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Bush and Barry, Not Contrary

March 28, 2010

Scott: Just another loyal Orwellian robot. BushCo and Comrade Barry come from the same company.

Bush had the Patriot Act, Comrade Barry got it –expanded!– for himself, without a whisper from the Government-Media complex.

Bush claimed power to get post-facto search-and-seizure warrants from secret government national security judges, Comrade Obama’s lawyers claim they don’t even need no stinkin’ warrants and they don’t need to answer to any stinkin’ courts.

Bush gave secret goodies to Wall Street without naming who, Comrade Barry continues the great corporate bank cover-up

Bush “stimulated” the economy with a pittance for the poor and major mega-wow bucks for the rich, Comrade Barry continues without even a pittance for the poor and major goodies for rich buddies.

Bush was a friend of lobbyists, Comrade Barry brought them into the highest levels of his government.

Bush gave new meaning to the term “executive order” –the unconstitutional power supposedly ceded to the president in the 20th century by the rubber-stamp Congress–. But Comrade Barry issued more during in his first months in office than any other previous president in 20th and 21st century history in the USA. (Executive orders were not done before that)

Bush was a wartime president who attacked Afghanistan without a Congressional declaration of war. (The cop-out Congress unconstitutionally gave him the discretionary power instead, Dems included) Comrade Barry continues both unconstitutional undeclared wars.

Bush kept American troops in 150 countries around the world, Comrade Barry continues to keep them there.

Bush tried to manipulate the what sector of independent press is left in the country, Comrade Barry has appointed a paid commission of leftists to figure out a way to apply Chavez’ model for shutting down opposition.

Bush expanded entitlement programs, and added prescription drug benefits to Medicare, but Comrade Barry wants to nationalize the entire health industry.

Bush was a friend to Detroit, and greenies complained about gas-guzzling cars (while driving their own gas-hungry SUVs). Comrade Barry has merged Detroit with federal government, “socializing” them, implementing the socialist comrade Abzug’s slip of the tongue to the CEO that Comrade Barry’s man later fired.

Tea Partiers before they got the name loudly protested Bush’s socialist programs, Comrade Barry pushed it into overdrive.

Bush tried set up his successor for turning religious organizations into arms of government propaganda and religious oppression with his “faith-based” filthy lucre (dirty money), Comrade Barry’s operatives has expanded it and continued the expansion of its socialist indoctrination mechanisms.

Bush helped set up the Hugo Chavez dictatorship in Venezuela, and Comrade Barry’s operatives tried to force Honduras to just take another Chavez-style coup d’etat by the “golpista” dictator Manuel Zelaya to set up another one.


Bush filled the government with CFR clubbers, Comrade Barry continues the noble tradition.

Bush had his Defense Minister Gates, Comrade Barry agrees.

Bush and Cheney continued the generations-long tradition of ruling with a shadow government, Comrade Barry has brought it out into the open with an army of “Czars”.

(Rome had one Caesar at a time, Comrade Obama has dozens!)

Bush nationalized airport security and started on the banks, Comrade Barry continued with the banks, socialized the auto industry, the banking insurance industry, now the health insurance industry, and is working on how to socialize the media.

And now still, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck want us to trust the Republican Party to push all this back?!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

“My people love it so”.

You think people around the world admire Barry? They hold him in contempt, because they know he is turning against his own traditionally powerhouse economy, converting the USA into just another country.

Proverbs 28:4 ┬ÂThey that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them.



Congress Declares: Dictatorship Without Consent

March 22, 2010

The United States Congress today was in your face. The people no longer rule in America. They know in Congress that Americans do NOT want the government to nationalize the entire medical industry, which is what this does. Like one talking head said, at the least it turns all the insurance companies into quasi-independent government-controlled utilities.

The destruction to the economy will accelerate the tailspin.

Americans know the problems with insurance companies, so why replace them with a ten-ton Godzilla that’s much worse! King Kong could never have hoped to make such a mess.

The bluster is a cover. They know what happened in Virginia, in New Jersey, in Massachussets where the Dems were demolished. And they do not care.

What deals were cut, and pay attention, what kind of threats were made?

Obama is lying through his teeth, saying this change came from the bottom up, because the whole nation saw that these puppets of plutocrats pushed back against the people’s voices who do NOT want this attack on us crammed down our throats.

Now they’ve left off government of the people, by the people and for the people, it’s government of robber barons, by robber barons, and for robber barons. It’s rule of the vainglorious arrogant, by the vainglorious arrogant, and for the vainglorious arrogant.


How to Help the Poor

March 20, 2010

This video about a good work actually portrays the best way out of poverty for the poor, and that is individuals doing individual things or acting in groups to help others.

Government-based solutions are a big burden on the poor, they are much more a hindrance for eliminating and alleviating poverty everywhere. That’s whether you go with the “right-now” dictatorship of the proletariat (which I once stupidly believed in), or with the “entitlement” programs with the handouts.

For those who think Big Brother Government as the answer to all social ills is a Christian thing, go read all those verses about justice and the poor in the Bible, and they are all about “you”. Meaning, “Thou” as a SINGULAR personal pronoun, whosoever hath ears to hear let him hear.

It is about YOU sharing this world’s goods that YOU have in YOUR possession, with those who are less fortunate, while sharing with them the good news that God’s love constrains you to consider the poor, and that God loves them too, and gave everything for them, including his only begotten Son. I support such works around the world.

That has nothing to do with taking somebody else’s goods and distributing them to the poor, Robin Hood ideas notwithstanding. In the laws of Moses, landowners reaping were commanded to deliberately leave behind part of the good harvest on the ground, so that the poor could come behind and clean it up. Debts were cleared completely and totally every 49 years, and that included total and unconditional freedom for all those who were working off debts as servants–which in Israel then, meant almost everybody who was a servant. And that was when there was no king in the land, and even afterward.

Another very important reason that such programs work and government programs do not is always missed. It teaches right from wrong to the POOR children who see love put into action. These programs that involve a love-motivated person in a volunteer organization especially, they help those poor children absorb good moral values. For the kids that are better off that do things to help, it inspires them in such good works.

But government programs involve impersonal meetings, paperwork, administrative concerns, budget worries, and never the least of them, the priorities given to political goals. Cuba sends doctors that do help the poor with its “medical diplomacy” but then hopes to enslave the populace with socialist dictatorship.

Now that said, there are variations on the theme, and it seems exceptions that stand out from all that. It will do no good to trust any government to cure social ills if the rich and the poor are motivated by greed or envy or coveting or resentment, because it takes people to man the government. It will do a lot of good but not enough if the rich are convinced to live by the Golden Rule overnight, if the poor do not.


Honduras: Beware of Fair-Weather Friends and Snakes in the Grass!

March 14, 2010

For the record, to those who want to cover for the snakes-in-the-grass who were supposedly friends of Honduras, let’s be clear.

There are claims –even by people who know the facts of this story– that this was some covert “strategy” on the part of the US State Department to reduce Chavez’ influence and avoid appearances of support for dictators in Latin America, and avoid looking like the bully.

It certainly did the exact opposite for all the Latin Americans who ought to matter to the United States!

A public condemnation of Honduras for defending its constitutional republic against attacks by dictatorship and tyranny earns zero points in the battle to push back dictatorship and tyranny!

It’s a gross insult to Hondurans, Venezuelans, Peruvians, Costa Ricans, Nicaraguans, all freedom-loving peoples everywhere, because they are NOT STUPID! It flew against the face of everything obvious!

And they crushed any remaining doubt by continuing to cancel visas long after they would serve any purpose. Why would they do that if they secretly supported freedom in Honduras? TO CUT OFF THEIR FREE SPEECH RIGHTS IN THE UNITED STATES!

So if this was a “successful” charade –yes, charade– by the US State Department, then for whom were they posturing?? They were not posturing for people who cherish government of the people, by the people, and for the people! So they were posturing for the pro-Zelaya crowd?! The Chavistas?! The Castro brothers?!

To paraphrase a recent political catch phrase heard here and there:

How’s that charade workin’ out for ya? Did ya win over any Chavistas by lying about Honduras?

So this unsolicited cover story farce of the US successfully implementing an anti-Chavez strategy is pure baloney. It was HONDURAS, and its entire official constitutional government acting constitutionally, under the admirable leadership of Roberto Micheletti, that, by itself! against the world, forced the entire world to recognize the free and fair elections in November and the transition of power to Lobo in January. And weakened the Castro-Chavez-Jackal imperialist juggernaut illusion.

Now, leaders in the region have been themselves emboldened to step back from the mad rush to socialist and fascist totalitarianism, and the cover fraud of “constitutional assembly” is blown. The stigma against stopping such frauds is off. The FLMN (of Communist guerrilla history) president of El Salvador distanced himself from ALBA, the interventionist tool of Castro-Chavez imperialism.

And the two-faced dictator-friendly OAS president Insulza, a socialist who got his political internship helping the openly Marxist Allende ruin Chile’s economy, is totally disgraced and unmasked as a danger to free republics everywhere.

And since they moved so lightning-fast to condemn Honduras immediately around the world, even putting it to the United Nations vote so quick, the defense of freedom in Honduras apparently made it a lot easier for Niger to defend itself against the same kind of auto-coup by a sitting elected president!

And NONE of this is due to the two-faced forked-tongue self-serving pro-Zelaya LIES posturing by the State Department in Washington DC!

Viva Honduras! Viva Micheletti!

Dia de Libertad is June 28! Freedom Day!

US Diplomacy and Honduras

March 8, 2010

If the USA wanted to look like it had given up support for coups and dictatorships in Latin America, it did just the opposite in the opinions that count. Only incorrigible narco-chavistas in Latin America thought Chavez was the right side, and only a stupid State Department (or a lying one) would say anybody else was worth posturing for.

The best cover for condemning the defense of constitutional democracy is that the U.S. was more interested in its public image among the wrong crowd than it was for doing, or even saying, the right thing.

If there was any doubt, the continued cancellation of visas during January, 2010, by the Obama administration’s Clinton-led State Department, way past any “strategic” or “image” justification window, puts the lie to the “image” idea. It invokes the image of the honest little girl who began the chant: The king has no clothes!

Here’s the real reason they kept canceling visas to Hondurans with any first-person testimony to the events of 2008. That’s how they muzzled the impact of the people most able to tell the truth in detail about the events, and the inevitable interviews stateside with independent local news programs, talk radio, and the Congress.

It was to rob the American people of the voice of facts, and in a real sense to rob those people of the respect for their free speech rights.

Free speech not only benefits the speaker. Even more important, it benefits those who are in listening distance and otherwise would be ignorant of the truth.

Honduras faced off the international socialist mafia alone, and emboldened the forces of freedom in Latin America, and it should take that role boldly. It cannot just leave it to Lobo, let the honest folks charge the country forward..

What is “Overpopulation”?

March 7, 2010

Honduras is among the less-developed countries that the plutocratic international world “governance” is preaching to about controlling their “overpopulation”.

What is “overpopulation”? Too many people compared to what, you should ask.

Michael Crichton explained it well, within a talk he gave about the political perversion of science in matters of AGW, anthropogenic global warming. See it here: | The Case for Skepticism on Global Warming

Click on the following web page you’ll find an introduction to a book that clarifies well the issues surrounding the myth that is embedded into the word “overpopulation”, by Stephen W. Mosher:

Understanding Overpopulation: Basic Concepts


Micheletti deserves the thanks of Honduras (and the world)

March 2, 2010

While Honduras was defending its republic, or “representative democracy”, from the assaults from within and without last year (2009), there were “social justice” organizations that supposedly “fight injustice” that were adding to the problems by fighting the interim government of Roberto Micheletti, or by undermining confidence in his magnificent handling of his place in history.

In other words, just when Michelletti was doing the best anyone could do for the people of Honduras, all of them, poor included, some were trying to tear him down.

When elected officials do something good, even if they are not up to saintly standards in the past (how many are in the “best” of countries?), then they should be praised appropriately.

It is very, very difficult for them to “do the right thing”, because in a country like Honduras they are not only under tremendous material temptation but they are under threats of death every day, as we saw with the murders of family members of interim government officials, and the especially heinous murder of the young daughter of a journalist that was especially outspoken against the crimes of the coup running “golpista”, dictator Manuel Zelaya.

Even when they quit, they do not leave the danger behind, although it is somewhat lessened. I have heard personal first-hand witness to this.

So when they give up the chance to join a lifetime dictatorship with authoritarian support guaranteeing an open door to lifetime corruption, like they did in 2009, under threat of death as we witnessed, and decide to do the right thing, they should be commended.

Especially Micheletti, who has opened himself up as a target for the rest of his life, and what’s more, his family. His family knew the danger and supported him anyway. He did not compromise, and did what Hondurans needed and wanted from him, poor and rich.

What he may have done, and surely did in the past, he has made up for it and then some by his actions in 2009, because he defended the country the totally rotten international organizations and dictators’ mafias who wanted to make Honduras another turf where corruption reigned supreme, and the poor would never have a decent chance to redress grievances, or better their economic situation, or make a fair go of a new micro-business.

Thank you,