Ruler Bush and Ruler Barry, Not Contrary

Scott: Just another loyal Orwellian robot. BushCo and Comrade Barry come from the same company.

Bush had the Patriot Act, Comrade Barry got it –expanded!– for himself, without a whisper from the Government-Media complex.

Bush claimed power to get post-facto search-and-seizure warrants from secret government national security judges, Comrade Obama’s lawyers claim they don’t even need no stinkin’ warrants and they don’t need to answer to any stinkin’ courts.

Bush gave secret goodies to Wall Street without naming who, Comrade Barry continues the great corporate bank cover-up

Bush “stimulated” the economy with a pittance for the poor and major mega-wow bucks for the rich, Comrade Barry continues without even a pittance for the poor and major goodies for rich buddies.

Bush was a friend of lobbyists, Comrade Barry brought them into the highest levels of his government.

Bush gave new meaning to the term “executive order” –the unconstitutional power supposedly ceded to the president in the 20th century by the rubber-stamp Congress–. But Comrade Barry issued more during in his first months in office than any other previous president in 20th and 21st century history in the USA. (Executive orders were not done before that)

Bush was a wartime president who attacked Afghanistan without a Congressional declaration of war. (The cop-out Congress unconstitutionally gave him the discretionary power instead, Dems included) Comrade Barry continues both unconstitutional undeclared wars.

Bush kept American troops in 150 countries around the world, Comrade Barry continues to keep them there.

Bush tried to manipulate the what sector of independent press is left in the country, Comrade Barry has appointed a paid commission of leftists to figure out a way to apply Chavez’ model for shutting down opposition.

Bush expanded entitlement programs, and added prescription drug benefits to Medicare, but Comrade Barry wants to nationalize the entire health industry.

Bush was a friend to Detroit, and greenies complained about gas-guzzling cars (while driving their own gas-hungry SUVs). Comrade Barry has merged Detroit with federal government, “socializing” them, implementing the socialist comrade Abzug’s slip of the tongue to the CEO that Comrade Barry’s man later fired.

Tea Partiers before they got the name loudly protested Bush’s socialist programs, Comrade Barry pushed it into overdrive.

Bush tried set up his successor for turning religious organizations into arms of government propaganda and religious oppression with his “faith-based” filthy lucre (dirty money), Comrade Barry’s operatives has expanded it and continued the expansion of its socialist indoctrination mechanisms.

Bush helped set up the Hugo Chavez dictatorship in Venezuela, and Comrade Barry’s operatives tried to force Honduras to just take another Chavez-style coup d’etat by the “golpista” dictator Manuel Zelaya to set up another one.


Bush filled the government with CFR clubbers, Comrade Barry continues the noble tradition.

Bush had his Defense Minister Gates, Comrade Barry agrees.

Bush and Cheney continued the generations-long tradition of ruling with a shadow government, Comrade Barry has brought it out into the open with an army of “Czars”.

(Rome had one Caesar at a time, Comrade Obama has dozens!)

Bush nationalized airport security and started on the banks, Comrade Barry continued with the banks, socialized the auto industry, the banking insurance industry, now the health insurance industry, and is working on how to socialize the media.

And now still, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck want us to trust the Republican Party to push all this back?!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

“My people love it so”.

You think people around the world admire Barry? They hold him in contempt, because they know he is turning against his own traditionally powerhouse economy, converting the USA into just another country.

Proverbs 28:4  ¶They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them.



One Response to “Ruler Bush and Ruler Barry, Not Contrary”

  1. Jamie Says:

    You’ve hit the nail right on the head. I’ve been saying that BOTH Bush and Obama were fascists for a long time. Now with Obama we may even have a greater problem than with Bush. I’m well aware of the horrors visited upon the world by the National Socialists – what will Barry’s International Socialists bring? Whatever it is, I’m sure it won’t be good.

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