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Delingpole: NOAA Caught Adjusting Big Freeze out of Existence

February 24, 2018

Israel, Ayn Rand, Zionists. savages(?) and “civilized man”

February 23, 2018

My cross-posted reply to Helena:

Soros is surely working toward whatever NWO will work for him.

But with Israel there is a problem for Christians and Jews here in the issue that most Americans and Israelis do not see.

It is like the issue that the sinning clerics of Israel had during the days of Jeremiah. There is deceit in misapplying some Biblical passages. All the promises made to Abraham that Christian Zionists point to as demanding of us that we support the [“hawks” and Zionists within] the state of Israel and take sides.

You use Ayn Rand’s novel in this essay. From my Christian perspective, and my anarcho-capitalist perspective, Ayn Rand was a very evil, vile person along the lines of genocide advocate Margaret Sanger and occultist Hitler, mad Jesuit-educated Pol Pot, and so on. In her public persona, and in the author persona of her most famous novel, Atlas Shrugged, she presented herself as a defender of the producers of an economy. The innovative entrepreneurs that build the great private concerns that drive production growth.

One late-20th century defector from modern times’ most secretive secret society, the Illuminati, said that Atlas Shrugged was a blueprint for “insiders”, and was not meant to be such a best seller it became. He said it had their plan.

That makes sense. Prophecies in Daniel 11 have the end-times ruler who “overthrow[s] many by flatteries”, and shall “scatter the spoil among many”. That sounds like wealth distribution and the preaching of equality among socialists. Of course the “many” that these talk about are the friends and supporters of the ones who join the “overthrow”, with a few crumbs dropped around along the way. Spoils stolen from the productive ones.

Ayn Rand actually said in writing that her ego-centrism was an actual “worship” (her word) of one’s ego. Her reassurance that her philosophy was “enlightened” self-interest begs the question, because she was in favor of abortion.

And she showcased her hypocrisy in the answer to a question about the issue of Palestinians.

Her answer was, “In the war between civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man”.

So she regarded the struggle that associated itself with the centuries of generations of Jews ever-present in “the Holy Land”, and descendants of 19th and 20th century immigrants to “the Holy Land”, and the more recent sabras, and don’t forget the “Palestinians”, aka “Arab Christians and Moslems living in the land known as either Palestine or Israel, and the conflicts that have arisen from peoples of different cultures forced to become neighbors by forces working in the dark on a global scale.

It’s a long sentence there to say most of the people that live there, Jews or not, are victims of international groups that have much different ends in mind that what is publicly visible in news reports. What is not “publicly visible” may often be “findable” however.

And the secular (i.e. “godless”) Zionist Jews that were the earliest engineers of the state of Israel, have used the clueless majority of Jews, and to some extent Arabs and persecutors of Jews, to set up the current tense scenario.


Dana Loesch

February 22, 2018

What do mass shooters have in common, more so than guns?

February 17, 2018

After all, probably more than half of Americans have guns, so it’s not the guns. Read this article and look at the list and maybe you’ll find out one big reason Big Media doesn’t cover it:

The “Missing Link”:

Yep. It’s one of the industries that most advertises in television commercials too. Do we ever see an ad for these psychotropic drugs placed next to a mass shooting report?

One institution that did a study on this mentions that three fourths of Americans are on psychotropic drugs. I find that number hard to believe, but we all know it is way too many. You only have to consider that in the 1950s you hardly ever heard of any mass shootings (they did rarely happen) and you also hardly ever had so much prescribing of these drugs.

Add one more suicide by someone I loved dearly to the list.

The Mulvaney Memo is one for the history books:

February 7, 2018

The Mulvaney Memo is one for the history books:


February 4, 2018

They’re not looking for Trump-Russia collusion, they’re just punishing the Trump Campaign. A message to other outsiders maybe. Outsiders don’t get as far as Trump did, if he is an outsider to the secret cabal that runs things in D. C.

Here’s the Real McCoy, the FISA COURT ITSELF REBUKING THE OBAMA FBI, including persons named in the Congressional Intelligence Committee’s FISA memo issued in recent days.

Here it is. The 99-page opinion written for FISC, by Judge Rosemary Collyer:

That COURT DOCUMENT  is what we should all be talking about, not the Congressional document. It is a rebuke at the FBI for ILLEGALLY obtaining the warrant through FRAUD. The FBI omitting the most important details, that this was a document from one party’s contractors to listen in.

In my opinion, they were doing it so they could “leak” stuff to friendly Mockingbird Press payroll “journalists”. And they mixed in a lot of lies in the leaks. And Pliant Press never objected or expressed reservations.

Threats to subpoena Congressmen to block them,
Midnight SWAT raids, long hours of interrogation, threats of one kind and another, indictments that drain their bank accounts, trying to divide one against another, all for helping an outsider not approved by whoever is running the Insider Establishment operation.

Republicans cooperating by slow-walking their investigations, passing the FISA re-up before releasing the “memo”.

Already in the wind, blacklisted from news programs, was the actual FISA judge official COURT document where the judge blasts away at the villains in this real-life plot to accomplish a coup against the electorate.

Got that? The FISA court said the FBI lied to the Court to get a warrant to listen to the Team campaign. And Trump was right when he said he had found out that Obama had wiretapped him in the Trump Tower. On the excuse of one guy from the FAKE “dossier”, they bugged the Tower just like Trump said when OLD Media laughed at it. Most knew.

Yes, the Court named names. Rosenstein, Loretta Lynch’s signature on the warrant applications. Ohr. Ohr’s wife. Fusion GPS.

Bill of Rights: natural, God-given, or government-granted?

February 4, 2018

Most people are indeed on their way to hell, because wide is the way and broad is the gate, and many go in thereat.

Democracy and Government are two false gods that people will follow to destruction, and my point was that the same principle applies to people that trust the Bill of Rights instead of the One True God tGodhat enshrines the rights of man in the Creation itself.

There are individual rights listed, not granted, in the Bill of Rights, that are granted by God. As such, we can demand they be respected. It’s true though that the very fact they are included in a document that formalized the rules of government for a new federation of independent states, mitigates against those recognized rights.

We are God-authorized to expect, demand, of every single person respect for those rights.

They are summarized in the Confucian version: Don’t do anything to anybody you don’t want done to you.

What is demanded of Christians is the Jesus version of the second greatest commandment: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (The original text in the KJB includes the totality emphasis “whatsoever things”)

And those who have not come to Christ “are condemned already”.