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Woman wants to force Muslim business to give her a haircut

February 28, 2014

Muslim refuses to give a woman a haircut for reasons of faith, woman sues to force the business to serve both men and women:

(She is a lesbian who wanted a man’s type of haircut)

This has an easy solution: the non-aggression principle.

If you believe in the non-aggression principle especially, it’s a matter of the freedom from being forced, compelled, to do something under threat.

You don’t have the right to stick a gun in my face and get me to do a day’s work without pay. Slavery for a day.

No matter what some tyrannical law says, no matter whether some illegitimate “government” or police state sycophants say….

Nobody has a right to force a Jewish bakery to sell them a cake with Nazi symbols on it.

Nobody has a right to force a woman to sell them a cake that quote Dan Brown’s favorite fraudulent “feminist gospel” with “Women cannot go to heaven”.

Nobody has a right to force a black artist to paint the slogan “Whites are superior’.

Nobody has a right to force a barber to give a service he does not want to give.

Compelling you to perform a service that you would not do voluntarily, is called involuntary by definition, as in involuntary servitude.



Fascism defined with example

February 28, 2014

A left-fascist (who would deny being “fascist” but forgets that the different labels for command-and-control governments are just meaningless team designations for the same thing) wrote this to me in another forum:

fas·cism [fash-iz-uhm] Show IPA noun 1. a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism. So… Who is this dictator that has you so terrified? It certainly isn’t Obama, because if it was you would have been imprisoned long ago.

What follows was my reply…
Well, it’s not quite visibly complete dictatorship yet, at least to most people…

“Ruling by decree”…

Much has rightly been made of President Obama’s promise to bypass Congress and act unilaterally to get things done. “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,” he said, threatening to sign more executive orders and blast more messages from his bully pulpit.

38 czars and counting….bypassing Congress. Oliver North talked about a “shadow government” but Obama has brought it into the light…. “None so blind as those who will not see” —

Listen to Obama’s defense secretary tell Congress to their face that the Obama administration will decide on its own whether to go to war, although they might ask the UN for permission — and to hell with what Americans think. In other words they’ll do what they want to regardless..

Like the war against Libya without even a nod at Congress as required.. Leaving Syria alone for now only because of the uproar.. People are learning about freedom and the war machine tricks in spite of their attempts to shut it down…

100s of illegal orders to exempt friends and sponsors from Obamacare with no legal basis.

Shutting down drilling in the Gulf with “no legal authority” to do so, according to a judge who got so angry at their refusing to obey that he ordered them to accelerate the process (with judges like this, who needs enemies…

forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism

..Janet Napolitano’s Fusion Center enemies list…

…IRS audits ordered on all vocal critics,

…the slow-walking of conservative and libertarian and Christian applications,

…Sending FCC monitors into broadcast studios to interrogate them on how they select news stories in their obvious attempt to intimidate them waving the licensing authority around,

..Obama threats against the licenses of broadcast stations after some pointed questions to Biden in an interview as early as the 2008 campaign..

…NSA surveillance cover blown.. Congress is on notice… They are watching…

regimenting all industry, commerce, etc.,

“..regimenting..” Good one. Sounds like regulation for a reason.. Clinton shutting down the 2nd largest clean coal mine in the world by decree…

Obamacare, the most intrusive commands yet into all business, ordering them all to buy a product, in fact ordering every man and woman in the country to buy a product like it or not and ordering what they will be…

 and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism

Yes, begging the UN and NATO for ever more wars..

Doing the bidding of mentor and plutocrat puppet master George Soros…. Left-fascist GW dragging us into two wars, and Obama expanding to two then three then four other nations.. Pushing for war on Syra, with an eye on Iran..

He’s talking about cutting the Army’s size but make no mistake. He already said a long time ago that he wants to pour more resources into Special Forces and espionage..

 and often racism.

Yes, wanting to push abortion mills aggressively to help prenatal infanticide promoter Planned Barrenhood, wanting more government money to reduce the population of undesirables, Margaret Sanger’s eugenicist dream..

Hiring openly declared Marxists for un-vetted “czar” positions that advocate race-based action..

And announced today, getting foundations $200 million for his so-called “Brother’s Keeper” think to “bolster the lives of young men and boys of color”.. Only certain races and colors need apply.. White poor can go to hell, they don’t need mentoring even though their ancestors back 20 generations likely never owned a slave…

Blaming a policeman based on his color for responding to a burglary report..

And despite his admission to snorting coke and toking up a cloud of smoke as a young guy, HE STILL WAGES THE DRUG WAR ON PEACEFUL USERS, in which BLACKS get a higher per capita arrest rate, higher rate of conviction, and longer average prison sentences..

So... Who is this dictator that has you so terrified?

“Terrified”? You’re the one that wets his pants at the mention of the name of Jesus in the wrong public place. (Proving my point, there are some militant atheists who immediately reacted with indignation right now at the mention of the name Jesus).

You’re the one who goes hysterical at the mention of some decent citizen packing heat. You’re the one who’s terrified at the mere mention that you might not have a welfare state to coddle you (a great big confidence game that).

I’ve seen it all coming since the 1970s, and I’ve been warning the nation and the world, and it’s happening. But grace for the hour will come when TSHTF (the crap hits the fan) for those who know their God.

People like you will freak out and depending on how much you keep your senses, a lot of people are going to blame the victims. just like the Nazi’s and the Bolsheviks, they will blame the Christians.

 It certainly isn't Obama, because if it was you would have been imprisoned long ago.

Not for lack of wanting to, I’m sure..

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Left-fascist echo chambers and use of doublespeak

February 27, 2014
Left-fascists think they have the racist obligation to tell blacks they can't think for themselves, that their thinking has to be decided by their color, and if think any other way it's because they're doing what whites want. Meaning, blacks are supposed to think they way they're told to think by their new masters on the "left-liberal plantation", and if they don't, they're just thinking like they're told by the /other/ white guys. Left-fascists echo what they're told to think by the plutocrats. If you don't like taxes, if you talk about the Constitution, if you believe in freedom and individual rights, why, you're a racist. But they get all indignant when libertarians challenge them on the biggest vestige of legacy racism we have left, the drug laws. The drug laws have worked against blacks at ever level: arrest percentages, prosecutions, convictions, and length of sentences. But talk about taking drug choices back from the government, and they get all indignant about their favorite drug law: the ones that give special protection to Big Pharma. They call it regulation, and always demand more, and Big Pharma is glad to write more laws and regulations. Or lend an executive for awhile to do it. Meanwhile the non-violent victims of the laws against drugs are still behind bars. The military-industrial complex is glad to have more reason to sell more armaments to police agencies.

Sometimes is so NOT libertarian

February 27, 2014

But they still pretend.

Take this little article:

So maybe it’s just author Scott Shackford.

A quote about the “gay and lesbian” community: ” they still don’t have any state protection from business discrimination”.

What, “protection” from “discrimination? Whatever the motivations are for the ones that proposed and voted for the bill, we now have a post on “libertarian” web site about an individual’s right to do business with whomever he decides to. And they say this group should get “protection” against “business discrimination”.

Reason magazine presumably agrees that the income tax is theft, like a libertarian position would take.

Here we have another example of involuntary servitude, a demand for protection for actions in which the master (the government, the plaintiffs, the judges, legislators, take your pick) would coerce you under threat of fines, confiscations, prison, to provide the fruits of your labor to the one doing the demanding of your time, your labor, your resources.

News Review: state violence, citizens defending themselves

February 26, 2014

Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics:

Or if others say they believe that “Oswald acted alone,” they may do so in the same comforting but irrational state of mind that believes God will reward the righteous and punish the wicked.

That’s not irrational, it’s the truth. What is irrational, whether a majority goes along with it or not, is to continue to insist on dogma against evidence. You know, like ignoring the role of Christ and his followers in all the immense improvements in society for the last 2,000 years.. It’s a good article, outside of little parenthetical swipes at the wrong targets.

After all, the followers of Christ have been those that have suffered most in these two millenia at the hand of wicked states, including the ones that kept the Christian banner for their most horrific anti-Christian acts.

It is a rule of the universe, whether it’s accepted or not. Whatsoever a man seweth that shall he also reap. Stalin commanded all the material wealth he desired, but lived in a paranoid panic that had him so scared of his curtains hiding assassins that he had them cut halfway down to see where they might stand in wait.

That’s right, if you just look at the material things you don’t get it. There are more things in life than wealth or power.

It is however a deep event of a new and unprecedented order. Deep events related to political control of this country are far more frequent than most of us like to recognize. Since the conspicuous assassinations of the 1960s and early 1970s – all deep events — at least six politicians have also died in single-plane crashes. Although many of these crashes were probably accidental, it is striking that only one Republican has died in this fashion, as opposed to five Democrats.35 Official accounts of the deaths of three of these Democrats – Senator Paul Wellstone, and Congressmen Hale Boggs and Nick Begich, have been challenged, as has the very suspicious “accidental” death in a 1970 single-plane crash of UAW labor leader Walter Reuther.36

Hey! You should have mentioned Sen. McCarthy in the KAL attack in Russian waters, hello? Republican….and others…

Single propellers, eh? They use much more than that, of course…


Detroit citizens prove citizens shooting back stop the criminals:


A Detroit mom warned intruders she was armed. The three home invaders said “No you don’t” and broke in. After her second round of fire they fled.

…Police Chief Craig said concealed carry reduces crime, he saw that in Maine…

Thusly, in just one week in the city of Detroit there were three armed citizen defenses which resulted in three arrests, no physical injuries to victims, and the deaths of two very violent and dangerous predators.

When Can You Get Away With Driving 30 mph Over the Speed Limit . . . –

February 23, 2014

Things that caught my attention

February 23, 2014

If we double the minimum wage and leave productivity unchanged, is there anyone on the planet who believes that employment would not dramatically decline?

Get Free of the State –

February 23, 2014

From this article by Gary North, Austrian economist and Christian:

“A spectre is haunting Communism. It is the spectre of churches without buildings.”

If there were a Christian Karl Marx today, his Manifesto of Third World Christianity could begin with these words.

In 1973, in his last years, Mao’s persecution had reduced the number of Protestants in China to something in the range of 3 million people. The estimate today is 120 million. No one knows. This is a good thing. If the state cannot count them, it cannot persecute them.

Chinese Protestants have adopted a strategy used in the late Roman Empire. They are worshiping in homes and secret buildings. They stay on the move. In short: the churches do not have 9-digit zip codes.

The same strategy was used under the Soviet Empire before it collapsed in late 1991.

The same strategy has worked in the tribal states of the post-European empire world in sub-Sahara Africa.

The same system is working in Latin America, to the dismay of the bureaucrats.

This has received little attention in the West, because this strategy relies on invisibility. The West’s intellectuals suffer from a myth of modernism: “If bureaucrats cannot count something, it cannot be important. It it cannot be computerized, it cannot be socially relevant.” Call it the NSA’s blind spot. Call it the IRS’s nightmare.

The strategy is simple to describe: no permanent real estate. There are no permanent church buildings.

It is a vindication to see this.

There is another factor in the growth of the number of professing Christians both “under the radar” and the ones that are visible also, and that’s the missionary movement(s) that grew in the midst of the Jesus People Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, starting mostly in the West. But it was completely different from Western culture. This movement began and grew exponentially outside of the established churches that Gary North goes on to say are now stagnating in their growth.

The “mainstream” denominations are shrinking. The article is right on target in its explanation of what’s wrong. The hardening of institutionalization manifests in a structure evolving into centralization of control, in which the institutions begin to enforce doctrine and church structure instead of spreading the Gospel.

Gary North did not mention this movement but it has had a lot to do with injecting new life and growth into the Christian message.

Credit where credit is due. Gary North is an Austrian economist, meaning he understands that making doctrinal obedience a matter for the monopoly of force of government is something that will never work in the real world.

More credit where credit is due. From a debate recorded and on a web site, it seems Gary North is a Calvinist. But he does not credit Calvinism for the spectacular 20th and 21st century growth in Christendom around the world. He calls it the “Pentecostal model” and home churches.

He is right of course. Most Pentecostal churches around the world, like my wife’s native Honduras, are very small and by most measures very poor. Some are not. The ones that are not are the ones most visible in media.

But home churches it is true go mostly unnoticed by both the secular and religious elites. North does not mention this, but sometimes the worst enemies of Christendom in the earth are religious elites, religious establishments, leaders with power in religious organizations.

I have experienced some of that hostility personally, when I was a missionary in one of those Jesus People missionary movements that formed part of the “Jesus People” of the 1960s. A cleric from a very powerful religious institution in a nation “south of the border” was very upset that we were sharing the Bible with his “chosen” group of twelve.

But Gary has pointed the finger at the future of the growth of the Gospel in the world of today. Again, credit where credit is due. He calls the current church growth in areas like Latin America as the “Pentecostal model”. He does not mention his doctrinal differences from them. He is satisfied that the name of Jesus Christ is preached, and this is the most important thing. This is what will change the world in fact.

The words of Jesus Christ are the most revolutionary words in the world, because they spread their own Gospel. Salvation begets a new kind of life, and one that never stops living and growing, even though some young converts grow more slowly than others.


Maduro in Venezuela

February 22, 2014

Was listening to a news broadcast from Columbia about events in Venezuela. They did a long interview with a General of the Venezuelan Army speaking from prison, arrested for speaking out against bringing in Cuban regulars to Venezuela to “handle” the anti-government demonstrations.

Local press has been pretty quiet, and one can somewhat understand this, as there have been arrests and killings of reporters and journalists, and Maduro openly threatens them. He and the Chavista holdovers use a law the Chavista Congress passed that says news media has to report “the truth”. Guess who determines what the truth is?

He named a long list of other generals who had also been arrested and put in prison. In my opinion, there are some sympathy among the rest of them, and that’s why they let him get interviewed from prison.

I’ve already posted links to videos of some of the abuses against protestors.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. –Galatians 6:7

Former left-anarchist, now anarcho-capitalist, answers criticisms

February 21, 2014

After commenting on this web page about dictator Maduro’s abuses against demonstrators and his armed forces and police shooting at them (one of their killings -with police shooting an escaping protestor in the back and– was caught on video and is posted at Univision). The author there (Roblos Ricos?) apparently blamed the killings  on “rightists”, although most of the violence was done by Maduro’s authorized armed enforcer groups, police and his own paramilitary..

After commenting about Venezuela, I noticed the anarchist references. In college, after my Marxist phase, I “progressed” to anarchism, or most would call it “left-anarchism”. My Russian teacher and me were the only ones I knew of there.

I’ve learned a lot since then. Reading one of the anarkismo links I must comment on a couple of possibly honest mistakes about anarcho-capitalists, as it seems like one that actually thinks rather than doing the echo chamber yelling at the guys not on their team.

One is that they seem to confuse Ron Paul and his son Rand. They are very different. Ron Paul is honestly and consistently pro-freedom in all his positions and votes.

Anarcho-capitalism is, in fact, totally AGAINST the abuses of big corporations, who are only able to get away with the worst abuses by hiding behind the platitudes of their cronies in government.

In fact, you can find links to information about their abuses on their well-read sites. Militarism, corporate abuses, and the like. As a matter of fact, to help un-confuse the deceitful use by political oligarchies of the language, I call the statists with the term “left-fascists”, because they have no problem pretending that you have “ownership” or title, when they can tell you what you can and can’t do with it, or simply seize it for their developer buddies like happened in the Kelo v. New London suit.

Anarcho-capitalism involves the strict application of the non-aggression principle, which is that people have the right to be free of aggression. The aggression is any act of force or threat of force to induce an action on the part of another, or fraud (which is another aggression), or the act of theft against an individual.

No worker of any proletariat wants anybody stealing from them. Every one of them aspires to better his material lot in life. In fact the very criticism is a recognition of the very fact that every person should enjoy the fruits of his own labor.

For a young couple or small family, that might mean being able to save enough (wealth, small as it may be) to invest that capital –yes CAPITAL– into a small entrepeneurial effort, such as a sandwich or ice cream truck.

(I’m also posting this comment there. After all, I used to an anarchist with similar thinking.)