black bloc uniforms into pro-Trump outfits shortly before), (3) fake reporters like John Sullivan (self-identified antifa), and (4) last but not least, the invitation by some Capitol Police officers at some points of entry into the Congress.

Those agents provocateurs number upwards of twelve so far as revealed in court documents. Still not arrested. Ray Epps, a former(?) head of Oath Keepers, is still to be found at his farm in Arizona without any worry about getting arrested apparently.

Christian prophets since the 1960’s have prophesied the coming fall of America (that is, the U. S.). The towers fell in 2001, and now the remaining hulk of what’s left is tottering. That’s the most dangerous phase of the fall of power-addicted rulers who can’t admit that the “American century” fell flat and became the introductory phase of its fall, making way for the Beast.

The abduction of Juan Orlando and criminality of the ATF

February 17, 2022

The arrest of Juan Orlando in chains around his hands and his ankles, is a sign of what is to come with the new Chavista-commie regime now in power there. And isn’t it curious, the warrant to extradite coming out of the same federal offices in New York that is still fishing for anything they can get on the Yank’s own ex-president Trump.

And they are trying to play a psy-op on the country of Honduras, humiliating the country that opposed the would-be pet puppet of Chavez (his daughter called Chavez “mi Comandante”). Juan Orlando is a proxy for the Honduran people that almost unanimously demanded his arrest for multiple misdemeanors and felonies and some said even treason (signing off a piece of land to Nicaragua, organizing a referendum to change the constitution, advocating reelection, and stealing a big pallet of cash from the Central Bank, all banned by the Constitution at that time).

In 2009, the Honduran cardinal Maradiaga, the Catholics, the Protestants, both major parties (including Mel’s own), with one of the two minor parties, the Chamber of Commerce, a great number of other civic organizations, the government’s own obundsman, the government’s own Fiscal General (Atty. General), all the unions except the teachers’ union, the expat community there, Hondurans overseas, they all demanded that Zelaya be removed. There was no impeachment in the Constitution, so the legislature passed resolutions opposing him.

Finally the chief attorney in the country, Rubio, got an order from the Supreme Court to arrest him. He was arrested in the middle of the night. Neighbors reported that he was dressed in a formal suit when he was marched out, though I haven’t seen any public photos of it. He changed into pajamas after landing in Costa Rica.

The legislature next day accepted his resignation. His supporters claim it was forced. But for my money the military guys that arrested him gave him a choice after quietly consulting with all the heads of all parties: he could go to prison or he could get exile. I think he chose exile, but then after he was in Costa Rica he said he was forced out.

The New York vipers are trying to do a favor to Biden I think, distract from the noise about the truckers’ Freedom Convoy in Canada and the theft of their money by GoFundMe, and from the truckers organizing in the the USA, and all the lifting of mandates around the world, AND distract from the bombshell revelations in the Durham court filings exposing the Hillary Campaign operation of spying on the Trump campaign and the presidency, and exposing a lot of the lies of the Russiagate hoax.