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Taxes, Romans, and Romans 13

June 29, 2014

Romans 13 is a requirement for governments, not just subjects.

I think it was meant in the sense of Psalm 75:7:
But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. Psalm 75:7
David prayed for protection against his enemies, even at the same time he was acknowledging that they are “thy servants”. God said Nebuccadnezzar was “my servant” to serve his purposes, not that ever law he promulgated was just.

Also, Paul was speaking in the present verb tense at the time of writing it, and apparently as a guideline. But note that Peter and John told the Sanhedrin they had to obey God and not man, and note too that Paul was later beheaded by the emperor, the state authorities, Peter was crucified, and John was boiled in oil and exiled.

And Jesus told the disciples to pay the taxes demanded (the Bible uses the more accurate term “tribute”, an extortion), not for some spiritual reason, but “lest we offend them”. Meaning pay the tax to keep them off your back so you can continue to do God’s work. And he did NOT pay that tax until he had to.

And lest we forget, remember what he did with the cheating, thieving, false-balance money changers. Where do you think Andrew Jackson got his epithet when he vetoed the central bank?


Assad and Syrian Christians

June 28, 2014

I never heard about Assad being Christian, but Alawite.

I heard a testimony some years back about a movie that a Christian work had made. The movie was about Paul, starting with his transformation, and gave importance to his time in Syria that made such a big impact on the world. Assad himself was pleased with this role of Syria’s land in Christian and world history and authorized its screening in all the theaters in Syria.

Had to make a bunch of people angry I would suppose.

Same ol’ same ol. When they report that there is inter-sectarian violence in Indonesia or elsewhere, rest assured it’s almost always just Muslims attacking Christians.

And this “civil war” in (Christian) South Sudan, that got its independence after ten years of struggle that started when Muslims from farther north began killing Christians in the south, wiping out entire villages (although once they killed a pastor’s family but left him alive after burning out his eyes), and general ethnocide.

People sometimes are surprised when I tell them about Obama’s intervention in Honduras in favor of the Chavez pick for lifetime boss. East and West are orchestrated from a conductor clique that wants to rule the world. It’s getting more and more visible as time goes on and the Internet enables alternative media.

But even Old Old Media has to admit that Assad has the support of Christians in Syria:
Of course they repeat the accusations that Assad’s Army used chemicals, but at least with the disclaimer that they don’t see any of the “evidence”. Of course they also omit the evidence that it was Syrian rebels using chemicals, and that there is also evidence that the chemical attack was pre-arranged with help from unspecified US actors in a plan to use it for the excuse they wanted to wage war on Syria.

Meantime, ALL chemical weapons are now gone from Syria, according to offical sources of the West, and massive stockpiles in the United States remain, in the only country that ever dropped a nuclear bomb on a city. Maybe they just got a few more?

It’s a miracle of God’s protection that the villagers of Maaloula are still alive after being on-again off-again occupation by the West-supported “rebels”.

In Christian media are reports of the rebels shouting “Die Christian dog!” as they kill them, and massacres and rapes of Christians wherever they encounter them.

Signs of the times.

Who causes poverty?

June 28, 2014

Latinos cause poverty? Depends on which Latinos or Latin Americans, same as North Americans. Richest man in the world is Carlos Sims. But they have had their own versions of left-fascists, and residual poverty leaving them helpless.

The U.S. has enjoyed a history of traditional cultural importance of individual rights and free market principles and the robber barons are never capable of wreaking the havoc that governments do, and have historically done, every time and every place.
Foreign aid given to these governments, like Dambisa Moyo wrote, corrupts them, engenders obeisance to the oligarch interests here that use money they stole from us. Without the political payoffs of government to government, the politicians and political powers of those countries would have incentive to let their own economies generate a better tax base.
Maybe that’s what motivates Honduras with their new economic zones. After the United States joined the world in condemning Honduras for defending themselves against another socialist Cuban-Chavista tyrant, including the US Ambassador promoting dictator Zelaya’s plans and even helping plan the takeover, they figured they should get ready to take care of themselves.
After all, even the Chinese finally figured out there was no way to command the masses into prosperity.


Former SEAL, macho no more? If he thought he was a duck, can they make him quack?

June 28, 2014

Former SEAL, macho no more?

If he thought he was a duck, could surgery make him fly? (I take it back, somebody might try it).

Some people go overseas to get surgery to look like animals.

If he thinks he’s Superman, can they make him even leap tall buildings in a single bound?

How about a Zombie, or Catman, or Tom Leppard the Leopard Man.
..Lizard man with forked tongue (That one changes the old Indian saying. “Lizard man speak with forked tongue.”
..horned man in Geneva.. “art critic” [sic] that “wears” his art in his tattoos
..And the “Tentacle Man”.

There are doctors who will accommodate your insanities and perversions at the right price.

With cosmetic surgery, doctors began abandoning the oath, “Do no harm”. Maybe for that reason and for prenatal infanticide reasons, plus doctor-assisted suicide, is why some medical schools have abandoned the Hippocratic oath. “Do no harm” and “no abortifacients” is less lucrative and does not satisfy the morbid-tending among them.

The illegal entrant children wave, drugs, and Joe Biden’s arrogant lecturing at Central American presidents

June 23, 2014

Wife met a lady just arrived from Honduras a few days ago.

She said the president sent envoys to tell Obama that if any “undocumented” parents in the States that paid for coyotes to get kids across the border, to reunite them and sent them immediately back to Honduras, blasting the idea that any parent would be so irresponsible and risk their children like that.

At the same time the NYT article says he’s been rebuking the US for such high consumption causing so much violence down there, something I’ve said forever and amen. It also said the “families” (I think it’s mostly wives and kids) at the borders are telling agents that they heard that they were giving out permits to families. The US is blaming cartels for spreading this rumor to help the coyote business, but I think it has to do with Obama saying they wouldn’t send back kids crossing alone. And a lot of migrants are asking for political asylum for the violence down there.

Wife told me he had requested the radar planes they use to catch drug traffickers, so Honduras could work on killing the traffic thru there, and the USA said no. Let me fix that: Obama said no. My son studying there says the streets have a much safer feel these days with this president.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden had a meeting in Guatemala to see how they could work on stopping this immigration wave. Gave them a lecture about improving their economies. The presidents of Guatemala and El Salvador were there and Mexican sent envoys. Juan Orlando (Honduras) snubbed him and went to Brazil instead (for the World Cup, where by the way, Biden was seen earlier).

Ha. Biden should lecture presidents down south on golfing off (oops, I mean goofing off) while international crises are going on?

I think maybe Biden’s just miffed because Obama told him to go to Central America.

The US denying those anti-narco planes to Honduras must irritate. The new president immediately invited DEA to work with the Honduras enforcement and they soon shut down some big guys, including the Number One guy in Honduras. I’ll bet Juan Orlando doesn’t trust the Americans fully.

DEA shot up some villagers on a boat from a helicopter, and the leftists are playing up the propaganda value.

People need to get educated RIGHT NOW about freedom, so they’ll know what’s REALLY going on when the dollar collapse storm arrives…

June 21, 2014

The laws of Moses did not establish any rulers at all. In fact rulers were illegal  by “Thou shalt not steal”. “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Those who had to put up their properties to fulfill a debt recovered the property about every fifty years. But there was no lack of rules, most of them meant to benefit the obedient. When they began disobeying those rules was when other surrounding kings conquered them.

They did not need a standing army. When some enemy forced tribute and eliminated the blacksmiths by law so they could not make swords, some farmer (they were almost all farmers) would get a “call”, like Gideon and several more. They would then call for volunteers, form an army, and drive out the oppressors. This lasted several hundred years after they occupied the land until a generation came that demanded a king.

With a king, they had a ruler, and most of them treated the rules the same way as today’s presidents. They ruled like monarchs. One king even destroyed all the copies of the “rulebook” he could find in all the land. Later on, a priest discovered the rulebook during the rebuilding of the temple, hidden in a wall. The king proclaimed the rulebook again. Such is the fate of all kingdoms and rulers. (Gotta quote it: God setteth up one and putteth down another”, or the atheist version, “Kings and empires come and go.”)

Today we get Doublespeak interpretations from our rulers. Instead of trying to destroy all the rulebook copies they are trying to fool us with counterfeits.


June 21, 2014

Lincoln did not end slavery, nor was that his intention. He ordered cold-blooded murder on draft protestors, had reporters jailed for writing against that war, he ordered the enslavement of tens of thousands with conscription, the most odious enslavement because it orders you to kill and put your life in the gravest danger.


The “people of the Prince that shall come” of Daniel 9 have been preparing the ground for centuries for the plans to have their one lord over all. Just like it is now, slavery was their excuse for a moral cover for themselves.


Greenbacks. Turning the federal government into a national government. Increase national power over all the locals north and south. Truncate the northern secession movements by taking their best recruitment tool from them. The FEDERAL military services remained segregated but unequal until Truman began integrating them after WWII as part of their strategy to confuse the vote.


England was big traders with the South, but the “secret bankers” were playing both sides, AS ALWAYS. I’ve spoken with people in families of power south of the border, and the powerful players always contribute to all political players that might come into some power. The best-paid politicians are complaining about money buying elections, while taking money from Big Money Changers.


Nationalizing and centralizing political control nationalized all the conversations, so here comes Jekyll Island and the Federal Reserve Act. Adios freedom.

Powers That Be: While they send us to oblivion, where is their own Shangrila?

June 21, 2014

The Powers That Be think they have their own Galt’s Gulch things going. They have something going somewhere, secret fortresses. Remember Shangri-la? That’s an old idea they have going among themselves, looks like to me. Good entertainment story for the masses, coupled with plans communications to their brothers-in-arms. Help socialism along instead of educating the masses, send out pirates and steal stuff from supposedly bad guys, set up your own protection. Wait for society to collapse, and then they’ll come begging somebody to tell them what to do. That’s the story.

They’re already using different words for the same things they’ve done before. They don’t call it a “dictatorship of the proletariat” anymore. Because everybody knows the Soviet Union (now North Korea) was a dictatorship of the party bosses. We have the same thing, party bosses decide, but now we call it “democracy”. Rigged elections in LEFTIST dictatorships let these mini-Stalins claim they’re “democratic”. Confuse the public. Now the public thinks “democracy” is “loot for the masses”.

Governments protected slavery, they didn’t stop it

June 21, 2014

Remember, it was GOVERNMENTS that enforced slavery in the first place. The government mandated that escaped slaves be returned to their un-rightful owners, and with Dred Scott they nationalized the legality of government-enforced slavery wherever governments enforced it.

To preserve the global goals of the powers-that-be, Lincoln at first proposed a constitutional amendment to make slavery legal forever, so as to “preserve the union”, so he said. The end goal of the global cliques was already to preserve the union for eventual destruction. And here they go.

I’ll Give Up My Gun When…

June 15, 2014

I’ll Give Up My Gun When…