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Famous liberals and conservatives: who is more generous?

December 30, 2010

Leftists that want to increase government forever claim to want to help the poor. Well, except when it comes to helping them escape government indoctrination centers for youth we call “public schools”, then they say we shouldn’t try anything else because we haven’t tried anything else before. They change the subject when you remind them of the raging success stories with vouchers. Or when you remind them of the 11,000 poor families fighting over a few hundred slots open for even just the few charter schools the stingy New York school district allows.

It took an Ann Coulter to get the numbers together in one place. Leftists won’t read about this in the press organs of government-media complex, because it exposes the claims:

Liberals Give ‘Til It Hurts (You) – Ann Coulter – Townhall Conservative:

Neither Bush, nor Cheney, nor Rush Limbaugh can be accused of being great church attendants. Don’t be fooled by the “faith-based” initiative, it’s a Trojan horse to get churches even more beholden to the government largesse than they already are. That’s why the Obamalites in government have extended the program, it’s working.

One evangelical in the Bush administration exposed the attitude of the bosses, scoffing and snickering at Christian fools, so they thought.. The Bush attitude wasn’t caught on camera though, but Obama’s blast at about three-fourths of Americans that, he said, “cling to their guns and their religions”, was exposed.



Who is more generous again?

December 30, 2010

But it is indeed the religious who populate missionary works around the world, and the only “atheist” works or “secular” works helping the poor are pretty much foreign aid (which is used to corrupt the poor countries and keep them poor), and scant few that are encouraged by the big socialist foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation and George Soros’ political fronts around the world.

Liberals and conservatives

December 30, 2010

I don’t like much the labels of ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’, because there are too many independent issues, and it dulls thinking because people take sides too much because they associate with labels too much.

Like “liberals” pay taxes but…the richest hypocrites do tricks like George Soros the socialist mole does who hides his money in who knows what offshore accounts and offshore “trusts” and pushes his control through his “philanthropy”, while telling Obama to jump to ban offshore drilling here while investing big money in Petro-Bras which just began drilling offshore in Brazil.

And Buffet who demands more property tax in California and the death tax while he hides $12 billion from the death tax with “charity”, providing well for his descendants.

And liberals are the ones who want to stick it to the other guy, with the “progressive” tax, which is a regressive drag. They can claim they still pay their share, but now today it’s creeping ever closer to HALF the population that does not have to pay taxes.

Inflation will put a stop to that. Inflation is one of the ways government (and the Fed private banking cartel) can rip off the value held by private parties, and tax the poor. Since the Fed was established the dollar has lost 92 percent of its value.

Crony capitalism

December 30, 2010

You have to forget stereotypes when you read my thoughts here. Sticking neo-con bogeymen between the lines is wrong.

You’d be arguing with some stupid neo-con ghost, who thinks corporations do only good things or something. That’s a Plutocrat Media myth anyway pretty much, except maybe in Congress and the White House where Dems and Reps both put their vote where the stereotype is. (Except for some –not all but many– of the new tea partiers, who refused earmarks.

Corporations who beg for freebies from government at our expense, and the fascists and socialists who use it to increase the power of the corporate-government complex, they’re all guilty.

And there’s this: “Oh, right – banks were ***forced*** to make those sub-prime loans.” No argument from me there. I have exposed them for joining in the party, but it was the people in those institutions who did it. I have exposed the Bush-Obama administrations for interfering with the free market forces where those hustlers that dealt in all that funny money would have paid for it.

But the government banks Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac should also pay.

They should have had to declare bankruptcy and lose all that money. The courts could have chopped them up into pieces and sold off any assets that were worth something to the smaller banks that refused to corrupt themselves.

Besides, in some cases, there were the government offices that did lean on banks to loosen up funds for the poor in marginal cases, and “social justice” hacks that threatened demonstrations.

And the point is: You can’t trust anybody in positions of power, you have to watch them carefully all the time. Corporate or government.

Who robbed us to pay Wall Street? It wasn’t Wall Street directly now was it. It was the Bush-Obama plutocracy operatives.

Government needs to be reminded that they work for us, not the other way around. We don’t like them using our money to buy a golden parachute in some crony capitalist structure like Goldman-Sachs after they’ve robbed us. We don’t like them increasing their political and economic power at the expense of the rest of us with phony excuses like our sick relatives! It’s a snow job that makes the Arctic look like a tropical paradise!

And again, the Fed is indeed over-regulating everything along with the rest of government. You’d need a caravan of dozens of Mac Trucks to carry just the OSHA regulations from one office to another!

Look how Obama’s government is still saving the behinds of their bosom buddies on Wall Street. All those junk bonds and junk derivatives TOOK WALL STREET TO BANKRUPTCY, and it was this crony capitalist GOVERNMENT that gave them OUR money.

In a previous post I provided a link to the article that showed about the SS fund. If you actually read it, it will help you understand how there is no “lock box” for those funds, and how Congress and the White House for decades have tried to fool us by including their assets in the positive side of their balance sheet but deceitfully leaving out the unfunded liabilities in the tens of trillions of dollars.

401K’s, on the other hand, ARE in their own funds, and safe as long as the socialists leave it alone.

THE FED IS A PRIVATE CORPORATION. It is even worse than that. People should ask themselves why a private banking cartel was given monopoly control over the entire money supply?

The legislation that created the Fed –under different names– was first proposed by Republicans and evangelized across the country by a few rich bankers who said the country needed monetary stability. The populists and the people roared at rich bankers and it was defeated.

A couple of years later the Democrats proposed almost exactly the same legislation, claiming it was time to stop the greedy bankers and get them under control, and this bill was the way to do it. The populists and the gullible crowds roared approval, and socialistic Woodrow Wilson signed it into law, later to lament out loud that he was afraid he helped destroy the nation.

The nation had forgotten the admonitions of the better half of its founders. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson who warned about the bankers. Andrew Jackson that told them to their faces “You all are a den of vipers and thieves, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out!”, as he signed the law that abolished the central bank.

They had forgotten Abraham Lincoln who warned against “the money power”.

The Fed is a cartel of the same bankers you’ve been condemning all along and they are GUILTY of crimes against the Constitution, putting us into debt to them under color of unconstitutional law, and using Congressional hacks to do it.

As to the Mr. Smith illustration, like I said with that illustration, multiply it by millions for reality. It makes a difference of millions, tens of millions, of investment money lost to the labyrinth and maze of Washington DC.

New Jersey Teachers Union Forced to Take Back Seat to Kids

December 29, 2010

New Jersey Teachers Union Forced to Take Back Seat to Kids (May, 2010):


A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul. George Bernard Shaw

What is morally required of the rich? Same as the poor.

December 29, 2010

What is “morally required” of the wealthy is the same as what’s “morally required” of the poor. The study I mentioned shows that the wealthier among us are liberals, and a corollary of the numbers is that the poor are better givers, in general.

It’s a matter of “what can I do”, rather than “what can the other guy do because he has more than me”.

The Golden Rule. Jesus used the widow and her two mites (“all her living”) to say that the Pharisees were giving much less. The tithe was straight percentage but offerings also brought blessings.

Jesus also told the story of the rich man who built bigger barns to hold his riches but died early (“this night”). If they hoard their wealth instead of invest it to good use, it will do them no good to look at it.

Then “the liberal soul shall be made fat”. That’s liberal in the sense of “generous”, not the political word (voting for somebody else to pay stuff doesn’t count). That one means you will benefit if you invest what you have.

BUT “Thou shalt not steal”, and Exodus 20:17 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.”Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s. st

The Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock tried total community sharing, like we did in missions and like some Catholic orders and like Acts 2:44-45 and Acts 4:32-35.

But it didn’t work because some worked harder than others, some were better at it farming, and the harder workers began to resent the slower ones.

A year later they divided up the land and told each family they would eat what they would work up from their parcel of land. The result was the amazing bounty that they shared with the local Indians for “the first Thanksgiving”.

Corporations and government and the whodunnit question

December 29, 2010

We all know that when it comes to the activities that create wealth, private enterprise produces better results at less cost than government does at producing goods and services.

People that know me also know I am hell on corporate abuses, along with government abuses, union abuses, and personal abuses.

No neo-con here. If you think you’re anti-war, I’m probably more anti-war than you. And probably more against crony capitalism –government and selected corporations getting too cozy–
and more suspicious of corporations than almost any liberal.

Then there are the shill “anti-corporate” demagogues. like the “Democrats” and “Republicans” who supported the free money raid on us taxpayers and our children for giveaways to bankers, auto companies, the UAW, Caterpillar, foreign banks, and foreign central banks.

ObamaCare waivers is corporate welfare for special friends. (Oh yeah unions too)

Both biggest parties including Obama supported the bipartisan Wall Street free money giveaways. Corporate welfare.

Free –and secret!– Fed money to foreign banks, domestic banks, Caterpillar, Government Motors and Chrysler, AIG, anybody who can claim “green” in their description, big agri-business, big anything, it’s all in the giveaway free-money corporate welfare budgets forced on us by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate, WORSE THAN BUSH even!

Unions in the States no longer can claim as their main purpose to be defending worker’s rights, which they don’t. They want to force you to join them where they have a majority. They want to get rid of the secret ballot, where too many WORKERS can vote against unionizing.

The only abuse corporations can get away with is through government power. And you cannot trust government. If it is already corrupted with capitalism, how can you trust them at all?

And you’re wasting breath if you try to convince me of all the recent abuse by Wall Street recently. Why do you think Obama is in bed with Goldman-Sachs? And the multi-billionaire socialist George Soros?

And the dirty little secret is that Social Security is NOT a “separate trust fund”, as most people do not realize. It already has something like $43 TRILLION of unfunded liabilities, and there is NOT ONE reserve account anywhere with that money.

The SS “trust fund” is used to prop up the debt and deficits because the “trust fund” uses treasury securities. And it just hit negative cash flow earlier in the year (again, I think), which means they are now having to borrow money to meet the payout obligations.

Why the Social Security trust fund is useless – Aug. 10, 2010

Read the web page but here’s just one quote:

<quote>The 2009 quote, spotted by Allen Smith, economics professor emeritus at Eastern Illinois University, and author of The Big Lie: How Our Government Hoodwinked the Public, Emptied the S.S. Trust Fund, and caused The Great Economic Collapse, is telling.

It says that, “Neither the redemption of trust fund bonds, nor interest paid on those bonds, provides any new net income to the Treasury, which must finance redemptions and interest payments through some combination of increased taxation, reductions in other government spending, or additional borrowing from the public.”

This is not partisan. Both sides of the Big Government Cartel are guilty, guilty, guilty. Corporations, unions, liberals, so-called “conservatives”, neo-cons especially, warmongers, the whole lot of the bunch that pretends to represent us but has added too many burdens on us.

Check your figures. The biggest budget bite is SS, Medicare, Medicaid, and the military. The military budget as a percentage I believe is a fraction of what it used to be (like with Reagan) but the entitlements have multiplied.

Matthew 23:3 All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.
4 For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.
Matthew 23:38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.

Toll roads–I was talking about the roads that are already toll roads, where private companies took over state-run toll roads and contributed much more net gain to state coffers than before.

Not toll roads–maintenance in some small localities is outsourced at less cost for the jurisdiction and much better results.

You don’t see taxes as punishment for succeeding, but when somebody applies his skill, his acumen, a keen sense of efficiency and inspires productivity in his workforce, it is tantamount to punishing him when you take what he has rightfully accumulated.

Besides which, that’s how you help the ones who don’t have such keen business skill. The corporation I work for is much better at managing business than I am, for example.

Here’s something that we can partially agree on, with an addendum to follow:

“That’s the element that will fuel inflation – the bloodsucking financial industry which produces no true value… just more paper money for the winners at the expense of most of the country.”

The real bloodsuckers are in the Fed and its sister money-changers, all the central banks around the world. Especially ours in D.C. They are the biggest thieves of all history.

And government interference! Like the two government banks, that sucked up worthless mortgages along with the encouragement of all the derivatives everywhere.

And giving them money instead of letting them go bankrupt.

You might try taking a look at Ron Paul’s “End the Fed”.

CURE | Unions, public schools and minority children

December 27, 2010

Another example where unions, government schools and minority children come together:

Steve Jobs has proven to be a good CEO for Apple, possibly mellowed out now from his time in exile:

Speaking a couple years ago about technology and education, Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs said that technology wouldn’t matter as long as you can’t fire teachers.

“I believe that what is wrong with our schools in this nation is that they have become unionized in the worst possible way,” he said.

Jobs likened schools to running a small business that he said could never succeed if you can’t hire and fire.
Rev. James Meeks, founder and senior pastor of the largest black church in Illinois, who is also a Democrat state senator, is taking on the unions. He has introduced a bill opening the door for vouchers for kids in Chicago’s public schools.

How much is too much unemployment subsidy

December 27, 2010

If you hold stock in a corporation that pays its executives too much, then you need to direct your ire at the stockholders’ meetings! Do up a group on Facebook or Linkedin about it. And there are companies that do right by workers. Southwest Airlines CEO even had the audacity to say he believes in taking care of employees, customers, and stockholders in that order.

That said, if a CEO does do good, and guides a company to billion-dollar profits using legal and ethical methods, then it is worth it to the stockholders to give him good incentives.

But if I stand up at a stockholders’ meeting and say the huge pay difference between my salary plus benefits compared to the CEO’s package means he should get less or I should get more should get a well-deserved laugh riot. Presumably, though, they would be too polite and sensitive to laugh.)

Making pay differences into a covet-thy-neighbor’s-goods political football though, is inviting of more corruption and demands, like the riots all over Europe by people demanding that their governments keep giving them free money!

Calling them “inequities” just because they’re different is ridiculous. An inequity is 1. Injustice; unfairness. 2. An instance of injustice or unfairness.

I would never want to rob the stockholders –or the taxpayers– that way, or commit the sin of extortion by guilt either!

Whether it’s good or not, welfare is a subsidy for the poor. Unemployment insurance is a different subject, but having grown up with it, it’s hard to tell what would happen really without it if the free market economy were unleashed.

But if the extension out to 99 months requires a grab on your pocketbook then it is a subsidy for unemployment.

I could name several people known well personally to me that have tried hard NOT to find a job, and cannot blame them, because the payments were more than the minimum wage they had been earning.

What about that?

See Star Parker’s story, at Center for Urban Renewal and Education:

CURE | Unions, public schools and minority children:

Denmark used to pay out unemployment for five years. The numbers showed that most of the unemployed found jobs right around the five-year mark.

How much is too much?

Forced Unionization Helps Nobody But Union Bosses

December 27, 2010

If they ever were, unions are not now in the United States the champions of the poor or exploited, as we see in the shocked surprise of probably most of the state’s Mom and Pop day care centers. They were recently informed that they were now members of AFSCME, the government employees union!

Forced Unionization | Conservative Blog Watch:

This affects 40,000 private day-care workers, and is based on a “vote” among just 6,000 of them. And they do little or nothing to justify the dues they take, which in aggregate amount to millions of dollars in rip-off money… at the expense of the mostly poor who make a little money baby-sitting neighbors’ kids..