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Manuel Zelaya’s Crimes against Honduras and the World

January 28, 2010

Zelaya started out as just another corrrupt politician who won the presidency, but mid-term he did an about face and took off his sheepskin and his mask, and started a long list of crimes for which he finally paid.

#1.Zelaya advocated re-election of presidents, which automatically invokes a clause that says any government officer “immediately” ceases in his functions.

#2.He condemned democracy as a form of government, saying it never did anything for Hondurans.

#3.He refused to submit a budget to Congress in November 2008 as required by law, and in 2009 collected taxes and spent them at personal whim,

#4.Including tens of millions of dollars meant for programs to help the poor and infirm, he robbed for his plan to cover his coup with a fraudulent “referendum”,

#5.robbed the Congress of its operating funds, because they did not do what he wished,

#6.threatened Congress with military tanks if they did not accept for his personal pick for the Supreme Court,

#7.Saying he didn’t have to pay attention to the Congress because they were oligarchs (never mind he IS oligarch, was supported by the US ambassador and the uber-oligarch Hugo Chavez and no doubt George Soros

#7.ROBBED the Supreme Courts and other courts of operating funds, because they emitted rulings against him,

#8.ROBBED the operating funds from the Superior Electoral Tribunal because they obeyed the constitution and the law and obeyed Court rulings against his illegal referendum,

#9.sent his followers against the chief Prosecutor (Fiscal General) of the country to threaten him for bringing charges against him,

#10.recruited foreign power Venezuela to print his illegal forms for his illegal referendum,

#11.and led a violent mob on June 25, 2009, to break into the base and the warehouse where they had been confiscated by court order, threatening the military forces there, who stood down in the interest of avoiding bloodshed,

#12.planned on sending that mob to disrupt Congress and stop all pretense toward his constitutional assembly on June 28,

#13.and as came out in court earlier this week, had brought in some 900 foreign operatives and special forces from Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Spain to break him out of prison that Sunday, with the cooperation of more mobs, a plan that was frustrated when he left the country instead,

#14.advocated that his followers die for him from the Brazilian Embassy to carry him back to power in his futile harangues.

#15.Was constitutionally deposed in Congressional vote on June 28, 2009, based on constitutional grounds and NOT any letter of resignation,

#16.Vote and deposing which the Court has judged as valid.

Amazing how many people seem to think they know what happened, just because international news media leave out some important facts like this.

These legal entities declared that his removal was completely legal, constitutional, and respectful of all civil rights:

#a.The Congress, by a vote of 124-4;

#b.The Supreme Court, voting 15-0;

#c.The Human Rights Obmundsman,

#d.The court charged with protecting fiscal responsibility,

#e.The (constitutionally independent) Electoral Commission,

#f.His own party,

#g.The opposition party,

#h.Two of the three other minor parties,

#i.The Union Civica Honduren~a, a coalition formed from dozens of civil society entities to preserve representative government by the people in Honduras,

#j.The Catholic Church,

#k.All the major Protestant churches,

#l.Most unions,

#m.Most media outlets, with some very notable exceptions who were never shut down as claimed,

#n.The poor, the rich, the middle class, construction workers, domestic workers, big city dwellers, humble farmers, owners of businesses, employees, Hondurans living in other countries, Hondurans in their own country, bakers, candlestick makers.

Even the rats in the sewers were disgusted with him by the time he was gone.

What legal entity is left to determine whether Zelaya was properly and legally removed from office?

He was constitutionally removed, and Micheletti was the constitutional successor to the presidency, and that man deserves the highest honors in history for his valiant defense of sovereignty and freedom.



Roberto Micheletti, National Hero of Honduras

January 28, 2010

There’s no excuse anymore for all the harangues against Honduras and its champion of representative democracy and freedom, Roberto Micheletti. Talk to any of the 85 percent of Hondurans who understand what happened. Manuel Zelaya was the golpista.

The “International Community” exposed itself as answering to the international oligarchs like George Soros that installed Chavez and Evo Morales.

Zelaya had already installed his own auto-coup in Honduras. He started his assault on the people as the year 2009 began, because he refused to answer to a Congressional budget, collecting taxes and spending it on whim.

Then he engineered the fraud of the “cuarta urna”, exposed as lie itself because #1, he didn’t wait till November, and #2, he changed the wording, and planned to dissolve Congress by the force of mobs on June 28.

There are THREE different issues relating to the events of June 28, 2009.

One.The constitutional succession of power.
Two.Criminal charges for the civil, constitutional, political and criminal infractions against the people of Honduras.
Three.The exiling of Mel Zelaya.

It’s amazing how many people don’t understand the difference between #1.defense of democracy, and #2.a coup against democracy.

Honduras in 1982 was fed up, disgusted with presidents who wanted to keep power past their time, so they proofed their constitution against power-hungry dictators like Manuel Zelaya.

American ecstatically happy to be married to a girl from Honduras

Little Christian school out-debates them all, again

January 26, 2010

Homeschool haven Patrick Henry College tops Harvard and other colleges:

See this link:

Just 10 years old, 350-student Patrick Henry College won its fourth national debate championship in six years.

The Virginia evangelical Christian school, founded by the leading Christian homeschool organization, is the only college or university to win the American Collegiate Moot Court Association national championship more than once.

Other schools competing included Harvard, Miami, Syracuse, Holy Cross, the College of Wooster and Fitchburg State College.

PHC, in Purcellville, Va., near Washington, D.C., sent the maximum number of eight teams to the 64-team competition at Florida International University College of Law in Miami and placed first, third, ninth, 11th, 13th and 17th.


Storyboarding the News: How the MSM Turned the Honduran Crisis into A Comic Book

January 17, 2010

For the fine analysis of the media coverage of events in Honduras during 2009 by Mark Klugmann of at, the following came inspired by the hunger for the truth about it all expressed by many Americans, who are baffled by the blackout by BIG CORPORATE MEDIA of anything favorable to the people of Honduras in the cover story.

Go to for a good history of these events, and “the rest of the story”.

Manuel Zelaya had already done a de facto “auto-coup”.
#1.He was running the country without the constitutionally required budget, taking in taxes and spending on corruption,
#2.cut the funds off from Congress and the Court and for the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.
#3.He acted as if there were no Congress and no Court.
#4.The Electoral Tribunal refused his illegal orders based on both the Constitution and the Supreme Court’s orders, he ordered the military directly to carry out his illegal coup-based “survey”,
#6.which was meant to complete his overthrow of the constitutional representative republic government to install his own personal government, and provide Bad Legacy Media cover for his presidency-for-life,
#7.illegally firing General Romeo for obeying the constitution and the Court order to refuse obeisance to this coup-based illegal criminal activity, defined as “treason” in the Honduran constitution, for which his Prosecutor sued and the Court ordered the generals’ immediate reinstatement as an illegal act,
#6.then CHANGED his fraudulent referendum language to take out reference to November elections and any “cuarta urna”, to cover for sending mobs to shut down Congress that Sunday, and declare new “elections” for his new “assembly”.

I’ll tell you why I suspect that there are reports that bankers in Washington are offering $124 million — that’s one hundred and twenty-four million!!– to Pepe Lobo and the new government to do their amnesty. It’s because if any of this ever comes to trial and there is any public disclosure, then Washington’s own United States Ambassador will be exposed as one of the primary movers in Manuel Zelaya’s illegal coup attempt, his efforts to completely overthrow the republic of Honduras and install a new dictator in Latin America, that’s why!

Hugo Llorens, the US Ambassador, was actually used in Zelaya’s TV commercials promoting the illegal unconstitutional treasonous “cuarta urna” effort to run a fraudulent extra-constitutional referendum on a constitutional assembly!! This was after Zelaya was already caught on camera among followers advocating inclusion of re-election in this illegal action, with presidential “continuismo”, and condemning democracy!

And then Hugo Llorens after June 28 continued to use all the intimidation factor of The.Ugly.American to try to muscle political and business leaders to let Zelaya back into the presidency. KNOWING he would just go ahead with this illegal fraudulent “survey”, for which he already had the overwhelming favorable results counted in computers shown to the press only days after his exit.

And why did nobody ask whether Zelaya himself might prefer exile over prison, unless he had a break-out-of-jail free card up his sleeve? Or up Hugo Chavez’ sleeve?


And the millions they paid out to the fraudulent Zelaya “supporters” to march? And how Chavez (who else?) poured so many millions of dollars into Honduras to pay for a reinstatement of the Zelaya coup, that the lempira gained SEVEN PERCENT against the dollar in ONE DAY!!?

Who knows, maybe even money from that plutocrat filthy-rich enemy of democracy and republics everywhere, George Soros,

CNN-in-Spanish was even worse than their counterpart in English. NPR’s “useful idiots” with “credentials” props worthy of the worst Hollywood spoofs, tried to apologize for Obama, “sympathizing’ with him for trying to avoid appearing like a “bully” in Latin America like supposedly the US has been.

What an idiot. Maybe he knows that every Latin American with two brain cells could see through that pile of excrement dung worthy of an Orwell novel, but maybe Americans need it spelled out in English. Obama played the really great BIG school yard bully who told the LITTLE schoolyard bully Chavez to kick harder, and even got a few of his own licks in.

But the Little Country That Could, the MOUSE THAT ROARED, told them they had to expose themselves as the liars they were and go ahead and invade, but

“WE WILL HAVE OUR DEMOCRACY!!” the Honduran people roared.

They roared even louder in the November elections. Zelaya said to boycott them, so they went to the voting booths in greater numbers than ever before in Honduran history, and greater percentages. That’s the ONLY reason, to save face, the US and other schoolyard bullies pretended they were endorsing them, because it made obvious what the Honduran people wanted.

Poor and rich, doctorates and illiterates, on the Gulf Coast and in the mountains and in the valleys, in the big cities and in the little towns, in the native Indian regions and in the slightly lighter districts, men and women, EVERY demographic you cut with, Hondurans yelled loud and clear:

…with other strong subtexts:

Thank you to the author of this fine article, which adds to the accurate information about Honduras that is available for those who want it.

happily married to a fine Honduran woman proud of her country

Obama and the Global Police: More Friendly Fascism?

January 9, 2010

Many Americans have been zombified, a state reached by many after long years of Pavlovization. Zombi Serfs Media has done its job.

However, Americans who defend freedom have been entirely too provincial, to our collective hurt, concentrating on nationalism. This is a worldwide battle and neglecting the worldwide perspective, and the alliances in this effort with aware voices elsewhere, is a weakness that does not help.

This I say because as a husband to a wonderful wife from Honduras, I have witnessed this neglect. The international news agencies lied to the entire world, mostly through the torture of semantics and filtering of relevant background for articles, that it amounts to criminal negligence. Hondurans now know that CNN, AP, and the other international suspects are not news agencies, but psychological warfare instruments for oppressive forces everywhere.

People should consider why Obama pushed so hard to keep a Communist usurper dictator in power and overthrow the friendly nation of Honduras.

Honduras is a brave example of The Mouse That Roared, the Little Country That Could, and can provide a tremendous morale booster to those who battle tyranny. Roberto Micheletti has been enthusiastically named “National Hero”, awarded plaque and all, for his very principled defense of their representative Republic against all the death threats and noises from abroad.

The real story is that Manuel Zelaya was the coup leader, who early in 2009 began his overthrew of his own constitution:
#1.he was ruling by decree,
#2.refused to obey or enforce laws passed by their Congress,
#3.refused to submit a budget and instead collecting and spending taxes by personal whim and dictate,
#4.organized a blatantly illegal “referendum” –votes pre-counted in computers discovered the day after his exile– that would provide disinformation cover to obliterate the republican government and hold fraudulent “elections” to put in place his own lackeys, his own fraud when he replaced the “non-binding” language in his decree for said referendum on June 26, 2009, with language that he planned to use to dissolve Congress on June 28, 2009 with mob violence (and then blatantly lied to the United Nations about it),
#5.tried to dissolve Congress by cutting off their funding,
#6.tried to dissolve the Courts by cutting off their funding, an especially ironic twist tried to dissolve the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (Commission) by cutting off their funds,
#8.recruited a hostile foreign power in his overthrow of his own government by getting his illegal “ballots” printed and imported from Venezuela,
#9.robbed money from the Central Bank using willing subordinates and false documents to the tune of some 50 million lempiras (approximately $2.5 million US,
#10.robbed the budget money from the poor when he diverted untold billions to his ambitions to perpetuate himself in power as a vassal king for the nascent NWO ruling classes,

…and many other crimes against the people of Honduras, multiplied by his continued treasonous activities after June 28, 2009.

—by trutherator

History of climate gets “erased” online…

January 2, 2010

There is more smoke escaping to plain sight from the fire that has the global warming hustlers and moneychangers sweating worse than ever. It isn’t the climate, but this heat is man-made, it is their own doing, and will be their own undoing…

History of climate gets “erased” online…


Memo to Spain’s Zapatero: Honduras is NO LONGER your colony!!

January 1, 2010

Seems that the socialist president of Spain is telling Hoduras’ president-elect Porfirio Lobo what to do, telling him that if he has any contacts with the interim government presided over by Micheletti, then Spain will not recognize his government.

Porfirio Lobo, President-Elect of the Honduran republic, should just simply CALL HIS BLUFF. The worst thing that could happen is that they will stall official political recognition. He may have influence in Europe when he takes over the presidency.

It is even more important, however, if it is not a bluff, to maintain the principled stand that Honduras took. Micheletti took the international heat but he is a national hero to Hondurans, a hero. After all these months of defending its constitutional republic against the psychological onslaughts of less noble governments, and against the attempts to make them bow down to the nascent world dictatorship, Honduras deserves a pilot at the helm who will continue to avoid smashing the ship of state against orders from abroad.

Lobo needs to make clear that Honduras will continue to be free, and institute the changes that will protect his people from dependence on foreign largesse.