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Time’s Up

May 30, 2021

The US has zero time left.

The Oligarch Cabal has taken over the Democratic Party, the (Establishment-wing of the) Republican Party, the major news media and press for the masses, the universities, the schools, the federal government bureaucracy, most Christian churches, most state government bureaucracies, almost all big-sized corporations, most NGO’s, all inter-government organizations, most professional organizations, almost all the entertainment industry, Madison Avenue, Wall Street, and dominates mass consumption Internet.

What was known as The United States of America is gone, even the bastardized unconstitutional form it took after Abraham Lincoln’s unconstitutional war against secession. The war to end slavery was a fraud, to cover for a war to set up the free for enslavement.

The blow that killed the Republic was done in the 1950s and 1960s when SCOTUS threw prayer, Bibles and Ten Commandment plaques out of schools and expelled God from public life. A few whimpers from politicians and Christians, who forthwith went back to their daily routines. Nobody in Congress even proposed legislation to remove the subject from federal court jurisdiction, which would have been totally constitutional to override such an abominable ruling. It would have worked also to ban federal courts from ruling on any case involving prenatal infanticide, a solution that Ron Paul proposed every year he was in Congress.

I was with the strongest movement among the Jesus People in the 1970s, and we warned America of its fall for rejecting God. Yes, churches did too. And just like Romans One spells out, that’s the first step and in that chapter it explains that God gives such over “to a reprobate mind” such that men’s lust burns for men, and women do “unnatural” things too. That’s fulfilled.

All that remains is the alliance of ten kings as in Revelation 17 and 18 that share power “one hour” with the Beast, and GOD puts it in their hearts to burn the Whore with fire. Guess what nation (or city) is the center of economic power (as described in chapter 17 and 18) of the world, and the one remaining power that could conceivably be strong enough to resist a world government of the Beast?


On “left-right spectrum”, where do libertarians fit?

May 27, 2021

Covid-19 Vaccines & Mortality – graphs

May 25, 2021

One minute video: French doctor on the liquid crystal content found in the injection

May 23, 2021

Posted at reddit, for what it’s worth, with names and quotes

May 22, 2021

SS: Too bad Kary Mullis conveniently isn’t alive to see how his PCR test is being misused regarding SARS-CoV-2 and call out Dr. Fauci on TV like he dreamed of.

“What ABC needs to do,” says Mullis, “is talk to [Chairman of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious
Diseases (NIAID) Dr. Anthony] Fauci and [Dr. Robert] Gallo [one of
the discoverers of HIV] and show that they’re assholes, which I could do in ten minutes.”

Kary B. Mullis’ PCR Test

“The scientist who invented the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test kit was Kary B. Mullis. This technology is what they use today to test for the so-called coronavirus, said to be the cause of a disease which the health authorities such as the World Health Organizations (WHO) vaguely and inconsistently defined or identified. Mullis is among the many scientists who bravely question the narrative of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. Mullis did not believe what the mainstream, globalist elite-funded, science is claiming that the HIV retrovirus is causing the AIDS disease. He was an important member of the “Group for the Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis, the 500-member protest organization pushing for a re-examination of the cause of AIDS”. According to him on his 1992 Spin interview, “PCR made it easier to see that certain people are infected with HIV and some of those people came down with symptoms of AIDS. But that doesn’t begin even to answer the question, ‘Does HIV cause it?’”

“Meanwhile, also from interview by Celia Farber, Dr. David Rasnick, bio-chemist, protease developer and former founder of an EM lab called Viral Forensics, stated:

“You have to have a whopping amount of any organism to cause symptoms. Huge amounts of it. You don’t start with testing; you start with listening to the lungs. I’m skeptical that a PRC test is ever true. It’s a great scientific research tool. It’s a horrible tool for clinical medicine. 30% of your infected cells have been killed before you show symptoms. By the time you show symptoms…the dead cells are generating the symptoms”

Asked by Farber what his advice for people who want to be tested for COVID-19, he replied:

“Don’t do it, I say, when people ask me. No healthy person should be tested. It means nothing but it can destroy your life, make you absolutely miserable. Every time somebody takes a swab, a tissue sample of their DNA, it goes into a government database. It’s to track us. They’re not just looking for the virus. Please put that in your article.”

He added:

“PCR for diagnosis is a big problem. When you have to amplify it these huge numbers of time, it’s going to generate massive amounts of false positives. Again, I’m skeptical that a PCR test is ever true.”

Below are excerpts of an article by Celia Farber regarding the PCR test and its inventor Kary Mullis.

**”What do we mean when we say a person “tests positive” for Covid-19?

We don’t actually mean they have been found to “have” it.

We’ve been hijacked by our technologies, but left illiterate about what they actually mean. In this case, I am in the rare position of having known, spent time with, and interviewed the inventor of the method used in the presently available Covid-19 tests, which is called PCR, (Polymerase Chain Reaction.)”

”Kary Mullis was a scientist. He never spoke like a globalist, and said once, memorably, when accused of making statements about HIV that could endanger lives: “I’m a scientist. I’m not a lifeguard.” That’s a very important line in the sand. Somebody who goes around claiming they are “saving lives,” is a very dangerous animal, and you should run in the opposite direction when you encounter them. Their weapon is fear, and their favorite word is “could.” They entrap you with a form of bio-debt, creating simulations of every imaginable thing that “could” happen, yet hasn’t. Bill Gates has been waiting a long time for a virus with this much, as he put it, “pandemic potential.” But Gates has a problem, and it’s called PCR.”

Inventor of the PCR test said you can make it test positive for anything

May 22, 2021

He blasted Fauci, called him a liar, said he was responsible for 100,000 deaths with AZT with AIDS, he said NOBODY ever could find an HIV isolate.

He died four months before SARS-COV-2 (aka Covid-19) hit the news hard. And. he died just before the Event 201 dry run for what they did in 2020.

Medical dictatorship

May 21, 2021


“It’s important to reflect on the warnings given to Americans several hundred years ago by Dr. Benjamin Rush, personal doctor to George Washington and a signer of the Declaration of Independence:

Unless we put Medical Freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic…”

Hydroxichloriquin suppressed based on fake paper in Lancet

May 16, 2021

Government and marriage

May 16, 2021

Government should stay out of marriage, period. In fact, government should stay out of everything, period. It should bury itself into some black hole somewhere so it can’t escape, quantum physics be damned.. 🙂

Marriage contracts, including prenuptials, could be adjudicated, enforced, supported, by private entities. When the market is left free for matters like this (and any other), there are plenty of smart people around, entrepeneurs, who can offer reasonable alternatives without an institution that exists solely based on the initation of force (like a government).

For example, a couple that married even without a government’s or church’s permission (aka marriage license) could hire a service of wise specialists in such matters to supervise a breakup of the marriage. If there is too much friction, they can each hire a negotiator to negotiate on their behalf.

There is a very rich wealth in the literature about such questions. has volumes, most of it completely free to read.