2009 Honduras Recap: Links in Spanish

The sign opposes Manuel Zelaya, Fidel Castro, ...

The sign opposes Manuel Zelaya, Fidel Castro, and Hugo Chávez. It supports Roberto Micheletti and democracy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People in Honduras supporting Roberto Michelet...

People in Honduras supporting Roberto Micheletti’s gobernment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Liberal International names (constitutional) President of Honduras Roberto Micheletti as the Vice President of that organization.

Guatemala City mayor Alvaro Arzu, proposes that Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala consolidate their representation in other lands, as he holds up Honduras as a shining valiant example to follow. The Castro-Chavista imperialist intentions thereby experience another setback.

The current Honduran Congress of Honduras, in one of its last acts, renders homage to a list of the figures who protected Honduras’ freedom and its constitutional representative government during 2009, including a standing ovation for Chief of Staff General Romeo Vazquez Velasquez. They also gave standing applause for President Roberto Micheletti, and for Ramon Custodio, the Human Rights Obundsman, who tenaciously defended the truth during these months.


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