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Why is Sheriff Scott Israel blocking release of the school guard video?

March 4, 2018

I suspect that the reason the video of the cop standing outside the Broward County School will probably never be released is that it likely shows him talking to HQ and them telling him to stand down (and wait for backup, etc.) qq. In fact the coward cop has said he was just following their protocol. The other three cops who hid behind their cars while Coral Springs cops rushed in, those three also say they were told they couldn’t go in without their body cams on.

Those were just reports, and so I don’t know exactly what is happening any more than anybody. But the Sheriff did once say something like “There’s nothing you can do to stop a lone wolf shooter”.

Something else that’s important in a situation like that.

SCOTUS has ruled that the police have ZERO obligation to protect you.

That’s why in almost all the shootings you hear about one-on-one where it was obvious the policeman acted too quick and shot somebody dead when they obviously shouldn’t have, like the social worker that they shot who was calming down the autistic kid that made a scene in Fort Lauderdale last year; the police are not even charged with anything.

The POLICE DO NOT PROTECT US from other bad guys, but they want to force us to give up our right of self-defense. Hey, we need protection FROM the police sometimes. And in view of Brady, and the guy in Oregon the FBI shot dead in cold blood after stopping the group in an ambush, Ruby Ridge, Waco, we sure need defensive tools from power mad federal oligarchs.