Ron Paul: for Christians and non-Christians

Ron Paul has come under fire from some establishment Christian media, but they do injustice to Jesus Christ and themselves. One well-known narrator with a program on a national Christian radio network in one broadcast in 2008 accused him of believing in evolution, which he does not. He is absolutely right in saying it has no place in the presidential discussion at this time.

He is like Daniel in Babylon, because America is not a Christian nation anymore, it has lost its way. But the people of America are taking the role that Nebuchadnezzar had in the days of Daniel, because we are supposedly expected to pick the president. If the people do not make clear that Paul is the obvious elected president, it is a testimony against the nation.


#1. HONESTY BEYOND REPROACH. First off, even his enemies admit that he has been perfectly honest and consistent throughout his career. The other Republican candidates and certainly the Democrat candidate has been wildly inconsistent and flipped in public posture all along. Only since it became apparent he had a chance at winning did some vicious lies and repeats of old slanders get spread around by “fellows of the baser sort”.

He is a born again Christian and may or may not consider his candidacy a “mission”, although he says he was surprised in 2008 by the strength of support and how people listened. A Christianity Today article quotes him as saying he left the Episcopal Church when they became too “liberal”. I do consider his educating the public in the principles of the Austrian School of Economics a mission akin to William Wilberforce’s campaign against slavery, because free market economics is the only way to preserve a prosperous nation and a free nation, and it is the expression of loving thy neighbor as thyself.

The Bible condemns merchants who sell with a “false balance”, where they tilt the scales against their customers. This is what government fiat money is, printed currency. Every time the Federal Reserve adds dollars to circulation, it is armed robbery by stealth against all of us, and every time the Congress adds to the debt it is stealing, because those dollars add to inflation and devalue the dollar, which means the poor is worse off.

The Fed lies when it says it is trying to fulfill its mission of full employment because it knows it is robbing from the poor when it prints money and weakens the economy. All it can do is introduce distortions in the market. Newly printed dollars go to their “member banks” first which means the biggest Wall Street money changers, and from there to their biggest customers, and they then promote their own friends and business partners. This distorts production away from the poor and in favor of the rich and crony capitalists.

What is whispered in Washington boardrooms should be shouted from the root tops. Ron Paul has pushed for an audit of the Fed from before his first day in Congress in the 1970s. They have fought it together with the Congress, the presidents, and the compliant Press which has kept it quiet till now. He successfully passed the law that forced them to tell who they gave money to during the TARP and the stimulus and in their QE2 (printing money).

Check it out, they gave out some $16 trillion. It turns out they gave it to some American banks, but most of that went to European banks, both private and central banks. They make Congress look like tightwads. But that is more dollars overseas and more dependency from us on foreign governments that could care less about us, much less about any Christians.

These all got worse from the Bush years to the Obama years, and Christians are at the greatest risk from these measures here in the United States.

Ron Paul considers abortion as murder. He is a doctor who has delivered 4,000 babies, and he knows what it is.

When the Republicans owned both houses, Ron Paul proposed a bill declaring the unborn as persons and removing the issue from federal court jurisdiction, which in one stroke would have nullified Roe v Wade completely and freed the states to deal with the issue.

I had a son who had mental issues and who benefited directly from government aid to programs to help them, and SSI and other programs. However, government has to get the money by taking the money under threat of force (taxation) from other people. That leaves the economy crippled, which if left free would generate enough prosperity and realism in the market that such care would be much cheaper in real terms, plus the economy would be prosperous enough to support private efforts. There is no lack of Christian giving desires to take care of such things.

In Ron Paul’s medical practice, he refused to take Medicare or Medicaid payments, but treated all such patients free of charge. He also treated free anyone who could not pay, and sometimes accepted “in kind” payments like chickens from farmers short on cash.

He refuses to accept any more than his $38,000 and change salary as a Congressman. He got the number from the mean salary of Americans. He proposes $39,336 for himself as president, the median salary of an American worker. He has returned money from his Congress budget every year. He has refused to participate in the luxurious scandalous Congressional retirement program. He will refuse Social Security payments upon leaving remunerative work.

He that passeth by, [and] meddleth with strife [belonging] not to him, [is like] one that taketh a dog by the ears.- Proverbs 26:17

America as a nation today is NOT a Christian nation, it is a PAGAN nation that teaches children in government schools that God has no place in the world worth learning about, and does God no honor, and even Christians have helped make a ruler of a man who despises Jesus Christ, and expresses utter contempt for Christians with comments like “clinging”.

Obama was recorded in the 2008 campaign as advocating a “domestic security force” equal in power and resources with the US military. In my opinion, he’s building infrastructure to support it.

#12. DRUGS
The War on Drugs is just as much a failure as President Johnson’s “War on Poverty”. What is more dangerous? Alcohol or Prohibition, which created a huge Mafia that subverted all other decent order? Which is more dangerous? Drugs, or the War on Drugs?

The War on Drugs and the FDA has made the United States dangerous for Amish farmers and for raw milk. Government wants to clamp down on vitamins and natural remedies as in Europe.

I think that nations and cultures have spirits too, and some, like in Sodom, are beyond repair.

But I do not want my homosexual son to go to prison for sodomy, I want him to come to Christ. I want to get the politics out of the way so I can lead him to back to Christ through the love of the Christ without the distraction. I want to tell him “Neither do I condemn thee” so I can tell him “Go and sin no more”.

I think that nations and cultures have spirits too, and some, like in Sodom, are beyond repair.

But I do not want my homosexual son to go to prison for sodomy, I want him to come to Christ. I want to get the politics out of the way so I can lead him to back to Christ through the love of the Christ without the distraction. I want to tell him “Neither do I condemn thee” so I can tell him “Go and sin no more”.

#15. RACISM?
Ron Paul is the anti-racist. His libertarian view is that all rights and freedoms are based on the individual. This is the Christian view because God views each and every one life as worth salvation and deals with us as individuals.

He has already replied a hundred times to the questions about his newsletter and taken responsibility for them and repudiated them. Every time they bring it up they are exposing themselves because they don’t want to talk about the issues that expose them.

My wife is from Honduras and foreign aid is one of the worst things that the richer countries are doing against countries like Honduras. Fifty years of foreign aid has done nothing at all for the regular guy. You might even say it hasn’t done anything for the politicians in government that have handled the money, because they are stuck in the same country.

Foreign aid just keeps poor countries beholden to the banks that dish it out. Like one African economist said, “For God’s sake, please STOP!”

Ron Paul is slandered with lies because he is “accused” of wanting to stop aid to Israel. But the USA gives THREE TIMES as much aid to Israel’s enemies as it does to Israel, and is Israel better off? Israel has 150-200 nuclear bombs in its possession. Poor Arab country that attacks it.

Ron Paul was one of the lone few that voted against a resolution to condemn Israel for its raid against Saddam Hussein’s nuclear plants.

Jewish “settlers” have blogged their euphoria for finding an American who finally will cut off the aid and the strings it comes with, and one that finally says he will let Israel handle its own affairs.

It may be too late for either Israel or the US, but that is another discussion.

There is no doctrinal commandment to involve this nation in Israel’s affairs either. By no stretch of the imagination is Israel any more “God’s people” than the Arabs or anybody else. Jesus said in John 3:36 that the wrath of God abides on whomever rejects the son of God. They are the spiritual heirs of the Pharisees, they even say it themselves, softly. Jesus told them “Ye are of your father the devil”, and “the works of your father will ye do”. And “say NOT ye we have Abraham” as father.

Scofield helped promote this false doctrine of supporting the Jews as having special “dispensation”, but that is against all the Word as is dispensationalism. God is not so capricious or such a respecter of persons.


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