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See? Bait and switch at the Ground Zero Mosque..And Egypt?

January 31, 2011

Outrageous teachings by new GZ mosque big –

Seems the mild-mannered imam, who was used to get propaganda points for this “victory mosque”, has been thrown out and replaced with the one that Pamela Gellar warned about.

They have given her more credibility than she ever had before. That switch has occurred in the background of the news, pushed off the front page by the attention given to events in Egypt, which also is running by the playbook she predicted (and by the way, predicted by some Christian prophecies from the 1970s):

“Obama: will not refight battle over healthcare law”?

January 31, 2011

That’s the title of the article at this link:

Sure he doesn’t want to “refight” it, he’s already got it.

Here is the guy that won awards and accolades from leftist shills for being the most leftist Senator in history for his voting record, to the left of the proudly declared socialist Bernie Sanders:

“Health reform is part of deficit reform,” Obama told a meeting of Families USA, a group that advocated for healthcare reform. “We know that health care costs, including programs like Medicare and Medicaid, are the biggest contributors to our long-term deficit. Nobody disputes this. And this law will slow these costs.”

So how is he going to reign in costs and increase coverage at the same time? The only way to do that when the whole thing takes effect-10 years later- is to deny, deny, deny coverage when people need it the most. The same non-medical gatekeepers of Hillary’s womb-to-tomb deal that got shot down before, who get rewards for keeping those costs down.

It’s not a laughing matter:

And he laughed at some of the most vitriolic attacks on the law.

“You may have heard once or twice that this is a job-crushing, granny-threatening, budget-busting monstrosity.

That’s about how it’s been portrayed by opponents,” he said. “And that just doesn’t match up to the reality. I mean this thing has been in place now for 10 months, all right?”

He can deny the truth all he wants, but we can all see the naked truth and we are crying, “The king has no clothes!”

Some people think their government can solve all ills, keep everybody fed, provide all the health care anybody would ever need, and anything else somebody can say is a “right”.

Now had “end crime” to that list to see how ridiculous it is.

The realities of the first month of this year of our Lord 2011 have put the lie to that myth. California, probably Massachussets, was saved from bankruptcy by bailouts of banks, companies, foreign treasuries, and the buddy system scum at the “top”, which are backed by Big Government Political Parties’ promises to rob us for it if need be.


The Telegraph: Egypt protests: America’s secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising

January 29, 2011

The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police.

On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011.

Click here for the secret document in full:

This is about something that started under the Bush administration and continued apace with no change under the Obama administration. Partisans, be not gullible, be not fooled, lest ye look like fools.

Those protesting Egyptians should be very wary.

John Kerry and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton meddled BIG time in Honduras, too, backing a socialist demagogue in Manuel Zelaya who had already begun his coup d’etat, making it formal in the official Gazette the Wednesday before his quick exit June 28, 2009.

He was removed in a legitimate restoration of constitutional order.

Beware of international media reporting on Middle East events too. The reports on Honduras were completely backwards. You got only lies. AP-originated stories were among the worst, and the CNN became a target of mass protests by Hondurans.

One Honduran-American told me she had voted for Obama and would never make that stupid mistake again.


January 29, 2011

The no longer so esteemed “Scientific American” ran another un-scientific issue incorporating articles calling for the forced vaccination of all school kids.

Such blind faith in government by people who are supposed to be smart is amazing.

The next big push in getting us used to being pushed around on command by political lords of the manor, is to force vaccinations on people who object to establishment medical dictates, decrees from dictators using politically approved science. They tell of the horrors of increased numbers of cases of communicable diseases in the United States, especially in schools, as if it were the only factor in the increase in disease.

They ignore other more important factors and better solutions, of course, because their solution of first resort is ordering the sheeple to do what they want, telling us it’s for our own good. Tell them loud, and tell them clear, dictatorship is NOT for our own good, and it’s not good for them either!

If more people are refusing vaccines, there is a reason. I have met victims of vaccines, scarred for life, limping, and mothers who got their infants vaccinated only to see them scream bloody murder in pain for a complete night and a morning. And there was the woman who reported post-vaccine cholera in her baby to her pediatrician, who said he had a dozen or so such patients and reported this “bad batch” of vaccine to the pharmaceutical company, only to see his practice shut down by federal health agencies the next day.

“It Can’t Happen Here” so many people say. Such gullibility, such hubris, even as everybody knows that they did experiments on our own soldiers in the first Gulf War when they all came back with “Gulf War Syndrome”.

Even if you dictator wannabe’s think people are just ignorant for refusing them, then in your world, it’s a lack of education. But you can’t do anything about that, can you? Because almost all of you want to keep those same children of those same people chained by law to the school that is failing them so miserably. You’re against choice in education, because you want to keep as many of them as possible in the politicized government indoctrination centers, where you can teach them to be good little conformist serfs, for the new world disorder that your puppet masters are planning for and don’t tell you about.

HIV carriers and AIDS patients provided new vectors for ALL communicable diseases a very long time agone now, in the 1980s, and it resulted in a spike in ALL of them. Now, just try to find a mention of that in all those “science” articles demanding more government interference in our lives.

Another vector in more recent times is that there’s more immigration, both legal and illegal, than ever, in the United States, and lots of people come from lands where both health services and hygiene practices are very much below the level here. Plus, the dumb-down syndrome that’s ailing advanced countries is happening everywhere else too.

And tell you what, the great big assembly-line cookie-cutter government school, designed to make these kids into “good citizens”, is one of the biggest vectors in the country for spreading disease!

Guess what, Marco Rubio?!

January 29, 2011

Guess what, Senator Rubio? We tea party protesters DO want a “new political party”. We prefer that the Republican Party “find religion” and start dismantling the Nanny State and restore economic freedom to the American people before it’s too late!

If it keeps going as is, there will be no more economic base capable of financing any opposition to any sitting government! The medical industry government takeover that the rulers of Washington DC orchestrated is part of the strategy of dismantling the private economy by pieces.

Prosperity took a big blow, because now we have to support yet more layers of government departments than ever, on top of the superfluous regulations that kill efficiency at the points of delivery of goods and services. According to at least one report, as many as SIXTEEN government agencies were created, NEW ones! And that’s not even counting the addition of 16,000 –that’s right, SIXTEEN THOUSAND!– more new IRS agents that we had before, just to ENFORCE this new attack on the people’s medical choices!

This president Obama, who broke all the known records for voting “present” when he was an Illinois state senator, decided to actually cast a vote against enforcing increased protections for babies born alive in aborticide centers from getting killed outside the womb after birth.

Now he exposes the BIG FAT LIE of the word “choice” in this medical dictatorship plan, because if he were for “choice” in the decisions we make for our bodies, he would not need a law that has to have 3,000 pages to tell us what to do with our bodies!


Marco Rubio declares for the wrong side

January 28, 2011

Marco says he’s shunning the Tea Party caucus because the grassroots Tea Partiers isn’t another political party. What a bunch of bogus copout politi-talk, classic double-talk.

Both of the major parties of the political duopoly (two-party political cartel) in the Congress, both houses, they have a zillion caucuses and they are not new parties.

The people roared in November against big government, sagainst tax-and-debt socialism, and against both parties for sure. But they also want their newly minted representatives to hold the establishment feet to the fire. We want those stiff-necked upper-crust elites to back off from taking more power, and we want it to happen.

And that takes coordinated action, and that requires unity, and that requires assembling and planning and agreeing and strategy sessions. Rubio knows that he is NOT doing what the grassroots want, while saying he is. Like Scott Brown, he used the energy of the groundswell of the people’s anger to get elected and now is letting his fangs show under the mask.

That’s my opinion, unless we see something better. People are disgusted with both parties. Rubio did say one thing though, before, and that is that this is the Republican Party’s last chance. But forming alliances against the party bosses, like the Tea Party caucus, is the way to save the party from those bosses.

And by shunning Michelle Bachmann for leadership, the party bosses have also anointed her leader among the service-minded Americans and the grassroots. Rubio thinks he has a chance at more upward political mobility playing to the elites, apparently, and he could have had better.

Sometimes when you get shunned by people of money and power, you find out who your true friends are.


You go Rwanda!

January 24, 2011

An interesting report from Rwanda:

PJTV – Deroy Murdock in Africa: Rwanda’s Free Market Offers Incentives, Property
Rights & Economic Growth – PJTV Specials

Rwanda: With free market initiative policies, they have gone from foreign aid being 100 percent of their budget to only 40 percent and it’s still moving that way. Infant mortality is down, conditions are better, property rights and rule of law is the guideline.


January 24, 2011

the faith of government school students IS attacked every day, if they’re not from atheist or humanist families or from the categories of more nominal Christians. What counts really is what I call Biblical Christianity. IF they don’t believe the Bible then they have to just go make it up as they go along.

In government schools in the U.S. kids are told their Bible is wrong on the very first page. It’s official policy to teach it, and now we have a federal judge somewhere who doesn’t have a clue about science issuing a decree that evolution is science, evolution is true, and any suggestion that all biological life originated in any other way than spontaneous unguided evolution, is “religion” and therefore banned from government! It’s loony!

The positive influence of Christianity is hidden well away from view so that by the time kids get to college they are ready –I MYSELF was ready– to believe that it was all mythical, and did more wrong than right. Certain “Christian religions” are guilty as charged, but NOT genuine faith.

My biology teacher was especially bad in that regard, but the real problem is that God is banned from government schools. There is no such thing as a religion-neutral education.

It’s double-whammy. An attack on the religion of the kid’s family, except for the atheist families of course, and an attack on quality education, which has deteriorated constantly ever since the government got its hands on it.

Give the choice to the parents anyway. Why not? What can anybody have against parents? Give the next Ben Carson or a Michael Oher a chance!

Ending corporate and personal welfare helps the poor

January 23, 2011

Heard at another forum:

It is still important to note that not just the rich benefit from corporate welfare. Consumers benefit from lower prices and workers benefit from the jobs created.

That depends on WHICH consumers you’re talking about and WHICH workers.

(Keep in mind when I post things like this it’s with the assumption of “real money” being used for exchange)

A corporation receiving subsidies might be able to sell its products cheaper, or the particular product subsidized, but that’s at the cost of robbing those subsidies from the MUCH more efficient mechanism of the free market.

Moving money from one hand to the other to favor this guy over that one reduces what’s available for everybody else, so reduces production overall by reducing the available demand. Making it harder for everybody else. The competition doesn’t want to be left behind so everybody hires lobbyists which makes crony capitalism worse still.

And leaves less for the poor, so somebody cries for them, and an entirely new industry is created by government fiat, government workers and government unions that demand help for their “clients”. The clients, among the 50 percent of the population that carries only 2 percent of the burden, become a big constituency for votes and power and yes, money.

The welfare does them no favor, says Star Parker, former welfare recipient become entrepeneur.

Also snipped from another:

And it’s still important to remember that “the rich” pay an amazingly large percentage of federal income tax revenues.

Top 1% 38.02% of income tax revenue
Top 5% 58.72%
Top 10% 69.94%
Top 25% 86.34%
Top 50% 97.30%
Bottom 50% 2.7%

I don’t think we can afford to make it any more progressive than that.

Plus how much government is too much? In the U.S. today, governments siphon off 40 percent of GDP!

Somebody also used snow plowing as an example of how the rich get more from government than they give.

Although the New York government worker union snow-plowers recently showed us another example of how private enterprise gets things done better than government. And why the new New Jersey governor is clipping their wings and cutting off their fangs.

Crony government is even worse than crony capitalism.

How many government workers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Twenty. Ten regulators, five accountants to calculate it, three levels of managers, one to carry the light bulb, and the guy who does it (takes two hours). “Good enough for government work”.

Some people still think the richest of the wealthy “cut food stamps but not snow plows?”. (A real life quote). When did they cut food stamps??! What did I miss!? I protest, I didn’t get the memo!

And I’ll tell you why they don’t cut them. It’s so they can get their votes to “make the rich pay their fair share”, so they can make sure they get their own “fair” share. Fairly large share. Really big share.

(We’ll give you food stamps, you give us your votes, we’ll give free money to Wall Street, Detroit unions, Caterpillar, foreign banks, and the rest of our rich buddies)

Corporate welfare cuts corporate competitiveness by making lobbying a profitable enterprise. Private welfare (personal payments) does the same thing to individuals. Setting the economy free from both is like watering an oasis, and raises up everyone.

Governments are necessary for things that cannot be done some other way, like for military defense, police functions, and enforcing property rights and contracts.

Most of everything else should be left to the free market. Minimum wage laws hurt the poorest of the poor the most and make it harder for teens to learn good working habits.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” so it is said.

The ex-dictator Manuel Zelaya, socialist scourge on the poor of Honduras robbed money from the OAS and UN programs of direct payments to the poor, to pay for his own stealth coup attempt. So what? Armies of government workers are necessary to administer programs to the poor in this country. The poor still got some of it. A little bit.

And he unilaterally decreed an increase in the minimum wage by 50 percent, and 200,000 Hondurans lost their jobs overnight.

Government is like the cheating merchant the Bible warns about. They put a little extra false weight on the balances to tip the scales:

Hosea 12:7  ¶He is a merchant, the balances of deceit are in his hand: he loveth to oppress.
Proverbs 11:1  ¶A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.

Just remember: God is in control, and you reap what you so. True religion and undefiled, it says in James, is visiting the widow and the orphan, meaning the ones who cannot help themselves.

It does not mean robbing somebody else to help the widow and the orphan.


Privatizing: Less Cost, More Tax Revenues, Better Results

January 23, 2011

> suggest abolishing the FAA and letting the airlines establish their
> own private air control schemes, their own radars, their own safety
> programs. Make them pay their own way, all of it. Let consumers
> decide which airline to fly based on which ones don’t crash into each
> other. We would save about exactly as much as abolishing food stamps.

There are towns that have been saving money and getting better services by outsourcing garbage pickup, street cleanup, fire department services, other things that were handled by government employees before. Some towns have had parks that were littered, in disuse and disrepair and people afraid to use them, until they made an arrangement with an entrepeneur who spruced it up, leased space for private booths. The parks got cleaned up, repairs made, and people enjoy having the food and trinket vendors. and using other park amenities.

So now instead of having a cost center in the park, the same company is contributing to their coffers.

And the best thing: It’s a lot easier to fire them than it is to change a state-run business or change its bosses. When a state depeartment runs a service, and there’s a problem, it’s always because they need more money. More of your money.

> The poor won’t be stealing your stuff in order to eat

Crime is so bad with Hugo Chavez’s socialist regime that they stopped counting and no longer publish any numbers at all. There are patients in state hospitals have are sleeping on the concrete floor wrapped in sheets. There’s a little taste of government health care for you. The streets have potholes, socialist distributions to the poor have halted to many areas and is spotty everywhere, and it’s illegal to criticize the president.

Politicized economy is a total waste and a scourge upon the poor.

In this petroleum exporting country, electricity is being rationed and one hydroelectric dam is close to collapse, as money has been diverted to exporting socialism to other countries. Venezuela has not reached the production levels that it lost when Chavez fired all the directors of the state enterprise and put in political hacks and everybody went on strike.

No surprise to those who study history with an open mind. Deja vu all over again.

Allende plunged Chile into poverty and chaos, forcing socialist policies as fast as he could to dismantle all the economic base that could support any opposition. He nationalized the copper mines in Chile, promised all kinds of good things, but the accident rate multiplied and production plummeted and there was LESS money going into the government treasury than Anaconda paid to it!

Governments are inept at running things efficiently. Schools are another disaster, falling way behind other advanced countries, and we have so-called “scientists” blithering the stupidity and unions blaming everybody but unions and politicized education.

You wanna save money? Save the country from ruin? It’s too late, but here’s what you could have done, and you could still do it in America if the majority would tolerate the geopolitical and economic beating the shadowy Wall Street manipulators and military-industrial-government-media complex would inflict in retaliation:

Abolish the Fed. They have caused and prolonged every depression and most recessions, including in a coordinated dance with Congressmen to spin us into the bubble.

Bring all the American soldiers home from the 150 or so countries around the world. Have a minimum in reserve strictly for self-defense and for a first reaction to military attacks or invasion, and invest some of the savings to maintaining technological advantage (if you can get Americans to vote for presidents that won’t give away the advantage to foreign governments like some recent presidents).

Abolish the Education Department. A total waste and burden both on the treasury and on the students of the land.

Abolish all corporate welfare. Subsidies for Obama’s favorite

Wall Street bankers, out. Subsidies for farms, out.

Subsidies for NOT growing crops, out.

Subsidies for NOT growing peanuts in Georgia ranches, Phooey.

Subsidies for “green stuff” out.

Free money for politicized science, QUIT it fast, it’s killing us!

Welfare for political candidates, anathema. Subsidies and government facilities for political party primaries, except on terms of use for anybody else, stop it.

All campaign finance laws, which are stealth thefts against challengers to incumbents, stop them now.

Regulate the regulations into oblivion, while criminalizing corporate crimes, like lying on the books, and fraud perpetrated against stockholders. Two guys for a few months for what was said they did, seems a poor punishment.

When Wall Street knowingly commits frauds like selling mortgages to both home buyers, and then selling them to some other co-conspirator like Fanny Mae, put them all in prison for fraud for a change! (Instead of using them as an excuse to “save the economy” from “too big to fail” and to make more government thrashings).

If anything is “too big to let fail”, then the quicker the better. No more holding us hostage to thieves.

Abolish the Commerce Department. let corporations carry their own water. Small business never gets much of this, except for when the big guys find them useful for something to subcontract.

Drop the parsecs of red tape for doing work for government. No wonder the best performers shun government “service”.

Abolish the income tax. Let investors have money to invest. With all the savings, tax consumption, and bless investment. (Promoting credit is ruinous!)

Go back to constitutional coinage. Congress is empowered to “coin money” and “regulate the value thereof”. They are not empowered to give away the power over our money to “the money power” that Lincoln warned against –he should know– and the “den of thieves and vipers” that Andrew Jackson excoriated.

Make Alexander Hamilton roil and suffer in his grave. Abolish the Fed. I know I already said that. The Fed is what has done more damage to us than anything else. Audit the Fed, abolish the Fed.

Get educated in the principles of the “Austrian school of economics”. Germany should have listened to them instead of that other Austrian.

Pay attention to what works. Like Chile’s partially privatized social security system, where going private is encouraged. Where it only took a couple of years of free enterprise to recuperate what Allende took down, and then following the Austrians and Friedman schools of economics they went from almost being another starving Cuba to being the envy of Latin America.