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Busting the myths of the so-called “myth busters”

November 29, 2014

We “fact-check” the errors in this screed against the spirit of Thanksgiving at this link:

It has become fashion to criticize Thanksgiving as a holiday. Some meme-setters must have some kind of hate for giving thanks, or it’s a side effect of watching so many people who still thank GOD for their blessings.

This narrative shows a writer or narrator that does not know what he is talking about. “We Are Change” has been a good work for exposing politicians, but this piece totally destroys their credibility. Whoever researched this piece must know nothing about Squanto’s motivations, unless they were intentional in missing all the Christians among the Europeans that hated the mistreatment of the Indians and helped Squanto to freedom, the monks that took him in for a very long time and then helped him find his way back to his native land.

Correction #1 – Pilgrims were “anal”, no fun? Hos in the hell can he “know” this? He doesn’t. My aunt was one of the most godly people in the world, a sort of “matriarch” for her children, her siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces, grandchildren and grandnephews, somebody who we could call “fundamentalist” in faith, a version of the Pilgrims in that sense. But that woman was FUN!

They had a hilarious time. In fact, there was once a study

Correction #2 – Among the Puritans, they were Separatists who said they dissented from the Anglican hierarchy that said the king was the head of the church

Correction #3 – The Pilgrims were not aggressive but friendly.
Squanto had been kidnapped and enslaved but then he was freed and cared
for by Christians and returned to his native land by one trading ship
Squanto did NOT “screw up” any more than others who had successors that were worse.

Correction #4 – Nobody knows what diseases killed Squanto’s tribe

Correction #5 – The Pilgrims had nothing to share after their first

Correction #6 – The Pilgrims did NOT have a mind to enslave the Indians. In
their compact they even wrote that one of their missions in coming to
America was to spread the Gospel.

Correction #7 – They did not share everything as a “way to survive” but a way
to live out Acts 2 and Acts 4. They lived having community property the
first year, but the second year they divided up the land.

Correction #8 – There is no way for this guy to assume can know that the
Pilgrims refused to share with the Indians. Squanto in fact formed a
bridge for peace with them.

Correction #9 – More Europeans came later and there was conflict sure. But
Thanksgiving originated as a day to give thanks to GOD for his
blessings. The Pilgrims were devout.

Correction #10 – Yes, Lincoln and many other presidents were brutal on the Indians. It’s irrelevant to the history of the Pilgrims, of course, and he never said it was, except that he is parroting a lot of other blogs on the Internet that claim to be myth-busters.


History News Network Myths

November 29, 2014

It’s open season for hunting Thanksgiving “myths”, seems like. And in this upside down inside-out world we have to live in today, it seems a lot of phony experts on the subject are attacking the good parts of the Thanksgiving holiday.

The took on the label of “History News Network”, but who writes history, after all?

Nevertheless, “We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth”, as Paul the Apostle said.

One thing these people always ignore is the fact that Christians have had celebrations of Thanksgiving with great frequency throughout these two millenia, and devout worshipers before that. The ones that are associated with historical events are the ones that make it to history books. Christmas and Resurrection Day (aka Easter) have always been occasions for the events they represent as well.

Okay, here we go with their list.

Counterpoint #1. (“The Pilgrims held the first thanksgiving”)

Some of our history books when I was in grade school said the Pilgrims held the first Thanksgiving. These “history” writers never said word one about why anybody would have considered it the first significant celebration with giving of thanks, as a hallmark in American cultural history.

The Pilgrims did indeed celebrate the abundant harvest of their second harvest in America.

There are two major reasons that modern militantly secularist “liberal” writers want to move the Thanksgiving of the Pilgrims down in significance and even associate it with the pejorative word “myth”. One, the Pilgrims gave thanks to GOD, not the Indians, but the second reason is that they gave thanks for the peaceful relationship they had with the Indians.

One story has it that the Indians were not invited to share their day of bounty by the Pilgrims but that the Indians happened to show up that day and just happened upon the banquet. This is another attempt to debunk the old story, but all it does is add a detail. What difference does it make? The Indians were invited to share in the banquet and giving of thanks all the same…

Counterpoint #2. “Thanksgiving was about family”

Everybody knows that the “first Thanksgiving”, meaning the feast of the Pilgrims of history, was a community event. We all know that. This was never a myth.

However, Thanksgiving today has indeed become a time to be with family, and in many cases, extended family. Families are good. People who hate Christ also hate family. It’s a Gramschi tactic to debunk the idea of family wherever they can. Karl Marx made abolishing marriage part of his Communist Manifesto platform, Hillary Clinton wrote in a college thesis that marriage was slavery, and Gramschi said Communists would have to win the people of the West by attacking Western morality, not by arguing their point of view.

Counterpoint #3 “Thanksgiving was about religion”

Here we find one of the stupidest sentences in the whole article: ” if Thanksgiving had been about religion, the Pilgrims never would have invited the Indians to join them.”

That sentence had to be written by somebody who either (1) knows nothing about what “evangelical” means, or (2) knows what “evangelical” means but is totally ignorant about it.

He also does not know what he is talking about, as a historical matter, because the Pilgrims included in the Mayflower Compact a list of their purpose in coming to this “new land”, and one of those reasons was precisely to bring the Gospel to a new land.

Counterpoint #4 “The Pilgrims ate turkey”

So what if they didn’t eat turkey. We eat turkey today as a traditional dish on Thanksgiving.

The authors of this web page sometimes give us a reminder that what people think they remember in the government indoctrination centers (aka “public schools”) was not true to all details.

This point, instead of calling it a “myth”, they could have just added it to what we know about historical thanksgiving celebrations. The images they debunk with this piont were put there by multitudes of cartoonish drawings of the Pilgrims’ feasts. It was repeated with my children’s Thanksgiving materials they received in the 1990s, except that now it seems based on those materials, they make up a cartoon in which the Pilgrims are buffoons.

Counterpoint #5 “Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock”

Provincetown also claims the honor. Plymouth Rock as the landing site is testimony from a very aged man who was born two years after the landing. It may or may not be the place.

Counterpoint #6 “Pilgrims lived in log cabins”

I don’t remember this “myth”. Was this a big “myth”, or is this point “much ado about nothing”. (Thank you Shakespeare)

Counterpoint #7. “Pilgrims dressed in black”.

The Pilgrims have generally been shown in drawings and paintings wearing clothing in black color.

Counterpoint #8 Pilgrims, Puritans, same thing?

The author came late to this party. But they are wrong on one little thing here. The Pilgrims were members of the Separatists, and the Separatists were considered one of the two “factions” of the Puritans in England. Many Puritans wanted to work within the Church of England to reform it, but the Separatists said “Come out of her, my people”. Many of those Separatists moved to Holland to escape the persecution in England. In Holland they enjoyed the freedom to live as they thought right, and some years later many of those Separatists decided to take the Gospel to the Americas.

Counterpoint #9 Puritans hated sex?

The author demonstrates with statements that the exact opposite is true. Some of them may have abstained but the writer gives us the example of one member who was expelled from the congregation, kicked out, for refusing to have relations with his wife for two years.

That would be a more appropriate criticism of the Roman Catholic doctrine of celibacy for priests, one of their most heinous unbiblical practices, actually condemned in the Bible itself for bishops.

Counterpoint #10 Puritans hated fun? NOT!

This is INDEED a bad myth, and it is a myth that does need busting! In fact one part of this paragraph bears quoting:

As Carl Degler long ago observed,”The Sabbatarian, antiliquor, and antisex attitudes usually attributed to the Puritans are a nineteenth-century addition to the much more moderate and wholesome view of life’s evils held by the early settlers of New England.” – See more at:

They did dress in bright colors, too. According to students of their history, their houses were full of laughter.

SPLC is a “hate group”

November 28, 2014

The Duggars deny promoting hate, and the freely spoken speech from them was followed by a reaction from SPLC that hatefully called them a hate group:

It is SPLC that is a hate group. Note the subtle subliminality in their name, the “Southern” and the “Poverty”, which hit on the Pavlov Media association conditioning that connects “poverty” to slavery through the “southern” in the name. A very clever trick, maybe they paid a lot of money to a branding consultant for that…

The SPLC hates Christians and cares absolutely nothing about ending hate anywhere. They also do not care about the harm that comes to people who call themselves “gay”, or “lesbians”, or “trans-gendered”, or they would direct themselves to the issues of their health and welfare and their version of education on issues instead of trying to muzzle people that disagree with them.

6 My soul hath long dwelt with him that hateth peace.
7 I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.
-Psalm 120

Brain food!

November 27, 2014

10 items to add to your coffee (brain food):

butter coffee for focus:

dangers of eating out:

…the menus

…lemon wedges carrying bacteria

…ketchup bottles

How to pick a (tumbler) lock:

ITS tactical muster:

association of hobby pickers:

defy the economy:

Darwinians demand what they are not willing to do

November 27, 2014

What Darwinians and materialists demand of Creationists and Intelligent Design proponents, they are not willing to do honestly. They want explanations of how this, how that, but their explanations do not fit the evidence and they don’t care.

#1 For how life came from life, they don’t have any idea at all how it could happen. Not one. Because the science puts up an insurmountable hurdle. They are in denial about this. Some have even admitted it by fantasizing “panspermia” or “seeded by aliens”. Jeremiah 2 shows that the idea of “sayeth to a rock, thou hast brought me forth”, and “to a stock, thou art my father”, are very ancient pagan ideas of pagan religions.

#2 They have no idea how sex could have evolved in defensible steps.

#3 They have no idea why (a) there should be any anthropogenic universe in the first place. No explanation except fantasies about multiverses, for which there only evidence is that the alternative is divine creation, “a divine foot in the door”, for which one admitted they believe in impossible things. (See Alice in Wonderland).

#4 They cannot explain away the fact that the universe in its intergalactic super-structure has a physical orientation that seems to have an orientation centered on the neighborhood of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy.

#5 They know full well by now that Creation scientists have always claimed natural selection and variations within “kinds” as part of the the Creation, but they still use it as evidence for what it never shows, which is macro-level genealogy.

#6 They all know by now that Stephen Gould blew the whistle on the fact that the fossils never did show any Darwinian evolution, only “stasis”. And yet they still claim this LACK of evidence as if it were evidence. Meet punctuated equilibrium, the only theory taken seriously by most politically-supported and state-supported scientists that offers as evidence for itself, get this, the LACK of evidence for it. (“It’s as if it never happened!”)

That’s just six points.

An analysis of the immigration commands

November 26, 2014

Some perceptions on Dictator Obama’s mandate to dissolve freedom of assembly:

The “Commander in Chief” has turned the civilians in his territorial bounds into soldiers, and those who resist into rebels by definition and enemies of The State. And the masses into cannon fodder.

How the hell can anybody cheer an overseas war against some other people when the enemy is the gang of barbarians already within the gates?

Goodbye America. America’s wars will go down with it too, brought down by the agents of the enemies of all mankind, and then the enemy will go after the real enemy: lovers of freedom, individualists, mavericks of all stripes, all independent institutions of religion and the natural family, but most of all, like one of Lenin’s cabinet ministers said, Jesus Christ himself in the person of anybody who follows him on earth.

But like the last verse in Daniel 11 says, the Prince of the [Evil] People that shall come, “he shall come to his end, and none shall help him”, and like it says in Revelation, that Beast and his False Prophet will be cast into Hell along with the Devil and his demons.

Brain food!!

November 25, 2014

Doomsday predictions list debunked

November 25, 2014

Doomsday predictions debunked:

Doomsday predictions list debunked:

I think it was Yogi Berra said something like it’s hard to predict anything, especially about the future.

Ballmer predicting the iPhone would never fly can be chalked up to the general competitive slam. Bill Gates once said nobody (in general) would want to use the Internet. IBM told Asanatoff that the digital computer was a dumb idea and told him to take a hike. Later on, the IBM CEO said only three or four organizations worldwide would have a use for the computer.

Some of these quotes are out of context.

But look at Y2K for example. If not for the doomsday warnings there would have been a doomsday. I had to change literally hundreds (about 600) of tables, about 1200 views, something like 1200 program changes and recompiles.

Slide #8 shows why they made this list. We do not know the long-term effects of GMO’s. We do know the effect of one solitary caretaker making one little mistake and unleashing the “Africanized” bees onto the American continent. We know that a few big snakes (maybe even just two originally) that somehow made it to the Everglades are changing the ecosystem.

AND LISTEN UP: Apply the logic to the Climate Change doomsday predictions, not the efforts to stop this phantasm. The governments fighting climate change are robbing wealth from the world’s economies that otherwise could be used to cultivate the economic forces that both save lives directly and that finance life-saving advances in technology.

There is an unspoken subtext to the article, though. That is the very intelligent and increasing volume of the voices that are predicting catastrophe for the fiat-currency based political economies of the world, especially the kingdom of the dollar.

Now, that IS more than a disaster and it’s rushing toward us as we move through time.

We already have a political disaster with the surveillance/police state, never-ending wars, and the shadowy forces trying to make everybody scared of everybody else that’s a little different.

Good thing God is in control and will eventually fix this world as promised, after letting us (as mankind) do whatever we want and making an unholy mess of it.

So get ready.

Putin: Nice guy? Really?

November 24, 2014

My reply to RT:

Putin has not been the aggressor, mostly, but Putin is not an angel of light. You cannot climb thru the ranks within the Stalinist KGB/FSB as he did by being a nice guy. Under whose watch did the Russian defector in London get radioactive poisoning? A message for other Russians thinking of blowing the whistle on Putin and the Russian regime, like Snowden did for the U.S.?

That said, God will use Gog and Magog, based in Meschech, to help bring down “America” in judgment for its sins. Then after the world government regime consolidates power at the expense of three others, and its dictator “The Beast” persecutes the saints, believers in Christ, worldwide, and anyone else who refuses “the mark” (an embedded chip).

The sponsors of the Bolsheviks and of the Federal Reserve and the income tax and central banks worldwide, will eventually follow the Beast to their doom.

Why doesn’t God show Himself?

November 24, 2014

See, there's this thing called biology...

In the course of atheist blogging, this idea keeps coming up that suggests “if God wants me to follow Him, He’ll prove Himself to me.” First of all, the evidence of God’s existence is all around us. For me that sounds a bit like somebody demanding the sky prove itself.

I’m not sure what language one requires God to speak to them in, but I can see evidence of Him in the synchronicity of math, in the rhythm of music, in people’s acts of sacrificial love, in the collective consciousness of humankind, in fairy tales and art and love. I can also see him in reason and logic and Greek Philosophers and in theology and scripture. Sometimes I can see him in most banal things, like kitchen sponges and missing socks in the dryer. Whatever language you speak, God speaks it too, and is more than willing to reveal Himself…

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