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Christian Post:: No outrage over persecution in the USA

June 27, 2021

Another state outrage, this time from Missouri…

His lawyer says there was zero admission of any guilt in the settlement. The tyrants got what they expected anyway in my opinion: using the vast tax extortion resources of the state to overwhelm the resources of yet another victim, who had to agree to a settlement so Christian-haters could parade around as if it were some victory over another fake televangelist.

Why don’t those wolves go after Benny Hinn first? Or Franklin Graham? And why aren’t those big mouths coming to the defense of their persecuted brothers?

This is another example of the outrages of the state in micro-managing personal health. Check out the new clinic in Oklahoma City that lists on their web site a straight charge for their services. Thing is you pay them direct, they are cutting out the cutthroat insurance companies and the hospital racket that collude to drive up the costs of medical services and insurance.

It was reported on the Christian Post. A couple of weeks ago they published an article by a wolf in sheep’s clothing talking up CRT. It’s an apostate periodical. Apostasy is a sign of the very last days.



Lou Dobbs introduction to a video “interview” with Smartmatic CEO does not dbunk election skepticism

June 27, 2021

I watched the video at the link someone posted to back up his claim that Lou Dobbs of Fox News had debunked every claim casting doubt on the 2020 election.

and it is a laugh riot all the way through. Cream-puff questions for a guy who is possibly implicated in all this. Himself even on the video obliquely admitting a connection to George Soros in the person of one of the execs on the board and otherwise making a point of including the adjective “direct” as in “no direct connection” with his company.

To look into the mulitude of reports and affidavits by eyewitnesses having seen in person thosuands of felonious election crimes and analyses by the smartest MIT mathematicians and others that say these analyses show vote flipping, and even screen shots with timestamps on the Internet that show votes moved from one column to another in real time, and ballot dumps in the middle of the night of even hundreds of thousands of ballots that were 100 percent for just one candidate.

Somebody read Lou Dobbs the riot act, probably to everybody at FNC.

Sandy Springs, Georgia – Successful Model for cities and towns

June 24, 2021

And why stop with just cities and towns?

You are warned!

June 23, 2021

This is a VERY important and VERY timely and very URGENT missive from Bill Sardi:

Are the 1/6 protestors in jail kept in solitary confinement to muzzle them?

June 17, 2021

All those political prisoners held by he FBI on pretext of 1/6 activities, some reporters or investigators should talk to their families and friends to get the stories they told about the events of the day some Congressmen were going to raise objections during the electoral vote counting.

Now we see Revolvers’ exposure of the involvement of FBI agents and informants at the top levels of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers and in particular the top organizers activities around the Capitol building on January 6, 2021,

In even the public documents released by the FBI, there were 20 “unindicted co-conspirators” involved in the planning (note that word “co-conspirators”). Which ones were federal agents (of any agency) or informants of the FBI or another federal government agency?

It was already public knowledge, admitted even by the head of the Proud Boys, that he was an informant for the FBI, and apparently the #2 guy of the Proud Boys. Note very attentively that none of the “unindicted co-conspirators” in this case were named in the public documents. Note also that in most other cases they are, such as the Muslim organizations identified as such in FBI cases in the first decade of this the 21st century.

And after loudly identifying in all media the names of rank and file police officers in incidents that were “racialized” by Mockingbird Press, all through 2020, why is the officer who shot Ashli Babbit still not identified?


The moment the teacher tells her pupils that as of now no more masks are required in the State of Israel.

June 16, 2021

2 million dollars if you prove the WHO and CDC did right

June 15, 2021

The vaccination is a bioweapon… This is not a “conspiracy theory”, doctors that know their stuff and are not beholden to the ruling cabal are blowing the whistle and explaining the science.