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SJWs always lie

September 25, 2016

India is now running an ad campaign to shame people into using toilets instead of defecating in the open.

Shaming worked for ending the practice of “sati” (burning the Hindu widow live with her dead husband).

SJW’s Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police:

And reverse shaming blowback at the SJWs might be helpful:


Farrakhan: “That’s a Wicked Woman”

September 24, 2016

“..and you fall for that crap??..”

Maybe this is why they’re trying so hard to divide blacks from Trump?

And the women were the quickest to applause.

Muslims and Christians: God is Love

September 17, 2016

Most Muslims want to live in peace, and the biggest number of victims of political Islamist violence are other Muslims, as in the Shia-Sunni conflicts and Western-instigated wars in the Middle East right now. Even the worst, in ISIS have a “Made in America” stamp.

Islam also was born in a context of Judaism and Christianity, and surely God favored them over the idolatrous and depraved pagan Arab religions of the time. Christendom had lost the fervor of the Great Commission, and Byzantine monks lamented the rampant idolatry in the Christian temples, in both sides of the old Empire.

The biggest difference is one that divides many Christian doctrines. Jesus represents the love of God, and is a God of love; God IS love. The “Son of Hamas” has said this is the difference that won him to Christ. God sacrificed his Son to save us from sin. Islam, and many Christian denominations, regard works as the only way to reconcile to God. The Bible says God did the reconciliation in the sacrifice of the Son of God for our us.

Compare the beginnings of Christianity vs. Islam. Christ laid down his life for sinners, unbelievers, and blasphemers to share the love of God. Mohammed laid down the lives of sinners, unbelievers, and blasphemers for his faith.

Early Christianity spread throughout the lands of the old Roman Empire in the laying down of their lives for the love of Christ. Islam spread through the lands of the Byzantines and North Africa by laying down the lives of Christians and other natives at the point of the sword of war, for the sacrifice of human works.

Some violent political Islamists condemn the Crusades for attacking Islam. In the West even many Christians forget that the purpose of the Crusades was to regain territory that Islamic warriors had conquered by force themselves.

BUT always remember. We are not our ancestors. By their fruits ye shall know them, and for that history can teach us.

Control Freak Media

September 17, 2016

Big Corporate Media like the Daily Guardian –a Brit rag!– have joined to chorus to complain about how the Trump campaign treats them.

Well, the people they have insulted for oh so many years, telling us that their rulers care about us and telling us with their total-statist blather that we should accept the kind of socialist and fascist programs that made poor so many peoples around the world.

They’re like the kids “in the marketplace” that Jesus talked about that play their flutes and they get all mad because we don’t dance to their tune.

It’s not the “alt-right” that Hillary and her plutocrat buddies around the world are really angry about, it’s the “alt-news” and “alt-information” places, mostly on the Internet and other places, that blow the whistle on their criminal societies.

Places like,, and


Who are Hillary’s irredeemable “deplorables”?

September 14, 2016

She got blowback flak because ALL of Trump’s supporters know she was talking about ALL of them!

To soften the obvious insult, she expressed pity for the rest of them.

Who are the misogynists? She did the Mafia warning threat duty for her own rapist!

Who are the racists? She praises “black lives matter” and apologizes for her whiteness.

Who are the sexists? Her Clinton cash racket works for the worst of them.

Who are the dangerous ones? Who has a long list body count of dozens? How about 114 in one list?

Who needs Russians if the whistleblowers have been pushed into hiding by Central Control DC?

September 14, 2016

That method to get into Hillary’s account is exactly what Guccifer “the First” said he had used to get some of her emails. Russians as in Putin’s government? Why the frig would they want to publicize any of their surreptitious successes. Hillary has PLENTY of insiders who hate her guts or hate her former boss (in the White House), Russia doesn’t need to do anything.

It’s like the accusations that the CIA overthrew Zelaya in Honduras in 2009. Big bunch of stupidity. Why would they waste so much money to pay for something the Hondurans of all colors and classes wanted to do? That would be like paying Hillary Clinton to lie and cheat!

One reporter was skeptical of the Romanian’s story (the 1st Guccifer) and the local Linux user meetup too, but not me, or yawn. Not for nothing the FBI wanted to grab him.

The way they are trying to rig this election is so much IN YOUR FACE that now you guys know what Hondurans felt like in 2009 when the whole world tried to gang up on them .

HILLARY in 2009 asked Michelleti what it would take for him to resign and sign the agreement that would let Zelaya take over again. There was a coronel on one of the local Miami TV talk shows led by a Cuban that year, and this retired colonel said the Honduras military was am iimpressive fighting force. The prez knew the Americans could take them, but man that would unite every Communist and fascist and student and business in a second.

I kid you not. Michelleti told her “Only an invasion”, we’d rather just scrape a living on our soil, we grow rice and beans here. No Zelaya please. Paper tiger bluff master Chavez threatened to invade.

Of course like always these control freaks are counting on the kids in their indoctrination factories to change the demographic. The political dynamic is slipping out of their control because of the Internet and they’ve lost control of it in the USA I think, and that’s why Obama was trying to quietly slither it into the hands of globalist collaborators.




September 14, 2016

He doesn’t act, walk, or talk like a humble man, but he’s a world lot less dangerous than the binary alternative. You’re right I think, he sees it as a management challenge which has both good and bad implications but is MUCH better than centralized socialist dictatorship. He also sees foreign policy as a negotiating forum, which is good.

I’m ashamed of how much I voted over the years for the lesser of two evils. Not much choice this year, by which I mean the evil of one wicked witch, daughter of Jezebel, makes it not much of a choice. Choice: The war-mad Libya destructress and butcher of Towargah, or the one who says intervention is a mistake and blows the whistle on the lies of George Bush. Choice: “Putin is a Hitler” vs. “I can work with him”. Choice: Taxpayer-extorted subsidies for the biggest aborticide provider vs. the now anti-abortion guy? Choice: Rapist protector vs. women defender?

Choice: Sharia law advocate (men can beat wives, no votes for women, men’s testimony counts for twice the woman’s), VS. anti-Sharia advocate.

Choice: Campaign money from Sharia-law state rulers, VS campaign money from “middle America” and its self-defense defenders and free-market advocates?

Choice: Play chicken with Russia using bombers and fighter jets over Syria, or work with Russia to end ISIS? Choice: Assad must go, vs. leave one of the last best protectors of Christians and other non-Muslims in the Middle East? Choice: Crooked Clinton Foundation State Department fire sale, or builder with hundreds of building foundations? Choice: More subsidized “easy” no-sponsor immigrant importation, or end to subsidized “easy” no-sponsor immigration? Choice: Thought police or true thought diversity? Choice: Big-government big-corporation “free trade agreement” that globalize the same failures of the central power-mad political class, –OR– “renegotiation”. The list is endless. Both have flaws. For example, they both have mouthed support for welfare programs. One of them wants to expand the Obama-era prosperity-killing policies, the other wants end them he says. One wants to make Obamacare even worse than it already is, another wants to “replace” it, naming some details that are indeed better.

The biggest tilting factor is war. MAKE PEACE NOT WAR.

When is “free trade” NOT free trade?

September 10, 2016

They are no longer “American companies” except insomuch as they kiss government behind because it’s cheaper. But they are multi-nationals, and so they push for THEIR OWN FREEDOM to freely do business everywhere.

The government is not the people. With NAFTA almost all Americans are worse off. The politicians and their buddies got theirs, and the biggest “companies” were “free” to move production south of the border and still sell north of the border.

It may still stabilize further on, but the fact remains that with this agreement between our rulers (we weren’t invited to know, discuss or approve the secret thousands of pages), they (our rulers) have expanded their base of power among themselves AT OUR EXPENSE at that includes the poorest Mexicans.

Mexicans won’t be much better off in the end, these are “poverty sharing agreements” in fact. Our poverty, their benefit.

So, Again, WHAT “free trade”? WHERE is that? Within those zones, the political structures are still in place. Agreements between the rulers in governments leave the rulers in power, their buddies better off, and the agreements are rigged in secret and run tens of thousands of pages to
(1) obfuscate their true purposes, for which legalese is added, and (2) regionalize the power of current ruling groups over larger geographic zones and (3) set up another level of centralized power above us. Also, (4) in the minutiae, they’re setting up for a world government dictatorship.

On point #4, note that when you ask about every one of those “free trade zones”, they are set up with agreements among those rulers.

Also, because there are other factors that mitigate against the “free trade” effects. Currency is one, central banks another, the dominance of the dollar, the petro-dollar regime set up between Nixon and the petroleum exporting countries.

Regulations by one government against its internal victims, for example, are a way of crippling their own. The Trojan horse “environmentalist” trick “carbon” laws, for example, are meant to cripple the economies (small business especially) of the West, and help other countries’ economies. That way they get (they say) moral cover for more mass extortion.

Darwinian texts built on frauds

September 5, 2016

It’s not just Leakey taking a chain saw to the “Lucy” bones to make it fit the Darwinian mythology. Except now he showed his fraud to a camera and said it was to “restore” it to the “real” one. With scientists doing this stuff, and scientism now a religious faith in modern academia, no wonder some few proclaim they’re mutilating their own natural bodies to make it emulate what they say they “really” are.

Hoeckel most definitely did his fraud with malicious purpose. That’s why his own university reprimanded him for it. It is amazing that people are not laughing their behinds off at this stuff and that today’s universities swallow it whole!

For example He drew what he called micro-organisms that appeared spontaneously at the bottom of the ocean, and put those drawings into his writings. He knew that they were fake because we know they don’t exist, and Pasteur demonstrated with the scientific method that it does not happen. The same thing with the embryonic (and moronic) fraudulent representations of chicken and human embryonic growth.

His fraudulent writings and drawings was in my kids’ biology class textbooks in the 1990s!

There is a reason that you don’t see very much use of microbiology, biochemistry, medical advances as evidence of biology. When disciplines like molecular biology, biochemistry, were new as full-time study areas, a fearless believer in the Darwinian faith would rush to be the first to make a connection and they got a brick wall instead. Too bad those days were before the Internet, they sent the publications into oblivion.

I got a look in a local newspaper once about a study of the structure of an organic compound related to insulin metabolism, one that varied among organisms, although it fulfilled the same function. The scholars expected to find that the differences would parallel Darwinian ideas.

That organic biochemical confounded them. The differences between the human and chimp versions were more than between a human and an earthworm!

Intelligent Parents are Refusing Vaccinations

September 4, 2016

Intelligent Parents are Refusing Vaccinations:

What was the secret of the stability of the Byzantine Empire?

Marie Le Pen, of France: “Hillary is war”:
“Anything but Hillary”:
“Hillary is a danger to world peace”:

True free trade wins another one. TTIP is in trouble: