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Please Stop Helping Us!

October 26, 2014

My answer to Bill Whittle…

How about making the Republicans own how they put up a presidential candidate doomed to fail because he was the creator of Romneycare? Why do we put up with people who push for plans hatched by fake conservative organizations like Heritage Foundation, like their plan for a single-payer “mandatory” health care insurance program forced on all the serfs by the rulers? (Romney’s excuse, and Romney was Obama’s excuse).

How about making the Republicans own the Patriot Act? The NSA listening to you in your house, watching you when you go out, trying to find out why you bought pastry from that bakery owned by the guy who donated to Hamas (while giving millions to Hamas)?

How about making BOTH parties own the wars?

How about making Republicans own the fact that the Republican Senate refused to vote BIll Clinton out of office, even with the secret evidence of the murder-“suicides” in his wake? Why aren’t they making HIllary own Obamacare, which is the bill she pushed for in 1992, plus modifications?

Let’s also make the Republicans own the fact that they never dismantled the Department of Education as promised? Why do they keep on voting for keeping the brutal extortion they call taxes on our shoulders?

Whoever it is that tells us we only have a choice between two extortionist and warmongering candidates that kiss the behind of the military-industrial-government-media complex?

Why don’t we make them own the dollar, useless fiat* currency that is pushing us over the cliff into the abyss?

Are the Dems worse? In rhetoric, yes. But the fact is they both do the same things. They vote for an ever bigger surveillance state, police state, military interventions that make things worse abroad and that make things worse here, devalue the dollar and rob value from our paychecks with Keynesian money printing, intrude ever more into our lives and our economy with the AGW scam and regulations.

Black author Jason L. Riley wrote a book “Please Stop Helping Us: How liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed”. I say we ALL tell the whole gang of thieves and robbers and serial warmongers to Please Stop Helping Any of Us!


BItcoin, Ecuador, money and corruption, fiat currency

October 21, 2014

Bitcoin transactions are tracked. How private are bitcoin transactions? There’s a bit about that on Forbes:

The article says that one can use “anonymous” addresses for the transactions, purportedly “untrackable”, and there are web sites that can list transactions for anyone who uses the services. Banks are required to “know their customers”, another wedge.

Bitcoins are better than dollars I think, for now, as exchanges, BUT they are not foolproof against banks.

Try doing anything in case for $10,000. One Columbian couple some years back got into local news when they reported a theft. Federal law says if you bring so-and-so amount of dollars to invest you get automatic resident visa. Immigration took them to a private room, officials counted it up, gave them the visa. They rented a car, drove to a Burger King, and got held up at gunpoint right by the drive-through window.

Who said the US didn’t have an official corruption problem? O’Reilly talking about Mexico and the left-fascists talking about Honduras can go stuff it. At least Honduras stopped the dictator who was handing out money to everybody to buy a lifetime fiefdom. What has the USSA done with its own dictator? At least the Honduran dictator’s own political party joined the legal and constitutional battle against the tyrants. What has the D- or the R- gangs done in the USSA?

Reaction: Walter Block on Kashrus, Ona’ah, and other Jewish topics:

October 19, 2014

Copied to Walter Block….

Walter Block on Kashrus, Ona’ah, and other Jewish topics:

Something else for Orthodox Jews: The laws of Moses provided for ZERO government. In the time of the book of Judges, when they became ungodly and worshipped pagan gods, God lifted the protection they rejected, they were conquered, they would repent, and then God rose up leaders who gathered armies. These armies pushed out the invaders and then the army went back home and beat their swords into plowshares. Those leaders became ad hoc “judges” or “arbitrators” by virtue of reputation.

In fact, when the “elders” of Israel came to Samuel insisting on having a king, God told him they had rejected HIM (God), not Samuel. Samuel warned them: a king is going to take your sons to war, he’ll take your daughters to bake his bread and his delicacies, he’ll lay unbearable taxes upon you. — Jews (and Christians) love King David (and so did God) but Solomon became the living proof of the predictions, and the result was that ten of the twelve tribes seceded.

I’m a Bible-believing Christian (Genesis to Revelation, six-day Creation, Noah’s Flood, and the Resurrection, and I appreciate the way you addressed the animosity from many atheist libertarians. We need libertarians from that side of that issue to help spread the message of freedom for all of us to free exercise. Thanks.

If you have time enough, i have expressed a view on eviction based on your principles of property with different conclusions, and my points would apply also in matters of rape, which as you said, would be a case of “negative homesteading”, if I understood correctly.


Alexa’s numbers change all at once and it stinks

October 18, 2014

Alexa’s data blunder hits Drudge, WUWT, mostly favors leftist news sites over conservative news sites
(and libertarian sites too..)

Anthony Watts’s website, had its best day ever in September, and its own counter shows more hits than ever the past few days, but Alexa says they declined??

There is something really wrong with their new algorithm.

I guess this is another example of “It matters not who casts the vote, it only matters who counts the vote.”

Apparently was the first to notice this.

Maybe it’s time to take our alternative Internet media and secede from the ones that prostrate before the kingly rulers.


October 16, 2014


In another startling display of semantic doublespeak, independent third party researcher have had to acknowledge that they have observed LENR reactions as advertised by the inventor in Italy, while including a disclaimer that says they have not totally given up their academic dogma membership cards:

Stopping ebola: Some natural ways to fight it:

Mostly, make sure you boost your immune system…

The journalist that the CIA hounded to death over CIA drug trafficking:

He just made clear his atheism… Yep, gravity is enough to boot up the universe, according to him.
And effect no longer means cause, right.
And as to why the universe began? From a singularity, defined by them as a null point (non-existent), that was nowhere because there was no space, and it was in “no-time” because there was no time, but time-space started anyway when it “exploded” at the Big Bang.
Like one evolutionist said once, yep, fairy tale for adults. And the “smartest physicist in the world” too, apparently…


“Please stop helping us”

October 15, 2014

Gary North has perceptive insights.
We are all watching the bumbling government “leaders”, getting knocked around by events they don’t understand, and everybody that understands is crying foul as loud as they can:

…This creates a problem for the federal government. The FedGov has no plans to deal with Ebola. It has no theory to guide a plan. We get multiple stories. The disease is not spread by airborne means, but if someone sneezes, it may be transmitted. Excuse me?

Authorities in Spain just killed and cremated the dog of a dead nurse. Dogs carry it? The authorities in Spain were taking no chances.

They just don’t know. This is an accurate message. But they must go through the motions of pretending that they know.

The public is beginning to figure this out: government bureaucrats who are in charge don’t know what they are doing.

This is true in most fields, most of the time. These stories get no coverage. We are not reminded of the degree of incompetence of our tenured, faceless rulers. But this story is getting coverage. The emperor has no clothes, and his wardrobe planners are as naked as he is.

This is the little man behind the curtain. He has just killed and cremated Toto.

FYI, on Amazon:
“Please stop helping us! How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed:

Found at thomas sewell’s article, “Irresponsible ‘education'”, or “The real history of slavery”:

“History as a Weapon” –Edward Bernay

(Learn how they manipulate us)

Pwd-protect your phone (steve silverman)

Password-protect your phone:


How the FDA kills people:

The deadly FDA:

Beware of

school vouchers = double taxation:

Of course, tax deductions for parents who put their kids in their own choice of school has much better results, and lets the parents use the “free exercise of religion”. On the way to complete separation of education from government.

Myth of neutrality


Casting the Stone

October 12, 2014

(Open letter cross-posted to my blog at

Mr. Jordan,

I just discovered this article. Before I comment, I want to say I appreciate that the web page includes the date (even if just month and year) at the top.

As a Christian “fundamentalist” believer in Genesis One to Revelation 22 and who believes God speaks to us today, I agree with your perspective there. I wanted to provide more Biblical support.

As to the contrarians who point to the Old Testament, and the laws of Moses, therea re a couple of passages.

The laws of Moses, as harsh as they seem to be today, provided for exactly ZERO government. The tithe was for the ministrations of the priests, and it is obvious from a great many prophetic warnings that there was not much enforcement except for the judgments of God. NO policemen, NO king, NO republic, NO gendarmes or SWAT, and no standing armies. When they disobeyed God, or began worshipping pagans, or neglecting the scripture study, God let conquerors take them. Then they would cry out to God, and A “judge” would be called who would gather an Army, drive out the illegitimate rulers, then turn their swords back into plowshares again and go back to their farms.

God’s judgements were enough; the narratives in the book of Judges makes that clear. Then they came to Samuel insisting on a king. God told Samuel they had rejected GOD, not Samuel, and Samuel had already warned them that a king would take away their sons to war, their daughters to bake their dainty cakes, and put burdensome taxes on them that they could not bear.

That’s exactly how it turned out. It took just three kings to get to the one that even though it was peacetime, broke the taxation goodwill bank to build palacial temples to false gods, so the third king caused the northern ten tribes to secede when he promised more taxation.

aka Trutherator

Atheism, agnosticism: My “absence of belief” in “materialist sufficiency”

October 12, 2014

Is there any meaningful difference between “official atheism” and “atheism as an officially enforced ideology”?

Plus, from the reports I have seen out of North Korea by escapees, and even a few mainstream reports, clearly demonstrate an attitude of worship. One video clip taken by the only Western team I know of allowed some access, showed one poor lady thanking the now late Kim Jung-Il for everything she had, in soulful worshipful tone.

In my opinion, honest agnosticism can make a claim for “an absence of belief”. However, atheism is the negation of a belief (“said belief is not true”). Therefore atheism is a positive belief.

I have an “absence of a belief” that something comes from nothing. Carl Sagan said “The cosmos is all there is, all there ever was, all there ever will be”. That is quite a statement.

Intellectual Property Laws are Monopoly Grants of Force

October 12, 2014

One man’s defense of IP laws (Intellectual Property):

I have said, over, and over, that your use of the argument “IP is invalid because information isn’t scarce” is irrelevant an confused. People don’t fight over information; they fight over its use in physical objects. There is conflict in this dimension, ergo it is the domain of property rights. I have explained this to you multiple times and multiple ways, yet you still appeal to information’s non-scarcity as if it were ironclad proof of the invalidity of IP.

Therein “lies the rub”.

Economics concerns human activity with regard to things that are “scarce”. By example, the air in the atmosphere is not “scarce”, because everyone has access to atmospheric oxygen all the time. Murray Rothbard used the term “a general condition of mankind” to describe something that was “non-scarce”.

On the other hand, automobiles are “scarce” because you can’t just pluck them out of the air, or conjure them up from nothing. They require possession of a specific combination of materials plus a measure of human labor, plus some intelligent coordination of same, all physical things or physical activity requiring human time and effort. There is not such a great supply of these things as there is for air, or gravity.

Somebody represents a knock-off as made by a factory owned by Sony, that’s fraud perpetrated against me, and like Stephen Kinsella explains, it’s a theft by fraud when I take the knock-off and give the seller something of value, because the seller of the knock-off has violated the terms of the sales agreement. Sony did not suffer a loss, even if the product turns out to be inferior. Even if it has the same quality as the genuine Sony product, it is still a theft. The buyer is the victim, the seller is a thief.

Laws that make the transaction a theft against Sony are really laws that are meant to enforce a monopoly on the use of a name. Sony has not been a victim of anything. “Reputation” is not a right. “Trademark” is simply a right to a monopoly over some specific speech, an “utterance”.

It is also a way for political players to leverage the power of force for their own ends. For example, it has been used by some players in the corporate-government complex to muzzle some whistleblowing when some of their own have let the truth slip out, or when their own wrongdoing is exposed.

Stephen Kinsella’s writings have helped me parse out these concepts logically. It is the conversation in the comments at the following link that led to this post:

Juan Orlando Hernandez rebukes the USG for drug wars

October 11, 2014

The Daily Bell ( included a mention of remarks by the president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, at the top of their list of signs of moves toward more legalization of cannabis worldwide. His remarks were more along the lines of condemnation of the drug wars demanded by Washington and the very curious way the US was denying them some of that air-borne technology to run down the “bad guys”.

I commented there, as follows:

I am so glad you led this off with the remarks from Juan Orlando Hernandez, who also in Spanish-language interviews has complained that although the US pressures Central American countries to fight the illegal drug trade, it refused his requests to actually help with some of their air cover.

Consider that for awhile. The US refusing to help them effectively stop the drug traffickers. And he is saying this loudly. While saying it is a States problem because of the massive demand.

From what my (Honduran) wife tells me, his administration is doing in Honduras itself looks like a gigantic effort to stamp out violent crime as best as possible. Since he has taken office he has arrested scores, maybe hundreds of policemen, at least 35 mayors (and he says he is still investigating the rest of them). He arrested the niece of former president Callejas, who is still influential and a member of his own party. He has instituted a 911 system “just like in the States”, says my stepson who is there studying. He has said anybody taking a bribe is getting fired. People believe this, including the government workers.

I think that this is part of what national and (libertarian-leaning) international advisers told him would be necessary for people to invest in Honduras. The Congress recently passed legislation to create special economic zones (ZEDE-Zonas Especiales de Dessarollo y Empleo) with rules that will let business flourish. The Congress studied models of economic success like South Korea (vs. North), Hong Kong, Dubai, Chile, and invited business and government leaders from such areas to present and consult in Honduras, and they got libertarian economists to help design the plans.

Some of the Congressmen protested that the zones would draw businesses away from their towns. (The first ones would be in areas with small populations.) No problem, any town can hold a referendum and convert their area if they see merit in it.

If this plan is protected from political meddling, and some potential investors are saying it is, and it implements as promised, it will create pockets of prosperity. My hope is that Honduras sees that the left-fascists want them poor.

We shall see. The video three-part series on this project says they are just a few months from announcing the first zone designation.