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What is socialism?

February 27, 2019

New American on Airport names

February 24, 2019

After calls to rename the John Wayne Airport, New American has a corresponding retort, about another airport recently renamed for a man who called for killing black men who mess with white women:


Glenn Kaiser Since I laid my burdens down

February 24, 2019

Oh yeah!


February 23, 2019

Paleontologists agree that every part of Earth at some point has had mild tropical or subtropical climate at some point in the past.

Professor Easterbrook:

Mr. Mann, of Climategate, the chief champion of global warming, oops, “climate change”, of the famous “hockey stick” graph, said he’s puzzled by the fact that temperatures stopped rising.

The “emails and documents from the Climatic Research Unit controversy,” showed communication between two “climate change” always presented as experts, including Mann, agreeing to use their roles in peer review to censor dissenting opinions.

There is always an “official story”, blessed by oligarchs and rulers, in any society Always be skeptical of narratives that justify the powerful who command the tools of force in society, especially justifications for increasing their intrusion into the lives of their subjects.

Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. What has he, but that which he took by force or threat of force?

Reacting to: Tucker Carlson Meets A Socialist Narcissist. (by Helena)

February 22, 2019

Below is my reaction to the post by Helena at this link:

This socialist grand theft looter pretends he called out Tucker on his millionaire status as if it is hypocritical, when it is this Bergman lying spokesman for the oppressors of the poor, who SAYS he wants to loot millionaires’ wealthier to spread it around but like you say, who pays HIS bills?

When they start dividing up the loot and there is no more capital wealth available for small investors to invest, no more savings left in the bank accounts of poor who aspire to generate business that actually provides employment instead of more parasites with a license to steal –and eventually kill, as so many socialists in America have already said they want to do.

If Republicans were more in tune with the voting public disgusted with DC, they would yell and scream about unleashing the chains from the poor and the majority of their employers, small businesses. They would champion the poor black girls who did a small business doing their friends’ hair and got shut down by leftist license taxing.

Call this guy what he is. A thief and a robber. And it he gets power, it’ll be literal death to the poor and dissident religions, just like with the Bolsheviks. They rode to power on the backs of poor workers and poor soldiers, and bullying their way to be union bosses. After the Bolsheviks took over they lost all power. And Stalin slaughtered a lot more people than Hitler, rich and poor.

Pol Pot rode the peasants help to power and proceeded to enslave them in brutal communes, slaughtering anybody who even looked like a professional or intellectual, or of course rich. Half the country died in those killing fields.

In the end, reap and sow. The Bible says even the Antichrist, the soon coming “Supreme Lord” of secret witchcraft societies, he “shall come to his end, and none shall help him”.